Recapitulation of AnRKeyx PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Wednesday, 21st July, 2021
Time: 14:00 UTC

The AnRKeyx PROJECT team was represented by @CryptoCastles who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about AnRKeyx PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on ANRKEYX?

ANS: Sure thing!!

I have been involved in Blockchain Technology since January 2018 beginning as a private investor, with special interest in Decentralized Finance and application of Non Fungible Token assets.

Right now I am heavily involved in most aspects at the company including in depth education on our product and protocols and everything in between!

All of our team members are incredible, and notable crypto and DeFi leaders, entrepreneurs, influencers, artists, gaming design veterans, proven financial technologists, and music and entertainment industry experts. Most have worked with major crypto projects for years in the industry way before the NFT and DeFi boom and are very recognized.

Our award winning experienced team has worked with the likes of Pokemon, Sega, Sony, Final Fantasy, YouTube, NBC, Universal Music, Walt Disney, Goldman Sachs, Mercedes Benz and more.

Q2: Can you introduce ANRKEYX, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: AnRKey X is doing something different, on the cutting edge of Play to Earn gaming. Our technology makes it easy for billions of gamers around the world to monetize their game play, participate in ownership & earn real money.

We are the first to merge DeFi yield farming, team based Esports and the gamification of Web3 NFTs into one platform we call the Decentralized Finance Gaming Platform Exchange (gDEX for short)

The problems we solve are simple!

1. High cost of entry

- Games such as Axie Infinity cost almost $600 to start the game… In Battle Wave 2323 our flagship play to earn game you can start playing for as little as $5!! AND farm NFTs for FREE!

2. Non-scalable NFTs

- We attached a mathematically derived base value ($) to our NFTs giving them a TRUE objective price point to start their journey, they grow in value as the parameters being monitored in our ecosystem grow! This enables them to truely scale as an ecosystem grows in value, it also gives an appropriate selling price at the time off minting

3. Limitations in game protocols

- Our gDEX protocols a hybrid L1/L2 highly scalable solution to game creation!

We also solve whale manipulation with our innovative smart contracts that disallow wealthy players from manipulating rewards, Battle Wave 2323 is TEAM based and ALL APY boosting actions of single players INCREASE the WHOLE teams APY!!

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?


For sure1

Since launch in Q4 2020 we have had significant traction:

• $800k+ Generated NFT sales
• $2.8M In $ANRX tokens staked for NFTs
• 4 x #1s on leading NFT marketplace Rarible
• 60k+ Community members across channels

We have FINISHED development of our Flagship play-to-earn game Battle Wave 2323 which is LAUNCHING MONDAY July 26th at 12pm UTC!!! A HUGE achievement for the team (more on that later hehe)

We launched the FIRST ever DeFi powered celebrity NFT in the industry to generate APY that can be used in our DeFi NFT game Battle Wave 2323 where you can win up to 350% APY and share in a weekly prize pool of up to 900,000 $ANRX tokens!

Battle Wave 2323 is LAUNCHING THIS MONDAY July 26th at 12PM UTC!! Which is our greatest milestone to date!

Moving forward into the end of the year we will be producing a mobile dapp of Battle Wave 2323, working on MORE games AND building out the NFT marketplace.

We also will release our gaming engine which will allow GLOBAL game and NFT creators to build NEW GAMES!

Q4: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?

ANS: We have around 17 full-time developers that have worked with some of the best in the world!

Sure thing!!

So far our partnerships include:

- Polygon (MATIC)
- Chainlink
- Plasma Pay
- PAID Network
- Ferrum Network

WE also FOUNDED the DeFi Gaming Coalition with incredible partners:

- Polygon
- CertiK
- Duck DAO
- Bondly
- GAINS Associates

And many more!

Q5: Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of the $ANRX Token?

ANS: $ANRX is the Arcade Coin (native utility token) of the Web3 gDEX Protocol - the future of a Play to Earn economy designed to reward all key stakeholders of the ecosystem.

$ANRX is at the center of it all, and plays a significant role in all actions on the gDEX as well as in our DeFi NFT games!

- ALL in game actions are spent in $ANRX

- $ANRX is the reward token

- Instead of burning, $ANRX is recycled into the reward pool to be paid out to each weeks winners of Battle Wave 2323!

Circulating supply is reduced through the incentivization mechanism of staking to earn rewards, games as a service products, and influence on governance

Token utility:

Medium of Exchange
Derived Base Value Driver

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

The galaxy shooter is SUPER FUN!

Q1: On battle wave 2323,I learned that you earn Oracle shards as reward.
what are Oracle shards used for? Do they help in NFT purchase too?
2. What other thing can $Anrkey be used for aside purchasing item in the game?

ANS: There is only ONE way to get oracle shards and that is by playing our FREE Battle Wave 2323 galaxy shooter! As you collect oracle shards you can then redeem them for FREE AnRKey X collectable NFTs that BOOST APY when staked to increase your rewards AND the teams rewards!!!.

There are 6 levels of power!

You can also TRADE all of our NFTs on market for profit INCLUDING NFTs redeem with oracle shards!

Q2: NFTs are usually for the collection, it doesn't give any returns like crypto. So do we have any way to earn on NFTs on AnKrey?

ANS: Our NFTs are APY boosted, meaning they help you EARN more! Stake your NFTs and you will increase your APY depending on the power level of the NFT!

Q3: This is a Gaming NFTs cooked project as well but whole lots of projects now switching into Gaming platforms turning digitals to solve real life issues, pls #AnRKeyX is on uniswap, pancakes and the rest but nothing like Bsc why? and has the SMC Audited and by which Audit firm?

ANS: A CEX is on the way!

And yes we have 2 successful CertiK Audits of both our $ANRX Smart Contract and Battle Wave 2323 platform! Which you can see here!

Q4: I could see #AnrkeyX has massive partnerships with world famous names.
Also amazing number of users.
I want join with you immediately.
💢Is there any tutorial or guide about joining procedure and play?
💢Has AnrkeyX litepaper or whitepaper ?
Thanks for this amazing project ❤️

ANS: Thanks!! And ofcrures we would love to have you!!

ALL PLAYERS that going on LAUNCH DAY Monday July 26th 12PM UTC will be credited 75,000,000 oracle shards for FREE APY boosted NFTs!

To learn how to play please head over to our YouTube HERE!

Q5: I have understood that AnRKey will allow users to create its own minigames on the ecosystem, so can you speak us a little bit more about it?

ANS: Yes for sure!

Our Gaming and NFT engine will provide Game developers and NFT creators software development kits and tools to build on our gDEX platform!

$ANRX stakers will decide which new games get added! We recently partnered with ReBaked for our first game creator pipeline!

Q6: Is there any additional advantage of playing your games over Traditional games like Fortnite?
In what way are you unique to Traditional games like Fortnite?

ANS: We are unique in that our games are specifically designed to make you money!

We also give players true ownership over their in-game items such as their NFTs

We will also be developing in-game skins, upgrades and accessories - ALL of which will be tagged to an NFT which players can then lend or TRADE for real MONEY!!

In fortnite you cant do that 😉

Q7: Platforms like AnRKey X can be controlled by bots or whales if proper measures are not put in place as they are capable of staking multiple NFTs at once. Can you discuss with us about the protection mechanisms put in place to prevent whales and bots from taking over the platform?

ANS: For sure.,

We have smart contracts that govern gameplay disallowing manipulation.

- NFTs are limited to stake 1 per hour per card
- ALL players are limited on how many LP tokens they can stake thus capping their rewards
- ALL APY boosting actions of players with high powered cards ALSO increase the APY of their team mates
- in-game NFTs packs are randomized in quantity you can win so people cannot buy the max amount each time

And much more


We are so close to the launch of Battle Wave 2323!! Join us in telegram below to stay up to date and claime your free oracle shards!!

APY boosts are also multiplied for the first month where you can win up to 700% APY in the first game!

TG Community:

And of course ALL the action will take place >>>!

I have to get back to it guys!! Please join us and lets get playing!!!

Q8: I am Latin American and I was surprised that they had a partnership with a really well known star within the Latin American television, Chiquis, with whom from what I saw they developed spiritual Gangsta, but I would like to know what relevance does the Latin American markets have in the project? Could you partner with more stars from different regions of the world to give more value to Anrkey X worldwide?


Yes absolutely! We have 6 celebrities signed to drop DeFi powered gaming NFTs! All from different parts of the world! Our celebrity team is incredible!

Q9: For your users' convenience, in the future, will you consider and deploy the game Battle Wave 2323 into mobile phone and tablets?

ANS: Of course! Mobile app of Battle Wave 2323 is coming Q4!!

Follow Us On Our Various Social Media Communities For More Update;


We are so close to the launch of Battle Wave 2323!! Join us in telegram below to stay up to date and claime your free oracle shards!!

APY boosts are also multiplied for the first month where you can win up to 700% APY in the first game!

TG Community:

And please check out





Telegram Group:

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