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Recapitulation of COBALTLEND PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Friday, 7th May, 2021
Time: 14:00 UTC

The COBALTLEND PROJECT team was represented by @Cobaltlend1, @Croquev and @Djones783 who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about COBALTLEND PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourselves and your background, also introduce the team working on Cobalt Lend?

ANS: Today we have with us Michael, who is Cobalt’s lead team member. Christian, who is the lead developer on the Tungsten Team. Smit & Wood Jack, who are two full stack developers on the Tungsten Team. Darius, who is the Data Protection & Security lead. The members of our team come from diverse backgrounds including academia and the military spread out all over the globe. Cobalt Lend heavily preserves the mentality of a “Global Community” and continually works with DEV’s all over the world to bring to the community a better more reliable protocol.

Q2: Can you introduce Cobalt Lend, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: The current “capital lending” mechanism is inherently flawed, and the Cobalt Lend platform addresses this by facilitating a community-voted and accepted lending protocol on block chain. The entire platform is regulated by community vote, not just the lending aspect. Bank loans have been positioned to be the primary source when it comes to financing options for individuals & businesses. Yet and still, bank loans serve as one of the most difficult financing options to obtain. Time consuming, excessive paperwork & overall a complicated process. The process is not quick either, often, it takes several months to qualify and obtain capital from a bank. The Cobalt lending network seeks to put borrowers together in a fair democratic voting environment to obtain loans of all sizes, from microloans to six-figure loans, all without the inclusion of fundamentally flawed intermediaries (banks), and therefore the community directly benefits from its participation. There are tons of individuals out there with great concepts & ideas that get turned away from financial institutions globally. Cobalt is here to bridge the gap for the world when it comes to accessing financing options.

How do CobaltLend ensures that borrowers pays back?

We will definitely shorten the process to obtain a loan as well as making it much easier doing most of it right through your mobile phone

We have a sophisticated scoring and collateral system in place along with a credit or a cold that we are developing to ensure that we give loads to the proper borrower

We are also developing our own version of an online collection agency.

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: Some of our most notable achieved milestones have been listed below. There will be more information being released regarding milestones in the upcoming month.
1. Implementing real world use cases for NFTs, such as voter registration & borrower verification.
2. The implementation of a credit analysis oracle.

You guys are gonna be really excited to find out what we’ve done with NFT’s and giving them an actual real world use case making them instrumental in our ecosystem for both borrowing and voting

Be on the lookout for the titanium protocol that launches next month.

Has the CobaltLend platform launched?🤔

Yes we have three websites operational right now but our third one is the most latest one that the tungsten team is working on to deploy the Titanium protocol and that launch is next month.

We have a very large ecosystem now and three operating teams taking care of lots of aspects along with the fact that we just added an artificial intelligence and machine learning team to help handle client data

Our roadmap is constantly being updated because of this fact as well so check for weekly updates on the road map.

Q4: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?

ANS: Glowing with pride, we are honored to be a partnered with Nuls, Nerve, Totle, ITEZ, miniOrange & MC Wallet for the continual growth and functionality of our ecosystem. All of our partners enhance and enrich our protocol as we provide services to the global community.

Please community never forget our most important partnership is you! The community is everything to us we build everything that we have here for you please don’t ever forget that

If you’re not building a product to make the world a better place you’re wasting your time.

Q5: What kind of partnership relationship do you have with totle?

ANS: It’s a very loose relationship to where we implement their products into our original website to give them coverage to try and help get their product out by using our community

We like to make friends wherever we go so somebody’s got a good product that helps the community we will let them put it inside of our ecosystem

Rowan stone from totle has a strong team too!

We like to partner with great minds whenever we can

Q6: Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of the $CBLT Token?

ANS: The utility of the $CBLT token grants users access to and ability to participate in all parts of the Cobalt Lend ecosystem. There were one billion $CBLT tokens initially then a burn took place leaving a remaining 964,584,000 tokens. The details of that burn can be found on
The remaining tokens will be for community control. Community members & developers vote on the usage of funds for the continual development of the protocol.

We certainly can. I do want to add one thing to that, what you really want to remember about the Cobalt Token is it will be instrumental in every single thing you do in the cobalt ecosystem. This means you will have to have cobalt tokens present in your wallet no matter what you do to even approach the ecosystem

This is what really gives our token value it will be the main driving force for the entire platform

And you’re really gonna like this the collateral mechanism used for the lending protocol has to be paid in Cobalt Tokens or you can’t participate.

Q7: Let me ask this, what's your plan to drive mass adoption of the platform?

ANS: Remember that token belongs to you the community we are locking 80% in the treasury at lunch just for the community to use for staking and to purchase in the chromium exchange

We believe adoption is everything and we have made so many partners along with starting our own YouTube channel and will drop the link for that here in a minute

One of my team please drop the link to slys YouTube channel

Airdrops are a favorite too.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: What is the idea behind the naming conventions for your teams (Iridium Team, Tungsten Team)? How many other teams do you have with such a naming convention?

ANS: Those are all transitional metals on the periodic table
We are transitioning society from the banking system to a D centralized system
All of the names used for all cobalt project is taken from the periodic table specifically the transition metals Question from twitter.

We’re still looking through the questions guys you guys have a really really good questions. Just give us a moment while we look through them all.

Q2: One thing that interest me most in the project and it's community is the ideology to rotate the team members and employee of cobaltlend annually having in mind the community concerns. Do you think this won't affect some aspect of the project? Such as contract development? Because a developer working on the project right from the beginning will have a better knowledge of how to handle things on case of some ugly situation with the smart contract?

ANS: Developers currently working on the Cobalt launch will still supervise future hires joining the team in the future. However, we would like for these developers to take care of the existing ecosystem while the core team moves into other ideas and projects. We got a couple of pretty interesting ideas you can look forward to in the future! But don't worry, the team will only rotate when the community and the core team are ready for future endeavors!

Q3: I see that you are in this group now for your 4th AMA with us and this really makes me to start developing interest in your project. But why have you chosen to keep coming here for an AMA? And can you please outline some of the advantages I will be having by becoming a member of the Cobalt community?

ANS: Development moves pretty fast here at Cobalt Lend! We are planning to launch the Titanium lending protocol along with staking next month. We thought it would be a great idea to give the community some power back and ask questions. As for advantages? Being part of a community where individuals have the power to partake in a platform funding small businesses. There are incentives for both borrowers and voters. Regardless of what your vote was. You as an individual will be more involved in the Cobalt ecosystem than any other.

Q4: There are lot of small businesses that needs micro loans to help revive and keep their business going, however majority of them don't know about crypto and blockchain in general, how will Cobalt lend help onboard such people so that they won't be left out?

ANS: We have a student learning center that will assist with getting individuals acclimated with blockchain processes. So that when it comes to them filling out the applications with our assistance, they are aware of their best options for financing.

Q5: There are lot of small businesses that needs micro loans to help revive and keep their business going, however majority of them don't know about crypto and blockchain in general, how will Cobalt lend help onboard such people so that they won't be left out?

ANS: I want to add to the student learning program, we are devoting a lot of time effort and resources to ensuring the general public has a safe place to learn on the Ethereum test net, we also help you learn how to write smart contracts in grade your progress wallet is on the rinkeby test net so people can learn with test / fake ETH.

Q6: What are your current plans to onboard new clients and what market are you targeting?

ANS: Each client will go through a vetting process before we allow them into our ecosystem. We are not targeting any specific markets but we are making so that any individual can participate.

Q7: CobaltLend seems to be entirely centered around the community. Does every community member have the same number of vote regardless of how many toke you are holding? Or higher token with higher stakes?

ANS: Yes absolutely! Everyone gets only one chance to vote on a specific loan proposal to either fund it or not. However, these loan proposals will be locked behind tiers. Individuals with higher stakes in the platform will be able to partake in deeper involvement for better rewards!

And I want to add to that we are making sure that our lending protocol as accessible to everyone in the world not just large or small businesses.

Q8: In your personal opinion, why is it more profitable to promote these financial services and lenders to smaller companies? It is something logical in terms of loans, but what other benefits do they offer to call investors to use Cobalt?

ANS: It isn't more profitable per se. We believe there are amazing ideas out there that don't necessarily get the spotlight they deserve. We want to build a platform where these ideas are funded by the community and the community can, in turn, benefit from supporting these projects. The incentive mechanism is already built for both parties to benefit from this exchange.

Q9: What is your long-term vision about the industry which you are working on? Are you afraid some day there will be another project with more innovative technology can replace your project?

ANS: That crypto will be taken more seriously in todays world that it competes in way that puts fiat currency away. That it will give more power to the people when it comes to handling their own finances. I am not afraid that someday there will be another project as long as it provides more freedom to people and not the banks in control.

I want to add to my guys point here, we hope that other projects do copy our platform because that means that we’re doing something right and we are trying to remove the banks from controlling all the capital in the world

Question From Twitter

(Cobalt Lend has focused on becoming an excellent opportunity for small businesses to borrow and lend, but is that its final approach? Do you plan to become the number one of the great business powers in the future?)

Cobalt focuses on becoming an excellent opportunity for every individual & entity (not just small businesses). So in short, no, small businesses are not our final approach. We start small with the community so that they can grow to be big enterprises. The more the community grows the more Cobalt grows. Which is why our most important partner is you, the Community.

There are so many great ideas out there that never get off the ground because they don’t have access to the proper resources, we aim to fix that

We will not only provide financial help but we will also provide code review and mentor ship

We also want to touch on another thing here since we are talking about copycats, lots of Other projects are starting to try and copy our platform all the way up to our name. So be very careful and make sure that you are actually interacting with our ecosystem.

Nope! Our team has already implemented and built an ecosystem with many moving parts and implementations that have not been seen in the industry yet. As for the future? We have multiple projects the core team has planned for future development. You can look forward to hearing from Cobalt in the future!

Q10: Would Chromium have a marketplace for NFTs? Would Chromium have a native token of its own or will it make use of $CBLT?

ANS: We will not be implementing an NFT marketplace on Chromium at launch but that idea is something that we have considered and may be developing in the future. Everything within the Cobalt platform will make use of the CBLT Token.

All of our information can be found at

Q11: Coblat Lend have planned for small business, why the team don't planned for big business?
In future, do the team have any big plan for update their small business to big and smart business? Do you think about it or the team will stay in small business forever?

ANS: Who said we don't have anything planned for them? Our priority is to provide equal opportunity to ideas, period. Everything in Cobalt is built with scalability in mind. Meaning as that as the ecosystem starts to get bigger and more popular, we can start to ramp up the opportunities for bigger businesses with better rewards for the community. The sky is the limit and Cobalt built their product with that in mind above all.

Q12: How do you plan to show the world that your product is not just useless blockchain solution to a non-existing problem?

ANS: There alot of biases from financial institutions in which we are trying to help individuals and business's in getting loans. That we are fixing problems in which traditional financial institutions can't solve or wont.

All right guys I think Darius my head of internal security wants to see a final word and then we’re pretty much gonna wrap it up there.

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