Recapitulation of AP3TOWN PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Sunday, 25th April, 2021
Time: 18:00 UTC

The AP3TOWN PROJECT team was represented by @ who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about AP3TOWN PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on Ap3town?

ANS: Sure thing! I'm Aidan, and I've been programming in the field of advanced websites, platforms, and orders tailored to specific tasks for over 15 years.
In crypto since 2018/2019. Over the last few months, I've been delving into defi and learning solidity on a regular basis.

In short, I'm a developer, crypto enthusiast, and investor.

I'm in charge of everything relating to the AP3.TOWN project. Website, Smart contract and design.

In the near future, I hope to involve more people who can assist me with the project.

Still one man army.

Q2: Can you introduce Ap3town, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: is an economic experiment that seeks the ideal conditions for the creation of a perfect environment conducive to the growth of token value. charges a tax on all transactions, as well as an additional tax on sales transactions. In short, the project is based on the idea of punishing sellers by reflecting a portion of their funds to holders, LP farms, and purchasers (rewarding them with funds from the seller).

To create this type of environment, employes Frictionless Yield Generation and AP3's unique strategies.

There are a lot of tokens on the market right now that are easy to buy and sell because they don't encourage you to keep them in the long run.

#AP3 introduces mechanisms that make it worthwhile to keep this token for a longer period of time rather than selling it after a few days.

Later on, I'll explain these mechanics and demonstrate how one of them works.

The frictionless yield generation?

Gorilla mode 🦍

Can you give some insight into the Frictionless yield generation?

This is related to AP3 tokenomics

It is designed in such a way that the appropriate tax for each type of transaction is immediately reflected across all token holder balances, resulting in a steady, frictionless yield. Holders and LP farmers receive a portion of every transaction that occurs, and even more if it is sell-side transaction.

In-short all you need to do is to hold your AP3 token to receive rewards

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: AP3.TOWN is still very young but so far we as the #AP3TRIBE was able to achieve many milestones like

- We had a successful presale, raising over 1000 BNB in less than 2 hours
- Coingecko listing in less than 24 hours
- Coinmarketcap listing shortly after that

- More than 30 percent of the initial total supply has been burned since the project's launch

( The initial supply was 900,000 AP3, but only around 600,000 are still available )

#AP3TRIBE (our community) is growing by the day, as evidenced by the increasing number of #AP3 holders.

There was no pump and dump, and our community is constantly working to raise the price floor.

We create a community that cares about the project and understands that the token accumulation will bring the greatest benefits

In short, our organic growth is going great!

In terms of roadmap, I've got a to-do list, in no particular order, with no particular timeline. This is how I work: as fast as I can, on the things I can.

As a result, some sort of roadmap / to-do list will be presented this week, so people interested in #AP3 project will be able to see what they can expect.

Q4: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?

ANS: So far, no major partnerships have occurred, unless we are talking about collaborations with marketers.

I'm always looking for opportunities to collaborate with people and projects that will benefit the AP3 project.

I'm sure AP3 will be collaborating with NFT artists and other projects in the near future.

We will also establish partnerships with other projects as in connection with the new product that I hope to show later on this ama 😉

Yesterday I was also discussing partnership with ApeSwap to include #AP3 in their program

Q5: Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of the $Ap3 Token?

ANS: Oh yeah 😄 Indeed

So I believe, #AP3 tokenomics are unique

🍌 4% transaction fee
1% goes to AP3 holders
1% goes to LP farmers
1% is burned
1% team

🍌 4% sell-side taxing
1% goes to AP3 Vault
1% goes to AP3 holders
2% goes to LP farmers

So when you buy AP3, you pay 4% fee, but if you buy at least 100 WOW, you get reward tokens from the AP3 Vault. In fact, many Apes received more tokens than they purchased.

Some one you may ask, what is AP3 Vault?

It's a vault where 1% of all sell-side transactions are sent and stored. The only way to withdraw funds from the vault is to purchase AP3 tokens on the market. To receive 10% of the stored funds, simply purchase at least 100 AP3 tokens.

The percentages increase up to 1,600 AP3 tokens purchased, with the buyer receiving up to 80% of the vault's treasury!

AND There is also most important feature of - Gorilla Mode 🦍

Gorilla Mode remove between 1% and 20% of the AP3 tokens from the liquidity pool, then burn a portion of these tokens and distribute the remainder to all AP3 holders.

95% of the removed tokens will be burned, with the remaining 5% distributed to AP3 holders

Outcome of the process:

The price rises as the number of AP3 tokens in LP decreases.

As a result of the Gorilla Mode execution, holders receive AP3 tokens, and the value of all of their tokens increases.

So, as I previously stated, I'm going to demonstrate how it works in action!

Please visit this site

This is how Gorilla tx looks

As a result, over 20k AP3 tokens has been just burned and thanks to this price raised from around 2$ to 2,4$

Isn't this lovely? 🦍🍌

AP3 Gorilla loves bananas tho

* Before we get to the audience questions, I'd like to say one more thing.

So, as a quick introduction, because AP3 is based on transactions for which holders are rewarded, I've recently been developing new usecases for AP3 token that I believe will be popular.

Dice - well-known game from the gambling services, will be available in a decentralized version where everything is handled by an AP3 Dice smart contract. Each bet will be counted as a standard transaction, resulting in even more rewards for token holders. Other projects will be able to collaborate with us and incorporate our dice into their projects; fees will be used for ap3 token buybacks.

This feature will be rolled out in early may with exact details coming next week

I was inspired by a well-known platform that offers a similar service but on the ETH chain, and because I enjoy experimenting, I decided to bring something fresh and new to Binance Smart Chain

This, I believe, will be a perfect fit for the AP3 mechanics

P.S. We are also hosting MEME contest right now, 1000$ in prizes paid in BNB 😉

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: I often come across this on your Twitter account " Gorilla became hungry at random and ate some banana". So my question goes like this, is this Gorilla's action of eating bananas beneficial to the project? Should we holders pray for Gorilla to be hungry or not to overeat?

ANS: So 🦍 may appear in the AP3 tribe up to ten times per day, but no less than three times.

Our tribe have the opportunity to control the sum of burned tokens once a day. There is a regular event of retweeting details about the upcoming burn, and with each retweet, another 0.1 percent is added to the stack (the percentages vary depending on how the system works).

Gorilla has recently been eating bananas ( #AP3 tokens ) in stealth mode because we had a few price chasers hunting Gorilla to dump on it.

Q2: If a project does not have an active and dynamic community structure, success will be difficult. Could you please share with us your motivational work that you use to increase the structure and activities of your community?

ANS: We are still growing and building the AP3 tribe. It has only been one week since the project launched, and I believe we are doing well so far.

This is the primary reason I decided to create a new product for the AP3 ecosystem, in order to increase interest, activity, and awareness.


ANS: AP3 is based on dynamic deflation, burning occurs during each transaction, and Gorilla is a component of the overall burning process.

Gorilla may appear in the AP3 tribe up to ten times per day, but no less than three times, removing between 1% and 20% of the AP3 tokens from the liquidity pool

🍌 4% transaction fee
1% goes to AP3 holders
1% goes to LP farmers
1% is burned
1% team.

Q4: You have a "Gorilla Mode" that may appear in the AP3 tribe up to ten times per day, but no less than three times according to the information in your medium, are these appearances random? How can I set up my schedule to take advantage of this feature?

ANS: Yes, appearances are random. Recently, Gorilla has been eating bananas in stealth mode to prevent liquidity draining and to fight those who buy only to dump in a moment after Gorilla mode is activated. It is impossible to set a schedule to take advantage of this feature.

Q5: "If you buy between 100 and 1,600 AP3 tokens, you will receive 10% to 80% of the funds stored in the vault." Will these rates remain the same forever, can the community demand proportional or systemic change?

ANS: This rates will remain the same forever, because an AP3 smart contract was developed that prohibits any changes after deployment.

Q6: In the AP3 smart contract, it alters the seller-buyer equilibrium, giving the buyer a significant advantage. What do you base this balance on, what guarantees do you give both parties?

ANS: It is equally simple to buy and sell a token in a traditional project's environment; however, in, sellers are penalized with an 8% tax, while buyers are rewarded with free tokens.

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Thank you for having me here

I encourage everyone to join our #AP3TRIBE and learn more about our project, especially with the new upcoming feature that includes some fun and gambling.

🦍 AP3.TOWN is an economic experiment that employs Frictionless Yield Generation and AP3's unique strategies to create an environment conducive to token value growth.

🚀 DeFi Powered on the Binance Smart Chain

🐵 AP3 Contract (Audited by Solid Group - read more)

Pancake links

🍰 Pancakeswap (buy/sell here)
🥞 Add liquidity for AP3-LP (add liquidity)
Slippage: Buy 6% / Sell 9% (round numbers recommended)

AP3 Chart & Pair explorer

🦎 Coingecko
📊 Poo Chart
🦍 Astro Pair explorer


🍌 Dynamic deflation
🍌 Gorilla Mode - read more
🍌 AP3 Vault
🍌 Frictionless Yield Generation
🍌 Sell-side taxing

📚 Learn more about AP3 features


🍌 AP3 Total supply & Holders

🍌 4% transaction fee
1% goes to AP3 holders
1% goes to LP farmers
1% is burned
1% team

🍌 4% sell-side taxing
1% goes to AP3 Vault
1% goes to AP3 holders
2% goes to LP farmers

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