Recapitulation of Combine Finance AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB

Date: Wednesday, 28th October, 2020
Time: 13:00 UTC

The Combine Finance team was represented by Jeremy, Founder of Combine Finance. He judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about the project.


Q1 : Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also if you have a team, you can introduce them also

Ans : I’m Jeremy Founder of Combine Finance. Been a trader and a Developer. Have 16 years of trading experience and 2 years of coding experience.
So, it’s a mixture of wild experiences in both the domain. Well on Combine finance we are 3 developers working together me being the frontrunner for Combine Finance.
We are a team of 8 People currently. That includes 3 developers 4 admins and 1 designer.

Q2 : Can you introduce the combine finance project, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what’s the competitve advantage in this DeFi season

Ans : In short Combine Finance is a mixture of great products in DEFI. All under one roof one platform. We have already integrated multiple things on our platform and more features to come. Here’s an image for the investors to gauge where we stand.

The current issues that we are seeing is there’s been lot of projects thats getting rugged on a daily basis. People are losing money due to some bad actors in the space. I want people to see what we have done to secure the trust of our community. In combine finance. You can be assured of quality products and genuine outlook with the investors investments that can be mutually beneficial to the ecosystem and the investor

The current issues that we are seeing is there’s been lot of projects thats getting rugged on a daily basis. People are losing money due to some bad actors in the space. I want people to see what we have done to secure the trust of our community. In combine finance. You can be assured of quality products and genuine outlook with the investors investments that can be mutually beneficial to the ecosystem and the investor

We have it all under one roof.. Soon, One after the other we are integrating features in our platform and the benefits will be taken by people who are the owner of COMB token

I’ll share one image with the community

This is our standard template for comparison to where we stand compare to others.

Q3 : Can you briefly describe the Top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap

Ans : 1. We have built our exchange

2. Farming and staking is working amazingly

3. Advance Pool - Definite token

We are going to launch our Core model Liquidity locked mining Vault and NFT. 1st week of november

Also, there’s going to be more addition of features. Like stablecoin for COmb token. Switching to Polkadat, Governance. more vaults and advance pools coins


Q1 : Your exchange ( runs exactly like Uniswap, do you think people would abandon Uniswap for it? How do you plan to address the issue of expensive gas fee which seems to be the major problem people using Uniswap experience?

Ans : That’s a really bold goal to have. I think we can take a small market share from uniswap. I think whoever gets the polkadot exchange first can take the major share from uniswap. We been thinking on lot of lines. Currently we are similar to uniswap and we can modify our platform as per deflationary coins that aren’t compatible with uniswap.. So, we might position ourself as Custom coins which are deflationary will be functional on

Q2 : The lineup of activities on your platform are impressive. Are there plans to host hackathons to test your platforms security?

Ans : Thanks for that. We always keep our investors goal ahead of us. We’ve audited our smart contract since we were on the mainnet. To see if there’s any potential threats and we have passed the process with flying colors. Security is really key. We might check it out.

Q3 : Why is the Definite (DEF) token incompatible with the Uniswap interface and when will you exit Uniswap when your own exchange begins? How do you work on the stock market to get liquidity?

Ans : The whole idea of the game was unique The deflationary property meaning the 10% burn of def token if its in the wallet and goes below zero it will evaporates/vanish/burn. Uniswap didn’t have that compatibility to handle we have asked uniswap to look into it. It’s a big organization. We waited and finally after no response we made our own exchange.

Once we reach 10 Million in TVL on our platform we will switch the liquidity to our exchange. Plans are in place.

Q4 : $COMB has a limited supply, the 75% of it is destined for Staking rewards. Does this set an 'expiration date' for the staking program?

Ans : So the supply reduces every block by 0.1% to reach the total supply it might take another 8/9 months. That’s a long time in crypto. Comb token will be set once its farmed. There will be other coins wherein which you would need comb token to farm that.

Q5 : How we Get a chance to Earn Comb Token MEME contest For NFT on Combine Finance?How to Earn Comb Token by FarminG?

Ans : Meme token will be called as karma token. There will be a tutorial shared. It will be shared later.

to farm comb token that is live now and here’s a tutorial also


Q1 : Has your smart contract as been audited?

Ans : Yup the smart contracts are audited
Smart Contract Review by

Audit Report

Q2 : In the Liquidity locked mining is there any difference between Comb token And Karma token?

Ans : We are following the core model for more information here’s the link

Q3 : How do I earn Comb token?

Ans : There’s only one way you can earn comb token right now that’s through farming

Q4 : What’s Combine long-term development plan? How do you make users believe that Combine is a long-term high-quality project?

Ans : 1. We will tweak our own exchange and run it properly like uniswap. The fees variation and some other incentives will be added for people to use
2. More additions of coins on the advance pool. Currently is still running.
3. Switch to Polkadot Ecosystem
4. Create a StableCoin With lending and borrowing via COMB token
5. More Vaults & Governance.
6. Whatever that will make our ecosystem stronger we will integrate that.

This is our long term plan

Q5 : On website, we can stake our COMB and receive daily returns.

Is there any minimum amount needed to start staking?
What are returns in precents?

Is there any minimum amount needed to reach so we can claim COMB or it comes instant to wallet?

Ans :

So all the details are shared on the platform. There’s no minimum or max investment req. Your investment will yield you the roi as per the percentage

Q6 : I studied your project and came across a lot of unique facts. I want to know from you #aCombine Finance What are the unique features or unique customer features of your project among you and other contemporary projects?

Ans :

This image can show you what we are doing compare to others.

Q7 : As we know Token burning is a way of increasing a token value.How many of your tokens have been burned or to be burned

Ans : We are already low in total supply. 10k is the max. In the start we have burnt 250 Comb token. There’s no plan to do that in the future.

Q8 : Defi, NFT, mining and Burning are very popular now, what measures have been taken to increase CombineFinance in the future?

Ans : We are culminating everything that’s good for the community. There’s more plans to it. We will keep on building great things on our platform. With the help of our community we will reach the there. All things are scrutinize carefully before we integrate anything.. NFT, Vault, Exchange and Advance Pool. these things under one roof is unheard of right now

Q9 : How will the Combine Finance governance model work? What will users require in order to participate? What areas of the project can be voted on?

Ans : The governance will be for people who will have the Lp token in the Vault. Since, they are properly invested they will have the rights to vote in the direction of the future of combine finance. Which way to go.

Q10 : What is the current status of the launch of your NFT and Vault service? Also How are your plans to attract more investors/community members to be part of It?

Ans : We will be launching by 1st week of November and we are conducting ama back to back to educate people about our project. We are trying to reach out to people who will undestand what we are trying to achieve.


Jeremy please do you have any Final Words for community, also do good to share every useful links to combine finance here with us

Ans : Thanks for all the questions! It was my pleasure to be on your platform to educate people about us. I hope people stick to great projects instead of chasing the rugged ones


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