Recapitulation of DONDI AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB

Date: Friday, 30th October, 2020
Time: 16:00 UTC

The DONDI team was represented by @papacito32 and @vtachy. He judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about the project.


Q1 : Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also if you have a team, you can introduce them

Ans : For sure! I have been part of the crypto space for about 4 years which seems like an eternity in the rapidly moving crypto industry. I began working for State of the Dapps writing content for them and eventually found my way into, Yearn, Pylon Finance and now Dondi! This is the first project I helped co-create so am entirely too excited about it!

Thanks for the AMA, Im a Core Founder of DONDI and a Project that is Tethering GPU mining to The Crypto world. DONDI is a project we are doing with the support of our PYLON partners. Based, Yakuza and Timeminer

The idea of Dondi Is to have a social experience with Lootboxes, APY boost on demand, Farming and everything we can think of to grow a community and support our existing partners

Q2 : Can you introduce the Dondi Project, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving, what’s the utility and competitive advantage

Ans : For sure! We are "piggy backing" on the entire DeFi yieldfarming craze and taking it one step further by gamifying the entire concept. Current yield farming on other platforms offers users to farm their native token but with no other utility outside of selling for profit. We give utility to our token through governance, lootbox & NFT redemptions (with real metamask seed wallets contained in them with one worth $10,000.00) as well as games.

Q3 : Can you briefly describe the Top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap

Ans : So The Majority of our Platform is released

You We have a Live referral system that allows you to Refer freinds and get ETH directly to your wallet

We have DONDI games which will have new types released over time

Tonight We have our DONDI farm where you can Stake assets and get $DONDI with NO FEES and NO LOCKUP time

Our last major milestone will be release later, Which is Governance

The Platoform already has a Roadmap planned out for the next two years. The best part about this, To acess the Platfrom all you need is an account which is 0.05 ETH. No other cost, no presale, no lock ups


Q1 : What’s the rate of unlocking of slots and harvesting on the DonDi platform?#FarmDonDi, #SlotDonDi, are there other amazing features in anticipation on the DonDi platform?

Ans : The rate to Unlock slots is as fast as the user wants. 1 DONDI per Hour per slot is the rate for Slot farming

As far as harvesting dondi it can be done at any time with no delay. In the future we will have Governance and move toward lootboxes with significantly higher values. As the platform matures we can see 100,000$ lootboxes

Q2 : What exactly is the self-driving smart contract system implemented by Dondi developers and how does it work on the Ethereum blockchain?

Ans : The self driving part is the Referral system, We want the community to be incentivized to bring more users to the platform by allow them to earn ETH directly to their wallet with no wait time after a user joins with their referral

From there we can make endless games, improvments, new art etc and base them in the DONDI ecosystem

In our minds we think like this. You get sick of eating the same food every single day

At dondi we want to serve varieties of food so there are always unique experiences flowing from the platform

The contract itself is immutable, we tested it for two months and had No issues. The version you see is the finished product

Q3 : Can I register on the website without a partner link? How can I opt for financing if I need it? What would be the requirements and what plans do you offer to pay for it?

Ans : For financing, at this time we are not an investment sort of platform that provides loans

We opted to try and make the cost as affordable as possible for everyone to start, which is why the initial cost is only 0.05ETH and nothing else is required after for full platform access

Q4 : How does Dondi manage Peer to Peer transaction? Is there an escrow for this kind of feature? Is there a third party involvement with regards with the Peer to peer transaction in Dondi platform?

Ans : There is no escrow, Dondi does not control any of the funds for the referral system. Hence the Peer 2 Peer system

Hence when someone signs up with your referral link, you get ETH near instantly to your wallet, and all of this is controlled by our Locked smart contract

Q5 : How does Dondi Zero Risk offer its users? Does it mean that there will be no failures in the smart contract or does it mean that users will never lose money with Dondi? Is it always a win-win?

Ans : The Referral system was forked from another completely audited by credible firm (SmartContract) And no issues were found

In that aspect the referral system is safe. Because all our other Aspect of dondi do not require you to Pay in Eth this is why we say there is No significant request because your initial investmeant to farm, open lootboxes, buy NFT’s redeemed in Dondi


Q1 : Is there any plan for staking?

Ans : We will have staking via liquidity farming starting today at 8 PM EST

Q2 : What differentiates your NFTs from the rest that exist today? What makes it unique?

Can you tell me about some of your biggest achievements of 2020? How has it positively affected DONDI?

Ans : We have hired a team of artists to customize every single one of our NFTs. They are all unique and one of a kind

Q3 : When will Farming AKA Staking be launched? and what is AKA Staking?

Ans : It will launch this evening. Sorry translation error AKA stands for "also known as"

Q4 : What marketing strategy is Dondi applying to expand massively?

Ans : The best form of marketing is when concepts, project or media go viral. This is why we have the P2P referal system that gives ETH directly To referrers.

We also are doing traditional marketing and reaching out to All regions with marketing partners that can help us reach those that speak different languages

We are working through every region marketing systematically

Q5 : Can you tell us what are the main benefits of a $DONDI Token holder? For investment purposes, why do we have to invest in $DONDI & what benefits does $DONDI give to holders?

Ans : .05 ETH to make an account.

It gives user their own custom referral link, Lootbox access, Dondi Games access and slot matrix access.

Anytime a user joins with their referral link they will gain ETH

DONDI token can currently be used for lootbox redemptions and soon NFT purchases. Every lootbox contains a metamkas seed wallet worth at least $10 and maximum of $10k

Q6 : How do you planning to solve the scaling problem And how do you overcome the threat of centralization?

Can you tell us the motivation and benefits for investors to hold $DONDI long term? What plans do you have to help drive demand and scarcity for the token?

Ans : We are evaluating side chain solutions like xDAI

Q7 : The market in the upcoming dynamic season will be quite volatile, most investors will be less active by the end of this year, so any plans to organize any upcoming events to implement. More interesting for the crypto market as well as the year-end market?

Ans : Yes as you can see our platform is very very inexpensive to begin using and allows users to generate money instantly with referrals and passive DONDI farming from having slots unlocked. This is Extremely attractive in bear markets when people want to save money and EXPLOSIVE in bull markets when money is flowing

Q8 : 996 participants currently available for DONDI project, how do you want to strategize to bring in more users ?

Ans : More AMAs like this one. Our platform is also designed for our users to market themselves. The more users you bring in, the more you are rewarded

Q9 : How can you convince me to buy $DONDI..?

Ans : $DONDI can be redeemed for Lootboxes up to 10,000$ USD

As the Platform Grows Lootboxes will get bigger

Also you dont Have to buy $DONDI

You can UNLOCK slots and Earn dondi per hour

Or stake in our farms and earn DONDI

Q10 : Is there any Hidden fee?

What is a Smart Contract? What Are the Advantages?

Ans : No hidden fee. smart contract is a set of code that is immuatable and unable to be changed. no malicious actors can modify the code to their advantage now that the contract has been deployed

Q11 : where can I buy the $DONDI token itself? is there a smart contract so I don’t get scammed.

Ans : 0x45ed25a237b6ab95ce69af7555cf8d7a2ffee67c is where liquidity will be added later today

Q12 : Q1. The NFT and BSC platforms are very much in demand right now,
what about Dondi in the future & what is planned for the future?

Q2.Does $DONDI have a staking, burning and buyback program?

Ans : We will have staking via liquidity farming later today. The token is deisgned to run a minimum of 2 years so we will evaluate scarcity and supply at that time


Please do you have any Final Words for community, also do good to share every useful links to Dondi with the community and also the direct link where we can buy

Just like to say thank you for the time. Great questions, we’d love to have this enthusiasm join our $DONDI community

Our farming (staking) aspect of the platform opens tonight at 8pm EST. No fees, no lockup time

Thank you all for the amazing questions and the suggestions on how to improve Dondi! I am overwhelmed at your support.

Again, I would just like to reiterate, we have incentivized this project that it leaves the user most incentivized for marketing us with their referrals.

We will continue to build, create, and push awesome product for our members to market and profit off of

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