Recapitulation of Baby Saitama Inu PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Friday, 3rd December, 2021
Time: 13:00 UTC

The Baby Saitama Inu PROJECT team was represented by @Sir_Taylor, @Caddyshacks and @Samuel2024 who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about Baby Saitama Inu PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourselves and your background, also introduce the team working on Baby Saitama Inu?

ANS: I am Taylor I recenlty joined Baby Saitama's team to help with marketing. That is my main focus to get Baby Saitama to people that have never heard of us. I am a college student that has been doing constant research outside of studying to learn more about crypto and what makes it popular.

My name is Blu. I am a businessman from North Carolina and have over 30 years experience building businesses and advising others on how to strengthen and build their businesses.

Hello, my name is Samuel. I have 2 master degrees in Computer science and Maths. I had worked as a campaign developer to build mailing campaign for many insurance and financial organization for 3 years. Also, I have been working as a lead developer for a non profit organization that regulates and monitor stock market. :)

A2, our 4th Developer Team Mate is an engineer with a major oil company. His talents are all over the place.

Q2: Can you introduce Baby Saitama Inu, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: Baby Saitama is a true community project and is unlike most projects that claim to be “community driven”. This project is inspired by the community.
Our ideas and initiatives are received by a talented and dedicated project development team for evaluation, analysis, presentation to the
community for voting, and functional implementation. We work as a single
team with common goals. We are resilient, determined, and strong.

we are a new project. The main goal of this project is targeting on improving life’s quality. There are 2 big solutions we are working on.
- using blockchain in applications to help with managing customers and reward programs in retailing business
- using blockchain in applications to help with water purification system in third world countries.

One of the good things of our team is we have people coming from different background: business, engineer, technology, and student college :). Our community is also amazing with many talented members. We are a new project, but we are receiving many help and energy from other members in our community. :)

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: Below is our roadmap.

We have been in charge for the past month and a half. We have listed on 5 exchanges, created NFT's, Created a merchandise store, recently hit 10k holders. We have more than doubled our market cap. We listen to the community trying to compensate everyone's. Ideas from different countries to help market and expand our investors.

Again, we are a new project which was launched in July 2021. We have achieved many great milestones. The biggest ones that we would like to talk about are our nfts collection with more than 700 items, our merch store with more than 20 items, and our project was listed on 6 exchanges in 1 month and a half. Also, our community keeps increasing the number of members every minute. 🤵‍♂️

Q4: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?

ANS: We are working on partnership with other tokens/projects. We have received many proposals. However, since we are very picky, we said NO many times.

We are not pump and dump project. Therefore, if we feel like other project is rushing to be “pump and dump” or lack of trust, we will not to be a partner.

Good things are we have been accepting to be partners with some retail stores. We will provide items from our merch store for them, and they will let us use their customer database to build application. Also, they will invest into our project thousands every week, and they will put our signs, logo, and flyers in their business offices. :)

Q5: Can you give an overview of the Tokenomics, and Utility of $BABYSAITAMA tokens?

ANS: Oh! again? We are looking for good projects and lovely teams to do partnership. Please let us know if you are or you know any good ones. :) 😻

A Reflectionary and Deflationary Token.
Whenever a transaction takes place, a 4% fee is applied, and then a little magic happens...
Max Total Supply: 100,000,000,000,000,000
Initial Burn: 50%
Reflections: 2% back to token holders on every transaction.
Burn: 2% burned to Dead Wallet on every transaction.

We started with 50% burned, and we have 57% token burned right now. We have one of the best burning ratio. We burn more every quarter. We take out a part of profit from our nfts and merch store to burn every quarter. Our community members send their tokens to dead wallet to join with us also. :)

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: Since the recent surge in the price of Shiba inu, many other Shiba coins are starting to pop up, however, vast majority of them end up as a scam coin. How do you wanna assure us that Baby Saitama Inu isn't one of them? Is our investment safe with you?

ANS: Our dev team is extremely involved with the community. We have weekly voice chats to ensure we take everyone’s opinion in to consideration.

Q2: has $BABY SAITAMA is looking forward to has 10000 wallet holders did you has any plans about buyback token? It would be nice to attract more investors and increase the value of the $BABY SAITAMA.

ANS: Honestly, we do see other projects have “buy back” event. We do not have “buy back” events at this moment. We do have “burned token” in every quarter. However, we are doing research on “buy back” events from other projects as well, and definitely, we will learn and start doing it if it brings back many benefits for our lovely community. ❤️❤️❤️

Q3: Baby Saitama claimed to be a project that is inspired by the community. So, in what ways does community have a say in the project? Do you have a Governance in place where community members can propose and vote or what kind of Power do you give your community? Also, a new member who is just joining, are there incentives to help encourage and motivate me to stay?

ANS: We try to take everyone’s opinion when it comes to this.

Q4: 🌹🌹
Baby Saitama has achieved many things like 10K holders, Mentioned by Youtubers and Twitter Influencers etc.
So now, What is your next goal that you want to achieve?

ANS: In tern of marketing, we love to have the biggest community. :) . We are actually targeting on marketing in this month. We love to have more AMA sessions, more videos, more interactions with other communities, more youtube influencers, more tweets, and more friends. ❤️❤️❤️

Q5: Baby Saitama claimed to be a project that is inspired by the community. So, in what ways does community have a say in the project? Do you have a Governance in place where community members can propose and vote or what kind of Power do you give your community? Also, a new member who is just joining, are there incentives to help encourage and motivate me to stay?

ANS: We have a Telegram VC every week, which we record and PIN on our TG channel. We ask for their comments/suggestions live, and to DM us on any suggestions they may have and we listen to them. Then we ask the community to give their comments on which avenues to take.

Q6: I learnt that there are 4 major categories of the Baby Saitama NFTs; Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond. Are there variations that exist in each category? Or will all NFTs belonging to one category (For example Gold category) be the same? Finally, will any of the Baby Saitama NFTs be rare and difficult to obtain compared to others?

ANS: Each one is different. They are different prices and different rarity.

Q7: Can you tell us why you have chosen to launch on Etherium Network. Considering its high network fee which will a limitation for many users to onboard your games?

ANS: We were not the original Devs for this project. The original Creator had a emergency and had to sell his coins to pay for medical. We took over the project because we saw it potential. The devs legitimately want to help others.

Q8: Hey Baby Saitama Team😍
I don't invest in those projects which are based on Ethereum Chain just because of High Gas Fees.

So do you have any plans of integrating with others Chains which has less Gas Fees like Polygon, BSC?

ANS: This is a very good question. We do have experience with high gas fee in ETH network also. Sometimes, I have to wait until 2 am to make some purchases so that the gas fee will be much cheaper. LOL. That is why we are trying to have our tokens listed on many other exchanges with the hope that people will be able to get our tokens more easily and much cheaper fee. At the same time, we are looking to other network such as bsc in other to build bridge to lower the fee. ❤️❤️❤️

Q9: 1. I see that Baby Saitama NFTS are now available in the marketplace. Will these NFTs be sold or used as giveaway for token holders? If they will be sold, what will the funds gotten from the NFT sales be used for? And if they will be used as giveaways, what will be criteria to qualify for the giveaway?

2. Can you tell us why you created a new telegram account and muted the old one? Is it still useful for users to join the old one?

ANS: Some have been used for give away but anyone can buy them. Nft and merchandise sales will go toward burning tokens to be worth more. We made a new telegram because there were bots in the old chat and inactive members.

We have plans with partnerships and hope to make BabySaitama more rare than others. Our members are rewarded for 2% for every transaction.

Q10: Something interesting I noticed about Baby Saitama is that they have developed an exclusive collection of NFTs, congratulations! But, I would like to know more about this interesting collection? Why should the community keep these assets for the long term? What benefits do the holders of these assets get?

ANS: In the future, we will have play to earn games and many special events in which holders can use their nfts to participate events, to play games, to sell back to us, and to receive reward and bonus. ❤️❤️❤️

Q11: Hello sir. I as a beginner in the crypto world would like to ask about your project, Is your platform suitable for crypto beginners? Or only limited to professional users?

ANS: Our project is perfect for beginners. We promote that very thing. We have a long term plan, and investing in Baby Saitama should be treated as such. We envourage everyone to participate, but personally I am here for one help thousands of folks better themselves financially. We have other goals, but that is my original purpose for joining this team.

Q12: What are the real life use cases and how will you maintain an attractive value of BABYSAITAMA in the long term, tell us what are your future plans to give value to this project and avoid its failure?

ANS: The dev team is highly involved and constantly has marketing to help expand our coin. We have an awesome community with great energy. Our telegram is clean with no language so it’s a very good environment to keep people coming back.

Q13: Baby Saitama claimed to be a project that is inspired by the community. So, in what ways does community have a say in the project? Do you have a Governance in place where community members can propose and vote or what kind of Power do you give your community? Also, a new member who is just joining, are there incentives to help encourage and motivate me to stay?

ANS It is very interesting question and suggestion. We dont have those activities right now, but since you have suggested, we will sit down and look into it right away. ❤️❤️❤️

Q14: 🤑🤑🤑
The community not only brings interesting ideas to the project but also attracts larger partners. So how does #BabySaitama plan to build a community? And are there any plans to recruit anyone with Blockchain experience to the #BabySaitama team?

ANS: We have many different marketing plans to bring in many more investors and to bring babysaitama tokens to many other communities. We do have many talented members with great blockchain experience in our community. We are also looking for more great team members. Please join us if you love babysaitama and you love to do good things to improve life’s quality.

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