Recapitulation of Demole PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Wednesday, 13th October, 2021
Time: 12:00 PM UTC

The Demole PROJECT team was represented by @Demole_Rae who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about Demole PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on Demole?

ANS: Sure, I am Rae Lim - CMO of Demole. I have experience as a digital asset advisor, marketing manager, and investor relations manager in Singapore

In addition, I have managed various corporate social responsibility projects in British multinationals

I have been joining Demole at a very early stage as a CMO

Denis Znamenskiy is CEO of As a SPAC professional, Denis has participated as a speaker at international blockchain events

Emilian Gomoi is CTO at Besides being a software Developer and Project Manager for over 40 years, he also was licensed as Foreign Expert by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs of China

Catalin Anton is COO of Catalin has increased efficiency, customer satisfaction, staff & financial performance for several organizations including multi-national & national organizations

Q2: Can you introduce Demole, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: There are many NFT games now. But not many of them meet the standard of the traditional gaming market

That’s the reason why many of them disappear quickly within 1 month after launching


We do not want to limit Demole into the NFT gaming market, but also want to explore the traditional gaming market, which was nearly $200 billion last year and almost 200 times bigger than the NFT market

By becoming one of very few NFT games that can connect 2 markets, we are confident about the future of the project

Here are some problems of the NFT games now that we will solve:

The strengths of an NFT game can be seen more easily when we put ourselves next to other NFT games available on the market today


You can see we have certain advantages when compared with other projects.

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: We have a clear roadmap for the development of Demole and we are confident that Demole will be a huge explosion for the NFT game community. Being one of the first NFT games that offers a true 3D game, providing 3-dimensional artwork, our desire is to bring the best value for investors and gamers.

Imagine playing in the game with all 5 characters in 3D and surrounding the world of Arena, World Boss, and etc. Click on
Besides, we have been carrying out huge marketing campaigns, and at the same time, we have a very strong team of marketing partners ready to support Demole. In essence, Demole is very competitive in the general market so to the moon is a predictable thing.

Q4: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?


SEED SHO Details —

Demole is a vast and remarkable world with thousands of monsters by the five elements: wood, water, fire, earth, and metal. Powered by blockchain technology, each monster and item you own is unique, designed with excellent 3D graphics, and can be traded in the marketplace.

Merit Round Details:
More details will be announced soon!

Learn More:


Strategic Partnership Announcement - Demole x Labs

We are honored to announce that Demole has already established a tight collaboration with Labs Labs is operated by Gate Technology. It is dedicated to researching and investing in potential crypto projects. Nowadays, NFTs are revolutionizing the way gamers think about online gaming and in-game asset purchases, and Demole is so excited to be the one of the pioneers of this market. The close relationship between us will bring the incredible monetary playground to everyone.
Our NFT game will launch in Q4 2021.

🔥Stay tuned for IDO and game release!


New Partnership Announcement - Demole x Venture Capitals

We are so proud to announce Private Partners on board given the following Venture capitals: X21, AC capital, Magnus, Raptor, Consensus labs, Basic capital.

With a Diverse PvP and PvE play to earn mode, Demole is the first playable 3D RPG in the crypto/NFT ecosystem. Demole offers multiple earning opportunities and diverse gameplay mechanics synthesized to create an immersive world for Gamers to explore, be entertained and to earn. For investors the Demole represents the next iteration of play to earn, creating value with its unique gaming properties.

Our NFT game will launch in Q4 2021.
🔥Stay tuned for IDO and game release!


We call what we are doing is ecosystem expansion, we work not only with VCs and marketing partners but also other kinds of partners, including wallets for integration, gaming guilds to expand end-user pool, and even gaming platforms

Please check out the news above

Q5: Finally on this segment, Can you give an overview of the Tokenomics, and Utility of DEMOLE tokens?

ANS: We have discussed for weeks on this one

To find the best token metrics that will benefit all stakeholders in the long run and we have decided to go with Flat metrics, in which the prices of all rounds are the same

Same price for all rounds? that's odd 😄

We believe that the success of an NFT game lies on the end-user base, so letting them buy tokens at the fair price (compared to seed and private investors) is essential. And all of our investors share the same vision and (luckily) we do not have any problem with the fundraising

For the token utility

When more features released in the future, the more utilities the token will have

By doing so, we can guarantee the high demand for the tokens.

Meanwhile, the revenue redistribution mechanism will ensure the token supply

The TGE will be within this month and the launch will be very soon after that. Do not forget to check our social channels for the latest news.

Q6: So having different rounds with the same sales price is strange to me
What differentiates private investors from Ido buyers?

ANS: Exactly

We are always community oriented

That is one of the things that makes the community, those who buy when the token list will not suffer too much disadvantage compared to investors in seed round, private round or IDO.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: ✳️I am very interesting with demole...Please can you explain about your Earning Mechanisms ?

ANS: Earning mechanisms are the backbone of any NFT game. In Demole players can earn by the following mechanisms:

By participating in in-game activities Campaign, World Boss, Arena, Daily quests, players will receive eggs, hammers, and tokens, which can be used or freely traded/sold with other players on the marketplace.

Players/Investors can also go to the Training Ground, a staking pool where they put their monsters and tokens to level up the monsters while receiving more tokens passively.

Q2: Can we know Bersama Demole is an international/global project, if you say your project is global? Can it be accessed without interference in a conflict country? Will it work better in certain geographic locations? What are the requirements to become a content distributor in the #DEMOLE game?

ANS: Definitely YES. Demole is an international project, a game that have small entry barrier and easy to earn while playing.

We define Demole as the game for everyone without any restriction.

And don't forget to keep in touch with our international groups and local communities

Regional Groups
🇻🇳 Vietnam:
🇰🇷 Korea:
🇨🇳 China:
🇯🇵 Japan:
🇪🇸 Spanish:

Q3: Due to the initial cost for new players to take part in a game, most of the NFT games are currently suffering low player base. How will Demole be different in attracting large number of players to its platform? And how does DEMOLE aim to make NFT games cheaper at entry?

ANS: You're right, Entry barrier is what limits the number of players in many other NFT games. While players have to spend thousandS of dollars just to start other games, they can start enjoying Demole with only $50 😊

Q4: I am a newbie in this blockchain gaming. And I read you have two modes PvP and PvE, So can you explain a bit about what is PvP, PvE, and what is the difference between these two?

ANS: My pleasure, PvE is Player versus Environment. Where you will be with Arena, Boss, etc

And PvP is when you are no longer alone.

Ask your friends to join haha

We will update everything on our channel soon how exciting it will be

Q5: In crypto, there are different trend goes on like now there is a trend of P2E blockchain games. And I believe after this trend gets set off then only a few games will be there and others will be vanished. So what do you think will Demole survive in long term?

ANS: Interesting

This is the problem for any crypto project

There are several things that we believe will bring benefits to long term investors:

1. Redistribution:
- Burning parts will make the total supply decreases > Bringing more value to the tokens
- Benefits for stakers/farmers/gamers

2. Game will launch very soon:
Instead of selling ideas and promises, we will launch the game next months. More users, more demand for the tokens

Q6: Is Demole platform design simple enough gamers to understand?
How do you see yourself when compared to other NFT game available on the market today, what makes you stands out?

ANS: Definitely yes

Teams of Gurus, Well-researched plans, Financial Model and Game Mode

Entirely 3D, PC & Mobile avail, low entry fee.

Q7: For now, Demole is on BSC. And we have seen trends of other blockchains too like Sol, ETH, etc. Also more chains covers more audience. So do you have any plans to expand Demole to other chains?

ANS: We will launch on BSC which has pretty low gas fee but we are working on with some partners to bring Demole to everyone

Maybe, who knows.

Q8: Vietnam, Indonesia and Korea offer a lot of support and huge market for gaming NFTs project but may otherwise be unable to do so in the absence of a local community because these people do not speak English. Are you going to Ignore these people or do you have any special plans for them ?

ANS: Regional Groups
🇻🇳 Vietnam:
🇰🇷 Korea:
🇨🇳 China:
🇯🇵 Japan:
🇪🇸 Spanish:

Demole will never leave the community

Q9: I understand that Demole have a team of experts but you will agree with me that the community contributes the most to the success of any project. Are there any point in time in which the Demole ecosystem will take into consideration all members' idea, experience and feedbacks? Will they be important to the ecosystem?

ANS: There is no doubt about it

We do have community which is right above but definitely we want the project to spread worldwide. If you found an interest in even small community, pls let us know, I love to have more friends

When I am back to this group for another AMA I wish I hope this list will be up to 100 maybe.

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