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Recapitulation of Crown Sterling PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Friday, 12th August, 2022
Time: 16:00 PM UTC

The Crown Sterling PROJECT team was represented by @Kuranbizdev who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about Crown Sterling PROJECT.


✨✨QUESTION1🩸: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on Crown Sterling?

👉ANS: Hey everyone, my name is Kuran Sailopal. I am the Senior Vice-President of Corporate Development at Crown Sterling. I have actively been working in space for 3 years, primarily leading business development for leading exchanges such as (formerly Exchange). Most recently I have been travelling the world advocating global adoption of crypto on all fronts, working on everything from ecosystem growth to launch strategies.

This all starts with our founder Robert Grant who is a polymath and truly one of the brightest minds in the world right now - Crown Sterling’s CEO. He has a diverse background and career, having lived in nine countries and learned several languages. He spent most of his career in healthcare, but has always had a very strong interest in mathematics, geometry and physics. He recently authored the best selling book PHILOMATH (The Unification of Science and Art Through Number).

You can find more information regarding his previous project success on and more about him personally on

He also has a TV show just launched called the CodeX available on Gaia TV

You can find more about our leadership team here

We are a dynamic group with expertise spanning over several decades from a number of industries such as Investment banking to Healthcare and of course Blockchain.

✨✨QUESTION2🩸: Can you introduce Crown Sterling project, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

👉ANS: Crown Sterling’s mission is to enable individuals to claim, protect and control their personal data, ushering in a new paradigm of Personal Data Sovereignty. The Crown Sterling Chain is a High speed ultra secure and scalable Layer-1 Substrate blockchain with a novel quantum resistant product suite from one time to pad encryption to data compression.

✨✨ So Crown Sterling will have it own blockchain?

👉 Correct we have a Layer-1 Chain. We are also building a Chain sgnostic Layer-2 Security solution.

✨✨QUESTION3🩸: Can you briefly tell us some key achievements of Crown Sterling as a project since commencement?


You can find more about our key achievements on

✨✨QUESTION4🩸: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS and BACKERS so far?

👉ANS: Our ecosystem is growing rapidly. Over 35 companies have informed us that they plan to build their new blockchains on top of the Crown Sterling Architecture. From incorporating data sovereignty in the Metaverse to creating a new species of digital A.I driven assistant. It is super exciting to watch the developments happening here. New projects can submit proposal requests to

To increase cross-chain compatibility and accessibility of CSOV and quantum-proof products, we launched an ERC-20 token last month. Trading pairs available are WCSOV/USDT and WCSOV/ETH. The wrapped CSOV token (WCSOV) is pegged at a 1:1 ratio through a smart contract on Ethereum. Available on BitMart; users can purchase and trade WCSOV, which can be later swapped into native CSOV to access Crown Sterling's quantum-resistant encryption and compression products and services suite.

This allows us to access and leverage a growing decentralized ecosystem. Users can now access WCSOV on DEXs.

I believe cross-chain protocol interoperability is a much-needed natural evolution of the industry. With our novel compression technology in deep development and our Quantum Resistant Encryption products, I envision Crown Sterling at the heart of the Web 3.0 revolution with cross-chain interoperability via bridging technology accelerating that journey. This first bridge opens up an expansive decentralized ecosystem with vast partnership opportunities.

✨✨QUESTION5🩸: Finally on this segment, Can you tell us about what the roadmap of Crown Sterling looks like for the near future?

👉ANS: We have many products coming to market over the next two quarters. Look out for 2022 Future Advancements:
Quantum Proof VPN
Layer-2 Security Oracle (Chain Agnostic Quantum resistant encryption layer)
Crown Sterling Foundation Incubation program
Staking and Node validation Alpha launch
Web application launch
Crown Sterling Debit Card Launch.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

✨✨QUESTION1🩸: With regards to the Quantum-Resistant Encryption, I found out that the looming threat of quantum computing power is speeding up the race to create a new paradigm of secure protocols. How does Crown Sterling intend to address this major challenge with quantum computing power?

👉ANS: The Crown Sovereign token (CSOV) utilizes One-Time Pad, an encryption technique viewed by cryptography experts as the most reliable method of data security. Previously deemed infeasible for scalable use cases, Crown Sterling has successfully engineered the first viable utility for One-Time Pad encryption.

Cyber attacks can take many forms. If all files are properly secured with correct key distribution and authentication using One-time Pad, even if a network is breached by an attacker, as every character of every encrypted file is encrypted using a distinct key, then even if one character is deciphered, an attacker is no more likely to decrypt the other characters of the same file. This is also true of files and is a huge advantage to the use of Block Ciphers like AES (Advanced Encryption Standard).
Here is a great video by Security Expert Eric Cole:

You can find out more about our cryptographic protocols here

✨✨QUESTION2🩸: I saw on your website that CSOV has the latest version for Ethereum which is WCSOV, so what is WCSOV and CSOV Working from the same pool? Like Is a portion of the csov supply wrapped and fed into the Ethereum system Or are they separate projects that can differ in their price?

👉ANS: WCSOV is the wrapped version of CSOV and from the same token supply

To increase cross-chain compatibility and accessibility of CSOV and quantum-proof products, we launched an ERC-20 token last month. Trading pairs available are WCSOV/USDT and WCSOV/ETH.Available on BitMart; users can purchase and trade WCSOV, which can be later swapped into native CSOV to access Crown Sterling's quantum-resistant encryption and compression products and services suite.

✨✨QUESTION3🩸: I see that there will be a Crown Sterling Debit Card Launch this year. Knowing that Crown Sterling is about Data Encryption, how would a debit card product fit in? Will the Crown Debit Card hold cryptocurrencies as well as Fiat?

👉ANS: Our Debit card gives uses a means to which they can use numerous crypto currencies for purchases instantly. We will also have yield generating products within this crypto banking infrastructure.

✨✨QUESTION4🩸: You were to launch the Web application,
Has it been launched yet?
Also Tell us some update on Debit card launch?

👉ANS: The Web Application will be launching in the next few months. We are super excited for the launch and all the decentralized features such as Encrypted messaging and file transfer, Non- Custodial Wallet, DEX and Swap platform, Staking and node validation services.

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