Recapitulation of BHOLDUS PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Friday, 22nd October, 2021
Time: 13:00 UTC

The BHOLDUS PROJECT team was represented by @Lyphan92 who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about BHOLDUS PROJECT.


Q1: Can you introduce yourself and BHOLDUS to our community?

ANS: Of course. I'm so excited to introduce myself and my Bholdus

My name is Lily, Bholdus's Global Director of Growth.

Bring in Bholdus project my 10 years’ expertise in digital/growth marketing and developing global community, I do hope I can support to scale up Bholdus’s communities globally up to 10 million users within 3 years.

Worked for few unicorn in fintech and one of the top global medias, I did grow a community from scratch to nearly 5 millions members within 6 months.

Bholdus is a blockchain dedicated to DeFi apps and platform for NFTs and Gamefi with unprecedented transaction throughput and security.

We aim to be the bridge between real-world, tech space and crypto space.

I can say Bholdus is growing as the rocket’s speed. Just less than 5 months, Bholdus has been a successful story in Singapore and Vietnam, attracting over 60.000 holders, top 2 trending in CoinMarketcap globally and listed on MXC.

Those are just some of our very first amazing milestones. We are on the way to become the new Unicorn in SouthEastAsia for blockchain/fintech.

Today, I am very honor to walk you though all Bholdus’s achievement, vision and plan. I do hope to get your support to spread out the story so that we can together build the new Unicorn in this flat digital world.

Q2: Can you briefly describe the main concept of Bholdus and how it works?

ANS: Sure, Bholdus Chain is a blockchain network dedicated to decentralized financial (DeFi) applications and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

BHO is the official native token representing the multi chain network of Bholdus Chain.

Our ecosystem comprises SMEs, digitalized assets and other blockchain platforms such as: Polkadot, Binance, Ethereum... and other DeFi projects developed on other blockchain platforms.

Bholdus is a blockchain network providing decentralized financial services.

It offers a place for talents, ordinary people, small-and-medium sized enterprises around the world to access the vast market by removing barriers created by language, culture, beliefs, economic strength and the political situation of each country.

It's our logo ❤️

Q3: What are the core features of BHOLDUS? How are you different and unique from all other projects out there?

ANS: Well, I think it takes a little time for texting because the answer is quite long. Please be patient.

But great question

We actually have many core features, and each comes with its uniqueness that makes them stand out from other projects.

Within our ecosystems, we have: BHOLDUS Blockchain, Software Wallet, DEX multi-chain, BHO, Staking, DAO, Lending, Blackhole Pool

BHOLDUS Blockchain has the fastest and cheapest transaction fees. Transaction speed and fees are important factors to evaluate a Blockchain project. With BHOLDUS, transactions per second (TPS) can be up to 10,000, while network fees will maintain the cheapest.

BHOLDUS Software Wallet supports users to store their crypto assets on it, handily, securely and safely. With BHOLDUS Wallet, users will be as secured as when storing on decentralized exchanges. No more worrying about assets or personal information stolen by hackers.

We promise this will be the most user friendly with a great UI/UX. Additionally, it can be interoperable with different DEX aggregators.

In summary, BHOLDUS Wallet is a Multi-Network wallet that can store any coins that the user wants.

Our DEX provides a multi-chain decentralized financial blockchain platform, connecting to a variety of digital assets and integrating with other Blockchain networks such as Binance Smart Chain's BEP-20, Ethereum's ERC-20, Tron's TRC-20, Polkadot...

As a result, customers only need to trade on a single DEX platform and still be able to trade between different networks, instead of having to swap between different DEXs as before.

The BHOLDUS token (BHO) is a digital asset and represents the capitalization of the BHOLDUS project. Participants use BHO to pay transaction fees to the network and BHOLDUS Dex, or use it as a governance token of BHOLDUS. The total supply of BHO is 10 billion, which will be imported into the BHOLDUS Blockchain network at the time of mainnet launching and future upgrade.

As a process of depositing savings through staking services, the user's BHO will be locked within a period, and the user will receive interest everyday.

Now moving on to DAO

DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization, which uses BHO tokens to vote for the governance rules of the Bholdus system.

We also have the Lending feature that allows loans right on the BHOLDUS chain with a variety of digital assets, loans managed by smart contracts without intermediaries.

Our Black Hole pool helps to revolve and ensure continuous liquidity. Businesses will have the opportunity to access DeFi resources using digitalized and audited real-world assets through the work of tokenization.

They do this by encrypting their financial assets into NFTs and using these NFTs as collaterals in their Black Hole Pool. For example, with the current hot trend in NFTs gaming industry, BHOLDUS helps players to tokenize their games as NFTs, create liquidity and make it interoperable with any other digital assets.

But NFT does not just stop at virtual assets.

With the amazing uniqueness and traceability features, NFT can be utilized to represent real-world assets, including valuable financial data or outstanding startup ideas of SMEs to show their creditworthiness.

This is the goal where BHOLDUS is heading towards with an aim to provide SMEs with access to global funding from investors on the BHOLDUS network.

Q4: Can you give an overview of the governance token $BHO? Is there any incentives for holders of $BHO?

ANS: Sure, BHOLDUS stands for Black Hole Decentralized Exchange of US.

In Hindi, Bhold means Brave, BHOLDUS means “our bravery”. We want to send a belief, and a mission to all those who accompany the project.

We will create a financial Black Hole, attracting all the financial flows, and turn it into profits for investors. And we must be very brave, to accept all the difficulties and thorns that lie ahead.

Just go, and you will arrive!

BHO holders have the rights including voting, proposing referenda, electing council members, et cetera. In addition, BHO holders can earn profits by offering loans to other users in need. BHO holders participating in the network as Validators and Nominators can also be awarded for their contribution to our network governance.

Now you can buy BHO on Pancakeswap or MEXC Global. At this time of typing, we hit Top 2 Trending & Top 10 Gainers on Coinmarket Cap, Top 3 Popular Searches on MEXC, and many more. Let's join our Bholdus family, lucky to have you all: It's

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: on your website i found that staking rewards is now live. Could you tell us more about this? How could we participate, what would be the percentage of profits that we can generate with this?

ANS: Thank you Alaska

Nice question

I'd love to introduce our Staking Program

The Staking Rewards Event is a way for the Bholdus team to show our appreciation and gratitude for the outpouring of support from communities. This 3-month event is an opportunity for all investors to earn a passive income with a higher interest rate than typical staking programs, as Bholdus’ Staking Event offers an interest rate of up to 50% per annum. Additionally, it is one of many exciting activities to welcome the future launch of several products and services, including the Bholdus Mainnet in December 2021.

Now we reach more than 150M of Staking

You are welcome to join our Bholdus’ Staking Rewards Event:

- Please sign up/sign in your account in

- Please send BHO tokens to the staking wallet address on Bholdus website (

- You will receive your deposit after 90 days and interest depending on the staking program of your choice.

- There is no maximum limit of BHO for staking, and one wallet address can be used for both programs.

Please find the detail program at:

Join staking now with us

I hope you feel satisfied with my answer. Feel free to ask our supporter in Global Community:

Q2: Marketing strategy is very important. A product can be established on the market without marketing and promotion, whatever it is good. So what are your plans for this? How will you build strong relationships with communities?

ANS: Thank you Rahmat

As a Global Director of Growth who is in charge Growth & Marketing, i think i can deliver an acceptable answer :p

Bholdus is a global-oriented project, and our coverage is reaching many countries. That's the reason for the AMA today.

I am planning and aiming to penetrate many countries and many communities all over the world

For now, we are focusing on Vietnam, our native market, and other markets where there are great interests in crypto such as USA, China, Korea, India, Russia, Turkey, Philippines, Brazil, Nigeria, Indonesia,...

In order to build a good relationship with the community in this blockchain world, I think win-win must come first.

I have experience of building a community with 5 million users in 6 months so let's see our next activities in many nations 🙂

Amazing question and I enjoyed it.

Q3: Although BHOLDUS is #CERTIK certified and ranked with a security score of 84/100 in their audit. Are you going to be fully relaxed on security or would Bholdus continues to reaffirms security commitment to ensure safety, transparency & benefits to investors ?

ANS: Thanks Jnm

Another smart question

But let me revise a bit. Our score is 89/100 ❤️

Okay, a question of security

Let's talk something about Certik

CertiK is a pioneer in blockchain security, utilizing best-in-class AI technology to secure and monitor blockchain protocols and smart contracts. To date, they have collectively worked with over 1.300 enterprise clients, helped secure over $90 billion worth of digital assets, and detected over 23,000 vulnerabilities in blockchain code. Their clients include leading projects such as Aave, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Terra, Yearn, and Chiliz.

Being audited by CertiK will ensure that Bholdus is free from vulnerabilities, guarded against the risk of attacks, and has no terms that are detrimental to users. Overall, Bholdus's safety score is 89/100, a quite high score compared to the average of other blockchain projects audited by CertiK with 98% of users voting the project is secure.

If you do your own research, you will know that this score of Bholdus is very high, so we have reason to be quite confident in our security capabilities.

In the future, we will continue to work harder to prove our security to the community

Q4: How will Bholdus bring his best to the real world and to the crypto space? How will this project come to face and solve the most critical problems facing both crypto and traditional finance? What benefits do investors get because the Bholdus Blockchain Network is interoperable?

ANS: Thanks Soyeste

Love your name

Over time, society is developing, all kinds of information about papers and procedures are gradually put on the Internet. Bholdus wants to go one step ahead to grasp this trend. We're creating a network to support the problems of asset digitization, information digitization. Therefore, we allow these assets and information to be exchangeable and tradable with each other through the Blockchain network.

Closing the gap between real-life assets and the crypto space will help people to have more opportunities. For example, instead of just being able to work offline, the online space will be expanded; then more and more people will have new jobs or investment opportunities. Especially with the support of Blockchain, people are no longer afraid of being scammed in cyberspace as before, which greatly helps in accessing opportunities on the Internet.

Q5: Has Bholdus been Audited? Haven't heard you talk about that fund security is what every investor crave and how to plan to escape insecurity if Funds, Scams and Rug pulls are attractive?

How strong is your security built in?


ANS: Yes again, we have been audited by CertiK with 89/100 score.

Q6: BHOLDUS Has Some Strategic Partners like SFA , TECH QUATIER , ATOM SOLUTIONS , How Important are these Partners for the BHOLDUS platform , how they had supported. ?

ANS: Thank you Jonathan

Partnership is an attractive topic that I'm sure all of you concern

Because we don't have too many time, so let me talk about our latest partner - ATOM.

Southeast Asia is emerging as a major labor supply region to Japan due to the country’s serious labor shortage. Vietnam accounts for a large proportion with nearly half a million people, followed by the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand, according to the Immigration Service Agency of Japan.

These migration trends come with huge demands for loans and international money transfer among Southeast Asian workers and international students, especially in Japan. Following the World Bank’s updated report on global remittance data for May 2021, the Philippines with US$34.9 billion and Vietnam with US$17.2 billion remained in the top 10 remittance recipients globally. However, the global average cost for sending remittances can be as high as 6.38% in Q1 2021, including applicable fees and unfavorable exchange rates with 1 - 3 days settlement. Moreover, users also face difficulties in accessing bank loans due to major obstacles of credit scores.

Getting the signal of this potential market, Unius Asia with its blockchain project Bholdus in Singapore and ATOM Solutions Co., Ltd in Japan signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to foster stronger financial solutions to people in Southeast Asia and Japan. “Atom Solutions & Bholdus ecosystem aim to work closely via an integrated system to create a variety of tools to support financing, automate the process of loan repayment, remittance with transparency”, stated Ronald Le, Unius Asia Founder & CEO.

Conversely, more Japanese firms are expanding business in Southeast Asia with more than 13,000 Japanese companies and 200,000 Japanese living in the region, followed by an increased demand in personal finance. To that end, Atom and its ecosystem are expecting to provide the integrated tech solution with Bholdus blockchain infrastructure to ensure seamless financial flow from Japan to these countries.

Atom Solutions, a Japanese fintech company, started implementing the world’s fastest overseas remittance service with the lowest cost, from only 5 cents since 2019. Currently the company is promoting this service in Vietnam and the Philippines where they have sealed cooperations with esteemed local e-wallets.

With strengths in the blockchain industry, Unius Asia creates the Bholdus project to provide financial loans via blockchain and real-world audited NFT assets. In addition to simplified operations and user experience, Bholdus also offers lower transaction costs and outstanding transaction speeds, with total security, thereby aiming for financial fairness, eliminating social and economic barriers in the future.

I'm happy to say that our partners are world-renowned and we work together to serve a very long-term purpose.

Q7: Hello sir, We know security is very very important thing is any type of project..
According to your roadmap you have planned get audit in next month..

💢Why audit is delay ?

💢What is the planned audit ?

ANS: Hi Upul, Actually we don't delay our audit. We finished it ahead of time. Everything we're doing is on track and even sooner. We worked very hard for investors. Please trust us ❤️

Yes our CertiK Audit. So it's not delayed :p

Q8: I learnt that #Bholdus held a Global Event. Can you tell us about the global event and where we can get detailed information about this global event ? Is this event going to be a yearly programme or just once ?

ANS: Sure, I do love Marketing questions coz it's my expertise :d so let's me talk abit about our Global Event

I'm thinking how to not leak too many informations :))

We are planning to penetrate the communities all around the world and global events are indispensable of course. I am focusing on the community of the 10 biggest countries in the crypto industry

I can only say that to welcome the Testnet in November and Mainnet in December, we will have a series of community events globally and there is a lot of excitement in it. Let's wait

Q9: 1. What is the intrinsic value of the BHO token?
2. Can you explain how NFTs work on BHoldus network and how do you help individuals and businesses
to access new financing channels on DeFi space.l?

ANS: Thank you James

So you have 2 phases. This would be 2 last questions

Bholdus token (BHO) incentivizes desired behaviors on the Bholdus interoperable blockchain network. Owning BHO tokens provides users a stake in the Bholdus network. Participants use BHO to pay for transaction fees, stake as validators, and participate in Bholdus on-chain governance. In addition, the BHO token helps ensure chain security by rewarding BHO holders in the Parachain loan offering and by distributing a block reward to Validators and Nominators.

As the ecosystem of Bholdus token owners grows, the BHO token will capture the increasing value provided to token owners via each of its utilities. The total supply of the BHO tokens will be minted at the launch of the main net and kept in the BHO reserve Pool for distribution amongst investors, contributors, and participants to the network.

Users can benefit from the BHO token by:

- Staking BHO tokens to earn attractive Yields

- Borrowing or paying back loans via BHO tokens

- Submitting & voting on different programs that help grow the BHO Ecosystem. Ÿ

- Participating in the Black Hole decentralized pools for lending, staking, borrowing, swapping.

- Referring new users to grow the community

- Receiving grants by participating in the BHO governance structure

- Access staking reward, higher interest rates, loyalty programs, amongst others.

Now move on to the NFTs

Bholdus uses NFTs to represent real-world, digital assets and evidence for creditworthiness, including but not limited to artworks, real estate, audited financial statements, invoices or audited mortgages, property rights, etc.

Bholdus can help issue different digital assets which are NFTs in the Bholdus chain. Each NFTs token will be a unique identity.

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