Recapitulation of Earneo AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB

Date: Monday, 30th November, 2020
Time: 13:00 UTC

The Earneo team was represented by @d4lvl13n. He judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about the project.


Q1 : Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the Team working on the EARNEO Project

Ans : Sure, I’m a French national, and I have always started in IT, Mostly web developement and Mobile app developement. In 2016 I started to get involved in crypto and blockchain, so it has been natural for me to launch my own blockchain project.

Earneo is born 3 years ago now under the name of Snapparazzi, but we decided to develop a platform to allow users to upload videos and be rewarded in crypto. Over time our idea has matured and our team evolve. 
We realised that there was a huge demand for small content creator who has some issue to get monetized on Youtube.

We therefore decided to focus on a system to compensate for the unfair Youtube system. So on our platform, content creators will be able to be paid for their first videos. But also….Viewers and moderator.

Our DNA, is blockchain and crypto, so we want to take advantage of this technology to create a platform, where everyone will be rewarded.

Today we are a team of 7 members, which include 4 developpers. We were mostly based in Dubai since early this year. However due to the global situation, we are working in remote. Our team is around Dubai, Ukraine, India, and Spain.

Q2 : Can you introduce the EARNEO Project, also share the utility of the RNO tokens and what’s your Comparative advantages over similar solutions Like Verasity, YouTube et al

Ans : Earneo is a video sharing platform, we like to call Earneo a fair video sharing platform, as we are the only platform where everyone can be rewarded.
In the essence we are similar to Youtube, our main difference is that we use Crypto and Blockchain to reward all our users.
On Earneo, everyone is rewarded with RNO.
- Contents Creator
- Moderators
- Viewers

RNO token is build on Binance chain, and it is the currency of the platform. Every reward will be made in RNO token after a repurchase system.

Verasity is different 🙂

I think it is pretty much for this question 🙂

Q3 : Can you briefly describe the Top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap

Ans : Sure,

We did a soft launch of this summer among our community.
We have launched ourmobile app IOS and Android in september.
We swapped SNPC from ethereum to RNO on Binance Chain this summer.
RNO have been listed on 3 exchanges since this summer (P2B2B / Bitmart /Cointiger)

For December we plan to launch the first step of the monetisation system, which will let viewers get reward for watching videos.
We expect activate the entire monetisation system for early 2021, which will give Content creator and Moderator the access to the reward.

Meanwhile, Moderator system will be launched.

And we daily work to improve our app. 🙂


Q1 : 15 years ago, no one had the idea YouTube will be what it is today, and many users took a chance with them. How will users benefit from content creation, watching videos and moderating them on the Earneo app?

Ans : You're right Youtube success story over the last 15 years has been really impressive, however the monopole position that they have become an issue to everyone willing to start to become a content creator.

Today access to monetization on Youtube is very hard and long, and the earning decreases significantly for those who are lucky enough to be monetized.
At Earneo, we believe that rewards from creation should be shared in a fairer way. This is why we will reward every user on the platform. Content creators, moderators, and viewers.

Instead of keeping most of the income from the advertising, we will share it among all our users.
Contents creators 65%
Viewers 20%
Moderators 3%

Q2 : What are the differences between Earneo and platforms like Youtube, Facebook and other content generators? What are the protocols within Earneo to generate fair profits for creators?

Ans : The key difference here between Youtube/Facebook, is our revenue sharing approach. On YouTube small content creators have difficulty to be monetized, and on Facebook, they are not at all.
Also, users who spend a considerable amount of time watching videos on Ytbe/Facebook are spammed by ads.

On Earneo, even viewers will be rewarded. This is where the main difference is!

An other key difference is that we use blockchain and Cryptocurrencies which help us to have a censorship-resistant approach. Content will be moderate by the community and store on Blockchain/IPFS. Earneo tube will be censorship-resistant.

Q3 : Intellectual property is one of the most discussed topics in content generation and monetization. What is Earneo’s position regarding this issue?

Ans : Intellectual property is really important for creators, especially in our digital era where files and data can be transferred and stolen very quickly.

In order to protect our users, we will implement a system that will create a digital fingerprint and store it on the blockchain (if it is original content).
With this digital fingerprint saved on the blockchain, creators will have the proof that their content is their property.

This will be a main feature planned for next year, and I invite everyone to read our whitepaper as we go deeper on that there.

Q4 : A lucrative 65% share of the advertising revenue that Earneo receives will be distributed to Content Creators. So, for content creator what conditions to apply inorder to qualify for the 65% lucrative share?Just like YouTube, do we need to reach watch hours and subscriber needed?

Ans : We have build with small content creator in mind.
We aim to give everyone the chance to be a content creator and earn from it.

On Earneo you do not need to wait 1 year and have a certain amount of views/subscribers.
As soon as the monetization system will be live, you will be able to start earning on your very first video. (If it is compliant with our guidelines).

Also, not only content creators earn with us, but viewers and moderators as well ! 💪

No restrictions. Earn from the start.

Q5 : Since most people in the entertainment industry don’t know much about crypto are there any other way of rewards to users apart from crypto?

Ans : We believe this could be a little issue with some users, however now everyone heard about crypto, and it will arrive a time that everyone will use cryptocurrencies, I’m convince about that.

Meanwhile, we will implement a reward in Fiat, but the crypto will be always favored. This is something that we will implement in the midterm to gain more attractions.

So yes, users will have an alternative way to withdraw their reward. 🙂


Q1 : Considering that Earneo provides Rewards to practically all actors of the platform ( creators+Viewers), How Earneo maintains its personal incomes? How do you generate the enough money resources?

Ans : Our business model is based on Advertisement, Earneo will keep 12% of the revenue made through the advertisement. This will allow us to maintain and continue to develop the platform.

The majority of the revenue are redistributed among all the users.

Q2 : How do you plan to move youtubers into your platform?

Ans : We have started to talk with many Content creators/ Youtubers. Our target are the Youtubers who are not monetised. On Earneo they will have the opportunity to start earning at the very beginning. 
We have already agreement with content creators, and the quality content on the platform will start to flood.😉

Q3 : How does your moderations system works? What are the criteria for a video to be approved? is there any particular content that is the main one to publish on earneo? is there any penalty for illegal content?

Ans : Moderation system works as the Proof of works in a Bitcoin transaction. 
Moderator selected among the community will have guideline to follow in order to remain a platform where quality content remain ( No violence/ adult content….), Moderator will receive a notification when a new video is available for moderation. When a certain numbers of moderators will have validated the video, it will be published and available live for all others users.

If there is a majority of reject, the video will not be publish.

Q4 : I learnd that EARNEO is a vedio sharing platform. Can you tell me why people would use EARNEO over using big platform like Facebook and YouTube?

Ans : Why using Facebook or Youtube where you can go on a Platform where you will be rewarded for all your actions ? They made billions with your data and the ads revenue. Why do not use a platform that will reward you for that? 🙂

Q5 : What details can you give us about the RNO token. Token buybacks/burns?

What are you plans about listing on exchanges, what exchanges should we be looking forward to?

Ans : When we swapped from Ethereum to Binance chain we already burn 28Millions of token.
Today our supply is 650 Millions and our token is not Mintable.

A buyback system will be implemented. Every ads publish on Earneo, means income for the users. In order to reward the users, we will buyback tokens on the exchanges to reward our users.
This means more attraction Earneo gets, more buyback will happen. Liquidity and volume will de facto increase.


Before going today, do you have any Final Words for community

Ans : Thanks for having us here today.
I invite you and your community to join us on our platform and to download our app.

We have many news and update coming before end of the year 💪

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We will launch a referral system soon, and early adopter will be fairly rewarded 🙂

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