Recapitulation of Bitchain Capital AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB


Date: Monday, 5th October, 2020

Time: 18:00 UTC

The Bitchain Capital team was represented by Mr. Jesse, CEO and co-founder of Bitchain Capital . He judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about the project.


Q1 : Can you please introduce yourself and your background? And if you have a team, also introduce your team.

Ans : My name is Jesse I am the CEO and Co founder of bitchain capital, UK CEO for Maria group international and former head of UK operations for Thedobuy digital platform.

Over the last 3 years bitchain capital has operated as a consultancy working at the government & NGO level and providing large institutions advice and guidance on how blockchain technology will change their industries.

This year bitchain capital launched the CAPc token and began research and began development on the Bitchain De Fi product suite which I will tell you more about later in the AMA.

Bitchain capital aims to be a leading figure in the de fi and blockchain space and will be one of the only regulated crypto brokerages able to provide crypto products within Europe as a license holding business. We are also partnered with the only regulated crypto asset exchange in the mena region.

Q2 : Can you introduce Bitchain, what problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what’s the competitve advantage especially in this DeFi season?

Ans : Bitchain capital wants to bring widespread adoption of Defi and crypto based financial products and services.

We believe it is crucial for the future of our industry that we adapt, innovate and most importantly operate within frameworks that are suitable for existing regulatory bodies to allow us to provide services at scale.

Bitchain loves the idea and philosophy behind Decentralization but also understands the reality of what’s needed to execute at scale globally. In light of this bitchain has built partnerships with leading figure heads of international business and state affairs and has a network that is ready to support the launch of our products.

The problem bitchain solves is the one which is most challenging, mass adoption. We want to create a payment network and a set of digital asset products that enable developing nations and the wider world community to use new methods of value transfer and payment. We aim to be the payment network for the unbanked and we are targeting 1.6bln people without a bank account currently.

With just 1% success we will have amassed millions of token holders and solidified our token CAPc as one of the leading crypto assets in Defi.

Q3 : Can you briefly describe the Top milestones you have achieved, and the future milestones you want to achieve with timelines? Also share your roadmap.

Ans : Top milestones include:
Attending European Parliament for the EU Blockchain 2020 summit this February representing bitchain capital.

Signing partnership agreements with and forming strong ties with the MENA region.

Listing the CAPc token on uniswap and reaching an All time high of $1.02

Helping shape the design of the DEX interface and UX for

Placing over $900k in liquidity for the CAPc CAPg pair.

Partnering with some of the most influential members of international business, unfortunately due to NDA agreements we can’t discuss who at this time but will definitely up date you as soon as we can!

Our future milestones include but are not limited to:

1. Listing on central exchange tier 2 and 1: Bitrue, Hotbit, Whitebit, Binance, Huobi discussions and more with each exchange.

2. Attending the Ritossa family office summit in Dubai, over $4.5 trillion in assets under management at the conference and some of the worlds most influential leaders.

3. Starting a Series A Fundraiser for the business to raise $2.5mln in working capital.

4. Launch the CAPc CAPg staking pool

5. Bring price of CAPc back to ATHs

6. Sign Unlock-BC as a potential media partner (check our latest article on front page!)

7. Plans to begin Research on a CAPc based Automated Market making exchange


Q1 : Can you list some great features of $CAPc that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your platform has that you feel most confident about?

Ans : Ok sure, some of the features of CAPc that are really amazing… well first is the staking reward mechanism. For placing CAPc/ETH liquidity into the liquidity pool you will be rewarded a daily % Yield in CAPg tokens. You can then sell your CAPg for CAPc and exchange the CAPc for eth on UNI! 🦄

Another great feature is the utility of CAPc throughout our Defi product suite. Every transactional fee will be taken in CAPc as default and all services and products we launch in the future will have CAPc as the default paument system.

We are also in discussion and currently using the open source block stream satellite system to build a internet free payment system with the CAPc network.

As well as this the low liquidity right now and low price means there should be some very interesting price action over the coming weeks!

Feel free to check out the token on UNISWAP 🦄

Q2 : What is the minimal amount of CAPc needed to start staking in Bitchain Platform, minimal staking time and unstaking fees?

Ans : So the min required amount I believe currently will be 20,000 CAPc but eventually this will be lowered as price of CAPc increases. (Still subject to change)

CAPg — 6,500+ CAPc tokens currently

The current introductory staking rewards will be 3% a DAY or 1095% APY

You will be able to trade your CAPg for CAPc on UNI 🦄 currently there is $900k liquidity in CAPc/CAPg pool.

We will be going live with our LP Partner program offer before the end of the month!

All staking rewards will be automatic and all you have to is hold Univ2 liqudity tokens for CAPc/ETH

Bonus rounds will also make there way through the network where anyone who is a liqudity provider can receive up to a 2x on their staking yield! :gem:

Q3 : Currently Bitchain Capital is still focused on opening up investor channels in the Republic of Georgia, Estonia and the UAE. what do you think about the Asian market? does Bitchain Capital have any plans to open up markets in Asia?

Ans : Introductory offer… it will not be for long! :grin: have to be quick as the first round will be whitelisted end of this month!

We have investor channels internationally but we are looking for licensing in each of these geographies. :grin: our product focus is in the MENA and Asian markets as well as India also. Stakeholders relations are heavily tied to the UK and UAE 🇦🇪

Q4 : I have seen various DeFi protocols launch in the past few months, and I’m stuck on making a decision on which to go with, can you convince me as to why to go and how can I maximize profit with Bitchain Capital?

Ans : Hopefully your decision is made now!

What we provide that other products in the Defi space don’t is a clear roadmap of where we are headed, the partnerships to actually get it done and the technical knowledge and skilled dev team who are capable of creating whatever we need them to, Juri Kopotko is stepping up as lead consultant to bitchain capital, EMIRATES National bank of Dubai’s blockchain developer and platform owner.

We also bring trust in the sense that we are not an Anon project, we have been in the blockchain space for many years now and we have applications for licenses to operate as a highly scalable profitable and regulated business in the space. We aim to be one of the first regulated Defi businesses in Europe and the UK

Q5 : What’s your motivation in making $CAPC Token, and what we will see in future? How can token holders benefit with $CAPC tokens?

Ans : The motivations are clear, build an applicable Decentralized payment infrastructure for the unbanked.

Operate under a regulated capacity to provide crypto based services and financial products in Europe.

and finally create strong allegiances with the MENA region for deployment of the CAPc payment network.

In the future expect to see us on the top 100 CMC list! And be a member of our telegram community to get the latest updates as they come!


Q1 : What is the purpose of creating Bitchain Capital?

Ans : The purpose of bitchain capital is to provide insight into the blockchain eco system and also to provide services to the unbanked, creating new methods of value transfer and exchange

Q2 : CAPc Token Available on UNISWAP 🦄 CAPc Volume $271k UP +754%!! Market Cap | ATH — $102mln+. HUGE growth potential! Over 10x+ to ATH! I think this is your huge success. But what is your next step to growing CAPc? Can you share with us?

Ans : We aim to bring liquidity partners into the project and make sure we can provide high volume and trading between the CAPc ETH pair through the Liquidity yield farming being deployed with the CAPg token

Q3 : Recently Bitchain Capital applied in 3 countries for Regulatory Approval. Can you tell us why these 3 countries? Will you apply in other countries? Is there any progress on the application process? Could we see an approval for this year?

Ans : These three countries stood out either as the three countries that look most favourably on blockchain related businesses or due to their proximity of some of the geographies we will be operating within

Q4 : Between 5 and 100% of growth of CAPc value annually is promised due to its relationship with are staking pool. What would happen is amount of tokens staked decreases? Do you have a mechanism to avoid losses to holders?

Ans : This has since been altered and the growth promised is purely indicative. We will do our best to create sustainable staking mechanisms that provide value long into the future instead of quick pump and dump tokenomics. The project will evolve as time goes on but only in the interest of the project and the community

Q5 : What are the features of BitChain that make you call it ‘The future of DeFi’?

Ans : The addition of physical hardware products and the interactivity between Bitchain’s de fi product suite, interact with a host of Decentralized applications with voice controlled automation and utilise Augmented/Virtual reality data insight systems that are years ahead of what current financial technologies allow us to do and see

Q6 : What is the best way to invest in Bitchain Capital? Is this project suitable for people with little investment knowledge? Does Bitchain Capital have efficient portfolio management?

Ans : We have round A fundraising starting Q4 2020 so essentially now, and the best way to join our community is to go to uniswap and purchase the token directly from the exchange 🦄

Q7 : How Bitchain manage the legal and regulatory terms? Which legal supports do you have? Can be used in any part of the world?

Ans : Services provided under these licenses will come with strict policies as to which countries we can work with but we will be approaching more countries as we scale and bringing in the necessary licenses to work within each geography.

Q8 : Currently attracting real users and mass Adoption is a problem for Blockchain projects. So how will $CAPC solve this problem?

Ans : We have recently been featured on and have great media relations forming with many leading crypto news outlets, Influencer marketing partnerships are being drafted and we are speaking to some of the greatest marketing teams in the world (including Binance main marketing team) this will launch in Q1 2021

Q9 : Competitors are important part of business. Who are the biggest competitors of Bitchain Capital ? And how does the team plans to overtake it’s competitors?

Ans : Greyscale, Pantera, Ripple Labs, a few others but these are the ones we watch and see as leaders of the industry and hope one day to be truly competitive with them.

Q10 : Bitchain offer Educational programs to teach the non-crypto users? Considering that you are bringing a innovate versio of DeFi?

Ans : Absolutely yes, there will be an educational platform provided within a VR environment or mobile application that rewards users with CAPc for revising and answering correctly!

Q11 : What sort of a mechanism on your ecosystem do you have behind #BitchainCapital to determine/increase its intrinsic value? How do you plan to increase the demand and the adoption of the token?

Ans : Marketing, partnerships and real development work. We want our results to talk instead of clever ad campaigns but we will utilities everything in our disposal to achieve mass adoption.

Q12 : Where does the project name come from? What does it mean for you and why did you choose that name for your project?

Ans : Bitchain capital. Connecting Bitcoin and Blockchain services and projects with Capital sources to bring about a truly Decentralized economy and financial system. :grin:

Q13 : Who are BITCHAIN main project partners?

Ans : and MGI international we also have other key partners that will be released as updates in the official TG, Twitter and medium!

Q14 : Defi On fire ,,,
Can you share $CAPC opinion on DeFi ? What steps are already being taken towards the future progress of $CAPC ?

Ans : Defi is a great opportunity that we can learn from. CAPc aims to learn from its community and build customer catered products


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