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Recapitulation of BITHOTEL PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Friday, 29th October, 2021
Time: 12:00 PM UTC

The BITHOTEL PROJECT team was represented by @Leontheadmin and @Larenzcrem who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about BITHOTEL PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourselves and your background, also introduce the team working on BITHOTEL ?

ANS: Absolutely! We're fully doxxed first of all.

I am the Bit Hotel Head of Operations, have an extensive background in business development and marketing and grew brands to multiple 7-figures prior to starting the Bit Hotel journey.

Our tech lead is Bram. His background is in Computer Science. He’s been a freelancer for seven years, working on all sorts of websites and web applications.

After some years of developing these web applications for different companies, he started a startup called Social Audify.

Social Audify is a SaaS platform that automates different processes for social media marketers, mainly outreach. One year ago, he quit Social Audify to start researching decentralized ledger technologies and began developing smart contacts on these DLTs.

@Creamy, our head of partnerships, is a true digital native and has been active in the blockchain & funding space for many years to provide us the best industry connections for ensuring success.

Before we continue I would like to point you to some of the best places to stay up to date on what we’re building:

Q2: Can you introduce BITHOTEL , what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: Sure, Bit Hotel has two dimensions.

The gaming side

and the social side

I'll start with the gaming dimension.

Bit Hotel is a Social-first Play 2 Earn NFT Gaming Metaverse, in which users will be able to use Bit Hotel tokens to participate in governance or acquire native NFTs.

The NFTs have in-game usability such as characters, hotel rooms, and accessories and have each their own perks. These NFTs can also be traded on the open market that will be released around year's end.

Users will be able to meet and mingle with other players, compete on our various ever-changing mini-games, and collect rare NFTs. every game has winners and losers, thus there will be a global leaderboard that keeps track.

Players also will be able to have relationships, this would allow them to "breed", by burning two NFTs to generate one of higher rarity.

Don't worry, these relationships can be platonic!

Now, I d also like to give a short overview of our social aspects...

We see a huge gap in the market when it comes social & community aspects on the blockchain. Currently, the only viable options are either Discord or Telegram; this mainly has to do with both the anonymity and accessibility that those platforms have.

It is no surprise that we are currently holding this AMA on Telegram. However, I don't think that we are not able to express our authenticity fully.

We all have very cool online usernames and profile pictures; but there is no immersive audiovisual component that does justice to our individuality.

In the Bit Hotel metaverse, we try to give every user individuality and an in-game identity within that 8-bit nostalgic charm.

Practically, users will be able to use their rooms to invite friends, host small gatherings and use as their own personal social hub. They will be able to decorate their rooms with furniture, and artwork.

We will also be selling conference rooms/ club houses to DAOs and communities; in which one could host AMA's, organise IDOs, and other communal activities. Only members with a custom NFT characters will have exclusive access to their particular conference room.

This would be a short overview of what Bit Hotel entails!

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: Sure! We already passed a few big milestones.

First, we built a kick-ass initial team with amazing people.

Second, completing the first version of the characters and in-game designs/ concept art was a big one for us, seeing our ideas take form.

Thirdly, and more interestingly, we are collaborating with some amazing partners who will help Bit Hotel achieve its full potential. (check some of the names in our tg pinned messages).

Some of the most significant upcoming milestones will be the TGE that will occur simultaneously as the internal marketplace launch at the end of Q4 and, of course, the launch of the first version of the game in Q2 2022.

Q4: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?

ANS: Sure.

We have established partnerships on a variety of levels, either coming in as investors, incubators, and/or DAOs.

It was crucial to find partners that can really contribute to both the longevity of our token, and our metaverse.

Many have already purchased huge custom conference rooms for their communities, with matching characters.

We also love including 3rd party tech, onto our platform; this has also resulted in some awesome partnerships.

Most of our partners are yet to be formally announced, to name a few: Superlauncher, Ferrum Network, Altcoin Buzz, Enjinstarter, and Lithium.

Q5: Can you give an overview of the Tokenomics and Utility of the Governance tokens?

ANS: Players holding the Bit Hotel token will gain VIP access to exclusive governance events in-game. Meaning you can help decide what new things you would like to have added to the game!

Next to that the token will be needed for trading on our in-game NFT marketplace and can be used for staking.

There will also be a second token launched together with the game release which you can earn through mini-games and use for in-game transactions, land purchases and much more.

Some impressions of characters.

Some room impressions.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: Can you please explain how the P2E model of the game works? How can users earn?

ANS: The P2E model entails players battling each other in all sorts of mini-games within Bit Hotel. There will be different mini-games on rotation. The winner of a mini-game wins Bit Hotel tokens that are redeemable for all kinds of different NFTs (similar to Axie Infinity's SLP token!). In addition, there will also be a leaderboard tracking the top players in the game. These players will be rewarded at the end of the leaderboard term with rare NFTs and token rewards. Lastly, by hosting and joining in-game events players can get access to custom NFTs as well as tokens.

Q2: It's great to see that every NFTs in Bit Hotel is 100% usable. Regarding the Monthly NFT drop, how do we qualify for these drops? Will it be at random or there will be a whitelist process for interested players to help build momentum and anticipation?

Secondly, will these NFTs be tradable on third-party market place like Opensea and the rest or it will strictly be traded on your own Marketplace?

ANS: You will be able to qualify for these through our giveaway: check our twitter: and you can whitelist through our website: After launch we will also be using NFT launchpads, and we will have our marketpalce. All NFTs will be tradeable on the open market and playable in game.

Q3: I read in your whitepaper that in order to provide the best experience to players inside of Bit Hotel Metavarse, players will be able to Proclaim in game relationship. How do you intend to make this a lucrative endeavor to invest time in? What benefits or advantages will players derive from being in a relationship?

ANS: Well, initial and primary function is to be able to breed NFTs of higher rarities, by burning two other NFTs.

Q4: I read about the 6 rarities of Bit Hotel Guest NFT’s which we can get for a whopping $5k, won't these NFTs give individuals any progression advantage in the game? Is it possible to transfer ownership to someone else within the game?

ANS: Sure, you can trade the NFTs on our marketplace, or the open market.

Q5: I heard rumors that Bithotel is going to Pre-sale, so On which platform will there be aiming for Bithotel Pre-sale? And what currencies are accepted for the purchase of BTH tokens?

ANS: The first pre-sale that's coming up will be in partnership with Superlauncher DAO. You can find all details on it soon in our community chat.

Q6: Hello 😄, A new projects requires are lot of Marketing to get audience for the project. So what is your marketing plan to bring audience to your platform?

ANS: Our awesome partnerships, and our marketing budget will be our most major tools. We have a marketing tax on our marketplace that can replenish the budget.

Q7: Bithotel have lot of partners like Ferrum Network, EnjinStarter, Altcoin Buzz etc. So I want to know what kind of role they play? How they will contribute to the success of Bithotel?

ANS: Marketing, Launchpad, 3rd party tech - are the main partnership segments.

Q8: The top 5 winners on the top-20 NFT scoreboards get rewarded special NFTs but are there rewards for players who are not regular winners? Can I get rewarded for just spending time on the game?

ANS: Yes, not only top leaderboard positions will be rewarded. It will be different brackets in the leaderboard based on percentiles. Next to that, if you simply play a lot you'll earn a lot of in-game tokens too

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