Joint AMA Recapitulation of CERTIK and SEASCAPE PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Wednesday, 19th May, 2021
Time: 14:00 UTC

The CERTIK and SEASCAPE PROJECT team was represented by @GaussSchrodinger, @Crypto_Kerel and @Blocklord who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about CERTIK and SEASCAPE PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on SEASCAPE AND CERTIK?

ANS: My name is Kerel i'm the CMO, and @blocklord is our CTO. We are a very multinational team with people from all over the world. We all come from a gaming background and fell into blockchain and crypto a few years back and thought it would be a great fit for gaming.

Hey! Candice here! I am currently working for CertiK as a marketing director in Asia. Graduated from Peking University and Cornell University with a major in Advertising, my career in blockchain started back in 2018. Prior to joining CertiK, I worked as a marketing manager in a BaaS company. I am very happy to do the AMA with Seascape, which is an old friend of CertiK.

As you guys know Seascape is a blockchain gaming platform built around the DeFi and NFT economy and made to incentivize and reward players for interacting with any part of the ecosystem. We just finished launching our three initial games and are looking towards the next step with more projects and games, and some cool new features for you guys that will allow you to get more rewards and participate in the financing of exciting new games on the platform 😉.

CertiK is a Blockchain security company founded in 2017 by Professor Shao Zhong, the Chair of Yale University’s Department of Computer Science, and Professor Gu Ronghui, an Assistant Professor of Columbia University’s Department of Computer Science.

Q2: Can you introduce SEASCAPE and CERTIK , what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: Before talking our competitive advantages, I need to explain a little bit of what are we doing now.
CertiK aims to provide security solutions for smart contracts,blockchain applications, and protocols through formal verification technology.

The CertiK security suit isn’t limited to static audits: Our Security Solution = Audit + Skynet + CertiKShield

CertiK's end-to-end security provides the only comprehensive security solution for blockchain projects. Audits provide protection pre-deployment and support with exchange listings, CertiK audits are accepted, and are often standard, on most major exchanges. Audits provide an additional layer of confidence in the security of the protocol for the community and the exchange listing it

Skynet provides dynamic monitoring with a scoring system which we list on our site, these security scores are derived in real time whilst the contracts are deployed. CertiKShield provides flexible coverage in case anything unexpected happens.

Oh that's totally fine! I guess we can take turns to post while the other one is writing.

I will wait for you to post then say something more about competitive advantage 😊

Thanks candice ;)

So for seascape

There is a rising trend in traditional gaming from lootboxes to general microtransactions that requires players to pay to win. As enthusiast and professionals in the gaming sectors, we saw blockchain gaming not only as an opportunity to take back control and give ownership of assets back to the players through the decentralization that blockchain offers but the DeFi and NFT aspects of it coming as integral parts of what the next generation of gaming can be, one where players not only truly own their in game assets but are actually rewarded for their interactions in the gaming ecosystem. We want to switch the model from pay to win, to play to earn.

The second problem when it comes to blockchain gaming is the lack of well built dev tools with a good documentation that would allow teams to quickly and easily integrate blockchain elements into their games. We are building a platform that will give these tools and more to the developers to allow them to integrate not only blcockahin into their games but also tokenization, DeFI gameplay, and NFT as actual usable assets that would bring financial value.

Our competitive advantages: We have to understand this: Audits are vital as a pre-deployment manual review of code. The suggestions that we give in our audit reports are crucial to launching projects with strong security. However, audits are static - they are a snapshot of the code at a point in time. Smart contracts are often changing and being updated, and audits don’t review that.

This is where Skynet comes in. Skynet constantly monitors smart contracts against known vulnerabilities while deployed. Even with both of these in place, exploits are still possible. For that reason - CertiKShield is there for you.

Employing all three of these together offers protection at all stages of the blockchain lifecycle and is our biggest competitive advantage. Our security products and services can serve to form a perfect ‘closed loop’ in regards to the security of a protocol or project, all the while ensuring transparency.

On top of this, we have a strong team from the top levels of academia and enterprise set to realize this!

As for seascape our competitive advantage right now lies in two parts:

1. The speed of our deliveries, with only 3 months since our launch we have already launched 3 games and are working on the next 5, are preparing new ways for project to launch on the platform, NFTs to be viewed and have signed dozens of partnerships with real features and incentives for our users

2. the second part comes from our multi blockchain integration, We started on ETH and came onto bsc less that a month after that, and are prepping to join the moonbeam chain as the first defi gaming project once they are live. Our multi chain capabilities for the platform coupled with our tools and smart contracts audited by Certik here 😉 will ensure our future game partners will have access to the best environment for them to launch on.

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: So far, CertiK has conducted more than 700 audits, audited more than 400,000 lines of code, and protected more than $30 billion in digital assets and software systems from security losses. In these 700 audits, Seascape accounts for more than one of those audits!

CertiK made some fantastic advancements last year. You may know that CTK, the fuel for the CertiK Chain, has listed on Binance in 2020, which was a great milestone for the project.

Overall, CertiK has launched multiple new products including Skynet and CertiKShield, improving blockchain security across the industry. CertiK has expanded in the traditional technology sector and has made some great achievements in software security.

And Certik has been our foremost partner when it comes to security, for which we will always be very grateful for the amazing work you guys did😉.

Yes, I will tell you how to check our security leader board later and check the audit report.

During 2020 and 2021, we have audited dozens of DeFi projects including SafeMoon, Ampleforth, Kava, Multiplier, Finance, Harvest Finance, Lien, Cubic Finance, Swan Finance, Base Protocol, DAO Make, DYP, Sovi.Finance, Goose Finance and many other well-known DeFi projects in the industry.

With Sotheby's entering the NFT art crypto market in March 2021 and NYSE launching "First Trade" in April 2021, NFTs aregaining traction in the first quarter of 2021 and may become the next DeFi. In the emerging NFT industry, CertiK has provided security services to over 23 enterprise companies recently.

We have not only updated many security products, but also developed the CertiK DeFi Security Leaderboard, which openly and transparently displays the security scores of many DeFi projects.

As you can see, it is easy for all of you, not only projects, but all community members to retrieve relevant security metrics from our website anytime and anywhere for each project, including whether it has been audited, whether it is covered by CertiKShield, and Skynet’s security score.

Looks like this.

In addition, we have developed and established the CertiK Community Alerts system. We will disclose risky projects and relevant high risk securityinformation as much as possible to provide the community with more reliable and accurate information to help you screen quality projects and avoid falling into the trap!

As a partner of many projects, we will continue to strengthen our cooperation with them in the future and to help projects on the security end. In addition, CertiK China's headquarters was established in Jan 2021, which means we will develop more communities and partners in China and Asia in the future.

Currently, we have partnered with BSC, Huobi Eco Chain, Hdac Technology, which is the blockchain branch of Hyundai, and the third largest exchange in Indonesia, Tokocrpyto. There will be more such partners in the future. We believe that as the community grows and partners increase, CertiK will ensure a safe and secured blockchain ecosystem for them. In the future, CertiK will continue to iterate and upgrade our products and technology.

After being invested in by many big crypto names including Binance, Seascape launched about 3 months ago, with our Crowns (CWS) token launching on ETH under the ERC-20 standard with a max supply of 10 mil. The launch was made with a number of partners including Daomaker.

Following that succesful launch we had our coin listed on several centralized exchanges such a Ascendex,, MXC, and more recently kucoin. But Defi is where mostof our partnerships came from with listing on uniswap, bakery, and pancakeswap in march, with more dex partnerships coming.

Our first game, Profit Circus, launched on the ETH network only a week after the token launch an received over $2 mil in liquidity while offering a 200% APR.

The game is centered around LP mining andwas the first integration we had once we launch at the end of February on the Binance Smart Chain.

The game is centered around LP mining and our second season started just a few days ago. Yu can try it now if you visit, with the bsc version now being in single coin staking, so you only need our BSC version of Crowns named polyCrowns (pCWS).

We have since launched our second and third games called NFT BRawl and Staking saloon in which you can mint NFTs in exchange of Crowns and Stake (and burn) your NFTs for Crown rewards

Those three games form the proof of concept of our play to earn philosohpy and are just the initial phase of what we hope our platform, and blockchain gaming will become.

We have since partnered with dozens of other DeFI and NFT projects such as Treasureland, Dego, openocean, wowswap, refinables, and many others, such as today's partnership with Dafi.

We have come a long way since our Debut on blocklords, our grand strategy game, and plan to continue to build more games, improve user experience, and give more possibilities for gamers all over the world to be rewarded for playing the games they love.

Q4: Can you briefly describe the Partnership between Seascape and CERTIK, how does each Project Benefit Each other?

ANS: Currently, CertiK has conducted two audits for Seascape. You can visit our Security Ranking Leaderboard at, enter the project name in the search bar, and view the audit reports directly.

In the future, CeritK will leverage its innovative technology to work with Seascape to improve their security. When new audit and security features are implemented, we will update Seascape’s project information on our website.

Please join our community here: 
And follow us on Twitter here:
To stay up to date with all things CertiK and our partnership with Seascape! 👏👏👏

Certik is our foremost partner when it comes to security as they have grown to become almost an industry standard. We partner up for everything related to the security to make sure we bring about the best safety standards to ensure that funds are always safu.

As Candice as already mentioned we already partnered with them in the past for audits and general security questions and will continue to do so as the platforms grows and onboards new projects

as our CTO @blocklord is talking to the Certik team to ensure adhesion to these standards.

Q5: Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of the $CWS and $CTK Token?

ANS: Sure. CTK, the native token of CertiK Chain, can be used for payment auditing, participation in community governance and all on-chain activities.

Like many other Proof-of-Stake blockchains, CertiK Chain also rewards token holders who choose to stake their tokens. Staking plays a crucial role in maintaining the security of the chain, increasing the voting power needed for any adversarial group from taking control of the chain. Individually, the primary incentive to stake the tokens is the staking rewards that depends on the network status.

Now, our APY reaches 21.25%!

As previously mentioned our Token is called Crowns with the CWS ticker (pCWS on BSC) and has a max circulating supply at 10 mil.

Crowns is used to interact in any part of our ecosystem such as for staking of Minting NFTs, and even be earned as a reward.

Crowns are not only given as incentives (with 60% of the supply supply being slated for in game apprenhension) but ca also be used to back other coins created on the platform, further driving the value up.

Crowns can not only be earned and used in the seascape platform but can also be staked and given as rewards with many of our partners such as pancakeswap, bakery, and a few days ago Alpaca Finance, with APR and APY in the 300% or more.

We also have vaults on beefy and autofarm offering much higher APY

For more details about the tokenomics don't hesitate to check out our article:

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: Token burning " is useful for any project, in being able to control the number of token trading and provide greater incentives for investors. Does your great project have a plan about burning the token?

ANS: Token burning has become a staple of the DeFi system as it provides a way for the project to control the amount of coins on the market and increase their value by diminishing the supply. On the contrary of many other DeFi project Seascape has a limited supply with a small cap of 10 mil to be distributed over the course of 5 years. Additionally, CWS are "Spent" in the games. This spending then locks the coins in a special smart contract, reproducing the same effect as if they were burnt but allowing us more flexibility as these tokens could later on be distributed back to the community as incentives giving us much more flexibility and allowing us to reward the users than if we simply used the burn mechanism.

Q2: 🕹🪐Do you have new games in mind for developers and users who wish to continue on the SEASCAPE platform? If so, what kind of games would they be?
What is the requirements for any developer interested in building a game in the Seascape platform?

ANS: We have already released our first 3 games and are working on the next 5 and plan to release many more in the future 😉. We however are a platform and not a publisher and as such have already contacted and been contacted by game devs from all over the world to be publisher on our platform. Our goal is to provide all gamers with a game they would enjoy be it grand strategy, RPG, platformer, or more and be incentivized to do so.

We welcome any good game developers with experience to come contact us and present us the games they already released.

Q3: My question is for Certik. From experience, has there been any project that has gotten a very good audit rating and then, still rug pulled? Also, how can investors spot a worthy project to invest in?

ANS: Really good question.

The answer is yes. We are under the impression that most of the projects, if they are rugpull, then they will not spare the money for an audit. But in reality, some “rugpull projects” are willing to pay for an expensive audit BUT after the audit they swap the code! So at this point, check the project's audit report to make sure which part of the code has been audited.

To evaluate the risk of exploits and spot a worthy project, it’s important to take into consideration a number of factors from a variety of facets, including:

• Team background

• Code quality

• Is formal verification adopted in testing the project?

• Does the project rely on price oracle feeds to determine token price?

• The quality, design, and implementation of the economic model of the project

Here I am adding some tips for DYOR:

• Check if the contract owner has privilege to invoke “dangerous” functions, such as mint, burn, transfer etc.

• Check if the project allows modification of the address of the delegated contract.

• Check if the contract owner has any “rugpull” history by checking the transaction history of the owner.

• Check if the liquidity of the project is safely locked in somewhere for a long enough period of time.

• Check if the initial fund of the project comes from Tornado Cash or other fund mixers.

Last Tip: Check out for any latest project’s security information updates. And keep follow us on Twitter to get the updated community alert information.

Q4: 1. From the Seascape lightpaper, I observed that each user who downloads the scape game store will have the option to become either a validator or a collator of the network. Please, can you explain the difference between the two in relation to the seascape project?

2. With Certik, what protocol or organisation is incharge of updating or ranking platforms on the security leaderboard?

ANS: Our skynet group will rank the available programs based on a scoring system. You can check our website to review the scores of each projects. This picture shows the ratings for each dimension.

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