Recapitulation of BEMILCoin PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Wednesday, 20th October, 2021
Time: 14:00 UTC

The BEMILCoin PROJECT team was represented by @Anlification who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about BEMILCoin PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on BEMIL and how many of the team are core Dev?

ANS: My name is An Ly, I'm the CMO of BEMIL Coin. I've worked in communication & technology for 7 years, mostly partner with Google and Facebook.

We have 35 people on our team at the moment, and this number is expected to increase due to our development.

There are different roles, like game tester, quality check, art designer, animations and of course developers. We also have people taking care of marketing and players support

The core Devs behind the projects consists of team of 8 people.

Q2: Please tell us about your BEMIL and what is it all about?

ANS: Bemil is an entertaining game with galaxy theme and Play to Earn feature, in which players can engage in battles, build clans, play minigames and other features. Developed by BEMIL MT INTERNATIONAL DOO, the game has been under amazing growth since it was first officially released at the end of July,2021, with over 15,000 active users by August 31th and robust growth rate of 5% per day.

So the game is actually live right now, if you have an Android phone, you can download and play the game right away. The iOS version is under testing and quality check, and is scheduled to be release soon.

I will share the link to download the game later.

Q3: There has been a surge of NFT Games recently. What gives BEMIL a competitive advantage over other NFT projects?

ANS: Yes, it's very noticeable of how many NFT games been out there recently. There are many types of Play 2 Earn games on the market today. Each type has its own strengths.

With BEMIL, we focus on the gamers by building and updating attractive game play to bring the best gaming experience to the players.

Coming from game makers, we are very focused on game content and the entertainment that our games bring. Furthermore, players are rewarded from this entertainment.

In additions, most BEMIL players are non-crypto traders, so they focus more on the game play, and tend to invest in our gaming longer. So this separated us from other NFT game out there.

The number of crypto players are limited, whereas traditional game players are many, so we constantly get new players to join the game, and convert them into crypto traders.

Q4: Before we proceed, can you show/describe to us how to play Bemil?

ANS: Of course, Bemil is a game with a Play-to-Earn feature, in which players need to decrypt the code, each code string consists of 5 characters, the other players will decode the same sequence at the same time, the fastest one will win and get Becoin

The decode speed is based on these factors:
- The damage your system received (attacks from players)
- The level of the core, to upgrade to higher core level, player need to upgrade the islands. The higher level of core, the more becoin you can get.
- The number of gears the player has also contribute to the speed factors of getting the becoin.

Each gear has their own skill. For example, the Fire Gear has the ability to double the mining speed. However, for these abilities to be activated, a player needs to have gears of 5 different elements..such as: Gold, Wood, Water, Earth, Fire.
To improve these factors, players need to participate in different game modes.

Of course, the more Becoin you can mine in the game, the more money you can make.

Q5: Is there any free-to-play feature through which users can earn without funds?

ANS: Our goal is to create the game for everyone to play, so even players don't have any fund to invest in the game at the initial stage, they still have the change to play and earn in the game.

The initial investment is low at the moment, with the cost around 65 usdt, depending on the prices of Becoin on the market.

We have Scholarship program and Assistant mode for those who don't want to invest or don't have money to explore the full function of the game but still would like to earn by playing the game.

The scholarship program allows players to have access to a fully premium game account, which is the same as a paid account.

In order to receive this premium account, that player must agree and complete our requirements for them. Usually it would involve, training and inviting new players to the game.

actually it's one of many traits from our gamer community

Assistant mode allows players to participate in the game as an assistant for a main player (called Investor), the assistant will not have to pay any fees, but will also be paid according to the agreement between the assistants and investors.

However, with this mode, assistants don't earn as much as fully paid or scholarship players.

So as you can see, the game is suitable for everyone.

Q6: So BEMILCoin will be launching soon. Can you share some details as regards the IDO?

ANS: Some of you might ask that the game is already out, how come we just starting IDO now?

Becoin is an existing coin within Bemil's internal ecosystem, we can call it off-chain coin. Players try to get as many Becoin as possible to exchange it with USDT. BEM is a token on Binance Smart Chain network, created to replace USDT.

Player need BEM to buy BeCoin to start with the game, and since players need becoin to buy items and package in the game, so demand for BEM is always high.

BEM will IDO soon by the end of October or early November.
Exact date will be announced soon, so stay tune, and follow us for more update.

I am excited to tell you guys that, BEMIL will be launched on 3 platforms: FaraStarter, GameFi and DAO Maker. so, it will be a triple IDO.

Q7: Finally before we proceed to the community live segment, please tell us about the major milestones that you have in your checklist for late 2021? Please tell us about your Roadmap?

ANS: Let me share with everyone a slide from our pitch deck,

so we are at the last quarter now, we will be release the 2 most anticipated game mode: Clan Wars and Prison Mode.

Both mode will take player experience with BEMIL in a higher level in which players can interact directly with other players in the game.

Is it ok if I share some teaser for the coming game mode?

Just a quick one :)

There will also be a sales of NFT Hero & NFT Weapon at the last quarter too.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: Earning passive income or stable earnings is part of what makes a project like BEMIL stay strong and adoptable. How does Bemil's ecosystem enable players to make their stable earnings with BECOIN?

ANS: There are functions that you can apply to earn extra income:

- Becoin identification function helps you generate passive income when trading Becoin on the exchange
- Smash crystals for rare items to sell up to hundreds of dollars
- Trade Becoin to make profit with the large community
- Referral: You can build your team and get 10% of the value when they buy items and 5% of the value they mine every day.

Q2: I don't quite understand the Becoin Identifier Function (SSI). Can you please explain what it is, how it works, and how it can give Bemil token holders permanent income? Who benefits the most from this Becoin Identifier Function (SSI)?

ANS: You can also get permanent income with Becoin Identifier Function (SSI): Once the coin you mined is listed on the exchange, you will be the first to be identified the coin, and since then when the coin is traded, you will receive 1% of the fee for each transaction.
In addition to creating a coin and putting it on the Trading market, if you are fast and lucky that 1 of the first 20 people buy a newly issued coin, you will also be identified on the coin and enjoy 1% of the fee of each transaction.
So there are 2 ways to earn money and get the extra money forever:
1. You are the one who mined the coin first.
2. You are 1 of the first 20 people to trade the new coin.

Q3: I read on BEMIL medium that you said "Most of BEMIL players are non-crypto traders, so they focus more on the game, and tend to invest in our game longer". So, I'm curious what kind of marketing strategy are you implementing to bring non-crypto-natives into the BEMIL ecosystem? And is there an age limit to play games at BEMIL?

ANS: Our background are MMO company, so we are have deep knowlege in marketing, specially traditional market. So we partner up with many conventional Influencers. Moreover, there is a very low barrier of entry.
To play the game, you just need to spend an initial investment of 65 usdt.
We also have an academy where we train leaders from the game to train in-comming players. this is a very unique traits of our players.

Q4: Do you have any features that allows Investors who do not have time to play games to hire the other players to help with gameplay and develop earnings on their own account ?

ANS: As mentioned above, BEMIL is created for everyone, so even players don't have money, can still join the game, via Assistant Mode. So actually, for investor who don't have time to play the game, they can hire an Assistant to play the game, and sharing the revenue.

Q5: Let us in on the in-game mining system. What do we need to mine the bemil token and how rewarding is it to mine the bemil token? Can rewards be withdrawn at any time?

ANS: To mine BEMIL, you need to take care and upgrade your system, which consist of a Core, Gears, and planetary system. The higher your system is, the more becoin you can mine. Then you can trade your becoin for USDT/BEM. Minimum withdrawal is a value equivalent of 20 usdt.

Q6: I could see from your list of Backer that #GameFi and #Redkite are among, does this mean that the token will be launched on these two platforms? and peradventure if we should expect more platforms to be added.
Also what sort of pertnership do you have with #Faraland

ANS: We actually are going to have a Triple IDO: on FaraStarter, GameFi and DAO Maker.

Faraland is our incubators and backer of BEMIL, they gave us alot advisment on our tokennomics, and other strategies prior to launching our BEM token.

Q7: I own an Apple iPhone and I am yet to see the Bemil game. Please when would the game be available for download ? Can you share the download link for me ?
Why did you focus on Mobile game version for Bemil? Is there a PC version on BeMil game ? I feel like PC games have good graphics and are more enjoyable ? Are u likely to release PC version of the game

ANS: The reason we are having mobile version and not PC is that players can carry mobile around any time, they can play the game any time, any where, it's easy to share and converse with other player while you in the game. Each person can own up to 2 phones, that 2 game accounts already. More over, it's hard to see anyone without a phone. So we can get more players to play the game.

Q8: Aside the Becoin we earn from playing game
Would they be any benefit for playing on Bemil?

Is this game for both crypto and non crypto users to?
How can you guide people using your platform for the first time?

ANS: Earning in the game is important, but having fun while earning is also important. So we do focus alot of the entertaining aspects of the game.
Since the game is suitable for everyone, even non-crypto and crypto alike. A biggest traits of our game is players always ready to help new players.

Q9: Can you share the GROWTH METRICS of Bemil with us ? How many active users do you have and how many local communities do you have ? I want to download Bemil Stickers, where can I get it ?

ANS: just in one month, we've grown from 4,000 active players to 15,000 active players, and we plan to have 1,000,000 active player by the end of this years. of course, apart from our own marketing strategies, we also rely on our partners like AMA LOVER CLUB to support us.

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