Recapitulation of ARGOAPPLIVE PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Monday, 26th April, 2021
Time: 8:30:00 UTC

The ARGOAPPLIVE PROJECT team was represented by @Izrake who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about ARGOAPPLIVE PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on ArgoApplive?

ANS: Sure, I am Prashant Maurya and i have 6 years of experience in enterprise application development

worked with good names during the employment period. I joined crypto space a year back and also won a couple of hackathons

and one of our ideas got incubated in arweave which is ArGo 🙂

Currently, we are 5 members team, handling dev and marketing. Our team has vast experience in the blockchain ecosystem

One of our recent team members joined us a few days back and have an excellent background in blockchain.

Q2: Can you introduce ArgoApplive, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: ArGo is a platform that takes your web application and data to a decentralised ecosystem

We are trying to simplify the way user deploy, store and use infra around a decentralised ecosystem

This means no more carrying of multiple tokens DSN tokens in your wallet to perform any such operation

It will not only make developers life easy but also help big companies to start onboarding our ecosystem

Now coming to what we are solving

There are many things

We are incentivising our users for platform usability, we are decentralising our nodes to give power in the hands of people, we are governed by DAO, which others don't have

On the feature side

We are now supporting permanent archival with no subscription model

We have unlimited bandwidth for permanent data wich means anyone can download or make request as much as they want

Since you data is on chain, which means 100% availability.

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: Yes, we have integrated arweave deployment model, we have integrated custom domain support, we have integrated auto dns resolver with lastes txId, we have improved our system stability

We have onboarded more 300 users out of which there was a 250+ deployment, 15 plus dapps been test

Now coming to our target mielestone

We are in a process of launching our platform on layer 2 protocol which will help us to save gas fees and increase efficiency for our platform and users

We will be laucnhing our storage model which can be used by any NFT or storage applications to start taking backups using our platform

Above two will be mostly in the market in within 2 months

We are also upgrading and goind to launch V2 with enhance features and will allow developers to contribute to the ecosystem

Our product roadmap we will update on our site soon

But here are few things which are on the plate

1. Provider Staking
2. Plugin Development
3. New DSN Integration
4. Decentralised Domain Integration
5. User choice based storage model

these are few from our roadmao

but do follow us on channels we will be announcing all the things there in much details.

Q4: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?

ANS: At this stage we have partnere with Polygon for exploring their ecosystem and onboarding their dApps, Apart from polygon we have arweave who are backing us and most of the product been developed will be using ArGo for their deployment or storage. There are couple of partnerships aligned which we will be annoucing it soon

We are only partnering to gain real users and usability, our main focus is to partner and test the product from all angles, our biggest partners are going to be devs

Once we launch our V2 by Q2, we will accelerate our user acquisition.

Q5: Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of the $ARGO Token?

ANS: Our tokeneconomics is been designed in such a way to avoid tackle any situations

We have DAO in the systemt, which will take care of controlling our supply and making sure things are driven around community

Our token utility is aligned to provide platform usability incentives to keep the ecosystem thriving

To support our node providers, we have staking and reward distributions and for users if they want they can delegate their token to earn reward split by just delegating their tokens

Apart from it, entire argo platform will be driven argo token, for storage, deployment or using any specific features or even to claim some discounts.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: What is the importance of Decentralized Hosting for Web3.0 and do I have pay for subscription plans to use your platform and is there any other benefits I will get for choosing to use your platform over other similar platforms?

ANS: Decentralised hosting basicall allows users to host their app on the community run nodes, which means your application won't be hosted on any of centralised exchanges, decentralisation is also to support people to actively take part in the economy of the system and i belive these are some importance,
We have two things built in the ecosystem, one where our applications and dApps are comfortable to directly go with no subscription based model where they will be having raw blockchain experience, and other is with little fees by adding some allowance and start using other features like custome DNS and many more which are in the pipeline.
Why people will chose is because they will be incentivised and also their data will be spread into DSN which means more reliability over centralised.

Q2: $ArGo🚀🚀🚀
One of the key features of Argo that caught my attention is that the data of apps deployed on ArGo are "permanent and immutable". In a nutshell, can you explain how ArGo ensures this? Also, is this the first project your core team is working on together??

ANS: Our underlying integration at the moment is Arweave which provides permanency of data by nature and since it's on blockchain it becomes immutable as well. Our team earlier been an active members of gitcoin and yes this is our first product which we are officially supporting. That is the reason we have all in into this product 🙂

Q3: Going through the ArgoApplive blog, I discover that $1,775 Gitcoin grant from the community...
Can you shed some light about the grant? Is ArgoApplive a community funded project?

ANS: Yes, we have applied for the grant to get our idea validation as well as to see how community is responding with this. And grant which we have received is going to be used for hackathons by some community events. Yes we are well funded product. We have onboarded good vc as well angeles with us to support for longer time.

Q4: $ARGO is a decentralized web hosting app.we know that decentralized web hosting is faced some problems just like

1.users dont get a great users experience
2.not many developer-friendly tools are there to work with
So how can $ARGO overcome from these types of problem?

ANS: I would suggest to use argo once. Our user experience was really great. We have received good feedback from the community. Coming to developer friendly, I am a developer by nature, i can assure you, there will be many tools which will be built. We have started our development and to achive the same we have introduced plugin development which will help us to push more tools into the ecosystemt.

Q5: I read that users can purchase a subscription from ARGO just once and use this subscription for the rest of their lives. How is this possible and how does it work? Also, how are uncensored/toxic contents uploaded on the ARGO platform filtered?

ANS: There is no buying of subscription but intead if you want to deploy and host your app or data only once then you can go ahead and do it. It’s possible because of underlyin protocol, which will be used to provide this feature. We are working to restrict toxic contents in the ecosystem but be assured we will release it.

Q6: Security weakness is the biggest concern for any project. Any time hackers can attack and create huge lose to the users and $ARGO holders. So what step ARGO took to prevent this kind of attack. How you guies ensure to minimize the risk?

ANS: Our contracts are getting audited from best people in the industry, we have made sure to not expose any function call which can be misutilised, also we have done our testing around most of the angle to not leave any leakage point. But be assured if we get into any such situations we have people backing us who already came out successfully in such cases.


We are developers and we are here to bring some difference by our Idea and Product, Our team members are working hard to make sure we deliver what we have promised on. We are taking all the steps to reach it. But it's always good to walk together instead of walking alone. We need all the community members to support us in this journey. We are here and we will be here for decades because of the product and idea which we are building.

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