Recapitulation of BSCTrust PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Thursday, 15th April, 2021
Time: 16:00 UTC

The BSCTrust PROJECT team was represented by @DefiHawk who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about BSCTrust PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on BSCTRUST?

ANS: BSCTrust, as the name implies, aims to provide a trustworthy financial system which greatly improves the defi and DAPP systems in the Binance Smart Chain network by providing a secure and safe liquidity lock (BSCLock) and also providing investors early access to innovative crypto-startups with high potential of success and expansion through the BSCTrust Launchpad.

I preferred the name Defi Hawk, because i love birds, the team is Anon. Why are we Anon?

People ask us, why is the Team Anon? Personally I have so much friends from USA, who are not allowed to participate in the regular ICO and IDO, that's why you see almost all of them doing KYC and asking for your details. We are still in between going this route or throwing it open for our holders who makes our personal requirements to get into our Launchpads. This is tricky. Personally I would love it to be open to everyone. Our next launchpad will be wanted by almost everyone on the BSC space and we would love our holders to benefit from it. Honestly, where I come from. I'm not allowed to participate in ICO let alone say organizing one. Our project is not a rug, we will do all we can to prove it, and my aim is to provide equal opportunity to everyone in this space. Thanks for trusting in BSCTRUST.

Q2: Can you introduce BSCTRUST, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: Like i stated above, BSCTRUST is a Launchpad on the Binance smart chain network, but we are more than just a Launchpad. We are launching our own liquidity and team token lock platform, which we called BSCLOCK.
BSCLOCK aims to provide a trustworthy financial system which greatly improves the defi and DAPP systems in the Binance Smart Chain network by providing a secure and safe liquidity lock.

What makes BSCTRUST different from other Launchpads is that, our holders can get into our launchpad without a need for KYC. Which makes it a decentralized launchpad and accomodates people from regions that are prohibited from ICO

with every locks on BSCLOCK attracts a fee, and the accumulated fee is used to buy back BSCTRUST from pancakeswap and distribute it to stakers.. BSCTRUST is also an hold-to-farm. Our holders receives some percentage from every transaction that occurs on the ecosystem.

Q3: There is a 6 percent fee on every transaction. 3 percent to all holders.

and the remaining 3 percent goes to the vault

ANS: That means BSCTRUST is deflationary

from the initial 2 million total supply, over 270k is now locked in the vault

As reserve funds?

ANS: No, burnt forever sir. Ownership is already renounced.. and LP token burnt. We used this contract so that we provide our holders extra incentive for holding the token, while we also offer amazing Launchpads.

Q4: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: What we bring to the space is more, our IDO has no restriction for any Nationality, also BSCLOCK also makes us stand out from the rest, another important this is the hold to farm, and also the burning that's implemented int he contract.
NFT as well, and i can assure you that our first launchpad has an amazing usecase.

The top milestone we've achieved is securing our first Launchpad, which is going to be an amazing project, it's usecase will be used by almost all the projects on Binance Smart chains as well. The project is launching with a fully developed product.
Also, we've secured a partnership with a centralized exchange, a certain amount will be taken from the amount raised from our Launchpads, and will be used for Cex listing for the project, our aim is to ensure our our Launchpads perform excellently.

I'm also happy to announce BSCLOCK is in the testing phase and could be announced any moment from now.

Q5: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?

ANS: We have three partnerships already, but we have a non-disclosure agreement for now.

first is an NFT partnership

Second is our first Launchpad

and the third is Cex listing

another one actually is a YouTuber

😁😁😁 i think we may start seeing more of BSCTRUST and BSCLOCK online after BSCLOCK is launched.

Q6: Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of the BSCTRUST Token?

ANS: Total supply: 2 Million BSCTRUST
3% fee is distributed to all holders on each and every transaction
3% fee when selling is permanently added to the liquidity pool
Binance Smart Chain Launchpad (Liquidity and Team TOken lock for BSC)
NFT Rewards


Minimum to get into our first launchpad is 800 BSCTRUST

every lock on our platform requires a fee.
The accumulated fee is used to buy back BSCTRUST and distribute to stakers.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: Please tell me What are the steps required to BUY $BSCTRUST token. What are the benefit of holding $BSCTRUST ? Why is there no PRESALE?

ANS: First one. BSCTRUST is listed on Pancakeswap, and you can visit our telegram to get information on how to buy. Also, we launched BSCTRUST without presale because we always wanted it to start as a Lowcap gem, most of our Launchpads will be Lowcap as well with huge upside. We are not greedy folks, we don't need people's money to launch or run a project, this is our passion as you can see, and you can be rest assured that the project is still early and you will be seeing more of us soon.

Q2: ⭐⭐ The name of your project and token is BSCTRUST, which has the name "Trust", how do you offer trust to your users? What are your strategies for users to trust you 100%?

ANS: Yes, i love this question a lot, i might rank it 10 star. TRUST is all we have to offer in the Anon decentralized world. Firstly, if you've noticed, so many people don't trust BSC projects. They think BSC is full of scam, that's why our first product is BSCLOCK, we chose that name because it's easy to remember and it fits it's purpose. With our marketing plan and strategy, almost all bsc projects will be locking their liquidity and team token on our platform soon. That's "TRUST" number 1.

Another thing is that, all our Launchpads are carefully vested, we've been vesting our first Launchpad even before we launched BSCTRUST. the fact that we do not do KYC for our users, doesn't mean we wouldn't KYC'ed our Launchpads. Thank you sir.

Q3: What are the key and most important features of BSCTrust that makes you unique and ahead over your competitors?

ANS: Ok, the key things are. Launchpads without KYC. First Launchpad with Hold-to-farm, Deflationary, BSCLOCK. PS, your name looks unique sir, i love it.

Q4: Q1. Can you tell me more about BSCLOCK? How it can prevent scams?

Q2. Does BSCTRUST charge any fee for BSCLOCK services? If yes, tell me how much and how the fees used?

ANS: Thanks for this question. BSCLOCK prevents scams by publicly displaying which project has it's liquidity locked on our platform, before an investor invest on a project, most will check our platform to see if the project's liquidity is locked, and if now. They can decide not to invest because the liquidity can be pulled out anytime. Finally, right now, the fee we've implemented in the contract is 0.05% of the amount that is being locked on our platform. If the Liquidity is worth $10million, 0.05% will be charged on that, and will be used to buy back BSCTRUST.

Q5: Your team looks great and energetic, but how do you plan to gain the investment and trust of people?

ANS: Yes we are energetic and solid, sometimes we barely have some time to sleep. Our first effort to provide security to our investors is by sending the LP token to a burn address, and then we renounced ownership on the contract. Renouncing ownership ensures that the Vault is locked forever, never to be reclaimed again by any owner.


Stay safe in this space, and wish you all good health and every good thing you wish and pray for. This shall be an amazing year for every one of us.

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TOTAL SUPPLY: 2,000,000

Maximum buy/sell limit: 20,000 BSCTRUST

Ownership Renounced:

LP Tokens Burnt:

BSCTrust is an IDO platform on Binance Smart Chain. With BSCTrust, you gain early priority-access to quality low-cap Gems + Free NFT to the top Stakers. In decentralized finance, Investors do fall victim of rugs or different kind of scams, which makes it a daunting task in finding a solid low-cap gem to invest in early. Because of this, BSCTrust aims to solve this problem by giving its holders guaranteed access to invest early on low-cap gems with high potential on Binance Smart Chain network.

3% fee is distributed to all holders on each and every transaction
3% fee when selling is permanently added to the liquidity pool
Binance Smart Chain Launchpad
NFT Rewards

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