Recapitulation of Crypto Task AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB

Date: Friday, 8th January, 2021
Time: 19:00 UTC

The Crypto Task team was represented by @ved_bundy and @rambo1911. They judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about the project.


Q1 : Can you explain what is Crypto Task, how working ?

Ans : CryptoTask is a decentralized freelance marketplace, think Upwork on blockchain, with numerous benefits over centralized competitors, like lower fees, better dispute and payment systems, less censorship and generally a far better UX for freelancers and clients both

Q2 : Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the project

Ans : Of course, I am Ivan, CryptoTask CEO, I hold an MBA,
I’ve been leading leading software dev teams for 10+ years,
been doing research and development in the cryptocurrency niche since 2013. CEO, app dev company based, me and my team have created the official game for influencer Dan Bilzerian,
“Save Dan”, which was downloaded 2.5 million times.
Worked with a lot of big clients like Ericsson, T-mobile, Hertz...

hi, I am Vedran, CTO of CT. PHD from Cardiff University UK.
Blockchain R&D since 2012, author of the world’s first
decentralized strategy game, Etherization.
One of the first Solidity developers in Europe, extensive knowledge about decentralized ecosystems.

Q3 : What critical problems does Crypto Task solve that existing solutions are not solving and what’s the competitve advantage

Ans : I’m glad you asked. CryptoTask is tackling all the big issues in online freelancing (which is a $1.5 TRILLION niche) Our customers are primarily freelancers and employers fed up with traditional freelancing pain points:
- Huge fees for both freelancers and employers (30%+)
- 20% of freelancers are unbanked (we’re solving that with crypto payments)
- Biased and inefficient disputes
- Job value is often limited
- Fake reviews
- Late payments
We are solving all these issues with the use of smart contracts and other blockchain unique features which allow this to happen, also we have a much lesser overhead than traditional platforms so we can afford much lower fees while staying profitable.

Q4 : Can you briefly describe the Top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines

Ans : Sure, wee acquired the biggest central EU freelance job market,, 30 000 users with sign up rate of 100 users daily, with 100+ daily transactions written to the mainnet. Month-over-Month growth is 11.5%. We received Aeternity seed investment of $100k and deployed on AE blockchain in 2019. The English section is on So, we have a fully working platform on blockchain.
Next milestones include escrow system implementation (funds are safe and kept in the smart contract until job is done and both sides are happy with the outcome), affiliate system - where users can connect freelancers and clients and earn a nice fee, onboarding new freelancer organizations we are in contact with and raising our usercount to 100k+ in the next midterm period.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1 : Can you briefly delve into the requirements needed for me to be able to post a job on the cryptotask site and in what currency will I make payment because I definitely know I will have to pay by posting a job.

Ans : Hi @K2ice great question, requirements are that you simply create an account with us, it is a 2 minute process, and you are ready to start posting jobs. Posting a job right now it COMPLETELY FREE, so you dont need to worry about it, when we introduce escrow system (in few months) you will be able to choose a currency you want to make the payment in, plus many other benefits.

Q2 : With so much competition how do you intend on convincing investors to choose you over them? I mean I’m sure you have so much to offer so tell us what do you have that puts the competition at a disadvantage?

Ans : Hi @Capt_Star1 good question, well we think our rising number of users speak for themselves, people are generally fed up with bad conditions in regular freelance markets and want an improvement badly, us being freelancers themselves, we know how can we improve and give them an opportunity to earn more and focus on what they do best. Competition are huge platforms with very large overhead and they simply cannot afford to change their systems dramatically in order to benefit freelancers, because they would loose profit, and that is what their shareholders dread.

Q3 : Besides serving as a platform to get freelancers and employers, does CryptoTask serve as an intermediary at the time of payment? Are payments made directly through the platform?

Ans : DAI as escrow is handled by the platform smart contract

Q4 : Please tell me What are the benefits of partnering with SmartCredit???

Ans : u can take a loan, use it for escrow

Q5 : Currently, there is a high supply of creative professionals who provide their services independently. Does Crypto Task offer tools to make it easier for freelancers to get the right amount of clients, according to their needs and time?

Ans : We will focus most of marketing effort on bringing jobs

Q6 : What are your plans for 2021? Is there a project that will rock the crypto world in your hands?

Ans : A lot of plans for 2021, we’re starting of by implementing escrow payment on the platform, so all funds will go through a smart contract and be safely stored until both sides are happy with the job’s outcome, after that we’ll implement an affiliate system where users can earn money by connecting clients and freelancers, also many other interesting features will be announced soon, please stay tuned to our official CryptoTask telegram group

Q7 : Hello, your project is great, may i know where is the website or link
to invest in Crypto Task ? how much minimum price to buy ?

Ans : Sale details will be announced later this month, stay tuned and follow our telegram group :)

Q8 : I am still in university, can I join freelancing platform too? How much hours possibly would I render to a certain job. Which freelancing jobs suited for a student like me?

Ans : Hi, great question - the answer is YES, by all means, everyone is welcome to join CryptoTask, especially students. Number of hours depends on the job, there are some very short (and sweet) jobs like logo design and similar which you can complete in a very short timeframe.

Q9 : How does cryptotask provide an effective escrows and dispute mechanisms? and Are there any rewards for providing liquidity?

Ans : smart contract handles escrow, other users can be selected as reviewers and disputes settled in efficient decentralized manner. yes, there will be farming for staking LP tokens from uniswap...there will also be time based rewards (longer u stake, higher the bonus)

Q10 : In case there is a dispute or problems between the contractor and the contractor, is there some kind of judge on the platform to dictate who is right and why? and in such a case that these things do not happen as the platform does to avoid situations like this.

Ans : other users serve as judges, think of a jury :)

Q11 : The early 2021s are impressive how not BTC now put a foot in the value of 41000 $ and the others are also naek, as an investor I hesitate to hold crypto taks tokens / coins, for fear of falling far my pre-sale purchase price, how do you make a solution in someone like me?

Ans : vesting, time based bonuses for farming..

Q12 : If a freelancer accepts a job from a client, and after the job is finished, the client doesn’t make the payment ... what happens? How does CryptoTask intervene in that case?

Ans : then a dispute is started, and if task was escrowed, other users decide on the outcome through smart contract voting

Q13 : Can you expand our knowledge about Your Roadmap this year and the future and any Updates on your Research and development progress?

Ans : Sure, as I mentioned a lot of plans for 2021, we’re starting of by implementing escrow payment on the platform, so all funds will go through a smart contract and be safely stored until both sides are happy with the job’s outcome, after that we’ll implement an affiliate system where users can earn money by connecting clients and freelancers, we are also preparing some very nice partnerships and onboarding of large freelance organizations

Q14 : In a simple term, can you explain how I can earn passive income as a middleman on cryptotask and how much can I earn as a middleman?

What are the benefits and how high is the APR if a user of provides liquidity for $CTASK?

Ans : Farming CTASK-LP, that will be available immediately, later token price will be pushed by token utility within the ecosystem

Q15 : What is the team’s orientation and development plan for 2021 in the Defi region, why do you think Defi, this immature term, has a future? What results do you expect to achieve?

Ans : DeFi development is just starting, I personally believe the space is very young and has a lot to offer. All freelancing markets, centralized and decentralized, usually have a disproportion between the number of available jobs and freelancers looking for work. In general, there is a lot of good freelancers who struggle with finding opportunities to get started.
To alleviate this problem, we developed a mechanism for decentralized P2P marketing, where a freelancer can offer in advance a certain percentage of task value to a middleman who brings in a client, say 20%. 70% goes to the freelancer and 10% is used by the smart contract to buy off CTASK.

Q16 : Have you heard of CanYa which is a decentralized freelance marketplace just like you? If yes, can you tell us how you are better than them?

Ans : yes. they force users to use crypto which is not great for adoption, so their traction is rather poor. we have 30,000 users already. also, our dispute system is different etc, you can read our wp

Q17 : Does the Crypto Task have a strategy for identifying areas of improvement and actually making those changes?

Ans : Yes we do, we mentioned already, we know the pain point very well because we’ve been freelancers ourselves, and we listen to the community. The whole goal of CT is to bring a better alternative to online freelancing, which really hasn’t changed since the 90s. Now is the time.


Before leaving can you share alll social media and where can we buy tokens for presale.

Ans : Of course, let me just say - thanks for having us here and these were all very smart and interesting questions, it was a pleasure to be with you guys today. We’ll choose the 5 best questions now.

Thanks for the questions, if you have any more of them please do not hesitate to join our telegram group at, glad to have been with you today and see you on our group!

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