Recapitulation of CoinxPad PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Thursday, 23rd September, 2021
Time: 16:00 UTC

The CoinxPad PROJECT team was represented by @Raph_coinxpad who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about CoinxPad PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on Coinxpad?

ANS: Sure ! I'm Raph, the CEO of CoinxPad, I’m involved in the blockchain space since 5 years, I previous worked as a project manager in a corporate company ( non crypto related) for few years and then in 2017 I started to get involved in the crypto world as investors/trader. I love to create and build ideas, soon I realized that in order to achieve that I needed to build a team of talented individual focused with same goals and motivations. Our team at moment is composed of 5 members, each one very good at something (back end , front end, blockchain development as well as marketing strategy and community management). We’re all from different countrys but after covid19 we learned that distance is not a problem to build and deliver great things :).

Q2: Can you introduce Coinxpad, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: The crypto world is growing at a fast rate, with new projects launching every other day. Yet, most of the latest projects lack the proper space for growth and success. Generally, since the projects are new, they have no community backing. Thus, they first need to garner community support using technologies called launchpads.

Launchpads are systems created to provide new projects with space to gain community support through token sales. Today, there are dozens of crypto launchpads, each providing services in different chains. A new project, Coinxpad, launches to provide launchpad services in all smart chains.

There are many projects already providing the IDO launchpad services today. Thus, Coinxpad aims to be different by offering different features. Among the top features is the platform that will allow both the centralized solution (IDO vetted by our team before listing on the platform) and decentralized launchpad where all the new startups will be able to raise and lock liquidity in a complete decentralized way.

This will ensure a safe experience for the new investors as well as a new competitive platform on the market for all the projects that aim to launch their product in the evolving blockchain space.

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: We built already a community on our telegram group and twitter of investors and peoples passionate about cryptocurrencies. Every launchpad to be successful need a great community of investors and we can say that we’re already on top of it and looking to grow every day from now on. We have many milestones that all the new members can check on our website . I would say the most important ones are the cex/dex launchpads that will give to the current market a complete , fair, and efficient product. Unlikely as many crypto projects we’re not taking advantage of a specific trend that last only few weeks but we’ll be on the market from the day of launch for all subsequent years.

Q4: Can you give an overview of the Tokenomics, and UTILITY of $CXPAD token?

ANS: The Coinxpad network will have a native token, CXPAD, whose primary purpose is powering the network.

The total number of CXPAD tokens created is 100 billion tokens. Coinxpad distributes the tokens as follows;
• 50 billion in the upcoming presale
• 22.095 billion for liquidity purposes
• 13 billion for burning
• 5 billion to development purposes
• 5 billion for research and innovation
• 2 billion for partnerships
• 2 billion for airdrops
• 900 million users in Unicrypt fees

This BEP-20 token leverages the Binance smart chain as its primary hub. The CXPAD token will be the currency required to partecipate and get allocation in all the IDOs we’ll launch, an additional utility will be our autoreward USDT system that will send automatically to our holders wallet USDT based on holding/daily volumes.

We believe these 2 main features will allow the token to mantain buying pressure everyday and reward our loyal investors.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: 1. Could you explain more about CoinxPad “EDM” Vetting Process? What makes you think this is the best strategy to help protect investors?
2. Also, Why did you choose to reward your holders in USDT instead of BTC or BNB? Will rewards be given out to holders in form of another token in the future or it will be strictly USDT?

ANS: 1. The EDM vetting process will ensure our investors the higher chance to partecipate in all projects we’ll launch because it’s a complete process of project evaluation. To be successful we think a project need to have high standards of expertise of the whole team as first pillar point, then all the developments must follow a timeline that is predetermined otherwise the delivering time will be too long and will make investors lose conficence, lastly a well designed marketing plan is crucial from the launch to the early stages of every projects. We will ensure that all projects that launch with us respect these 3 pillar points that will result in the highest chance to succeed in the competitive crypto marker.

2. We choosed USDT as main reward currency simply because is the most famous stablecoin with higher volumes and marketcap :).

Q2: Can you tell us how your Presale on Unicrypt is going to be conducted ? Do you have any whitelisting event ? As I have intentions of participating in the Pre-sale, when would I be able to claim my token ? After the Pre-sale, do you have a tentative date for launching on pancakeswap ? Can you tell us your reason for combining a CEX and DEX feature alongside each other on the Coinxpad platform, seeing that most people move away from CEX due to some restrictions and in true spirit of decentralization, What efficiency do you derive my combining the two on your platform ?

ANS: Presale will be on Unicrypt on 25 september, here’s the link:

There will be 3 rounds for investors to join the COINXPAD Presale:

Round 0: 1/3 of the presale hard cap can be sold before the sale starts by users willing to burn UNCL (finished already in less than 24 hours).

Round 1: This is for Unicrypt holders. This round will last for 2 hours and to participate, you need 3 $UNCX Tokens or 50 $UNCL Tokens in your wallet.

Round 2: After the 2 hours, the presale will be opened to everyone until the hard cap is reached or the end date has expired, whichever comes earlier.

Note that on UniCrypt presale page, you can see $WBNB as currency required to buy $CXPAD. This will not be a problem as you can simply use BNB. We recommend to use MetaMask, other wallets may experience connection problem with Unicrypt.

Listing on Pancakeswap will occour as soon as presale finish.

We’re not combining Cex and Dex features , we’ll have actually 2 platform increasing the utility of our token and project.

Q3: 🌟I read that you won't be renouncing the ownership of the contract of CoinxPad. Can you tell us why you won't do it or why do you think it's not convenient? And instead of that, which security mechanisms do you offer to protect users' investments?

ANS: Renouncing ownership has become the standard in the fraud-filled BSC space but in reality it only provides the illusion of safety. We have employed protection for potential investors. The LP pool will be locked. Our contract code has been audited for security vulnerabilities.

We are just as sick and tired of the proliferation of rugs and scams as anyone else. Our mission is to change this unsavory reality helping only the most legit projects to raise liquidity with us. We understand trust is hard to come by in this space, we only ask for the opportunity to earn it from each and every investor.

Q4: What is the policy of CoinxPad on Meme projects? Will you bring meme projects on your platform? Which things do you see in projects when you launch them on your platform?

ANS: We will not launch meme projects because we believe that these projects are only speculation and mostly pump and dump and they don’t bring any long term value to the crypto ecosystem.

Q5: Why did you choose Bep20 to launch? Why not Solana which is booming right now also has very good features?

ANS: We’ll support also Solana as well as other blockchain networks , that’s why we decided to go multi-chain since the beginning.

Q6: In Q1 2022 you have mentioned to launch Dex NFT Launchpad. So can you give some information about this? Will you create a platform where users will create and launch NFTs? Or you will launch NFT related projects?

ANS: Exactly in Q1 2022 we’ll launch also a dex nft launchpad where talented artists will be able to raise liquidity for their artworks collection.

Q7: What will be the criteria to join the upcoming projects on CoinxPad? How many tokens do we have to stake? And what are other requirements which we have to do?

ANS: We will release all the infos related about the levels offered to partecipate in all the IDOs we’ll launch at the beginning of October :).

Q8: There are already many launchpads in the market. Why we should choose yours? Will the projects on your platform give higher returns?

ANS: You should choose us because our project is new, solid and still in presale phase, so compared to other launchpads we have much much more room to grow :).

Q9: We can know that together you will be holding a presele on September 25 with the help of unicrypt, so can I still register for a CoinxPad presele? How do I buy CoinxPad tokens if I can't buy them on presele? And Where is your public sale?

ANS: Our public presale will be in 2 days on Unicrypt , you still have time to partecipate , I invite everyone to join our telegram group to get all the updates :)

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