Recapitulation of BSCWIN PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Sunday, 10th October, 2021
Time: 15:00 UTC

The BSCWIN PROJECT team was represented by @SATOSHlNAKAMOTO who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about BSCWIN PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on BSCWIN?

ANS: I am Satoshi, the Tech Advisor of @CryptoStarship and @BSCWIN_token. My background is engineering and mathematics.
With regards to BSCWIN project, I am responsible for conceptual and technical design aspects.

The BSCWIN team consists of 8 members, capturing the whole spectrum of skills needed to make BSCWIN successful. Specifically, there are 3 people with high programming knowledge, (Rastillo, BlackZero, Mrock), 1 person with very good design skills (Designer), 3 people with marketing skills (CryptoPilot, Shelby, Oriental) and me, who I am in charge of supervising technical details of the ecosystem to ensure it is sustainable in the long term and conducting research with regards to competitors.

Q2: Can you introduce BSCWIN, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: BSCWIN, or better said, BSCWIN Bulls, is a multi-chain ecosystem represented by an NFT/crypto community of Bulls, with several products.

🐂 The first product is BSCWIN Lottery, a token on Binance Smart Chain that functions as the most sustainable decentralized lottery in the whole crypto space, as it has minimal taxes, and its success does not depend on trading volume. Holding the BSCWIN token gives you a chance to earn from lotteries, the chance to win rare NFTs, and passive income from the DAO wallet explained below.

🐂 The second product is BSCWIN Bulls DAO, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. The funds accrued within the DAO come from secondary NFT sales, in addition to taxes from the BSCWIN tokens. Each BSCWIN Bulls NFT holder has voting rights on the DAO to ensure its success, and also gains passive income from funds accrued in the DAO.

The most critical problems that BSCWIN solves is capturing both objective value through BSCWIN token and subjective value through NFTs, within the same ecosystem, and compounding its value over time, which, to the best of our knowledge, nobody has accomplished before

Also, the lottery system is very innovative

As it doesn't depend on trading volume, as I repeated beforehand.

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?


The top milestones that have been achieved are multiple.

(1) We have successfully prepared the smart contracts for the BSCWIN token, the BSCWIN Bulls NFT minting. People can check them already to make sure they work as intended.

(2) We already have initiated the whitelisting process, which is in fact oversubscribed, but we do accept more entries still:

(3) We have carried out engagement competitions where we saw a lot of support from our community. We are still hosting a discord growth competition based on invites.

(4) We have been featured in Bloomberg ( and Yahoo finance (

(5) We revealed some of the 2000 Genesis Bulls NFTs... and we got positive feedback from the community

Please make sure to check our website BSCWIN.APP and DOCS.BSCWIN.APP to get a complete idea of what the project is all about. Here, I am also sharing a roadmap

Our immediate plans is talking with key influencers and preparing for the token launch/NFT drop.

Q4: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?

ANS: BSCWIN has partnered with several entities:

(1) The first partner is (obviously) @CryptoStraship, where I come from. CryptoStarship is a group that finds and shares alpha projects at their early stages, and is also oftentimes supporting projects with high potential (like BSCWIN) as an incubator.

(2) The second partners is FeraStrategies. Fera is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that leverages a talented network of traders, developers, marketers and analysts, in order to provide capital, skills, and critical resources to rising projects and teams. FS is also partnered with DEXTools, which relies on Fera to provide fundamental analysis and risk scoring on key projects.

(3) The third partner is BlueMoon Ventures Capital. BMV is formed by experts and marketing leaders of the crypto community that actively helps and supports promising early stage companies with the team and ideas that can move the crypto space forward in a confident and positive way.

(4) Finally, we have also partnered with KentCapital, an entity that invests in top tier blockchain projects

Q5: Can you give an overview of the Tokenomics, and Utility of $BSCWIN tokens?

ANS: BSCWIN token has 7,000,000 total supply.

50% (3,500,000) of total supply will be distributed for presale.
30% (2,100,000) of total supply will be put into the Liquidity Pool upon launch
10% (700,000) of total supply will be available for marketing
10% (700,000) of total supply will be the team tokens, that are going to be vested

The utility of BSCWIN token is very simple. Each token counts as a lottery ticket that never expires

Every 6 hours daily, a lottery draw will be conducted, and a winner will be selected at random. That winner will win a certain amount BUSD, proportional to the BUSD in the Liqudity Pool. The more BSCWIN tokens one holds in their wallet, the higher the chances they win

Also, twice a day, a lottery winner will win one of the only 50 LUCKY GENESIS BSCWIN BULLS, the most rare NFTs available in our ecosystem

so holding BSCWIN tokens will be very rewarding for holders, particularly during the first 25 days of the project.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: From your medium, I see that "Instead of taxing each buy/sell transaction, the main BSCWIN contract retains full ownership of the liquidity pool and each time the lottery is triggered, it removes equal amount of $BUSD and $BSCWIN tokens from the liquidity. The $BUSD tokens removed are sent to the lottery winner, and the $BSCWIN tokens removed are sent to the Bulls DAO wallet, where the community can decide how to use them". This is a very good mechanism but what advantages will these mechanism be having on the BSCWIN platform?

ANS: Very good question. And that is exactly our advantage compared to our competitors. Instead of filling a pool with taxes and then distributing to a winner, we get the lottery rewards directly from the Liquidity Pool. This way, if there is no trading volume, lotteries continue to be conducted in a normal way. Also we ensure that taxes are minimal, as they are not needed to sustain the project.

Q2: Have you initiated the whitelisting process???if your ans is yes,please sir tell me how can i entry in you whitelist???need i have some restrictions for entry??

ANS: Yes the whitelisting process has already started and you can access it in the following link:

Just make sure you follow all the steps outlined in the form.

Q3: How can I take part in community DAO? Will you launch new governance token or BSCWIN will also act as a DAO token?

ANS: You take part in community DAO by just minting and holding a BSCWIN Bull NFT. This will essentially be our governance token. In the long term, we are going to introduce more NFTs as the ecosystem expands.

Q4: I was wondering the kind of mechanism of burning will be deployed by the team.
Talking about price impact for holders,is there any benefit for holders?
Does it has to do with the more you hold the more your chance of having NFT?

ANS: So this is also a very important aspect of our lottery mechanism. When the lottery winner gets picked, we are removing equal amount of BSCWIN and BUSD tokens. The BUSD tokens are sent to the winner, and the BSCWIN tokens are sent to a wallet controlled by the DAO, where the community can essentially decide to either invest them, or burn them forever. This guarantees that the token has some deflationary aspect to it.

Q5: Hello sir,

🛑I could see lottery drawing program in your webpage..
💢Can you give brief explain about lottery program?

💢How we can participate ?

ANS: You just need to BUY and HODL at least one BSCWIN token on pancakeswap BSC to be eligible to win the lottery. Of course check local country restrictions before doing so.

Q6: $BSCWIN have telegram group before....but still now why you have no telegram group??? How can i contract for more information from your community????have you any plan for scam???

ANS: Yes feel free to join our telegram channel & group

I am currently aware that there are users having hard time joining the group, so have some patience, the BSCWIN team is going to fix this.

Q7: 00
I saw this count down timer on your website and it says TRIGGER LOTTERY beneath it, with FOUR WINNERS DAILY .
Can you tell me what this is all about, how can I participate and become a WINNER also
I'll like to make more research on my own can you please provide all your official links here. ??? Thank you


ANS: The time will go live right after the token launch, which will be revealed later. This button essentially can be triggered by anyone, and the user pays a minimal gas amount in BNB ($1-2) to trigger the lottery. In return, the users are rewarded in BSCWIN tokens for doing so

Just follow the Buy Link announced in our channel after launch to buy a BSCWIN token which will be your lottery ticket. Afterwards, you do not have to do anything to be eligible to win the lottery.

But for the best experience and returns in BSCWIN ecosystem, we suggest you fill the whitelist form for a chance to get into presale, mint a BSCWIN bull on Ethereum network, and also buy tokens at launch!

Q8: Hai 🖐️, Can you please explain Why did you choose BSC network other than low gas? And can we know that NFT is currently popular with SOLANA? Are you planning to bridge to SOLANA?

ANS: Hello! We are potentially planning to bridge NFTs from ETH to BSC, maybe even Solana if we see the right audience and need for it! BSCWIN is very capable and examining all possible avenues to capture as many investors as possible.
BSC for lottery is the best, as it currently has the highest volume for low cap tokens and very low gas.
ETH for NFTs is also best, as the majority of NFT market we believe will remain on ETH.

Q9: 1. Is the amount of lottery payout fixed? If no, what factors determine whether the payout will increase or decrease?

2. Does removing BSCWIN-BUSD from the LP affect the price of $BSCWIN?


The amount of lottery payout is not fixed, and that's the beauty of BSCWIN project. It scales with the size of the Liquidity Pool. As more investors join BSCWIN ecosystem, the amount of lottery won increases proportionally!

Removing BSCWIN-BUSD from the LP does not affect the price of BSCWIN, we designed it like this, so we remove equal amount of BSCWIN-BUSD, to maintain the balance and price. Plus we cannot remove more than 1% daily for lotteries, to ensure the token's sustainability and good capture of its objective value.

In the following table you can see how much lottery winners can make daily

I would also like to attach a Moonsheet table for our project.

BSCWIN token launches at 135k market cap, so with respect to competitors, early investors will be able to make very good gains on the token alone, let alone from lotteries just by holding the token.

Follow Us On Our Various Social Media Communities For More Update;


I think these are the most important ones! More to come, and more can be found on our media!

Yes, I wanted to let everyone know that if you are hearing about BSCWIN now, you are very early... We are planning to make BSCWIN go viral and reach incredible valuations in the future with our marketing strategy and whole ecosystem function.
Remember that everyone is a bull....


What do we get for WHITELISTING

Do we get an Automatic Entry into the Sales

People who submit an entry in BSCWIN whitelist form, will get a priority in minting the Genesis BSCWIN bulls!


And the mint price is?

we are going to open minting of 1000 out of 2000 Bulls only for whitelist people! We want our investors to have both BSCWIN tokens and Bulls so we make sure to give them the incentives for it!

Mint price currently agreed for is 0.07 ETH for genesis bulls, but we'll make sure to announce it officially before mint





Telegram Group:

Telegram Channel:






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