Recapitulation of Bullieverse PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Saturday, 5th February, 2022
Time: 12:00 UTC

The Bullieverse PROJECT team was represented by @OxArun who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about Bullieverse PROJECT.


✨✨QUESTION1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on Bullieverse?

ANS: sure.. I started my career as an Engineer about 20 years ago. Pivoted it around in 2011 after a couple of business degrees from LSE and Oxford University. Founded and managed two VC funds over the last decade, over 5000 ventures reviewed and invested in 20 of them. I sit on the board of a few of them too. Over the last 6 years, I have also taken up blogging and podcasting, by virtue of which I am a Social media influencer and was named as one of the top 100 Asians in UK Tech. I am also a published author in Blockchain and Quantum computing, and my second book that was published last year was about crisis management strategies for venture founders. I lead growth at Bullieverse. Hope that helps.

✨✨How big is the Bullieverse team?

We were 4 people in Aug 2021 just after the NFTs were launched, we are now a 30 membered team.

✨✨Any link to access information about the team? the page on our Whitepaper is the best consolidation of the team details - it is a bit outdated as we are hiring at a crazy pace, but the management team is all fully represented.

Across the management team, we have over 75 years of experience that spans across Blockchain, technology, gaming, venture building, venture investing and strategy careers. The team are serial entrepreneurs in Blockchain, published authors, alums of Sony R&D, Goldman Sachs, PwC, and educated from IIT, Oxford University, and the London School of Economics.

✨✨QUESTION2: Can you introduce Bullieverse, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: At Bullieverse we are building an open world Metaverse on unreal engine where our community can create and play games to earn rewards and NFTs. We are a virtual marketplace for gamers and creators and offer utility to NFT communities. We offer an out of the world gaming experience which is pretty rate in the Web 3 gaming world today.

In the past eight months, we have grown our team to about 30 members and community to 50k+ on Telegram and Twitter. We sold our first NFT collection and raised $2 Million back in August, and have recently closed a seed and private round too.

Our first game, Bear hunt, is Premiering on Monday the 7th of Feb. Mainnet goes live after the Token Launch in Feb/Mar 2022, which will be one of the first “play to earn” 3D unreal engine games.

✨✨QUESTION3: Any plans for expansion? What can you tell us about what’s to come in 2022 for Bullieverse?

ANS: Through the funding round we have just closed, we have secured enough runway to grow into 2023 comfortably and deliver our roadmap. We are all headsdown building the product, and community at this point. Therefore, our focus will be to deliver our roadmap that we published in our whitepaper. And we need to do that alongside building a superstar community. That is the focus for the next 12 months and we are extremely bullish about that.

We have quite a busy Q1 - Now that the funding rounds are largely done and the first product is nearly there, we are largely focused on growth and community engagement. Q1 will be filled with IDOs, Promo events, PR with top tier publications and most importantly community competitions and give aways. We have an airdrop campaign live now, but are also working on a few give away campaigns for our NFT holders who have been very supportive through the last 6 months. We have a token launch later this month and the public launch of the Bear Hunt game in late Feb/early March.

✨✨QUESTION4: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS and BACKERS so far?

ANS: We will have a very focused partnership strategy. There are three categories of partners we are onboarding almost on a daily basis. The first and the most relevant to where we are now, are the gaming guilds as they will help us scale our gamers base very quickly from launch. We are talking to almost a dozen gaming guilds for precisely that. We have signed up a few of them, and these partnerships will be announced in our discord shortly. - this is where we announce airdrops, give aways and partnership announcements on a regular basis.

Beyond the guilds, we are talking to gaming studios and will soon start partnership discussions with other top NFT collections to see how we can bring them onboard too. Please note that Bullieverse is a gaming platform and a marketplace, therefore other NFT collections can host their games with our help on our platform too.

We are also fortunate to have backed several top investors in the gaming/Web 3.0 space and they are helping us scale our partnerships as well. Okex Ventures, Fundamental Labs, Genblock Capital, 6thMan Ventures, Spark Digital Capital, Rainmaker Games, Good Games Guild, Shima Capital, Mintable, LD Capital, Mask.Io, Formless Capital, DWeb3 are all investors we have announced so far.

✨✨QUESTION5: Finally, Can you give an overview of the Tokenomics and Utility of $BULL tokens?

ANS: The Bull token is our governance token. If a community member wants to be part of the DAO, and wants to drive the direction of the firm in the long run, voting rights and oversight in general, Bull token is the way to go. This is the vehicle that will allow us to achieve our dreams of being a decentralised organisation in a few years as the community matures and starts contributing. A detailed view of the Bull token and the economics around it are in our whitepaper.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

✨✨QUESTION1: I learnt that for users to access certain benefits in the Bulliverse, they ought to be citizens. In this regard, how can users gain access to citizenship on Bulliever Island? In addition, if players are not citizens of the Bulliverse Island, does that mean that they can't even visit the Island?

ANS: Great question. In simple terms, if you owned a Bull NFT, you are a citizen. You can visit the island even without a Bull NFT, you can also play our games without a Bull NFT - however, if you want to earn through playing, or own an asset/land/game portal or earn passive income - you will need to be a Citizen for which you will need a Bull NFT. This is our Opensea link if you haven't visited before -

✨✨I see several questions on differentiation from our competition - I will address that before taking the next question.

ANS: To start with, we are the first 3D game using Unreal Engine that has gone live in this space. However, there are more broader and strategic differences. We are not a one game pony - we are a gaming/metaverse marketplace which will support both gamers with an intention to play and earn, and enjoy the metaverse experience - but also, focus on creators who want to earn by creating games and ingame assets. We also emphasize on the gaming experience a lot more than our existing play to earn leaders do. We have published an article that describes all these in greater detail on our medium channel -

✨✨QUESTION2: Currently the market is in a recovery but could again take a downturn so I would like to know if the Bullieverse core team is prepared to withstand this market instability? Will your metaverse be able to develop well under these circumstances?

ANS: Great question. The funding round we just closed was precisely to protect the future of the firm from market volatility. As a community member, if you held a Bull token or NFT, you would be watching the price on a regular basis. But for us, we focus on building the product, the community and hence the business. We look at it long term, therefore, as long as we are funded for the next two years (which we are), we are not too worried about market volatility. There are several top VCs who have backed us in this round, and there are more top VCs wanting to talk to us even though we have closed the round. Therefore, despite the current market conditions, there is a lot of conviction within the space about the future of metaverse, gaming and Web 3 in general. We will remain Bullish! 🙂

✨✨QUESTION3: Every Platform Created In the Crypto World Has Introduced the NFT into their Platform But these Do not Provide Profitable Use Cases of the NFTs , So What are the Advanatges of Your NFTs
and Why Users Should Buy it , tell me Some benifits of it , Is RENTING and LEASING is LIVE ?

ANS: Great question again.. The genesis Bull NFTs will be your key to gaining value and economic upside through the Bullieverse platform. I have written a detailed article on what the benefits are for Bull NFT holders here - However, in summary, Bull NFTs will allow you to do the following,

⁃ Play and Earn (you can’t earn on the platform without the Bull NFT)
⁃ Create and Earn (after we launch the creation engine)
⁃ Have early access to new NFT collections - Our Bear NFTs can only be minted by Bull NFT holders
⁃ We have a pipeline of new NFT collections through 2022, and Bull NFTs will let you access them.
⁃ Passive income through renting your NFT - more on that below.
⁃ Early access to Land and Game portal auction

We are going to be launching our NFT renting process round about the same time as Bear Hunt Public launch in March 2022. This will allow our NFT holders to enjoy passive income. We are introducing a different approach to renting which will be a lot more seamless and simpler for both the owner of the NFT and the gamer. Watch this space as we make announcements around the approach in our discord group closer to the time.

✨✨QUESTION4: You say that creators can unleash their imagination and create a new generation of NFT games, which is great, but this can only be done by skilled artists and developers who are associated with Bullieverse? or really anyone can use your technology and create a game?

ANS: Good point. Our 2022 roadmap has several games releasing through the year and we are building gaming templates that can be used by game creators who are looking to be creative. Therefore, the first version of the game creation engine will be a simple UX that will allow creators to have a seamless yet simple way to create their games. However, we plan to allow low code mechanisms to improve gaming experiences further if creators can do that.

✨✨QUESTION5: How can I actively support your project.

ANS: For all those who are genuinely interested in supporting our project - please join our Discord. This is where you get to be part of the community events, give aways, understand the roadmap of NFTs and projects in greater detail, and it will help you make an informed decision on how you can participate in the Bullieverse journey.

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