Recapitulation of AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB

Date: Monday, 28th December, 2020
Time: 16:00 UTC

The team was represented by @mikes_money_machine. He judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about the project.


Q1 : Can you introduce yourself?

Ans : well Hello everyone i’m Mike founder at
A little Background on myself: i worked in Mexico for and Decentralized Point of Sales service for the past two years before staring I used to setup Merchants to Accept crypto at The business Educating them on the ins and outs of crypto and how it works

Q2 : What is ?

Ans : is and easy to use exchange that rewards The Divs token stakers in Tron with the fees.

.5% of the weekly volume is distrubuted to the stakers

We use centralized exchanges for processing exchanges do to their large liquidity, speed, and variety of coins/tokens. This ensures users get the selection they desire at the best price, even on large trades as we search multiple exchanges giving you the best rate possible.

Q3 : How it gives liquidity ?

Ans : ? no liquidity

Using our exchange API provider we were able to deliver an exchange interface that links together large centralized exchanges like Binance, HitBTC, and others into one easy-to-use exchange interface. This gives users the benefits of using multiple exchanges without the complexity, users only need to select what coins/tokens they would like to exchange, the amount, then send them to the provided address, our API provider will perform the exchange and send the coin/tokens to an address you provide.

Q4 : Can you introduce the project, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what’s the competitve advantage

Ans : Sure, by connecting large centralized exchanges, then making a simple interface. this allows even the newest of crypto users to make a quick exchange with ease.

what we've done that surprisingly hasn't be done before is Tokenizing the Exchange fees, by Staking Divs tokens this allows you to receive fees that come from the exchange in the form of Tron rewards

Staking enough Divs tokens can earn you even more in rewards then you paying in exchange fees making exchanges virtually FREE and them some making DiVS the first exchange to allow people to exchange for free

Q5 : Can you briefly describe the Top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap

Ans : has been in a soft launch since September, the exchange is Live and we are saving any exchange fees for the first week of tron rewards. our New Website will launch in the Next two days and the Divs Token Presale will Start on Jan. 2nd
lots of updates as we go Offically live this next week
All our presale and staking contracts have been Audited by and past with great success💪

Oh a App is coming in Q2 as well


Q1 : DivsExchange looks a lot like a DEX exchange but we don’t connect our wallet to use the service, how secure is our transferred funds to the given wallet? And is there a specific reason TRON is the reward?

Ans : The Divs exchange uses a Trusted API provider for processing exchanges on Centralized exchanges, The API connects to large centralized exchanges and preforms the trade on your behave, this also means the trade is not done under your name as there is no KYC or Register or login to make exchanges giving you anonymity and zero exchange limits. simply put we preform the exchange for you, sending the exchanged crypto to your wallet.

we chose Tron as our Rewards for its fast and cheap transactions👍🏼

Q2 : Does the community have the right to vote in platform, what are the benefits and important of voting in exchange platform ?

Ans : Divs in not a Governance token, but we will be taking votes from the community on coins/tokens they would like to see on the exchange in the future

Q3 : Your website says "We’re Giving the exchange fees back to the people". Does this mean that there is zero fees for exchange? Or what does the statement really mean?

Ans : Yes Most exchanges do not reward their members and we wanted to change that. below is our fee structure

Each exchange has a minimum 1% fee:

.5% goes to the divs token holders who stake

.4%+ goes to our API provider for processing the exchange

.09% goes to the Divs team

half of .01% will be used to buy divs tokens every week then provided as liquidity
using the other half of the .01% then we will burn the Liquidity pool token locking the liquidity forever

Q4 : What is The Collaboration Between DivsExchange And Tron?

Ans : Divs is two parts working together
1. the Exchange
2. Staking rewards

exchange fees equivalent to .5% on the weekly exchange Volume gets distributed to the Divs token Stakers as rewards, rewards are distributed once per week Via our staking contract

Q5 : 5% of the exchange volume gets distributed to the DIVS token stakers every week. How is the amount of reward that each user receives calculated?

Ans : To be clear its .5% and not 5% gets distributed to the Divs stakers, depending on your percentage of the Staking pool will be your percent of the weekly Tron rewards. Divs has a finite token supply of 10mill.
check out home page for the reward calculator to get an idea of how much you could earn


Q1 : a) “.5% of all the weekly exchange volume gets distributed to DIVS token holders in Tron". I got that from your website, and I must say this is very generous of you, however, could you further expantiate how the rewards will be distributed?

b) Will it be a flat rate for all token holders irrespective of the number of DIVS you hold or the higher you hold the higher the reward? Wish you guys success in $DIVS launch come 2021

c) Why did you decide to reward users that stake DIVS token with Tron? Is there any special feature about the Tron that we are yet to know?

d) Partnerships are very important to adopt, so can you tell us what partners you currently have and your future partnerships?

e) "users only need to select what coins/tokens they would like to exchange, the amount, then send them to the provided address, our API provider will perform the exchange and send the coin/tokens to an address you provide."

How secure is this process? Hope my tokens won't be hijacked by hackers during the exchange?

f) Is there a minimum /maximum amount of $DIVS I can stake,
What are the minimum /maximum amount?

Ans : Here is the link to the answer

Q2 : Instead of simply focusing on the short term price of the TOKEN, let’s focus on the real long term value the project has to offer. Can you please give us some reasons, motivation or advantages investors would get in the long term?

Ans : Here is the link to the answer

Q3 : How secure is to use API? What are the advantages you bring from other similar platform? As a trader why should I choose you?

Ans : our API works very similar to Changelly or simplyswap, we just reward our users wit the fees

Q4 : If we become a DIVS token holder we will receive our share of the Tron rewards. Where can we buy the DIVS token?

Ans : Presale will be on our new website come Jan. 2

Q5 : As we know the biggest weakness from CEX is security, we can see this year so much
hacking issue from an exchanger for example is KuCoin.
How did you convinced us trader that your platform is safe to do trading in there?

Ans : Well your funds would only be on a centralized for the 5-30 minutes while processing the exchange so i’d say the risk is very low

Q6 : DIVS "Earn & Exchange"

Earn: How do we generate revenue, what should users do?

Exchange: Divs have an exchange service. Is only Tron based tokens supported? Or another blockchain like Ethereum, BSC or any other blockchain.

Ans : 200 + top coins/tokens not just TRC-20

Q7 : Why there is no KYC, no registration in DivsExchange? How will you know your customer better? How safe is this even without KYC?

Ans : Our API provider is processing the exchange under their name/account with centralized exchanges so you dont need to KYC

Q8 : We all know that the Ethereum Network has many problems: scalability issues, high gas fees, slow speeds, and many more. So, Why did you choose to build your token on ERC-20 blockchain ecosystem?

Ans : It’s all on TRon

Q9 : How about security, have you done a platform audit? Are smart contracts error free? What are the test results?

Ans : Payed 10k to to get it audited, we solid as a rock


Do you have any final words for the community? And any important links including how we can trade the token?

Ans : ▶️ Follow on their platforms:
 ... Website:
 ... Telegram:
 ... Twitter:

Ok I’ll get to other questions later feel free to DM me everyone or in our main chat

Stay tuned for the Pre sale Jan. 2 and the new website in the next few days

Whitepaper also coming in the following days

Oh we got a contest right now BTW


People from DIVS City It's time to have some fun and get some JUICY rewards! 🚀🚀🚀

4 Contest you can participate in:
- Twitter Contest (10 winners / 1,500 TRX)
- Youtube Contest (3 winners / 10,000 TRX)
- Logo/GIF Contest (10 winners / 2,500 TRX)
- Merchandise Graphic Contest (3 winners / 10,000 TRX + The winning graphics will be used in future merchandise (T-shirts / Hoodies, etc)

Below the link that you need for the contest: Twitter link:

Link for Twitter Contest:

Telegram Links:
- Official Chat:
- Official Marketing Group:

When will the winners be announced?
The winners will be officially announced after the presale ends. We'll make this a moment nobody will forget 😉

LET'S GOOOO!!!!!!!!!

I’ll leave everyone with this, thanks for your time everyone

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