Recapitulation of EpicBlaze Token AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB

Date: Friday, 30th October, 2020
Time: 11:00 UTC

The EpicBlaze Token team was represented by Josh. He judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about the project.


Q1 Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also if you have a team, you can introduce them

Ans : I am Josh and have experience in crypto since the beginning of 2017. I active develop since 2018.
We have 2 other member, one telegram Mod and a Marketing guy, Medususa, he have 5 years+ experimence in marketing.

Q2 Can you introduce the Epic Blaze project, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what’s the competitve advantage and utility

Ans : We started Epic Blaze as a fun experimental token. Epic Blaze is a combination of a Deflationary Token, Lottery and Buy Back.
So, Token Deflationary
On Every transaction 8% of the transaction amount will be burned This makes the token more scarce.
After 24h trading 5 eth will be airdropped to two lucky holder.
(Minimum purchase for entering the lottery is 0.5 eth)
Buy Back
This is the most exiting thing. After few days on Uniswap we will start a Buy Back, and burn those tokens. This will make the Token even more scare and we create more buy pressure.
Also more eth will flow in the liquidity pool. We think, in particular the last feature is not done before like we do it.
With burning tokens during trading and buyback it overtime you can imagine what will happen to supply and demand;)

Q3 Can you briefly describe the Top milestones you want to achieve with timelines, also share your roadmap

Ans : We have the ambition to grow our project by adding more Deflationary Token models overtime. Those tokens will be airdropped to EBT holder.
We also talked to other project to farm other tokens with EBT to increase liquidity overtime, but we still explore the possibilities.
Our initial marketcap will be extremely low so there is much growth potential.


Q1 : While we buy token in Pre-sale , How can you determine the lottery between the buyers ? Do we need it to hold and burn it? As 8% of the transaction always get burned already. So, how can you determine the lucky winner of the lottery?

Ans : The lottery will be 24h after trading on uniswap. Only who participate in the presale make a chance to win. Miniumum purchase is 0.5 eth for entering the lottery.
You need to hold a minimum of 0.3 eth (presale price) to make a chance to winn the lottery. The winner will be chosen by using a random generator.

Q2 : Epic blaze is a combination of a Deflationary token, Lottery and Buy back. I must say this combination is indeed Epic, what benefits do you think this combination would have on long-term performance of $EBT token?

Ans : As said in queston 3, We have the ambition to grow our project by adding more Deflationary Token models overtime who airdropped to EBT holders. EBT will be the "head" token.

Q3 : Being an experimental token doesn’t inspire much confidence to investors who are in it for a longer term. What is the exact motive behind this project and what feature can assure investors that this isn’t another 'pull and rug' project?

Ans : Well, actually all crypto projects are experimental right? We just want to be honest. Anyone who promises you instand moon will lie. We definitely not here to rug pull, let that be clear.

Q4 : With hardcarp of 70 $ETH and soft cap of 30 $ETH, I’m afraid if you will be financially buoyant to run the project as it moves forward? Won’t there be allocated funds for marketing and other promotional activities?

Ans : There will be a buget for marketing and other promotions, we already started to invest in marketing and developing with our own funds. But our and others free contribution will be verry important to make this a success,
it can’t be depend all on throwing funds away. Also, we have a excited announcement to make after our presale around this. But we can’t say anything about it right now.

Q5 : We have had different projects with experimental tokens that later rug pull. EBT is here again as an experimental token. What contributions do you expect from users to make sure that EBT creates its own space in the DeFi ecosystem. EBT to the moon.

Ans : Community effort is importand like any other project. We hope the community will contribute as much as they could, no more we can ask. We will take community input very serious, that will be an important thing.


Q1 : Does your token project include burning or token buy back?

Ans : Yes, buy back and token burning are included

Q2 : As regards your token deflation mechanism,you said on every transaction 8% of the transaction amount will be burned. Isn’t 8% too much, don’t you think this could scare away arbitragers from taking part in the pre-sale?

Ans : We think 8% will bring a extremely high scarce. EBT is designed to be scarce, not as a payment token. With burning tokens during trading and buyback it overtime you can imagine what will happen to supply and demand;)

Q3 : How many slots are available at presale #EpicBlazeToken this time ??? what is the minimum transaction to participate in the $EBT presale and how do I make a payment.

Ans : There is no minimum, only for entering the lottery you need purchase 0.5 eth or more.

Q4 : After the pre-sale is complete, EpicBlaze will make a large Buy Back at Uniswap. What impact will this have on the stability and value of the $EBT? What benefits will we see?

Ans : We start to do this after a couple of days, during a longer period. so we think this will bring stability in price movements.

Q5 : EpicBlaze will proceed to burn 8% of the fee per transaction. So how long will this plan be maintained?

Ans : Forever, we have a 18 decimals token, so also wenn there is only 1 token left, it will maintain.

Q6 : Why did you choose erc-20 to support $EBT token actually this Network has so high gas fee for transactions ?

Ans : Is the most populair blockchain atm.

Q7 : It checks social networks and shows us little information about the benefits it offers since it is a deflationary token, so you think that burning will increase the price since each transaction burns 8% but how they will generate trust in the community as planning to expand.?

Ans : The whole picture will bring this to a higher level, thats the plan. More info will come overtime.

Q8 : Why i must choose token $BET ? give me 3 reasons?

Ans : Burning, Lottery, Buy Back ;)


Please before Going, do you have any Final Words for community, also do good to share every useful links to project and how to participate in token sale

Ans : Thank you for allowing me to be here to tell you about our project and for everyone who is interested, our Presale will be live 4 PM UTC in about 4.4 hours from now.
Join our telegram here if you want @epicblazetoken

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