Date: Wednesday, 21st April, 2021
Time: 15:00 UTC

The AUSTRALIAN SAFE SHEPHERD TOKEN PROJECT team was represented by @Ugliestduck who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about AUSTRALIAN SAFE SHEPHERD TOKEN PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on Ass Token?

ANS: So, my full name is Olivia Singh, I go by Liv or Queen Bee in the community!

I am fully doxxed in the community and have KYCd to a bunch of influential people on CT.

I have been in the crypto sphere for roughly 4 years now and I instantly fell in love with the space.

I have developed my own yield farm, "BeeSwap" thats where I got the name Queen Bee.

That is where I first started.

Since then, I had received many requests to make a meme token. So I decided to listen to the community and give the people what they want.

This is how ASS was birthed

I then developed $ASS on my own with the help of some trusted developers to soft audit my code and test it with me!

Since then, I have passed the baton to the community. We are now all the developers of $ASS.


Q2: Can you introduce Ass Token, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: $ASS or, Australian Safe Shepherd, is a fork of safemoon.

Essentially, think of $ASS as if DOGE and SAFEMOON had a baby

Our mechanics are the same as safemoon

So, 5% on all buys are reflected to all token holders of $ASS. AKA THE LONGER YOU HOLD ASS THE MORE ASS YOU ACCUMULATE

Since launch we have had 30 million dollars in volume which means that 1.5 million dollars in $ASS has gone back to $ASS HOLDERS.


ALSO in terms of sells, 5% reflected among holders and there is a 5% additional tax for selling to create a rising price floor


As for critical problems we solve.

Look at Doge for example.

They are inflationary. They mint an absurd amount of tokens each day LMAO

The second critical problem we solve.

"SAFE"moon <- LMAO



We burned 3 million dollars in LP tokens this morning and renounced full ownership of our contract


There is no other competition IMO. We have a fucking cult following.

3 days in, we have literally EVERYONE on our $ASS



I have paid for very few marketers. So this explosion is all happening because our community is based as FUCK.

Our community is stronger than any community so, SORRY to the "Link Marines" and "XRPT*rds" but we fucking trump all of you.

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: So let me let everyone know who is unaware, we have been live for only 3 days.....

💥We have 8k telegram members

💥We have 29k+ wallets (holders)

We have minted NFTs which all proceeds go towards community incentives/marketing/listings.
They all sold out BTW. 🙈
Don't worry I will mint more!

We have a farming partner with BeeSwap:
you can farm your $ASS against BNB or HONEY the APYs were 2k%+ last time I checked

We have Massive CT backing. Which you probably have already seen. kek. I don't think anyone has seen a coin get mass adopted/accepted like we have, In such little time.

We have cameos from Tommy Chong Lavar Ball Porn Stars and others + 10 more coming.

We have an on going meme contest that ends tonight. (SO SUBMIT A MEME IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY)

We have a TikTok challenge with rewards. That we are trying to get viral currently. Crypto Cousin is participating in it. 👀

Again we have the best and fastest growing community in crypto history this is probably what we are most proud of and want to emphasize the most!

We just added our logo to Trust wallet and TEAM FINANCE (where our liquidity is locked)!

If you haven't heard...CoinGecko listed us already in under 50 hours lmao.

We are a meme token so we don't have a formal "road map" yet but some things we are working on include:

More marketing on all avenues (we will never stop) Twitter, youtube, TikTok we are reaching out to people nonstop!

We have applied for Coin Market Cap, Blockfolio, etc. We look forward to finally getting approval onto their platforms.

Other farms are trying to add us (We will see) we are strategically choosing who we partner with.

Big NFT platforms want to partner also (Again we will see)

A community member made us a lite paper, we will add this to our website soon.

Since we are growing at an exponential rate I think it is best to give back as well 🤍

We are going to partner with some charities as well (dog related/women related not confirmed on which organizations yet).

We know ASS memes may be a little raunchy for some and this will help offset all our inner degens and give us much needed karma 😉

We all might need some soul cleansing, especially myself after I posted my $ASS on Twitter when we reached a 69 Million MCAP last night LMAO

We plan to get to a $1B Mcap (not a meme).

This is obtainable with our rock solid community. We are changing the game and everyone will have to give in to $ASS at some point or another just like everyone gave into $DOGE.

The sooner you bend the knee, you will understand our culture.

Q4: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?

ANS: Briefly...I will try but I'm a full send kinda girl (as you may have seen).

Currently we don't have any official partnerships because we are trying to be very strategic in our next few steps.

We are a meme token, yes. However, I think we can add utility other than just "slamming ass" heh.

We are in talks with several large projects, some of which are in the porn industry who have taken a keen interest in $ASS. I don't blame them, the ticker gets everyone, it's pretty funny.

For example, one utility with the porn industry, $ASS can be used as THE payment method on their website. This is beneficial because the models and clients would accumulate more $ASS the longer they hold on to it.

We have a bunch of other inquiries for partnerships, I do not want to preemptively leak alpha, but this is one vague example since you asked for brief. ;)

Q5: Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of the $ASS Token?

ANS: Our tokenomics are as follows:

We have a total supply of: 10,000,000,000,000,000 $ASS (Ten Quadrillion ASS)

As we have said we are deflationary as 5% of all sells automatically is sent to a burn wallet

Like I mentioned earlier, 5% on all buys are reflected to all token holders of $ASS

As well as, when anyone sells (lol):
5% is reflected among holders
5% is an additional tax for selling to create a rising price floor

Holding ASS is kinda like stakeless farming!

As for utility, at this point it is very, very simple.

Our community has branded our utility.

We make poor people rich.

They confused my husband for me....typical, thinking the man is the brains behind $ASS.

My husband said, "this token was made to get the poor rich".

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: The project and its token is named $ ASS, how do you plan to attract investors to the project if it is named ASS? Wouldn't this be more detrimental to the project, as it could alienate more traditional investors who might view the project as unreliable?

ANS: Well, we are a meme dog token so we attract the animal lovers, and we also have the ticker $ASS which fufills all of the inner degens who love ASS.

I honestly think this has not been detrimental to us. I think the name is what is giving us the initial attention. Sex sells. Everyone knows this, whether you like it or not.

We want to push the boundaries in the crypto sphere, I don't think our community is worried about traditional investors opinions. This is what I have been told.

Q2: 🔥🔥🔥 How do you plan on keeping the coin alive? A lot of meme coins end up dieing after a week, how will you ensure that won’t happen?

ANS: Have you seen anyone else market like we have?

I haven't seen a single token/project put the creative marketing to the crypto space like this ever.

Not trying to pump our community, but I think many would agree with me.

We have gained 1000 holders since this AMA started.

I will personally, never slow down on my energy. I can confidently say I do not think our community is going anywhere.

Ask them for yourselves.

Q3: Recently many token lanuch in oancake dex and when user buy token they remove their liquidity and do scam....How to know $ASS is not to lock your LP token? Tell about..

ANS: We renounced ownership of the contract this morning! Which means nothing can ever be altered ever again with the code. No one can manipulate tax features or alter max buy/sell limits etc.

My $ASS truly now belongs to the entire community! This is what we always envisioned, and have been preaching since day one. Going forward no one has any control over the contract or the liquidity in any way, shape or form. The new liquidity generated from the additional 5% tax on sells will lock itself automatically forever as well.

We are also going to have an audit done as per community requests, just so everyone feels extra comfy.

we have Ten Quadrillion tokens, so somewhere around there should be your max amount of tokens you can buy lol.

For NFTs, right now, they are all sold out. I will be minting more shortly though so everyone has the opportunity to buy one! I will announce on twitter and in out telegram community when this has been done, so stay tuned ❤️

Q4: 🌸Could you tell us what is the inspiration behind $ASS? What was decisive for its creation? What is your motivation? Why that name? And if you have in your future plans to work with crypto-influencers to promote $ASS worldwide?

ANS: It all started in my home telegram
I was sleeping when I woke up to like 50 messages of my telegram family begging me to make a dog coin. I was instantly on board as long as it was 100% a community token.
I had a thorough discussion on which dog we would pic to be the face of the token.
We were pretty sold on a few, but we had to go with the amazing Australian Shepherd.
We realized it would be hilarious to have a ticker with $ASS
It's ironic because it actually fit for the name of the dog and the mechanics of the token being "safemoon"
Thereby, we created Australian Safe Shepherd = ASS.

We have a HUGE following of crypto influencers also as you probably have seen. 99% of them are all unpaid for. If you missed this, go search $ASS on twitter and see for yourself.

Myself, and my husband are very good friends with a lot of major influencers so it is really great to have friends sustainable support! :)


Thank you so much for having me here! I really appreciate it, I hope everyone learned more about us today!

Please if anyone has any questions feel free to come into our telegram and speak to admins in out community. I am very busy dealing with marketing so its hard for me to answer everyone but we have a very large telegram with lots of members to answer your questions!

We have another AMA in a few hours so if you want to come learn more please feel free to pop in to our TG to find the details!

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