Recapitulation of DinoLand PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Thursday, 9th December, 2021
Time: 14:00 UTC

The DinoLand PROJECT team was represented by @DinolandOwner, @DinoEdgar and @Dinolandcmo who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about DinoLand PROJECT.


Q1: Could you please introduce yourselves and the team working on Dinoland?

ANS: Hi everyone, it's nice to meet you here! I'm Willy Nguyen, CEO of Dinoland, a Technological entrepreneur with 15 years exprience in product management and business development, strongly believe in the era of Metaverse.

Hi guys, I'm Athony Nguyen, CMO of Dinoland, having 10 years experience in marketing and business development for mobile game.

Our team in Dinoland are gathered from all over the world. We are working with high passionate and accumulated experience to create a wonder metaverse without boundary.

Q2: Do we have other team members that you would like to talk about?
Or give a link to access all team information 😄

ANS: Dinoland is designed and implemented by an international team made up of hundreds years of experience from 30 experts. The team comes from the gaming industry backed by blockchain experts, marketing and business development executives, and led by an entrepreneur who started up large scale software company.

Here you can access all of our key members

Q3: Could you please tell us more about @dinolandglobal

ANS: We are warmly Welcome you all to Dinoland !

Dinoland is the most generous Play2Earn NFT Game in the Metaverse, where you can collect, breed, evolve, battle, and trade Dinos.
Moreover, Dinoland brings you a chance to earn HUGE Rewards while having Fun!

The project started early this year when we love the idea of building a Metaverse for lovely pieces like Dinos and began to develop from Q3.
So far Dinoland has been advised and invested from top VCs such as Binstarter, X21 Digital, OIG, Red Swiss Venture Capital, Crypto Rand, Basics Capital, RedLine Games,.... We also has reached out to several local communities with total of 40k Telegram members and Twitter followers.

Dinoland is on the way running IDO on 22 Dec. We have 3 launchpads to run IDO and Whitelist on Binstarter, the 1st launchpad, is already opened. Please don't miss your chance in this event!

Here’s our official website/social media that you can follow up:
Telegram official announcement:
Telegram group:

Q4: How does dinoland plans to disrupt this gaming industry and encourage gamers to get involved in the project?

ANS: Dinoland is among the first of its kind aiming toward Metaverse world. With our diversified imagination about Metaverse and the lovely characters of Dinos, it will be a new thing to try.

Especially, while PLAYING for FUN, users can EARN for REAL.

Q5: How many characters or NFT do I need to have to be able to play in "Dinoland" Game?
will it be expensive to start?

ANS: This is the one thing users like to know.

You just need minimum 1 Dino to play Game in PVE mode. For PVP mode (released in Quarter 1/2022), you'll need 3 Dino to form a team and fight between Dinos owners to determine who is the stronger.

Dinoland does not provide free-to-play. But no worry, you just need minimum 1 Dino to start playing & with a resonable price.

Q6: Finally, let's talk about the upcoming IDO😄, Now that the IDO of #DNL is getting closer, how can we join or participate in the IDO? Which launchpads are you looking to have your IDO? Will there be any kind of whitelisting or we only need to stake some tokens? Where/how can we get more news on that?

ANS: Yes, maybe it's the hottest new

We will launch IDO on 3 launchpads. The 1st one is Binstarter and the 2nd & the 3rd will be announced soon.
You can hold the pad's token to be whitelisted to purchase IDO.

Or you can join our giveaway campaign to gain in many whitelist slots as well.

All details of above will be informed through our official Channel at

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: 🚀💥 You mention that you will be doing your IDO in Q4 of your roadmap. Can you give us more details about the $DNL sale? Where will it be held and how can we participate?

ANS: We will launch IDO on 3 launchpads. The 1st one is Binstarter and the 2nd & the 3rd will be announced soon.

You can hold the pad's token to be whitelisted to purchase IDO here

Or you can join our giveaway campaign to free token as well at

Just follow us at for the newest information

Q2: Regarding gameplay, like the aspect of hunting of eggs , how long does it take baby dinosaur eggs to hatch ?
Secondly, the eggs one can find , is it limited to the dinosaurs one has already , or is it literally based on luck of the searcher?.
Thirdly, could the eggs be traded as NFTs?? Maybe this could make the game a bit more fun

ANS: Thank you, @Hustlebustl for you question.

Dino eggs are purchased in Market Place useing $DNL token. Eggs will be hatched after a couple of hours, or immediately by using $DNL to accelerate.
Each egg will hatch into 1 type of Dino with rare depend on your luck. However, there are special eggs which may hatch into special types of Dinos.

Eggs cannot be exchange or sell, only Dinos can be used to fight in the Game to get incentives, or to stake and gain reward, or to sell/exchange on Market Place.

Q3: I know you are also fully aware about the exploits from hackers/scammers and how they have ripped investors off their funds. How much do you care about investors assets in DinoLand? And what strategies are used to keep these assets safe?

ANS: Thanks @K2ice ,

yes, indeed. We understand it well, especially it has still been happening around.

In Dinoland, we care strongly about protecting users’s asset and our mission is to keep them in safety.

Dinoland technological team consists of experts from various domain including security.

At the same time, we have been working closely with security provider such as to audit and prevent hacking.

Q4: Hello, what would you say is the basic difference between Dinos from Eggs and Dinos from market?
How does the rarity of Dinos affect them?

ANS: @Nnadiemma this is interesting question and we have built an interesting feature for that.

Dinos from eggs are random. All will get the same eggs (excep special eggs from specialy events) but each egg will hatch into random Dinos. So some will get very lucky and get RICH just after 1 egg :).

Dinos from Martket are already known. Users will need to collect specific Dinos to form the most relevant Dinos team. so they need to look for specific Dino from market.

Q5: How many tokens will it require you to be able to skip hatching the eggs before for 6 hours? Do you have any Video tutorial that you can give to users to guide them on how to play this game? Also do have a marketplace were Dinos and other NFT can be traded?

ANS: You need some DNL to cut the hatching time, it's not too expensive & we are still discussing about. Our plan is building a great NFT game with reasonable price

We will update all tutorial videos at our channel here Please follow & stay tuned.

Q6: I missed out on the DinoLand airdrop which was recently concluded and this made me really sad. However, will there be any other campaign organized by DinoLand later? What kind of campaign will it be? And how do you also think you can make the community members stay with DinoLand for the long term?

ANS: Here there our MEGA air drop campaign for Xmas, please join & get your free token now.

Q7: I noticed that you have different types of monsters to fight against and I was surprised by the Weekly event, "Challenge Monster King". So, can you tell us a little more about this event? Will be held will always be for a limited time? What are the differences between fighting a normal day with monsters as opposed to this event? What benefits would it give us in the game?

ANS: Thanks @alaskasb for this amazing question and we also built an amazing story for it :).

Dinoland hold specialy events to play during holidays such as coming Christmas or New Year Eve. On that occasion, all rewards are multiplied or some special rewards will be gain.

Also for World Boss, Dinos team can only see that terrified monster at weekend, when Dinos owners have full time and strength to go against and win those monster and bring peace to the Land of Dino. Of course, the harder you have to fight, the more rewards you will gain.

So please watch our official channel for detail announcement of those events.

Q8: On Twitter you notified that your Chinese and Vietnamese communities are open, congratulations! So, can you give more details about your plans to go global or are you currently focusing on Asian communities instead?

ANS: Yes, we planned to reach out all over the world and actually had openned local communities for Turkish/Indonesia/Arab/ Vietnam/ China/ Philippine and will open more soon.

Since every Communiy is different, we work with Partners to develop and take care of community in each country to best support the culture and demand. Please follow us for newest update @dinolandofficial.

Q9: ✋
What are the kinds of items gamers can purchase on your NFT market apart from dinosaurs?

Also you said gamers can purchase dinosaurs in your NFT market apart from discovering them in the forest and hatching them, my question is are we purchasing the dinosaurs as eggs or hatchs?.

However, how are characters upgraded and also items? Are there plans of improving the graphics of the game in the near future?
Lastly, are QUESTS available in the game?

ANS: Thanks @KendrickB4
I've answered hatching above.

QUEST are available in the next Quater.

And the exciting thing is that, beside egss and Dinos, there will have more NFT items which are realy fantastic and precious to be collected and purchased as limited edition. Details will be disclosed in the near future. Please follow our official Channel for more information.

Q10: Investors need to fully consider the current volatility of the market. With this in mind, what is your target audience? Can your project change the entire market? Will you create magic?

ANS: Thanks for your question.

We don't expect one single project can change the entire world.

But even if it was in era of ice, let Dinoland be a torch to slowly and strongly melt the ice.

Q11: There is little information about Dinoland and so I would like to know more about the story behind your game? Why did you decide to work with Dinos specifically? Could you develop in your game modalities such as Free-to-play?

ANS: Haha, coool question, many guys ask us about the Dinoland story

Here there: In the current era of mankind, dinosaurs are long extinct. However, we believe that dinosaurs still exist and are enjoying life peacefully somewhere on Earth.

So we develop this game to open new Metaverse world, where there is a land completely separate from the world, a land that cannot be reached and cannot be seen, a land that is always green and wide. In that land, deep in a mysterious undiscovered forest, hidden buried dinosaur eggs are slowly hatching.

It is called Dinoland!

And the journey begins....

We make Dinoland as P2E game & you need a ( small ) amount of money to buy an egg to play the game.

Q12: It strikes me that you plan to create your own Metaverse. I would like to know, what are the differences that your game will have on other Metaverses? What are your plans with this integration?

ANS: Thanks @TomNook18 .
You actually don't need to be worry for MetaVerse to be similar to others. In fact, all MetaVerse are from imagination, so there should have no 2 MetaVerse look like the same.

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