Recapitulation of EpicHero PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Friday, 17th September, 2021
Time: 12:00 UTC

The EpicHero PROJECT team was represented by @Achilles_Crypto who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about EpicHero PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on epichero?

ANS: Good evening and thank you for having me here, we appreciate the opportunity to come here and talk to your users about Epic Hero.

For those that don't know me my name is Achilles and I am the Chief of Community Partnership for Thoreum Finance and have had the pleasure to be working with them and their users full time since Thoreum's inception.

I have been working on and off in Crypto for around 4 years and started full time in Crypto Defi since the Pandemic. Prior to that, I have had 10+ years of experience in Technical Support & Consumer Relations.

We are a diverse group of highly skilled developers, marketers, and influencers. Our competent team has the knowledge, drive, and aptitude, capable of scaling EPICHEREO to the moon, and beyond.

From deep knowledge of gaming & defi, to unparalleled viral marketing execution, and robust influencer connections with fail-safe digital marketing strategies, the team at EpicHero is on a mission to make EPICHERO the biggest NFT project of 2021.

Q2: Can you introduce Epichero, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: EpicHero is the biggest 3D NFT War Game on the Binance Smart Chain Network.

Users can collect and build an unstoppable force of characters by choosing from your favorite heroes from Greek, Norse, Chinese, Japanese, Egyptian, Indian and Roman Mythology.

Users can summon, merge and evolve thousands of Collectable Epic Hero Battle Card NFTs and bring them to the largest arena to do battle against other Epic Heroes.

Moreover, EpicHero is the First Ever play to earn game that rewards its NFT holders with 5% BNB of token transaction and NFT marketplace transaction tax. This innovative mechanism gives the EpicHero NFT holder's great passive income overtime simply by holding the NFT in their wallet.

As the world’s first NFT to give holders reflection rewards in BNB, EpicHero is expected to be a true game changer. You could say, EpicHero is the Safemoon of NFT.

We are the pioneers in this field and committed to bring more innovative ideas and applications to change the whole GameFi space.

Each Epic Hero’s NFT has a stunning 3D graphic, unlike other projects with just 2D NFT graphics, our NFT is truly 3D, users can view their hero in high definition and rotate them 360 degrees with a zoom in and zoom out function, a unique feature not yet implemented in any BSC NFT game.

Have you taken a look at some of the art? It's amazing!
Click it and you can rotate, zoom, and enjoy 360° view of the NFT.

Without any doubt, we are proud to say that Epic Hero will be the biggest 3D NFT War Game on the Binance Smart Chain Network.

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: We have already achieved more than half of the planned steps in Phase 1 of our Roadmap.

EpicHero is the first NFT that started NFT sales even before project launch & presale end. 10K mysterious chest started on sale just 1 day, and is almost out of stock.

Let me Give you a snapshot of. our Roadmap

Launch ( Sept. - Oct. 2021)
Website & Social media Launch
Presale Whitelist open for 10 days
Introduce EPICHERO token and ITO on Thoreum platform
Hero NFT Sale (BEP-721)
Hero Marketplace
Staking hero to earn $EpicHero
Boss fighting to earn $EpicHero

Equipment ( Q4. 2021)
Hero Equipment (BEP-1155)
Hero Equipment Machine
Equipment Marketplace

Dungeon Adventure ( Q4. 2021)
Earn by deploying Hero to Dungeon Adventure
Dungeon Achievement Ranking

PvP Arena ( Q4. 2021)
1 vs. 1 Arena
3 vs. 3 Arena
5 vs. 5 Arena
Thousands vs. Thousands Arena

More information of Roadmap till end of 2022 you can check here

Our next milestones will be marketplace, that we plan to finish in 1 - 2 days, and stake hero to earn EpicHero, boss fighting to earn EpicHero.

So let's join our Telegram group at and follow our twitter channel to be updated timely.

Q4: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?

ANS: Some of you may already know about Thoreum, but some may not, so let me introduce a bit about our biggest partner Thoreum.

Thoreum is famous for pioneering reflection rewards tokens and continues to grow steadily with an ecosystem of effective rewards tokens.

Thoreum is a rare success story when it comes to rewards tokens on the BSC market and has already awarded its holders over 14 million USD in the first 2 months since launch.

With a growing community of over 45,000 investors, Thoreum has established its reputation as a resilient project with no signs of slowing down or stopping any time soon.

All of this, whilst continuing to bring exciting new projects and long term value for their holders.

As the world's first NFT to give holders reflection rewards in BNB, EpicHero is not just a game, but a pioneer in the defi field. This is why we chose Thoreum as our key strategic partner.

As one of our earliest investors and strategic partners, Thoreum Finance will finance and assist our projects in raising capital and brand awareness, by exposing us to their great community of investors and integrating us into their NFT ecosystem.

Thoreum also has a history of raising millions of USD for other successful projects through their launch platform.

In our strategic partnership, Thoreum has invested in, becoming our project’s official publisher and will have $EPICHERO’s launch on Thoreum ITO platform on Sep 13th, 2021

Besides that, we also have partnership with Thunder Alliance, BSCNews, CatBread, CryptoFamily & many huge community with their great support to EpicHero.

Q5: Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of the Epichero ?

ANS: Sure, As you know, we have 2 tokens, both are audited with 0 issue

🟢 EpicHeroToken 0x47cC5334F65611EA6Be9e933C49485c88C17F5F0
🟢 EpicHeroNFT 0xafDcB0eCaD1c8Cb22893dCA7D6c510dBFDa3BBeC

Tokenomics will be applied as below:

WBNB Distribute to 3D NFT Holders each buy & sell: 5%
Thoreum Distribute to EpicHero Token Holders each buy & sell: 3%
Token Burn each buy & sell: 1%
Token Comeback to Game Incentives pool each buy & sell: 1%

Wallet transfer: 0%

Buy fee: 5%
WBNB Distribute to NFT Holders: 1.25%
Thoreum Distribute to Token Holders: 0.75%
Token Burn: 0.25%
Token Comeback to Game Incentives pool: 0.25%
Dev & marketing funds: 2.5%

Sell fee: 15% ( x3 Buy fee)

As for the Utility of the Token

You can buy Mysterious Chest with 5,000 Thoreum and open it with 500 EPICHERO to summon a random 3D NFT hero. The NFTs will be released before launch or right on launch.

This hero will immediately receive 5% WBNB reflection rewards from each buy & sell of EpicHero and can be used to staking in EpicHero farm.

You can also use EPICHERO to level up your 3D NFT to earn higher rewards in farm.

You can also earn a passive income of 3% Thoreum reflection rewards just by holding EPICHERO tokens in your wallet.

Below is our comparison chart, you can see how wide the utility of EpicHero is, if you hold it.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: marketing is very important for any project because Good marketing makes the company look smart and strong so what are your marketing strategies?

ANS: About marketing, this again is an excellent time to give a nod and acknowledge the strength of the alliance we have with Thoreum.

Thoreum already has 20 local groups with a total of 140,000 members, including Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, USA, Europe, countries across the Middle East and others, which EpicHero has gained immediate exposure to.

Thoreum’s huge network spans the entire globe, across their telegram pages interacting with hundreds of thousands of people from various nationalities, religions, languages and ethnicities.

Thoreum incredible and experienced when it comes to marketing and massive advertising has already begun. USD 30,000 has already been spent to advertise EpicHero everywhere on BSCscan, Poocoin, Coinzilla, BSCNetwork,, BSCNews, Facebook, with famous influencers on Twitter, and multiple AMAs with investment groups and media partners. This is just the start of the sizable marketing campaign, further activities and investments to come.

Special care has been taken to attract the clients from all those various backgrounds. All are welcome at Epic Hero and we look forward to seeing you all in the largest Battle Ground On the Binance Smart Chain.

Q2: Can you list 1-3 killer features of Your Project that makes it ahead of its competitors?

ANS: 1. World’s first NFT game and the only one until now that gives NFT holders reflection rewards in BNB.

The longer you hold EpicHero 3D NFT, the larger the amount of dividend you get in BNB.
With highly limited numbers, this feature makes Epic Hero 3D NFT more attractive in the long run because everyone wants to own one so that they get their share of the dividends from passive reflection income.

2. Largest scale battles on BSC with thousands of users each, potentially using thousands of NFTs to compete at the same time to win real money prizes, nowhere else have we seen the potential for such large scale battles. Though there will be plenty of opportunity for 1 vs 1, 3 vs 3 and 5 vs 5 we are super excited for our Clan style Thousand vs Thousands battles which no one will have seen anything like on BSC.

3. True 3D NFTs that users are excited to own and show off, each with unique looks and stunning graphics. For the first time, users can fully view their NFT in 3D mode, rotate, zoom in and indulge in a spectacular 360 degree view.

Click it and you can rotate, zoom, and enjoy 360° view of the NFT.

Q3: How does it provide the EpicHero NFT holder with great passive income in overtime? How can users benefit in the short and long term from this project?

ANS: We have many different Play to Earn options available to our users, which we know will appeal to all experience levels, meaning that anyone and everyone will be able to find something entertaining, exciting, engaging and profitable. This freedom allows players the opportunity to choose their preferred way to play and earn.

Firstly they can Just hold NFTs & Profit.

Epic Hero is the first ever NFT game that rewards its holders with real money just by holding EpicHero NFTs in their wallet. Users are paid 5% in BNB everytime there’s a transaction of EpicHero, making it an ideal passive income source. The more NFTs you hold the bigger the reflection rewards without playing anything in the Epic Hero system. For most users who are not familiar with Defi or NFTs, this experience is epic!

Secondly for those who are casual gamers, who play often!

With $EpicHero being earned both for winning and for playing regularly, make sure to play at least 10 matches per day to ensure you collect your weekly bonus. Be strategic with your $EpicHero and decide whether it is best to hold it, or use it to recruit.

For more hardcore gamers! Who want to be the best!

Top players every week are awarded a sum of $EpicHero tokens. Winning these prizes regularly will greatly increase your $EpicHero bag, which will continue to rise in value with the success of the game.

And if you are like me and just love to collect, and need to have one of everything.

Become an NFT Trader or Collector. Experienced users can use our decentralized marketplace to spot an opportunity to buy low and sell high trading any NFT they choose, or just collect hundreds of affordable NFTs to get the auto reflection rewards and sell them when the price is favourable.

Thanks to Epic Hero marketplace and our innovative NFT static rewards mechanism, users have many choices to improve their earning by trading or collecting Epic Hero’s NFT cards.

Q4: Can you tell us about the process of Merging Hero's on Epic Hero Platform . Is there any rule that comes with Merging ? Is Merging Risk Free or it comes with some attendant risks

ANS: Every two heroes can have chances to merge to bring about a new hero with a chance of higher rarity.

Normally the high rarity heroes is very rare in any game but with this merging mechanism everyone can have a fair chance to bring about a better heroes from what they have.

Merging Rules
-The higher the rarity of the two heroes serves as the reference hero.There is a certain chance to bring about a new hero that is one rarity level higher than the reference hero. It is random pick.
-Only heroes with the same ownership and in free state can be merged.

Note: When merging 2 heroes together, the 2 heroes will be burnt. Level and attributes of the new hero is judged by the average level and attributes value of the 2 heroes. Because of the random pick, the risk of Merging exists. If you are not able to take the risk , please don't do Merging.

Q5: I never thought I'd see this day in gaming. I observed that Epic Hero is connecting Game and Culture. I saw that you included Lac Long Quan the son of Kinh Dương Vương who is my direct ancestor in your Epic Hero game. I am a direct lineage of the the fairy Dragon and I am surprised at why you went far as to include my ancestors in Epic Game. I can only thank you and offer my prayers for your success. What was your aim for doing this? Do you agree it would help gamers to connect to the game and spread it among communities. Can you create 3D NFTs for Cultures like Sango which is the equivalent of Thor for Yoruba people. I spoke to a colleague who is a Lecturer in ancient African Mythology, he discussed about your platform in a seminar on Osun Oshogbo festivals and the people and their Kings wo love to teem up with you to create some NFTs. Who do I refer him to discuss this with ?

ANS: Thank you for your question, you are right

Not only choosing from your favorite heroes from Greek, Norse, China, Japan, Egypt, India, Roman Mythology, but local community can also vote for next heroes based on their culture and we will create a NFT for it! We are proud to be the 1st game on BSC that let user choose their NFT based on their culture.

By connecting Game and Culture, it will be easy to connect and spread players. Imagine what it would be like if a Vietnamese gamer got a Hero like Lac Long Quan or Au Co. And the same for those who are fans of Napoleon, Quanyu, Naruto.

No borders, no restrictions on creativity, the number of 3D NFTs that can be created is endless. As long as the culture has appeared on Earth, we will be able to bring it into the game.

So if you have any suggestion of who will be our next heroes please discuss directly with me, we are more than happy to bring your cultural famous hero into our Epic Hero battle!

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❗️ Presale ITO finish & EPICHERO token claim: 14:00 UTC SEP 17th
❗️ Chest Opening time: 14:00 UTC SEP 17th (1 hour earlier than previous announcement)
❗️ Token launch on Pancakeswap: 15:00 UTC SEP 17th (1 hour after presale ITO finish)
❗️ Reflection rewards start time: 15:00 UTC SEP 17th (right after token launch & trading volume build up)
❗️ EPICHERO token holders: 3% each buy&sell reflection rewards in THOREUM
❗️ EPICHERO 3D NFT holders: 5% each buy&sell reflection rewards in WBNB
❗️ Track & claim your reward:

⚔️5 Genesis Heroes in the first Collection: Zeus, Loki, Medusa, Poseidon, Monkey King.
📍Buy & open your chests at: ( 10% off for buyers of 5 chests and up)
💰500 $EPICHERO for Opening a Chest => BUY $EPICHERO Presale Here
💵 Earn 5% WBNB reflection rewards for each NFT hero right after token launch on 15:00 UTC Sep 17th 2021.
📍Unopened chest will not get WBNB reflection

🎁 Benefit of Genesis Heroes 3D NFT Holders:

1. Only genesis heroes can give birth to a baby hero
2. Receive 5% BNB reflection rewards right after token launch at 15h UTC Sept. 17th 2021

Join the Biggest 3D NFT Party of 2021 NOW
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