Recapitulation of Adastra Finance AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB

Date: Tuesday, 26th January, 2021
Time: 15:00 UTC

The Adastra Finance team was represented by @David_adastra & @K1nnoo who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about Adastra Finance project.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the project Adastra Finance?

ANS: Hi everyone! My name is David. I’m a co-founder of AdAstra.

Before I became obsessed with decentralized finance and fully committed to my passion project that you now know as AdAstra, I studied computer science at the University of Texas and worked as a financial analyst.

Right now business development and fundraising initiatives at AdAstra take up all of my professional and, to be completely honest, personal time.

AdAstra is a project that was created to support the capitalization of promising products and services within distinct industries, while offering investors superior profits and return opportunities from diversifying their investments into highly profitable projects at the earliest stages.

To be more specific, AdAstra offers investors AdAstra technology opportunity tokens such as AdAstra Internet of things token (aIOT) to aggregate liquidity through digital asset reserves.

Also, we have recently launched AdAstra staking offering some of the highest APY in the industry, but I guess we will have the opportunity to get into specifics later in our AMA.

Q2: What critical problems does Adastra Finance solve that existing solutions are not solving and what’s the competitive advantage?

ANS: It is fair to say that DeFi is still a developing industry with a lot of innovation. There are many new solutions coming out on a frequent basis making strides, but unfortunately struggling to find practical application and, as a result, adoption.

AdAstra focuses on utilizing key benefits such as accessibility, ownership and security that decentralized finance offers to create opportunities for investors and contribute to the development of emerging markets.

The key advantage of AdAstra lies in its team of professional investors who expertly seek out profitable projects with opportunities at the early stages of developments.

By investing into AdAstra industry tokens you have the confidence of investing into multiple hidden gems of the industry (sometimes even before they go public) that you otherwise would not have discovered.

And for investors who want a more straightforward alternative, AdAstra staking provides up to 80% APY which is some of the highest for stablecoin staking in the industry.

As collateral, AdAstra has high-yield tokens of promising projects that greatly exceed the value of stablecoins collected.

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines?

ANS: I will do my best to stay humble, as I could not be more proud of the milestones the AdAstra team has crushed it in 2020!

We have established liquidity accumulation and staking successfully raising over 300 ETH during the pre-sale round and reaching almost 7000 users by the end of the year.

As of today, there were more than 12,000,000 aIOT sold raising over $600k with a team of only four full-time members and six part-time engineers.

By the way, Round 3 of the aIOT sale is live only until the end of the week and will be your last chance to acquire aIOT, so do not miss out!

To top it off, we have managed to launch the highly requested and anticipated AdAstra affiliate program that allows our investors to leverage their network and earn 10% from every transaction made using their affiliate link.

It has had a very positive reception among our users and already proved to be a huge success!

The AdAstra team is super excited for 2021 and is already hard at work to bring DEX integrations and deliver even more holder benefits!

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: In what ways have Adastra made their platform user-friendly especially for newbies in the crypto ecosystem? Any guidance or training manuals?

ANS: I whole-heartedly agree that it is tough for newcomers to step into not only the crypto world, but it’s latest ‘branch’ in DeFi.

To help new people feel themselves comfortable, we have devised different manuals for numerous crypto wallets, created a special section on our website dedicated to educating users about AdAstra, and are always ready to help you navigate our site and use our services.

Q2: "Sic itur ad astra"..... What does it mean and how did the slogan come about?

ANS: ‘Sic itur ad astra’ means "to the stars", it is a Latin phrase. It is a popular motto among many people, but knowing how much affection crypto-folks have for the ‘moon’ term, we decided to embrace the culture and playfully go along with it.

Q3: For the 3rd round for Astra IOT token liquidity allocation posted on twitter, please how can I be a part of it, how is the gains calculated? Can you drop your website link and white paper so as to know more about your project?

ANS: I absolutely can!😉

Here’s a lightpaper ( where you can find the most essential collection of information about AdAstra. You can see information about potential gains on our website at (, where you can also find a countdown for the third round.

Hope this helps, be sure to monitor our updates in the news section of the site and our Telegram group. (

Q4: 🔴 The website explain how Swap aIOT by using 2 Wallets : Metamask and Sugoiwallet, but apart of this Wallets adastra also is compatible with other Wallets like Trustwallet ?

ANS: Yes, apart from Metamask and Sugoiwallet AdAstra also supports Trustwallet and imToken. You can find user manuals for each wallet on our website (, in the ‘How To Participate’ section.

If you experience any issues or have any questions when using Adastra services, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Q5: About staking, does ADASTRA have any interest? What deposits are available? Where can I learn more about the conditions for ADASTRA stablecoins? Are there any plans to expand the service in the future?

ANS: With staking on AdAstra users can deposit stablecoins with over than 80% APY, namely such stablecoins as DAI, USDT, USDC and BUSD with an 84%, 80%, 73% and 57% of annual returns respectively.

As collateral we have high-yield tokens of various projects that greatly exceed the value of stablecoins collected.
You can learn more about the conditions for ADASTRA stablecoins on our web page (

Q6: Security of investments is what every investor
first checks especially with newere projects. And since smart contracts are vulnerable to bugs and hacks, what steps have you taken to ensure that if we invest in Adastra our assets are SAFU? Have security/contract audits been done?

ANS: At AdAstra, we have a team of engineers dedicated to developing our technology and security.

We have partnered with HyperID to ensure user identity and personal data is always encrypted and with SugoiWallet to provide our users with the confidence of having a secure access our service at any time.

We also use Kaizen protocol to ensure sufficient liquidity in pools, minimize transaction commissions for our users, and avoid impermanent loss.

Q7: I read that AdAstra currently has an Affiliate Program, for whom is this program focused and what are the benefits of it? Do the benefits include any rewards?

ANS: We want to help our users maximize their income. AdAstra has created an affiliate program that enables its users to earn even more by spreading the word about aIOT.

Utilize your network to participate in the AdAstra Affiliate Program and 10% on all transactions within the Adastra ecosystem.

Also, at AdAstra we want to make our best to help the users maximize their income. We will be informing our community on the additional opportunities to earn, so make sure you follow our news and updates in Twitter ( or group


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