Recapitulation of 2CRAZYNTF PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Monday, 31st May, 2021
Time: 12:00 UTC

The 2CRAZYNTF PROJECT team was represented by @Mdacm who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about 2CRAZYNTF PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on 2crazyNFT?

ANS: Yes of course! My name is George, 28 years young and part of the community team of 2CrazyNFT! I’m constantly talking and interacting with the community and make sure the development and business teams gets to know the input from the community.

I have been in crypto since 2018 and have been running communities ever since.

Arthur and Dylan our CO-Founders, have worked in and with the online gaming industry for 4 Years , and in the Crypto space since 2014, our development team is in Romania , and support team in Ukraine, all of them have experience in the Crypto/ Gaming industry and the mix of talented people brings a huge experience to our project.

Q2: Can you introduce 2crazyNFT, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: Well as you can see, is fully functional and working. is still under ongoing development and will be an expansion of our current platform. Most projects in our beautiful industry have difficulties with delivering anything and it takes years to bring the project forward or to even launch a demo.

Our team will deliver a fully working platform in Q1 2022 in addition to our already working platform.

Currently we are working on market expansion and the partnerships with the Superstars so you all can play with and against your favourite eSports players.

The competitive advantage is that we deliver a functional platform and that we add the additional playform to this. We are going for mass adoption and gaming, esports and NFT together should make this happen.

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: Yeah of course! Great question
I would love to share a nice animation as well to share our idea in the meanwhile. For the people boring of reading already.

2Crazy NFT Platform

For the roadmap and what we have done so far:

In early 2020 we acquired our gaming license following up with our launch and also becoming profitable before the end of 2020.

In 2021 we have successfully conducted the private sale and we are now very close to the public sale.

SOON more news on this.

The next steps are:

- Binance Smart Chain Integration
- Deploying our NFT use case

And our NFT Platform Launch in Q1 2020.

We have been able to really grow in the last few month on our gaming platform and will move a lot of these users straight into our NFT platform. Mass adoption is around the corner.

Q4: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?

ANS: Yeah of course and we love to talk about our partnerships as well. As you maybe have seen is that we are backed by many great partners from the crypto industry..

Jus to mention a few…

We are backed by DCI Capital, DTS Capital, AU21 Capital, SuperTarget Capital, Exnetwork Capital, GD10 Ventures, Tidal Ventures, Magnus Capital, MXC, MDA Capital, Minted Lab Capital, Chainridge Capital, Designated Capital Blocksync, Megala Ventures, Orion Protocol, GTA Ventures, Ignition, Clouds Capital, X21 Stakely, Twin Apex Capital, Chronos Ventures, Wings Foundation and many more.

The next step is to get partnerships with amazing superstars from the gaming and eSports industry. Playing against your favourite Fifa player or getting into a one on one with COD.

We have no official names to announce here but we are working on the biggest the world knows.

Q5: How does 2Crazy derive revenue to sustain itself?

ANS: That is a question we get quite often.

The gaming market is growing a lot of course. And its expected to be growing year over year. For the gaming platform the business model is pretty straight forward and very similar to already excisting platforms.

We take a small fee of everyone participating in the games.

For the NFT platform we take a small % from each NFT Trade or Buy. A very open and transparant business model.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: Originally, 2crazy is a gaming platform but are now currently building an E-sports NFT platform which give users the opportunity to play with or against their favourite players in gaming and E-Sports. So what we'll known games are currently supported by 2crazylive at the moment?

ANS: All the games that you see on all the huge gaming platforms. You can play heads up against your mates, you can play tournaments with cards and we are adding new games every week. I would like to invite you to signup and let us know what you think of all the games.

Q2: How does the 2Crazy NFT platform handle copyright issues on NFT? What measures does 2Crazy have in place to combat copyright infringement issues?

ANS: We are working closely with laywers that have a lot of experience in copyright issues and NFT and we will make sure we have the best protection possible.

Q3: The involvement of the creators is an important factor in strengthening 2crazy's entire ecosystem. Can you explain what you will do to become a real attraction for content creators? Does your reward and incentive mechanism have different and impressive features?

ANS: We can’t make public yet how we will incentivise them but we have a large network within our focus industries and we are already talking with some big names. The deal will also really depent on the player and the commercial interest in this player. More will be shared later this year.

Q4: One of the main feature of 2crazy online casino is it accepts fiat and crypto deposits. So Can you please explain more how your fiat works and does user need to do kyc or not and should I need to hold your tokens or not ?

ANS: The platform is connected to the larger payment gateways in the world and you can use your traditional banking to buy yourself into 2Crazy gaming and NFT.

Q5: Online gaming market is growing rapidly. But it has some problem. Many online platform lose money because they focus on marketing, not on the players and games. They don’t care what players wants in the games. Marketing and player both are very important in this field. So how 2Crazy balance between this 2?

ANS: Since the start we have put our community first. The gaming platform is built with the players in mind. That will be the same for the NFT Platform. We have been very community driven and we will be very community driven.

Marketing is also playing an important role in our growth and thus far we have been able to grow signifinantly and also remain profitable.

Q6: Currently, the gaming market is growing a lot and this growth is expected to be year over year. How does the business model of 2crazy look like? And is there any percentage that 2crazy take from NFT trading on the NFT platform?

ANS: We take small fees on the gaming activity and also on the trades and buys of the NFT Platform. A very transparant and clear business model

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