Recapitulation of (Along With The Gods) AWTG_PlayDapp PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Thursday, 21st October, 2021
Time: 13:00 UTC

The (Along With The Gods) AWTG_PlayDapp PROJECT team was represented by @Chownryan who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about ( Along With The Gods) AWTG_PlayDapp PROJECT.


Q1: Could you introduce yourself and the team working on the PlayDapp’s RPG Along with the Gods?

ANS: Sure, I’m Ryan. PlayDapp’s global media manager, and a passionate gamer, just like all the team at PlayDapp! 🎮

I'm looking forward to sharing a great session! Sharing details about PlayDapp, our vision for gaming, especially Along with the Gods our P2E RPG game.

The team behind along with the gods have some serious pedigree. With over 20 years of experience each in the gaming, IT, and mobile industries.
The core leadership team consists of former members of Naver, one of Korea's leading tech giants; Netmarble, Korea's largest mobile gaming company and has significant technical expertise from Microsoft and NCSOFT alumni.

Bringing deep knowledge of digital assets and peer to peer trading are founder members of itemBay, a global market leader and Korea's first online game item brokerage website, known as the "eBay of gaming"

PlayDapp is bringing together the vast expertise of its core team, the team's insights from gaming and digital asset trading give PlayDapp the tools needed to drive mass adoption.

So we feel confident to help lead the charge into the new word of blockchain gaming 💪😎

Q2: Could you introduce PlayDapp and your flagship RPG Along with the Gods?

ANS: Of course. PlayDapp is a dApp game portal that provides C2C Marketplace. All PlayDapp games are interoperable thus providing a portfolio of game content that gamers can enjoy with their non-fungible tokens(NFT).

Gamers can also trade their characters and items in the C2C marketplace in addition to increasing the value of the NFT by leveling up, strengthening, and amalgamating them. You can see this in action on our marketplace where PlayDapp Town NFT can be merged to higher rarities and vlaue, and used for things such as staking in Along with the Gods! 🔥

Along with the Gods is a strategy RPG (role-playing game) where you can enjoy a variety of combat content such as; Dungeon Crawls, Boss Raids, PVP Duel with 5 character classes and over 100 heroes in total. Character stats can be increased by combining rune sets with various effects, and in the case of high rarity Ancient God Heroes and 6-star runes these can be converted into NFTs to trade across PlayDapp’s marketplace. ⚔️🛡

And now we’re bringing deeper P2E with dedicated staking and PLA (the token of PlayDapp) rewards. 💸

Q3: What are the main features of the game and competitive advantages?🤔

ANS: For Along with the gods, our competitive advantage is the team’s deep understanding of gaming and of course our strong partners. Partners such as Samsung, LINE Blockchain, LINK, Chainlink and more, you can see the full list and investors at 😎

As for main features I’d draw your attention to not only the P2E aspect but 5 main ideas 👀

1. Get True Ownership of Game Items!
- Enhance and enchant your item with your effort and earn more value from it.

2. Powerful action with Heroes of 5 Classes!
- Create a team of Heroes with different Classes.
- Each Hero possesses unique characteristics, skills and special abilities.
- Enjoy thrilling battles between powerful Heroes!

3. Collect Heroes and Power-up Runes to strengthen Heroes your way!
- You'll be able to come up with different strategies according to different formations.
- All Heroes can be Upgraded and Awakened to the MAX grade.
- Collect the 15 different Runes with various properties to customize your Hero's strengths!

4. Easy skill control to lead you to victory!
- Use the total gauge to manipulate the timing of the skills.
- Move the Skill Icon and choose the target of your choice to use skills.

5. An endless amount of content for you to enjoy!
- Arena, Exploration, Boss Raid, Sanctum of Strength, Heroic Dungeon, Investigation, Rune Craft House, and more!
- You'll be able to play more content as you level up!

Q4: What are the future goals for your game and what features are you planning to add?

ANS: For Along with the gods, our future plans include stabilizing and improving the P2E mechanics, and allowing for as much fairness as possible. We believe that players can look forward to a fair balance in the game. 🛠

We also have plans for new game content, to help players enjoy long term play after the initial content is played. New ways to build your team and use them to help your P2E. 🕹

Added to this are plans to review players' earning and open new avenues for staking rewards. After all Along with the Gods is a deep RPG with clans and all manners of ways to play competitively and cooperatively.

We’re early in this process so make sure you follow our various communities across twitter, telegram and discord to be fully up to date. 🕵️‍♂️

Q5: Lastly, What platforms is your game available on? Are you planning to release the game on other platforms?

ANS: Currently Along with the gods is on android, via the google play store. 📱(you can download it directly here:

Of course, if you prefer you can use emulators like bluestacks to play on your PC. 💻

We’re in the midst of planning wider access. Our aim is to make sure as many people as possible have access to this great RPG 🙌


ANS: So right now you can use android emulators like Blue stacks to have an android environment on your PC, and the full experience of the game. A standalone PC version is something we talk about, and making sure we deliver it in the best way. I'm sure people have seen the news from places like steam haha 😅

We'll always share all our news and updates across our communities, twitter telegram and medium so make sure you in one of those to not miss out!

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: Hi! 🎮, As I know, it is possible to collect NFTs by simply playing the game of Along with the Gods game. I want to ask how much does it Cost to start to play Along with the Gods game? How much should I invest to start to play?

ANS: Along with the Gods can be played 100% for free. You can enjoy all the game content there is. Once your satisfied you can think about the NFT aspect. When converting Heroes and Runes to NFT you'll need a sealing scroll, which is just 99c. Then you can sell that NFT on the marketplace.

The P2E parts of Along with the gods can also be enjoyed without spend, the daily quests can be completed by any player. Of course you might consider some spend to maximize your PVP abilities, and boost your chance to earn that 5,000 PLA reward.

Q2: Playdapp support 3rd party developers. This is a feature I haven't seen in and block chain game before.
Can you tell us how it works.
How can these existing games be migrated into blockchain base games?

ANS: For PlayDapp we recognize that the blockchain gaming industry is young. We have the PlayDapp marketplace where we can offer a curated selection of NFT and we have our PlayDapp SDK and Item Manager that allows traditional developers to upgrade their games to a blockchain game.

The more willing a developer is the more chances there are for integration, and item sharing. We're open to collaboration.

Q3: After completing the Pre-registration, I got no Pre-registration rewards. Is there something that I haven't done right or is there a particular period when the rewards will be sent to all Pre-registered users? Also, why do users have to connect with the Portis wallet before they can pre-register? Why didn't you guys give users the option to connect to any other wallets apart from the Portis wallet? Does AWTG_PlayDapp have any partnership with Portis?

ANS: Pre registration rewards will be sent after pre-registration ends.

Portis is a web 3 wallet that we feel works best for mobile games as well as pc & web based games. It also has an easy onboarding process so we feel its a great match.

PlayDapp recognizes that choice is great, so we are always evaluating supported wallets, building out the ones we support.

Q4: What do I need to get started for the Play-2-Earn starting on October 27. Do I need to make any Initial payment or get some in-game token or features to get started ?

Is there going to be any difference between Mobile and PC version in your game ? Can there be a Mobile gamer Vs PC gamer mode in PlayDappAWTG?

ANS: For play to earn you'll need PlayDapp Town PLAYZ NFT, you'll need to stake these to earn. for Daily rewards you'll need three SR and for weekly you'll need one SSR. A fuller guide can b found in this hub article

Q5: I am very interested in your NFTs Marketplace, What are the things that can I do in your Marketplace ? How's the transaction fee for using the marketplace ?

How can I participate in your weekly giveaway contest ?

ANS: PlayDapp's marketplace lets you trade any of our curated NFT slection, including PlayDapp Town NFT. LOK. COMETH and ZED Run. we offer deep customization for these NFT, especially COMETH.

Not only that but you can merge and upgrade PlayDapp Town PLAYZ NFT to boost their value and utility in current and upcoming PlayDapp games.

Check it out at

Q6: I got noticed that Along with the gods is a dual-chain ecosystem that operates with Ethereum and Polygon, so are you satisfied, with this 2 chains or you have planned add support to more chains soon?

ANS: At a base level PlayDapp is 'chain agnostic' we know that chains have strengths and weaknesses, so we seek to support as many as possible. Current PlayDapp Games are on Ethereum, LINE Blockchain, Polygon and we have some others in the works. As well as making sure serviced games. like Along with the Gods, CryptoDozer are on the chains that make sense for players as well as the wider blockchain community.

Q7: Along with the gods will be a game where users can play all day if they want? Or do you have limits of the maximum amount of tokens that an user can earn per day?

ANS: For earning via staking rewards are set at Daily (5 PLA) and up to 5,000 PLA weekly. But in terms of creating NFT and selling them as long as you have the right heroes and runes you can make as many as you want.

Giving you tow avenues of earning. 👀

Q8: PlayDapp launched four games and 5 games are coming soon. $PLA is a ERC20 token. So, which wallet do you accept for your play to earn game?

ANS: Right now PlayDapp supports Portis, Metamask and coinbase.

Along with the gods is set to portis due to its flexibility on mobile platforms.

Q9: PLAYZ NFT is required for staking but how can I get the PLAYZ NFT so I will be able to stake when it goes live?
As a new user on the PlayDapp platform, can you please put me on a walk-through to the steps/process that I will need to undergo in order to register a sale?

ANS: You can grab PlayDapp Town PLAYZ NFT from our marketplace, and when the need arises PlayDapp will release more, via sales when we feel that new players are in need of acquiring the necessary NFT.

Q10: What does PLAYZ-NFT have to do with AWTG. Can you make such an instruction video?

ANS: We have an awesome hub site here that should answer all your questions, if it does not, join one of our communities and just ask away, we're in there all the time helping players ❤️

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