Recapitulation of Aimedis PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Saturday, 20th November, 2021
Time: 15:00 UTC

The Aimedis PROJECT team was represented by @Ben_2019 and @Jaiemkai3k who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about Aimedis PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourselves and your background, also introduce the team working on Aimedis?

ANS: The founders, Ben and me, are both doctors, been working in hospitals, the pharmaceutical industry and consulting for more than 12 years. The team consists of specialists from healthcare, the industry, the blockchain space.

Please check website for team details

Let me post the link

Besides the team, we have a great advisory board:

Q2: Can you introduce Aimedis, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: Yes. Sure. Aimedis - an eHealth platform based on blockchain technology, which has been developed since 2017 and released in the current version 2020 for web, iOS and Android. We combine all relevant eHealth applications such as health records, video chat with doctors, appointments, prescriptions, second opinions, wearables, medical social media communication, eLearning, a unique medical and scientific-pharmaceutical NFT marketplace, while displaying all relevant operations in a private blockchain, visible and transparent for the patient. Aimedis builds the first virtual hospital chain inside the metaverse and adds to this new and fascinating technology. The Aimedis platform also contains dedicated tools for professionals like the Aimedis Virtual Hospital information system and online rehab, integrating VR/AR into the process of rehabilitation. The Aimedis token, which is tailored to the platform, is much more than just utility and payment tokens, it also offers staking, governance, DeFi (the first medical DeFi token) and the next hot trend in the field of cryptocurrencies, social token functionalities. Aimedis has offices in the Netherlands, the UAE and the Philippines.

There are a lot of ehealth applications, but none of them combines all that we have.

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?


Let me paste our roadmap here:

Till now we strictly followed our plans in time.

Q4: So what's next on the roadmap?

ANS: Actually we are beta testing the NFT marketplace and will release it this month. Aimedis Virtual Hospital is also under testing and will be released this year. The first metaverse apps have been started and we will showcase the first therapeutic scenario soon.

The NFT marketplace will be used for a first cancer trial also already this year, so we have a lot things to come. Beginning of 2022 Aimedis will be participating in the Arab Health in Dubai and in 2022 a lot of new functions and partnerships will come up.

Q5: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?

ANS: Our partnerships consist mainly of primary healthcare providers like hospitals and practices. But we also added partners with focus on pharmaceutical trials and research like Cankado to address the needs of big pharmaceutical companies. We also work on cooperations with major insurance companies.

Q6: Where can we access full details of partners?

ANS: Actually we are redeploying our landingpages, there will be a complete list with project descriptions. The site will be updated within the next 4 weeks.

Q7: Can you give an overview of the Tokenomics, and Utility of $AIMX tokens?

ANS: Yes, There are 600.000.000 AIMX tokens, from which 10% are sold during seed, private and public sale. Seed price: 0.03 USD, Private Sale: 0.04 USD, Public Sale: 0.05 USD.
The Aimedis tokens combines payment, utility, DeFi, governance and social token aspects.
While all kinds of services including NFT minting can be paid with the token at a 10% discount compared to all other payment options, the token is also used to incentivize people in the metaverse and social medical part. The token has a DeFi aspect as data in form of the NFTs can be leveraged. Governance as token holders will have the option to vote for certain functions / directions both in metaverse / social part as well as functionalities in the platform itself. Certain functions are more complex or only available for token holders when it comes to advertising on the platform or using certain professional tools showing the utility aspect of Aimedis. Detailed tokenomics can be viewed here:

The other documents can be downloaded here:

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: It is striking that Aimedis is the world's first medical and scientific NFT market; How are you preparing to be the next IDO and shine in the crypto world with your AIMX token? How are they making themselves known even more, and is this project global?

ANS: Thank you. So our IEO (Probit) and IDO (TrustSwap) will be on November 25. We have a wide range of usages for the token and there is intrinsic interest in hodling it. The token can be staked, it is partially burned, institutions need to hold larger amounts to get certain functions and/or discounts on services and ads. The presale and seed tokens have long vesting periods (14 and 18 months) so that there is strong stability and endurance. And yes, Aimedis is global and meeting GDPR and HIPAA compliance and is as well already a registered medical product with a CE certificate. The platform actually supports 11 languages, many more are coming up soon.

Q2: I am impressed with the Aimedis solutions to health care.. would you be interested in having a meeting with the Chief Medical Director of the Lagos State Hospital. I would love if you can pitch your idea to him. Who can I talk to ?

ANS: Hi. We would love to connect to healthcare representatives in Africa. Actually we have a strong focus on building projects in Africa. And of course there are Testimonials from users that can be presented. Please connect via for more details. Unfortunately we have too many questions to answer but will be happy to have a follow up conversation.

Q3: How does Aimedis become safe? How do you make eHealth safe, affordable and accessible around the world? What's more; Can it be available to everyone or to whom is this directed specifically?

ANS: So the platform is easily accessible for everyone around the world. That includes patients, their families, doctors, nurses, pharmacies, the industry, insurances, emergency services and much more.

Q4: What mechanism will AIMEDIS use in buying and selling of medical and scientific data and also bring about the increment in value of Aimx token for investors???

ANS: Aimedis DataXChange is the first purely medical and scientific NFT marketplace and mainly targeting the B2B market. Only accredited institutions like CROs, pharma, hospitals etc. can mint the NFTs while everyone still can buy them, though mostly other health related institutions or companies buy the NFTs. Also the fact that pure data and most of the time NOT images or art or things like that will be on that market, differs it from any other NFT marketplace. The way data is monetized on Aimedis DataXChange will change the business of big data in medicine and science. The AIMX token is used to mint AND buy the NFTs at a discount and professionals will need to hold tokens to be part of that marketplace.

Q5: For the past few weeks, Metaverse has been the talk on everyone's lip, Aimedis is a leader in technological advancements and is always ready to include novel technologies, does this include Metaverse? If yes, how will you leverage Metaverse technology in solving challenging problems?

ANS: Yes, absolutely. We claim to become the first virtual hospital chain in the metaverse. This includes therapies, consultations but also the social communication and incentivizing through AIMSocial, the social medical network, where the metaverse will play a major role. We are soon showcasing the first therapyspace in the metaverse.

Q6: Your platform is able to generate a huge amount of data speaking about users preferences, strategies and behaviors. Are you already using those data? Do you plan to use them in the future as an additional source of profit?

ANS: Hi Mahdi. Actually data is the core value of our platform. We process analyze and process anonymous data and yes this will be a source of profit.

Q7: I am a doctor and I particularly know how the pandemic has affected health centers, telemedicine has helped to solve many of the cases but it needs to reach all corners of the world, can you tell us how you plan to turn your project into a global system? Is Latin America among the countries with Aimedis coverage?

ANS: Dear Ariana, yes Latin America is in our focus and we are soon make the jump to Greater Americas. Covid has absolutely shown the demand and necessity of telemedical care and the more intense use of this technology will save lives, especially due to the fact that a lot of patients e.g. with myocardial infarc. or strokes refused to go to a hospital due to fear of being infected.

Q8: 👩🏻‍⚕ If I'm a doctor, there exist the possibility of help with my knowledge through the Aimedis ecosystem? Can you help doctors to "connect" with potential pacients?

ANS: Yes, there is both the option to connect to patients and offer eTeaching content both on our eTeaching portal AND soon in the metaverse applications in form of virtual teaching and consultations.

Q9: Is the Aimedis ecosystem open to adding more features to their current wide range of offerings or do you think they already have it all to offer? What strings will be related to your token, what do I have to know and be aware of in order to acquire the AIMX token?

ANS: Hi. We adapt to the needs of partners and customers and generally want to simplify processes in the Healthcare industry. Adding more functions to the system is sure.

Q10: Aimedis is the world's first medical & scientific NFT marketplace, what are the functions of this marketplace and how will it improve the medical field?

ANS: The NFT marketplace will offer tailored, anonymized, high quality data that is prefiltered, immutable, cannot be manipulated and participates everyone inluding the patient in the revenues. It really democratizes the process of monetizing medical big data while offering completely new ways of distribution and therapeutic trials.

Q11: Something that really caught my attention when researching your website was "AIMSocial" the interactive platform for patients. So, can you give more details about this interesting platform? What advantages or benefits could this tool bring to patients?

ANS: Hi Anita. The aimsocial project is a very exciting part of aimedis in our opinion. It will allow people to create content and join groups of similar interests. Imagine the experience and the knowledge a person has that suffers from a certain condition for years and wants to share these experiences. This opens up a completely new perspective on disease and creates a new pool of info next to the professional view of research and medicine.

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