Recapitulation of BUY-SELL Network AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB group chat

Date: Thursday, 24th September, 2020

Time: 16:00 UTC


The BUY-SELL Network team was represented by the co-founder of the project. He judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about the project.


Q1 — Could you briefly introduce yourself and your experience and background in crypto and blockchain?

Ans — I’m manaforth Buy-Sell Co-founder a blockchain and crypto enthusiast since 2014, trader and analyst. With powerful team members that cut across different regions and different fields, has come together to present and add more value to the blockchain and DeFi ecosystem.

Q2 — What’s BUY-SELL Network? What does it entail and what are its main features?

Ans — Buy-Sell is a DeFi and non-custodial ecosystem that brings services such as aggregated decentralized and synthetic asset swap, governance, staking, farming, lending, and borrowing through a BSE membership mechanism.

BSE is the utility token for the ecosystem whereby BSE holders earn 75% of the fees we charge, while the remaining 25% is used to buyback BSE and burn which automatically increases value by increasing demand. With 3 unique types of stakings, BSE holders earn daily or monthly BSE and other assets rewards depending on the staking type joined.

Its main features include staking, exchanges, yield farming, lending and borrowing, governance, and Holding.

Q3 — What are some of your recent achievements? And, what goals are you looking forward to achieve?

Ans — Been successful in crypto trading analysis, haven’t been in the industry for a while. We understand the market. Also, have partnered with some noncustodial exchanges in the past. So this project Buy-Sell is another big we want to achieve.


Q1 — Can you elaborate more about the BuySell Staking of your network? How much is the minimum amount to stake and what currency or assets ? How much is the APR? What are the pros and cons of Staking assets in BuySell Network?

Ans — We provide 3 different types of staking;
a. assets staking
b. pooled staking
c. classic staking.

Because of time, I will refer us to our medium post on our use cases. But however. Min staking will e set after presale according to the market. since circulating supply is going to be around 45,000 BSE.

As for APR is 35%

Q2 — What innovations does Buy-Sell offer at DEFI? What DEFI features will be available after the launch of the Buy-Sell main chain?

Ans — Bringing an aggregated decentralized exchange, this makes or takes care of high gas fee, up to 50% cut and best rate in the market.

Also, in terms of noncustodial, we don’t hold users fund, every fund transactions are carried from wallet to wallet.

And the ability to share our Fees, 75% to BSE holders and 25% used to buy back and burn BSE to increase demand.


Q1 — Am interested in your pre-sale which is closing very soon but I want to know the minimum BSE I can buy and which exchange supports BSE?

Ans — Ok, to participate, Minimum required is 0.1 ETH = 1.6 BSE
And immediately after presale, it will be listed on uniswap, within a week, will be on more CEX

Q2 — Are you a global project or local project? Can anybody anywhere use BUYSELL Network without Any restrictions?

Ans — Of course, YES. Buy-Sell is global and anyone can interact with Buy-Sell without any issue or restriction.

Q3 — As You know, Many people judge a Project By the Token price, What do you have to Say to investors? What’s the plan to increase the Token Demand?

Ans — The use cases we have deployed for Buy-Sell will automatically drive the demand and value.

For instance, without BSE membership, you will not be able to Stake
Lend and Borrow
Provide liquidity and earn fees.
All these are methods to earn BSE reward. The demand for BSE will be huge

Q4 — You guys are doing Ama’s in all group & almost answering same types of questions again n again? How do You feel about it?

Ans — Hahaha… Well, since the same questions are been ask over and over again. It means the community really want things done in those field. And we are happy to contribute and provide addition information to the public.

Q5 — What are the ways that #buy & sell generate profits/revenue to maintain your project and what is its revenue model ? How can it make benefit win-win to both invester and your project?

Ans — Through exchange fees, we generate tremendous amount of fees, thats where we distribute reward to the public who contributes to the liquidity.


Q1 — Do you have any information you’d like to pass across to our community, perhaps links to your platforms?

Ans — You have great community and good people here… we have loved to answer as many questions as possible. But you can still join us at:


There is a current $1000 worth of BSE promo going on in our twitter, you can participate, who knows you might be the lucky winner.





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