Recapitulation of COINSLOOT PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Friday, 12th March, 2021
Time: 16:00 UTC

The COINSLOOT PROJECT team was represented by @Sofyapb and @Luke_ozimski who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about COINSLOOT PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the Team working on the COINSLOOT project?

ANS: Today we will be very happy to answer all the questions about CoinsLoot Dapp and discuss the potential of our project, as well as the roadmap. 😋

The team behind CoinsLoot is the same team that successfully delivered CoinCasso Exchange platform back in 2018. Our team is mainly based in Krakow, Poland, but we also have some team representatives and partners in Malta, Dubai and Estonia.

At today’s AMA session we will have Luke Ozimski, the Founder of CoinsLoot project, who is also a CEO and Founder of the CoinCasso Exchange and who has years of experience within the financial and crypto industry. The second team representative will be me - Sofya Puzhaykina, I am responsible for the business development side. In past she was involved in various blockchain projects as well as blockchain based charity programs, also was working with the top blockchain influencers at the biggest European AI and emerging tech summit.

All the team works on our previous blockchain projects so we have couple years of experience in building fantastic platfroms in crypto.

Q2: Can you introduce the COINSLOOT project, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitve advantage?

ANS: Unlike many startups, we already have the MVP ready, which you can try anytime at We will have the Dapp ready by the end of March and we cannot wait for our audience to try this Crypto Loot Boxes out! We are now running our ICO and we are happy to say that for now we have 30% already sold out.

You can participate in the CIO and buy our LOOT tokens very easy using the meta mask here:

We plan to run the ICO till the end of April 😜

The new roadmap about new feaatures and about adding a new physical product will be published in Q2. The q1 was mainly focus to build the platform for crypto only. We have up and running demo and everyone can now try for free at

Q3: Can you tell us about the ICO? What are the things to know about it?

ANS: We have the ICO running till the end of April!
We have 100.000.000 LOOT tokens issued
75% of profit goes to the token holders when staking 🤑

Current ICO price it is very attractive it is just $0.10 and will remain by end of the april. After that we will list our token on at least 5 famous exchanges .

We have already sold 30% of the ICO and here you can participate as well:

Users can participate directly with ETH by any wallet.

Q4: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS?

ANS: we are happy to say that lately we secured a very beneficial partnership with Luna PR, the Dubai based agency, that is helping us to promote CoinsLoot and deliver the main idea of it to our great audience.

We are very excited about our work together and we have achieved some great results in just 1 month time. We managed to secure a few partnerships with the top crypto influencers, which we will announce very soon.

We are also looking forward to explain the idea of CoinsLoot Dapp to bigger audience and we will be very thankful if you help us to spread the word about first ever Crypto Loot Boxes by CoinsLoot 😉

Another partnerships we have in place are the cooperation with luxury brands for our physical Loot Boxes, such as fashion brands, jewellery, even cars manufactures!

But all this to be revealed very very soon!!

Also we will add to our boxes subscriptions for anything you probably know, Netflix, Spotify etc… voucher and coupon for famous hotels brands, airline and more.

Q5: Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of the COINSLOOT token?

ANS: CoinsLoot is powered by its native LOOT Token, which operates through a decentralized platform. This makes it both largely immune to external pressures and highly transparent. Decentralized applications (DApps) offer a heightened level of trust and safety for consumers, reflecting CoinsLoot’s core values.

As we have already mentioned, CoinsLoot is currently having an ICO on CoinCasso platform for our LOOT token, which is ERC-20 utility token. Investors can stake LOOT tokens on the smart contract to earn dividends or profits from all the transactions occurring on the platform. The longer the period, the higher the returns. Besides, the platform doesn't take a cut in the profit; all the profit from staking goes to the LOOT holders.

All the aplication is 100% transaprent and based on ETh blockchain. 75% of all profit went staking tokens. In 400 days all every user who stake our toknes not only participate in profit but also become a voter with the rights power according to his tokens. Users will earn TOOL tokens for governing a DAO.

DAO will start after 400 days of running the Dapp.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: There will be only 100 million LOOT tokens. How many percent of this will be used as the total staking on the platform? And what are the rules for profit sharing when staking?

ANS: Thats only depands on users needs. If the start getting a profit - good profit they will stake the tokens. Also all onsold tokens will gonna be burned. 75% of the profit went to staking holders and will be distrubuted by the contract.

Q2: What are the benefits of the partnership with Luna PR, for both CoinsLoot and and its Community?

ANS: Obviously for popularity of the project and investors. It is a community driven business- more users more profit. As well bigger community give us better chance to sign partnerships with big brands.

Q3: 🧨 You said CoinsLoot use a probably fair algorithm to guarantee safety and fair returns. But how does this algorithm work and how are you so sure that will provide guarantee safety and that no one will be able to bug it and take any sort of advantage of it? Explain it a bit more.

ANS: Amazing question! So, each user will have the transaction hash and will be able to check if there is a match with the previously recieved hash and the phrase with help of the cryptographic algorithms! We will also add the big explanation on our FAQ section with step by step instructions for our dear users!

Q4: One of the most pivotal aspects of CoinsLoot is LOOT staking, what do you need to prepare to start Stake Loot? Besides, how coinsloot referrals mechanism to encourage users to invite more people?

ANS: There is currently no any refferal mechanism added to the dapp, however we will strongly work with global famous influencers and will do marketing online best, and many more.

Q5: What's with the name CoinsLoot? Why did you choose such a funny yet special name? Is there a special story behind the COINS we're LOOTING?

ANS: CoinsLoot name has its roots from the traditional LootBoxes concept 😉 It is very wide spreaded among the video game lovers, and they can actually win some nice new skin or weapons while opening traditional lootboxes.

We decided to apply this concept to make crypto and crypto investments FUN and accessible! We will have several BOXES: BTC box, ETH box, DEFI box and even TESLA box! You will be able to chose the one you like the most 😉

That is where the CoinsLoot name is coming from 😉.

Q6: Your project has great features. Can you tell about your listing plans? Especially the ones involving major exchanges, CEX and DEX?
And how will Coinsloot attract real users who continue to support this project to keep growing & developing in the future? Does Coinsloot have a reward program such as Big Bounty, Airdrop or a referral program?

ANS: Yes, we planning to be publish on HITBTC , GATE.IO, BITHUMP, BIBOX and of course on CoinCasso - as this is our partnership exchange who was also in Partnership with Paris Sanit- Germian - we have couple years of experience to work with big brands. We will also add token to the mose famous dex platforms. Real users will join Coinsloot with chance of getting better content , the can open box for $100 and get even $10000 = 100x. Depands on chance. Currently there will be new action made by Luna - so plese join our official group to get more information.

Q7: You said in near future COINSLOOT will add real world items like iPhones. This is a very good think. But my question is will this items be globally available? From any where we will be able to claim them?

ANS: Yes, absolutely! IT will be awailable for the worldwide delivery if we are talking about the physical goods items! You can access the coinsloot platform from any country as it is not gambling, you will always have your funds back, so no legal restrictions 😉 Good luck 😉.

Q8: I am a worker in a slot casino, and one of the things that stands out in this type of betting is obviously the betting algorithm, the more you bet, the less likely you are to win the big fish, as it is also thrown to luck. How can you show me that the betting spins are really random? Do these algorithms store percentages of probabilities?

ANS: It is 100% open source code platform. Everyone will be able to see how the algorithm works. Also users will get own hash that can be check after every spin. Smart contract will be also published - 100% transaprency.

Q9: Why are you selling your IEO in batches? In addition to being a used currency to buy Lootbox on Loot Coins, what is LOOT used for?

ANS: IEO was sold in 4 stages. To give benefits for early stage investors who investing in idea. But the main sale is now moved to Avareage price of token is around $0.10 - very attractive.

Q10: COINSLOOT is the best project i know that...But sir How to make COINSLOOT easy for anyone? Including those who do not understand crypto will also use COINSLOOT?and sir you think that in future your token will be burn??

ANS: Hey and thanks a lot for such a nice question! CoinsLoot is very easy for even the Crypto newbies!
We came up with the idea which makes investments available and easy for everyone. You do not need to think with Defi project to invest in - cause we offer you the box with top Defi projects listed already and you can multiply your investement with just 1 spin!
You can open the box by paying the 10 euros fee and win up to 1 BTC! It is fun and easy!
Check out our demo at

Q11: What is the probability to win prizes in boxes of greater value? How will Coinsloot bring transparency and fairness to its users?

ANS: 100% transaprent and decantralized app - everything it will be open to check. All boxes and content will be marked with % chance of getting. According to the algorithm.

Q12: Hello Luke 🤝💯

Is there any expectant of token burn or buy back in the future?

ANS: Hi, all unsold tokens will be burn. By back in the future depands on profitability of project, however this is dapp which turns to DAO in 400 days of start, so we are allowing to by back our tokens by everyone - not limiting only to oursefl - creators.

Also in next step we will add creating the own boxes by users - imagine boxes with NFT tokens inside - we will only charge a fees.

Q13: Where and when can I find contract address?
How will COINSLOOT convince people who has a little knowledge about crypto currency to partake in the project?

ANS: Hi, sure, here is the addres:

CoinsLoot is the platform where you can have fun while making money! You are not loosing any funds invested, as you ill always win the equivalent of the Box Opening fee or the reward which will be x2, x5 or evem x10 time HIGHER!! 😉

Q14: Do you have any pre sales on near future? tell me more about partnerships and sponsorships,
Will you also focus more on Asian market ?

ANS: Yes we do focus on Asia market. No more pre sale but if you have specific questionregardsing the investment please contact me direclty.


Thank you guys! Lets keep in touch in our telegram group any time ❤️

Thank you AMA LOVERS community for very useful questions! We were happy to spend this hour together with you!
We would love to hear your feedback!


Follow Us On Our Various Social Media Communities For More Update;

if we did not manage to answer any important question here, please, join us at our official CoinsLoot telegram here so we can chat any time!

You can purchase our tokens very fast and easy here:

And as Luke already mentioned, please, visite our vebsite and test CoinsLoot platform! We cannot wait to hear your feedback:



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Telegram Channel:






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