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Recapitulation of DeFiDoge PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Sunday, 23rd May, 2021
Time: 05:00 AM UTC

The DeFiDoge PROJECT team was represented by @DefiiDoge who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about DeFiDoge PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on DeFiDoge?

ANS: Yes sure. I have been in crypto since 2016. I started off as a trader enjoyed the ICO boom of 2017, and than slowly started to get into project management. Crypto has been a big part of of me since than as I am sure it has been for a lot of us. I have been in through the ups and down and still here standing, I have worked in project management in real life jobs as well. So that experience combined with my gained crypto expertise over the years I formulated a team that shared a similar vision, goal and work ethic and that’s how we came out with Defi Doge.

We have a great team working behind Defi Doge. We have a great back end developer who is vastly experienced in the space. Than we have a front end developer and a UI guy who is great and i hope alot of you guys lover our website designed. Than we have another graphic desgner and a marketing team. We have 2 team leads on the marketing team and they are vastly experienced and knowledable about all marketing techniques and i am sure we will dive more into that as the AMA progress. Than we have a team writer who publishes all our content. I am very confident and pleased in saying that we have one of the strongest teams in this meme space !

Is the team doxxed?

The team is not doxxed as of yet. They have been working in their respective fields for a very long time. However once we start to roll along with the project and grow in the space the team definaitly will consider becmoing public is that is something thats needed 🙂

We are not doxxed iin the crypto space however are public in their respecyive fields

Let's proceed to meet the DeFiDoge project 😄

But before then let me share this promo video

yes im sure the community would love to seee a visual !

So while the community watch the visual, let's meet the DeFiDoge project.

Q2: Can you introduce DeFiDoge, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: Yes aboslutely. So Defi Doge is a meme coin, however unlike most meme coins it has a vision of deriving utility out of its ecosystem. Most meme coins are not created with a long term visiion and rely soley on hype and die out afer a while. There is no real world "USE CASE" to them. Defi Doge wanted to have a real world use case so it is more than just a meme coin. The vision is to gain mass adoption and globally be accepted as a metho of payment. So you could pay with your Defi Doge coins at your favourite resturant, malls, online retailors, concerts and many more. As we all know Doge is now starting to get accpeted as a method pf payment at a lot of places and business are starting to accept dogecoin. We want to be bring the same uitility into our ecosystem and gain mass adoption in the long run !


Yes its a long term idea and we want to be a meme giant just like Dogecoin.

Q3: Getting DeFiDoge accepted for payment in various outlet will require a huge publicity and awareness.
So you have an intensive marketing strategy?

ANS: Also one thing i will say is that our tokenomics are different than alot of other meme coins. We are not sending half the supply to vitalik or CZ or buring of 99% of the supply. We have a fixed supply of 100k and low supply attracts alot of holders. We are a meme coin so ofcourse we want to see some fireworks in terms of price but tokenomics are buidl with a purpose and team and development tokens are all vr\sted after launch

Yes we do. Our marketing strategy is very extensive and detailed. We know gaining adoption and creating global awareness is not easy and will require a big marketing campaign and we are ready and underway in doing just that. This is our 4th AMA of the week and we have many more planned coming up. We will spread the word every where to everybody and will not take any shortcuts with marketing as that is the fundamental pillar of our success. We have a great marketing team whoa re very detailed and thorough intheir approach. We will implement all knids of marketing from telgram marketing , AMA;s, target marketing, using anytics and many more (I dont want to give out all my secrets here) but we have a through marketing strategy which we will implement. Our creating awareness campaign before the launch is already underway and after we launch we will dive into ASIA marketing as mentioned in our roadmap

Every month we will be covering a continent and marketing thoroughly in that specific continent trying to reach all upcoming and existing crypto markets. We have great connection in the space and will utilize them to our advantage

Our marketing road map can be found on our webiste at

Q4: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: Yes ofcourse. Before the launch we wanted to crate as much hype and awarenesss as possible and we are doing just that. We have more than 1700 memebers in our Telegram and more than 1.5K on our twitter. This is our fourth AMA pre launch and once we launch we will start marketing in Asia as mentioned on the roap map. That wll roll into july where we will move into north america and start marketing the north american markets and audiences. Than in july we roll into marketing Europe. August is austrlia/New zealand. September is Africa and than october is South america.

After that we will do a thorough analysis of our marketing campaiagn and move into the next ohase which will be corporate marketing which includes reaching out to business and retialors in trying to bring real utility to our ecosystem and get Defi Doge to be accpted as a payment of payment . Our strong marketing cmapign and mass adoption by than is what will help us achieveing these goals.

Q5: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?

ANS: We donot have any parternships so far as we are soo young. But i will tell you this there has been a lot of interest and been talking to some big names that are intrigued by our project, and i am sure as we continue to roll on and keep moving forward with our road map new partnerships will come along with it.

Is the token minted yet?

The token is deployed, We will start our presale tommorow and than move onto our launch !

What's the ticker?

BEP 20

we ll be luanching on BSC and listing on pancakeswap right after the sale


is the token ticker.

Q6: Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of the $DEFIDOGE Token?

ANS: I read that wrong sorry, so many things on my mind before the launch lol

Yes sure, so we have a fixed supply of 100k. 62.9% will go into liqudity, 10% will be team token that will be vested for the 6 months. 12.1% development that will be locked for 1 month and 15% for marketing.

There will be a 2% transaction fee. 1% of every transaction will go into the liqudity pool generating liquidty, and the other 1% will be redistributed to all token holders

The utility as i previosly spoke about will be derived from marketing and mass adoption, The use case is to be globally accpeted as a method of payment. We will also be releasing our NFTs and our own merch shortly.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: The Doge coin, which is part of your name, is an ordinary Meme coin, but is currently one of the most popular coins. Will Defi Doge have more realistic moves to do the same as Doge rather than the intervention of a manipulator like Elon?

ANS: OMG i love this question. Yes we intend on making this as fair as possible for everyone to have a fair share in. You will see that once we roll out our presale detials. We truly beleive Defi Doge is the coin of the people and want to be as fair as possible to all participants.

Q2: Although your project is new, As you mention in whitepaper that projects is progressing rapidly in Asia, America, and Africa etc Can you provide information about your area or local organization? Also what role the community play in your project?

ANS: Yes great question. We wil be rolling out our ASIA marketing after launch. We can give the exact specifics in what communites we are connected in and will target, howevver our marketing team is very well conneced globally and has great connection in the asian markets and we intend on using that to our advantage 🙂.

Q3: There has been a lot of tokens in the past with low supply and yet still didn't attracts alot of holders. What plans do you have to entice investors to buy and hold, rather than seek a short time profit?

ANS: Yes i agree. The low supply is Definiatly an incentive for the invesotrs and attracts attention however we are not banking on it in terms of creating demand. We want to create demand by gaining mass adopton and bringing utility to the Defi Doge ecosystem . But ofcourse this is a meme porject and who doesnt want to see some fireworks with a low supply coin 🚀🚀.

Q4: How is project development going? Can you describe in detail current development efforts, market expansion plans, expected applications, and when will they become commercially available? @DefiiDoge

ANS: Yes development is going great. All our presale development is complete, the token is deployed and we will start out presale 23 may- 3PM UTC

After that the next development phase will be Rolling our NFTS and wallet integration is also set to be released. THose will be the next phases in terms of development, but marketing is where we will really push this coin and take it to the next levels !!

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We will be starting our presale on sunday 23 MAY 3PM UTC. SO stay tuned in our TG group as we will be relasing all presale and other details in there


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