Recapitulation of DePay AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB

Date: Monday, 4th January, 2021
Time: 16:00 UTC

The DePay team was represented by @SebastianDePay. He judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about the project.


Q1 : Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the Team working on DePay project

Ans : I am Sebastian, I am CEO of DePay, DePay is a decentralized payment processor.

We offer simple decentralized embedable software (widgets) allowing anyone to easily intergrate and perform decentralized crypto payments of anykind, converting it in real time as part of the payment transaction to anything the receiver wants.

Let me make a quick example: Seller wants to receive 100 USDT for a product, adds DePay Payments to his website, Customer comes and wants to buy product, has only 0.05 ETH and 400 UNI in his wallet, DePay Payments scans his wallet, finds UNI suggests to pay in UNI. Converts UNI to USDT and sends the requested USDT to the seller, all in one transaction. That’s what we are doing in a nutshell.

I’ve started programming like 20 years ago (in my teens), and until today I don’t understand why I’ve joined the crypto and blockchain space so late. It just never reached me, I guess.

In 2018 I was reading an online article about Gods Unchained and how they attempt to do what Magic the Gathering (a very known trading card game) to the blockchain and introduce digital real ownership to people owning those cards.

This finally got me into the space and that’s also where I started building on ethereum. In 2018 I’ve built a blockchain explorer and NFT exchange for Gods Unchained, still one of the most successful games on Ethereum:

In 2020 I had a lot of exposure to DeFi and I’ve just connected the dots of what needs to be build next after the rise of liquidity pools and auto mated market makers (e.g. Uniswap etc.) and it was...

Decentralized Payment Processing

I’ve joined Ethereums biggest yearly online event in October 2020 and became finalist with DePay:

Since then, things are quite busy for us 😆 but let me quickly tell you more about the whole team

Our team is located in Switzerland, to be precise in the so called crypto valley, which spans from Zürich to Zug.

The core team consists of 3 founders from the three important sectors: Engineering, Online Marketing, and Finance.

All having more than 10+ years profound expirience in their respective field.

Checkout our Linked page if you want to know more about our team

Q2 : Can you introduce the DePay project, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what’s the competitive advantage

Ans : Current payment processing within the decentralized web is rudimentary and inefficient.

Users are often forced to exchange their cryptocurrencies and tokens on third-party exchanges before they’re able to make payments.

On those exchanges users are faced with complicated signup procedures or are required to have a minimal level of technical understanding.

This creates unnecessary effort and higher transaction costs that ultimately need to be absorbed by the user.

Existing payment solutions don’t take advantage of the fact that users might already have tokens or cryptocurrencies of value at their disposal and that those assets can be exchanged in realtime as part of the payment transaction.

DePay aims to make it easier for everybody to accept and perform crypto payments through the implementation of efficient and simple-to-use decentralized payment solutions, developing new products and services that create a positive and lasting impact on the industry.

The DePay payment protocol works with all exchangeable asset classes contained within a user’s crypto wallet. With its implementation we increase the amount of available cryptocurrencies and tokens eligible for payment by more than hundredfold.

By facilitating current and future decentralized exchanges, DePay always ensures the most cost-effective way to perform payments.

currently our biggest competitive advantage is that we are 100% decentralized and super simple to integrate and to be used, you can read more about our competetive advante in our blog:

Q3: Can you briefly describe the Top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap

Ans : We’ve achieved milestones very early on. Making it to the ETHOnline Hackathon finals gave us a lot of exposure. The top milestones we are targeting next, is to release our payment processor (currently beta) v1 still in January and to grow volume on our processor from there on.

Also releasing basic versions of all our product lineup still in 2021

as we will build an entire product suite and ecosystem around payment processing

2nd Segment: Twitter Questions

Q1 : Are you currently working on other products also ? What we can expect form DePay in future ?

Ans : DePay currently works on releasing DePay Payment v1 in January.

In 2021 we plan to release also the first versions of Subscriptions, TokenSale, Swap, Payroll, Credit, Wallet, and PRO.

All of those products gonna help us to improve the payment experience in the decentralized web, they are also all creating and allowing for synergies that will strengthen the entire DePay economy.

If you wanna know more about our product lineup, checkout the link above ☝️

Q2 : This year 2021, DePay hopes to launch your own cryptographic wallet focused on DeFi. What features will make this wallet stand out from other existing alternatives in the market? In what month do you expect to have it available?

Ans : We will release a lot of basic payment products and protocols this year which will allow simplifying payment experience in the decentralized web, like DePay Payment, DePay Subscriptions, and DePay Payroll.

All of this we will unite into our own non-custodial crypto Wallet, the DePay Wallet.

Because we believe in outstanding experience when it comes to driving adoption in our space our wallet will deliver top-notch experience, none of those complicated, technical details. Think of a mobile payment apps like Revolut, but as a decentralized crypto wallet.

Q3 : As you revealed,DePay are gonna release v1 of DePaySwap in 2021.What exactly time does DePaySwap release?What are advantages DepaySwap over other current Swap platform? Will you confident when competitive with other well-known Swap platform like Bestswap,Uniswap?

Ans : We plan to release DePay Swap latest summer 2021.

Just like all our basic products, it's gonna be focused on being entirely decentralized and being able to integrate it into other DApps.

None of the current exchanges or exchange-aggregator is embeddable. You either have to send users to Uniswap or 1inch, so they leave your DApps.

DePay Swap will be an embeddable widget that DApps and website provider can integrate directly into their apps, thereby reducing conversion loss, because they don’t have to send the users elsewhere to perform swaps.

Think of all the decentralized crypto trading websites, like dextools, that could allow users to directly trade on their website instead of sending them to exchange websites.

Q4 : DePay will introduce an early adapter program, how can we participate in that program and what are the benefits?

Ans : Our early adapter program will reward everybody that is gonna use any of our DePay products as a receiver/seller.

For example, if you use DePay Payments on your website to receive crypto payments you will become eligible for the early adapter program.

But even if you just send a "Crypto Payment Request" to your friend e.g. for 50 USDT, and your friend just pays with UNI (tokens), we will convert it and pay you in one transaction. But even this makes you eligible for the early adapter program.

Basically, everybody using our payment protocol to receive payments.

We have 3,2 Million DEPAY tokens (currently worth $8 Mio. USD) set aside for airdropping those tokens to early adopters in the second half of 2023.

Q5 : What are DePayI’s strategies in order to ensure token price stability? How does it control inflation?

Ans : We have quite a sophisticated inflation control.

First of all, we have utility insurance. But let me explain what that means.

The DEPAY token is a utility and governance token, the utility part of the token unlocks our DePay PRO product, a set of tools to manage crypto payments as a professional or business (e.g. sending bills for crypto payments).

We have insured all tokens that will enter circulating supply in 2021 (total of 5 million DEPAY) with a demand target. If we don’t manage to get any customers for DePay PRO in 2021, we will need to burn 5 million DEPAY tokens by the end of the year.

If we manage to reach 3’000 DePay PRO users, we will still burn 50% of those 5 million DEPAY tokens. If we reach 6’000 DePay PRO users/customers we will not burn any of those 5 million DEPAY tokens as we generated enough demand for the utility part of the token that inflation control is ensured.

Beside that, we also have a token buy-back-and-burn program starting in 10/2022 which will burn a total of 31 million DEPAY by 01/2024 in order to control inflation long-term.

Learn more about our token inflation control in our tokenomics:

3rd Segment: LIVE questions

Q1 : I like finance platforms but I never find a tool that offers me a good loan service. How does the loan system work on your platform depending on the type of user and what is the interest percentage per loan?

Ans : As we will launch DePay Payroll, a smart contract that houses payroll conditions, and ensures that you get e.g. a monthly salary, our loan/credit product, will actually use your future payment stream as coleteral.

Let me make an example: you have a DePay payroll setup with your employer, you will get 1000 USDT every month, if you want to get a DePay Credit/Loan for e.g. 100 USDT, you will tokenize that payment stream and hand over 10% of that stream to whoever is willing to lend you those 100 USDT, it's gonna be an open , decentralized lending market backed with your payment stream so we can't really tell you the interest percentage yet.

But our protocol will ensure that your loan is automatically payed of with the next payment processing of your DePay Payroll, and your tokenized payroll stream token will automatically switch ownership automatically once it’s payed of, so that you own 100% of the stream again.

Q2 : Considering that you plan to offer a possibility to order DePay credit cards soon enough, can we have the chance to pay with cryptos directly with them?

Ans : The plan here is to faciliatate existing Crypto Credit card white-labeling solutions, like the one from, means they take care of all the card issuing and regulations and we will just offer the decentralized tech to e.g. rather process payments with one of your wallets, using ethereum allowances with our payment processing smart contracts then "loading" those crypto assets onto a custodial account first. This would allow us to launch our own "decentralized" crypto credit cards in a time window of approx. 2 years.

Q3 : What tools do you offer to software engineer and other defi developers?

Ans : Software Engineers, especially in the DeFi space are one of our main target groups. We want to enable them to implement payment processing quickly, hence we built DePay Payments, an easy to integrate easy to use decentralize crypto payment processor.

Q4 : Can we expect 0% payment processing fee?

Ans : While we initialy will charge 0% payment processing fee, we will hand over the decision if that should be introduced to the protocol to the token governance (all DEPAY token holders) in approx. 3 years.

Decentralized protocols and governances need to be hetrogenous, hence it requires some time and effort (e.g. the early adaptor reward air drop) to make sure that the future decision maker over the "fee switch" have the right interest in mind.

But I don't see why the governance should not introduce payment processing fee's down the road, especially because it's quite common to charge for payment processing.

The reason why the team will not introduce it initially is to have an unbeatable competetive advantage, and to boost adaption and leave people no choice but to use it.

Q5 : You said you create embedable software for developers so which programming language do you use and the developer has to know?

Ans : The DePay widgets are easy to implement, it’s really just one line of code that you will need to add to your website, so it doesn’t really require a lot of technical knowledge to add it to any website.

For e-commerce shops we will also roll-out payment plugins, so that people that have e.g. shops on shopify can add DePay with the click of a button.

The widgets itself are written in React (a leading programming framework to built outstanding UX) and the payment processor itself is written in Solidity, Ethereum's smart contract programming language.


Beautiful answers, before you go, can you share the link where we can buy the tokens and all social networks?

Ans : As a decentralized project, we are listed on Uniswap:

💰 90% APY on DEPAY stake DEPAY/ETH

🌐 Website

👨‍🔧 Currently working on turning DePay Beta to V1

📈 Dextools

🦄 Listed on Uniswap

💸 DEPAY tokens

🗯 Unofficial Price Discussions

📄 Whitepaper

📩 Proposals
Send them to

💻 Tech-Evangelist program
Preparing - Ping us for more info

🙏 Ambassador program
Preparing - Ping us for more info

📣 News and Announcement Channel

🐦 Twitter

👽 Reddit

📰 Blog

🗣 Discord


Thanks guys, and thanks to the community for all those questions 🙏

Telegram Group:
Telegram Channel:



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