Recapitulation of Enoki DeFi AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB

Date: Tuesday, 3rd November, 2020
Time: 18:00 UTC

The Enoki DeFi team was represented by @m4zey. He judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about the project.


Q1 : Enoki DeFi is not new in the DeFi space. But for the sake of new comers, can you briefly introduce yourself and Enoki DeFi to us?

Ans : First, I want to appreciate all of our HODLers and apologise for the slight delays in our releases! We have a more rigorous testing process now so we can look forward to a buttery smooth experience.

I am Chef Nobu, a DeFi developer who saw an opportunity to introduce a new kind of mechanic - one that incentivized and rewarded long-term participation in a project.

So many projects (including ours) fall victim to front-runners and pump-and-dump investors who don’t actually care about the project

So I assembled a team and forged Enoki DeFi, with the goal of increasing DeFi adoption through captivating mini-games and NFT incentives

Q2 : You’ve been around for a while now and had quite some AMAs. Can you tell us some of the achievements so far you’re most proud of in Enoki DeFi?

Ans : We’ve actually only existed for 3 weeks or so.

We’re really proud of the launch of our unique yield farming system. It allows you to harvest mushroom NFTs which you can trade on the open market OR stake of $ENOKI, which has just begun to trickle into some lucky wallets.

We’re really stoked on the in-game asset DEX we’re building for ITChiro, and the JEM<>SPORE pool in their upcoming yield farm

The $SPORE universe is also expanding, with an in-game Mushroom marketplace and NFT Art gallery, which you must hold $SPORE to participate in.

The first vote to multiply or halve the rate of each pool is fast approaching. Each week, $ENOKI holders vote to multiply or halve the yielding rate.

Q3 : What should we be expecting from Enoki DeFi in the coming days, in terms of developments, marketing, adoption,partnerships e.t.c?

Ans : Our video editor just finished up a dope run-down on the ecosystem, released shortly.

Also expect a more detailed write-up about the game were building, where the in-game currency will be, you guessed it, $SPORE… We’ll be partnering with a new fiat-to-crypto bank to allow regular investors to play with yield farming, while holding their hand every step of the way.

The art direction will be guided by Itchiro while the vision and much of the backend developed by the $ENOKI chefs. $SPORE holders will also have a chance to own the game, as it will be community owned as well.


Q1 : How many types of NFTs does Enoki DeFi have? And how to get the NFT? Does Enoki DeFi’s NFT have any value? If it has a value, where can I sell the NFT. thanks.

Ans : At the moment, we have 2 types of NFTs: Mushrooms and Rarities. Mushrooms can be earned by staking tokens in our yield farms. Rarities can be purchased, airdropped or otherwise discovered through scavenger hunts and more. The first “Enoki Rise Together” that sold on the open market went for 5ETH. Others are listed for 22ETH or more.

Q2 : What advantages will the early development of NFTs for Enoki create for you guys in the future?

Ans : NFT Art and collectables are assets that grow in value the more they are observed. We plan to lend our NFT Staking contract to other projects to reward HODLers before they squeeze their mushrooms out for ENOKI. The Enoki Forest is the first world in the Enoki Multiverse, of course, and more Tokens and NFTs are to come.

Q3 : What are the main benefits that I can get from HOLDing with $SPORE and $ENOKI?

Ans : Holding $ENOKI gives you voting rights in the DAO, which controls the locked liquidity, 90% of burnt spore, and the ability to mint more $SPORE or $ENOKI

Q4 : How is Enoki DeFi Vote mechanism operated and what conditions do users need to be able to join it?

Ans : Voting buttons for $ENOKI holders will be live tonight.

Q5 : Where can I buy $SPORE tokens? can i provide a smart contrac from #EnokiDeFi itself to avoid a fake one.

Ans : You may purchase SPORE here


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