Recapitulation of BLACKDRAGON PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Friday, 19th February, 2021
Time: 15:00 UTC

The BLACKDRAGON PROJECT team was represented by @Mmucko & @The_vuksa who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about BLACKDRAGON PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the Team working on the BLACKDRAGON Project?

ANS: BlackDragon is basically a blockchain native venture capital firm with a dedicated in-house marketing, development, and research team devoted to our community members.

Our core team has been part of the crypto space since 2015. Since then we have concluded various investments, starting from the very first ICO projects, early ETH release and listing, and long night shifts devoted to researching the industry and the participants in this ecosystem.

We outlived both market hype and market crash, and learned from it! BD community story started approximately 3 years ago when we noticed an amazing investment opportunity on the market.

Q2: Can you introduce the BLACKDRAGON Project, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitve advantage?

ANS: Definitely! Great question.

BlackDragon vision is to empower the development of innovative blockchain solutions to real world problems while adding value to the entire ecosystem.

With Black Dragon, you're able to contribute to private sales of the projects that are currently conducting their early-rounds.

With the current bull run in crypto, the space has become more competitive and leaves less opportunity to investors to contribute to early-tranches of projects.

That's where BlackDragon comes in!

What is important to note is that everyone gets a pro-rata share of total deal allocation based on the number of locked tokens they hold versus total locked tokens.

That means that every BlackDragon token (BDT) holder will get a guaranteed allocation to most of the projects we contribute to. Different model than the standard DAO groups, and we think a much more fair one!

On top of our financial contribution to projects and a robust community, we support the projects we invest in by providing them assistance with marketing, community growth, and advisory, along with access to our vast industry network and resources.

Q3: Can you briefly describe the Top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: Yeah, sure.

I'll try to keep it simple.

What we have done so far:
- Change of the business model
- Token issuance and new setup
- Rolling out BD Research
- Finishing BD Platform MVP
- First incubated project

BD Platform should be released within this month, and other milestones are in the preparation phase.

To get more details about upcoming projects you should follow our communication channels such as:

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: Marketing and Promotion is the heart of any business on your website its boldly written; "We support the projects we invest in by providing them assistance with marketing, community growth, and advisory'' this are the important things most Project are lacking how do you intend to achieve the above mentioned?

ANS: Great question! Let me give a brief overview of our activities.

Our main leverage in terms of marketing is our Research Hub where we publish Project Snapshots and AMA sessions with projects we support or are interested in.

Here you can find our Research Hub:

Feel free to take a deeper look since we have received positive feedback regarding the design, setup and content available on the Hub!

Furthermore, we have a very active and large community. Most of our discussion is based on our Discord server, but also have a large following on all other social media: Twitter, Telegram, etc.

We will share all of the links near the end of the AMA session and you'll be able to take a deeper look on how we're structured and why we provide tremendous value for the crypto community.

Q2: Since BDT is erc20 and I assume the platform is being built on ETH. Are you exploring other blockchains, protocols etc to allow the platform to scale? Any research into ways to minimise the raising gwei fees when interacting with the BDT smart contract?

ANS: Actually yes. As you mentioned our platform is bulit on ETH, however that doesn't stop us to research other possibilities in order to achieve best possible user experience. Gas prices are issue for whole DeFi, and we don't want have same issues as almost everybody does right now.
I would share even more details with you but it's currently confidential.

Q3: Can you tell me about the great features of $ BD that make it ahead of its competitors? What competitive advantages does the $ BD platform have that make you so confident?

ANS: BD tokens grant access to our fundraising platform providing an exceptional user experience with no gas wars. Through the platform, we provide our users with a fair pro-rata allocation model, which is based on the percentage of tokens staked.

One of the reasons why we decided to create a user -friendly platform was to move away from “I need to do it right now or I’ll lose the allocation” investment model. Gas wars are closely related to this issue.

Q4: Three of me: 1) What kind of community do they want to build as a community project? 2) The incentives are clear for participating whales - 10,000 BD / 10K tokens = upper level access. What about those who can only contribute less? What do they get? What does basic access mean for those who donate 250 - 1000 USDT? 3) there are plans to decentralize the organization? True DAO style. Voting rights - collective governance?

ANS: This is a great questions. Thanks for that Gery.

1) We believe we already have a great adoption and with the upcoming fundraising platform this will just organically expand. We are also constantly organizing AMA sessions and working with Youtubers to increase the awareness. We are very satisfied so far with the organic growth we achieved, and can see this only speeding up.

2) Good point. Incentives are the following:
- 250 BDT hold - Level 0
- 1000 BDT hold - Level 1
- 5000 BDT hold - Level 2
- 10 000 BDT hold - Level 3

You get basic access and can contribute to some of the deals even with Level 0. In case you'd like to see almost all the deals we're providing in our community, you should have Level 1.

Since we utilize a fair pro-rata model, the more BDT you hold, you get a higher personal allocation. That way, users are incentivized to have a larger stake in the BDT which is enabling us organic growth and expansion.

We haven't even started talking about our BlackDragon Platform which will be released this month, and will be a huge milestone for us, as well as the crypto community. Contributing to projects will be as easy as sipping a cup of coffee.

3) Yes, there are definitely such approaches and we are going to implement them through the future versions of our Platform (v2.0 e.g.). Furthermore, we have occasional DAO voting within our group (Discord server) for delicate and community important matters.
Our platform will be mostly decentralized since it will be powered by the blockchain network itself, so that might also be an answer to your great question!

Q5: Do you have a HACKATHON plan for Black Dragon? To check the safety of your ecosystem regularly and also invite developers to build?

ANS: Not yet, however it's great idea and we will note this for our future roadmap ideas. Our idea is to expand the community in many ways, hackatons are definitely one that we like very much.

Q6: Is BlackDragon's fundraising platform model different from other fundraising models? Recently, Polkastarter's fundraising model of IDO came to a great deal of attraction because of its enormous profitability, but it also entailed a war of gas costs as each transaction could reach 200-300$/tras. So how are you going to solve this problem?

ANS: Great question! Thanks for asking about the BlackDragon Platform, we're very thrilled with the development that is currently going on, and we are planning to release it in February.

As my teammate Vuksa already mentioned, BD tokens grant access to our fundraising platform providing an exceptional user experience with no gas wars. We're utilizing the fair pro-rata model which functions best in case you have more BDT tokens. However, users with lower amount of BDT also have the opportunity to contribute, and have at least 8 hours to do so! So no gas wars, easy, no-stress solution. It's very important to minimize stress in this crypto world, since it's 27/7/365, non-stop.

Apart from that, BD tokens also guarantee priority access to our in-house research lab where you will find research reports and one-pagers designed to provide a competitive advantage.

Q7: here's my question to the team:

1) You actually have an interesting business model when using BD tokens, but can you tell us in practice what you mean by 'basic' or 'very sensitive' access? Maybe use a fictional example from a project? In my opinion, it is very important for everyone to know exactly what each user of these different 'levels' will get due to the investment required.

2) Additionally, let's say I have Basic access to the platform and my friend gets access to the most sensitive offers. Will we receive data from the same project (but obviously to different degrees) or will I receive info from 'less profitable' projects while my friend gets data from above? (Because he has more BD tokens than me in this example)

ANS: Thanks a lot for these great questions.

1) It's not easy to define sensitive deals, it's not formula. It depends on many things that are happening in the background and it's usually discretionary decision. Sensitive deals will only be shown to higher levels of BDT holders since it's of outmost importance for the community to contribute to such a deal since it might offer high rewards in terms of ROI.

I hope that answers your question, but if not, you're more than welcome to become a part of the BlackDragon group and see for yourself how does the group work and why we are having a great reputation on the market.

2) Depending on your access level (0, 1, 2, or 3) you will see the deals that we offer to the community. As mentioned earlier, Level 0 can see some of the deals, while 1 can see most of the deals. Level 2, and 3 are reserved for the abovementioned sensitive deals. In case the colleague of yours has Level 3 access, he'll be able to see the deals you're not able to see. It's not based on less-profitable or more-profitable, but the trust that needs to be included for actually making the deal work and pushing it through. That might include the communities help through connections and leverage they have in the crypto community.

Finally, a few more words regarding the Platform itself.

Once the BD Platform goes live, users will have a simple journey in front of them. They will log in to BD Fundraising app and connect it to their wallet where BD tokens are stored. This action will enable them to see and participate in all active BD deals.

A maximum personal contribution for each deal is defined by the pro-rata allocation system based on the number of tokens you own provided they are stored in a connected wallet.

Q8: Users often care less about technology, but rather the value of the token. How do BlackDragon manage to strike a balance between developing the technology and also improving the value of the token?

ANS: Technology without right implementation doesn't bring much to the final users. Therefore our focus on user experience is quite strong.

Having in mind that most crypto investments are still done on some sort of social platforms such as Telegram and Discord, we are looking to change that and make crypto investing and research as easy as buying a cup of coffee in the morning and reading a newspaper.

I think those were the best questions! Thank you everyone! Great work.

Make sure to follow all of our social media channels and join our Discord group to get to know Black Dragon better!

We'd like to thank the whole AMA LOVERS CLUB comunity for your questions. They were great, and I believe we have answered them in a way so you can understand more about the Black Dragon community and our future developments!

For those interested in joining BlackDragon, we are more than happy to welcome you to our community.

If you are interested in contributing to top-tier deals in the crypto space through seed/private sale, make sure to join BlackDragon Telegram chat and follow the instructions on how to but $BDT on Uniswap and join our token-permissioned Discord server—looking forward to welcoming you!

🔎Important resources:
BD Research:

Q9: How do users perform staking BD token? Do you have any plans for reducing emissions and inflation by buying back and burning BD tokens?

ANS: Part of the fees collected from each deal will be used for buying back the BD tokens from the market. Our belief is that token buyback represents quite effective method of maintaining a well-balanced ecosystem which is one of BlackDragon main goals.

Thank you everyone, sorry for leaving but I've to catch another pending meeting. Max will wrap it up.

Q10: Whats your plans for dealing with Security, Privacy, and Data safety as a factor of concern in #BlackDragon project ? How will #BlackDragon architecture design help in these cases?

ANS: BlackDragon in ERC-20 based project. Therefore, I would say we are as secured as the Ethereum network is.

Jokes aside, we are focused on every bit of the development process and thus leave no chance to any kind of embezzlement. Development is done completely by our core team which gave us a chance to closely monitor each step of the development process.

To support our assertions we will conduct a code audit with one of the few well recognised industry experts.

Also, we keep track of the market trends and adapt accordingly. We're currently looking into other chains such as BSC and similar to lower the fees and make it even easier for our users to contribute to specific deals.


Thank you AMA LOVERS CLUB for hosting this AMA!

Yes, we'd also like to add two infographics and a Platform teaser!

Make sure to follow all of our social media channels and join our Discord group to get to know Black Dragon better!

We'd like to thank the whole AMA LOVERS CLUB comunity for your questions. They were great, and I believe we have answered them in a way so you can understand more about the Black Dragon community and our future developments!

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