Recapitulation of BabyLink PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Tuesday, 17th August, 2021
Time: 16:00 UTC

The BabyLink PROJECT team was represented by @StevePhet ( Steve Richards ) who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about BabyLink PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourselves and your background, also introduce the team working on BABYLINK?

ANS: Sure, Theres me, CEO, OLA head of marketing, SOLO who was contract creator and technical wizard, Avest, head of social media and Maxe who is financial charge.

Q2: Is the team Doxxed?

ANS: Yes, Myself and Ola are doxxed from our previous project, the other guys are my support

My Doxing very open

its via my business Linkedin which is 7 years old

My doxing video and profile is all on our telegram group.

Q3: Can you introduce BABYLINK, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: Great Sure, Babylink is different from standard tokens in a way that it actually rewards holders in a stable coin just for holding.

We have chosen $link as its a great coin and very stable, infact timing couldn't be better as its currently on a bull run.

We also have the added advantage that we are honest and genuine and are purely doing this for the sake of creating a great token to invest in with fantastic rewards and a stable environment.

When you say stable coin, what do you mean?

Chainlink is a defi coin with a Marketcap of almost $30b

Q4: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: Our launch was obviously our first milestone. You would believe how much work goes into a project before launch! We held a private sale for early investors which was filled just from word of mouth via investors who have following us from previous project, our public sale sold out in a matter of seconds. this was our 1st milestone

Our 2nd milestone we are working on now. This includes a revamp of the current website, our DAPP which enables people to track their rewards, and listings on CMC and CG as well as building relationships with our investors and influencers to help build the project and gain trust.

Also looking at integrating an exchange on the new website.

This will be a bespoke version of Pancake swap.

When did you launch the project?

15th August Sunday.

Q5: Any partnership at the moment?

ANS: We have previous partnerships with our last project we are looking to bring over and also have great relationships with London Crypto and Crypto Messiah

We are looking at possible ways to create some kind of support from chainlink as well

this would be great for us and them

The buying of $link from the contact actually pumped the price of link on our launch!

That's a great tool for discussions.

we are very honest and open with our investors, if they wanted to form some kind of partnership or support with us, this would be an important factor im sure

not enough honesty here at the moment.

Q6: Finally on this segment, Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of the $BBLINK Tokens?

ANS: Ok, Our buy and sell tax is 20%.

15% of this is used for the rewards

2% goes back into marketing and the other 3% goes back into the locked liquidity

20% tax sounds high but when your getting 15% of it back in $link, in theory the tax is only 5%

We have investors make their initial investment back in under 48 hours just in $link rewards.

As for the utility, at the moment we are a safe place for investment but will be utilising babylink in the future with online crypto based payment systems and will also will be speaking to investors regarding future utilities. The babylink currency can be used for purchases at our previous projects store.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: Babylink smart contract takes 15% of every transaction and converts it to ChainLink and distributes it to holders. This sounds interesting, however, I feel 20% tax is too much especially for people with large amount, that constitute about 1/5 of total investment, do you think arbitragers will be happy paying such fee? Will there be governance in place so that community can vote on such parameters to know whether they are ok with it or not?

ANS: Remember if your investing, the tax is a one time payment. which is a very small amount when taking into consideration the amount of $link you will receive as a HOLDER. Like i said most of our investors had made their initial investment back within 48 hours in $link.

Q2: It was reported on the 7th August that the creation of the contract has been verified with BSC and that you guys have applied for TechRate full audit. Has this audit been done? Who did the audit? What vulnerabilities were found? Is the contract safe for launch? How can users have access to this audit?

ANS: Correct, the contract has already been verified by BSC scan, our Techrate audit had been applied for almost a week before launch with intention of launching with a minimum of the "light" audit and the full audit straight after. We are still waiting for TechRate to come back with the results. We are actively chasing them for the report.

Q3: BabyLink positions itself to be a smart contract coin with "huge potentials". A multitude of projects out there claim to have huge potentials but at the end, they tend to offer just little. So, how do you intend to keep up with the trend of being a huge potential project? How equipped are you to stand the inevitable challenges that exist in the Crypto space?

ANS: Thanks for your Q.
This is our second project and our first project was purely based on creating a safe and self sustaining coin that could generate an organic price pump through our online shop as all profit goes back into buying back the coin to burn 🔥.

This has created a use for Baby Link as we are looking to add the coin to the payment list!!

Q4: Does the establishment of Baby Link have any effect on the Price of Link. I suppose before the establishment of Baby Link, this factor must have been considered. Meanwhile, what advantage does Baby Link derive from Link ? I suppose there should be a mutualistic relationship between them

ANS: Babylink has had an effect on the price of link in the way the contract buys $link, we dont affiliate with them YET. As mentioned earlier we chose Link for their current upturn in popularity and utility. We couldnt have timed it better.

Q5: I have come across two websites in the name Babylink, do you have another website apart from the one with the extension uk, and is this project only based in UK or you plan to go global?

ANS: The internet is a global space and certainly the one ending with UK is our only one. Thank you 😊.

Q6: Could you share with us some of your main marketing strategies that you plan to implement to ensure constant community and development growth and on the other hand, the total supply of tokens $BabyLink what percentage do you have for the Marketing of the project?

ANS: 2% of every transaction goes to a marketing wallet and we also have some initial seed funds for marketing to get this project off the ground

We are focusing on three main avenues for marketing

1. Partnerships & Promotions
We have already collaborated with Instagram & Twitter influencers to bring attention to our project. And we will continue to do so as we are getting really positive results from this, we are constantly looking to find new people to partner with to help our project!

2. Voting, Advertising & Listing
We are trying to get listed on as many websites as possible and have applied for CoinGecko as well. We are getting our community to vote on our coin to get us to the front pages on several sites like coinhunt, coinsniper, coinvote, etc. Apart from this we've also bought ad slots on and We are sparing no expense when it comes to making noise on different sites to keep our project at the front of mind.

We're also making one to two Reddit r/cryptomoonshots posts every single day that reach the front page.

3. Shilling & Raids
We have been involving our community and organising shilling & raids in relevant groups to help grow our project and get new investors in, this is one activity which doesn't require any money and also allows commmunity involvement to increase they hype.

Q7: The admins on your telegram group seems not to be too active. I asked for the real contract of the babylink token but am still yet to get it till now. Can you please spell out the real contract here so as not to fall a victim of scam? Also, what kind of relationship is between Babylink and ChainLink?

ANS: Apologies you feel that way but we are very proactive and always ready to help.

Baby Link Contract:


Q8: Can you please tell us what babylink will bring to the defi word? What will defi lovers find as unique things on your platform?

ANS: For sure we will bring a safe and honest place. we are unique also in the tokenomics and reward scheme. we listen to our investors as they are the most important thing in the project. without them there would be no babylink.

Q9: I read that in #BabyLink, one of its biggest benefits is the fact that it rewards its holders with $ChainLink, that really is a good thing, but through what mechanisms they manage to do this, that is, what mechanisms are implemented to be able to reward holders with $ChainLink?

ANS: Its through a simple buy back by the contract itself and gets paid out to link holders every 60mins. Pretty AWSOME💎💯

Q10: I would like to know if the #BabyLink project has any direct relationship or a strategic partnership with the ChainLink project and its entire development team, that is, I would like to know if ChainLink since the launch of #BabyLink has provided any kind of support so far?

ANS: Not yet but we are actively making noise throughout all social medial platforms to try get the attention of link. we will step it up a gear once we are more established and no longer a possible 5 minute wonder. some sort of partnership with them would be awsome and a game changer.

Q11: Since the BabyLink runs on the BSC Blockchain, how do you reward users with ChainLink which runs on the Ethereum blockchain? Also looking at the tax mechanism will users receive reward based on the quantity of token when they hold? Or the number of times a transaction was carried out ?

ANS: It is, but also has bsc smartchain version 😊

Q12: Your website uses .uk domain which means it comes from the United Kingdom. Is your project intended for UK users only or is it a Global project? How do you provide support for the non-english community? Do you have community groups for each country, such as China, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, etc.?

ANS: We use .uk as we are a UK based token and team. We are proud of this. due to the demand we now have a Chinese community group and we are always looking to expand with other communities and create a place for them to get the information they need.

Q13: What kind of project do you consider BabyLink to be? To be more direct, do you consider your project to be a long-term or short-term project? If long-term, what strategies do you have in place to ensure that BabyLink remains relevant in the long run?

ANS: We already have an online shop that we will be able to pay with Baby Link, this will continue to stress the coins relevance. Thanks for the Q 😊

Q14: The admins on your telegram group seems not to be too active. I asked for the real contract of the babylink token but am still yet to get it till now. Can you please spell out the real contract here so as not to fall a victim of scam? Also, what kind of relationship is between Babylink and ChainLink?

ANS: As the team are based in the UKL its very difficult currently for us to be round all the time as we do tend to sleep from time to time. We do have some new moderators from different time zones now and are actively seeking more as we grow. We have a great bot who does tell you a lot of info you need. She will tell you the correct contract if you type the word contract.

Q15: Can you tell me the beauty of your special tokenomics ? Besides, is it true that $BabyLink project earned about $15m MarketCap in less than 24 hours of launching, leading to the purchase of $2m $link for distribution. Meanwhile, I learnt you charge more than 20% transaction fee on BabyLink, isn't this ridiculous especially considering transactions involving huge sum of which the transaction cost may discourage people.

ANS: There is nothing accurate about this Q an sorry. Our first project was the one that hit $15M MC on the 3rd day from 300k.

Q16: I see that you have a Massive 15% rewards in Link for babylink holders and its a big % wouldnt that have a negative impact on future developments ?

ANS: we offer the biggest reward system currently and also have the cheapest tax on the ratio of tax to reward. We are open to the community regarding the amount of tax and we can reduce it when needed to protect the coin if it cant support it at a certain time. This decision would only be made with a majority vote with investors.

ChainLink is stable and is over $13b MC. Our Baby Link will get you a decent amount of those every 60mins. Winning 🚀.

Q17: I read that in #BabyLink, one of its biggest benefits is the fact that it rewards its holders with $ChainLink, that really is a good thing, but through what mechanisms they manage to do this, that is, what mechanisms are implemented to be able to reward holders with $ChainLink?

ANS: This is done buy the contract its self. Every buy and sell has a 20% tax. it uses 15% of all the buy and sell tax to distribute link to its holders every 60 minutes.

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