Recapitulation of FANADISENFT PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Tuesday, 11th May, 2021
Time: 16:00 UTC

The FANADISENFT PROJECT team was represented by @Barteksibiga and @Jakubchmielniak who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about FANADISENFT PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourselves and your background, also introduce the team working on FanadiseNFT?

ANS: My name is Bartek and I’m CEO of DDOB – one of the biggest Influencer marketing agency in CEE and cofounder of Fanadise

I’m Jakub, from Poland, and together with Bartek and Stuart we created Fanadise. I run quite a big e-commerce company and use all the experience and resources right now to grow Fanadise 🚀

I'm also a public speaker you can check my TEDx on Youtube is you know polish

We’ee also partners with Bartek in DDOB

Stuart Burton 3rd cofounder is an Influencer with over 8mln fans in total. Founder of Team X – creators collective.

Q2: Can you introduce FanadiseNFT, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: Quite a lot of them: influencer monetization, content ownership and revenue distrbution

Fanadise is a paradise where fans are no longer passive followers and Influencers are no longer working for big corp income like Facebook or Google. Fans can collect, stake, buy and sell NFTs of any creator and Influencers can directly monetise their work. This means a revolution in social media and in the way people perceive the value of digital goods and social based status.

We give back power to creators!

First of all we have an existing service that we develop - websites where influencers can interact with fans on a completely new level. The second layer are NFTs

Connected to every piece of content published on our platform

With Fanadise you will be able to :

- collect NFT moment from subscribtions or buy NFT packs
- fanup NFTs which mean upgrading them to higher lvl and burning the old ones
- use&burn your expirience NFT like : cofe with Influencer, dedicated B-day Video. You use it it’s burned
- exchange NFTs with other users
- earn money on collecting and reselling NFTs
- stake $Fan token to get more NFTs or higher lvl NFTs
- buy things and services you cannot get anywhere else

We want to create a system where $FAN token is being staked and NFTs are minted on top of that

But also where you can do many things with NFTs - not only collect, but also burn, merge and so on.

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: - Influencer aquisition. We already have a reach of over 100mln fans (done)

- We did successful MVP (done)

Yeah, we just started to mint NFTs, our Developer team consists of 5 people so far, it will be 13 by the end of June, we started to develop NFT dashboard and app. We also fundraised 400k$ in 15 minutes last week and we have 2000 people signed up to our pre-sale Phase II tomorrow

Our roadmap is at

- We want to sign one top star like Will Smith in June

- We already have paying customers on (test) websites but want to push user aquisition hard from June.

Q4: When is the presale going to end finally?

ANS: it is starting on 6PM CET tomorrow

and will last like 5 min 😉

And it will end in max 5-10 mins 😅

But then there is public


Save the date

Interest is huge though.

Q5: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?

ANS: First of all is DDOB (we have 80k influencers registered on platform)

We are early stage so we right now talking to many VCs, IDO platforms and Exchanges

We also signed may big IG/YT influencers already, like Justyna Gradek, Veronika Bielik, we talk with dozens of huge creators and they all want to have their NFTs. We will be onboarding them in June

but it is still confidential

We also do some colabs with merch brands

We also have partners in Asia and US in terms of Influencer cooperations.

Q6: So, after the presale. IDO will still follow?

ANS: Yes, it will, the last phase of public sale will consists of 2-3 IDOs

2-3 platforms I mean


The introduction will not be complete without talk about token that governs the ecosystem of of FanadiseNFT


Q7: Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of the $FAN Token?

ANS: This a very long story so I will send links to articles about it

those are $Fan Coin use cases

And here you can read about whole Tokenomics -

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: While going through your roadmap as highlighted in your whitepaper, I learnt that you onboarded the first 10 big creators to join Fanadise. This sounds interesting. Please, can you give us a sneak peek into who these creators are? Also, does one necessarily have to be a staker of the $FAN token to take part in the daily lottery? Can't ordinary holders of the $FAN token participate in this lottery?

ANS: You can check creators profiles on our website, we also answered this question before.

About Staking please check medium article about extended tokenomic.

Q2: When we speak of accessibility, can anyone use and access this project, especially newbies and non ENGLISH SPEAKING INDIVIDUALS?

ANS: We want to make our platform accessible for everyone and a self-service product so everyone will be able to set up an account and release exclusive content to their audience. NFTs will be available only for a selected group of creators though - later on we will probably allow more influencers to mint their own NFTs.

Q3: I could see that fanadise has signed the likes of Veronica Bielik, however, there are still many internet influencers and fans who still don't know anything about crypto not to talk of the benefits project like yours could offer them. What effort are you making to help onboard such people to your project?

ANS: Great question. We’ll be introducing so many people the crypto world - and it’s our job to make the UX welcoming :) I’’ Sure we’re gonna drive adoption as well, it’s our big advantage too :)

Q4: How to participate in FanadiseNFT sale?

ANS: -> sign up to our mailing list :)

Q5: Most of your influencers are model, what is that so? Does fanadise has a particular interest in that section of entertainment?

ANS: Thanks for this question. We already signed athletes, comedians and gamers. We now talking with musicians and many other industries.

Q6: Fanadise presale round 2 is scheduled to hold on 12/05 by 6PM CET. Why do you think there was a need for another round of presale for the FAN token? Are those that participated in round 1 also eligible for round 2? In a case where I missed out on the participation of round 2 presale, what other ways are there for me to obtain the FAN token?

ANS: Yup, everyone from Phase I can participate in Phase II. We divided it into phases to have more control over the process, handle it more securily.

Q7: Wawo! Nice one. But for the fact that a creator has higher control and ownership of his content, will his fans always have to pay to view the content or will there be free version...?

ANS: Fans will have to subscribe first BUT in exchange they get NFTs :)

Q8: Just one question, Youtube influencers who already monetize their youtube channels can also benefit from this platform? Or need to deactivate the monetization policy first?

ANS: Sure they can and they don’t have to turn off anything.

Q9: Influencers and NFT is very important for any project...any project cannot proposper without influencers and NFT...Who are your influencers?and Can anyone launch their NFTs on Fanadise?Do you plan to launch NFT marketplace?

ANS: Yes there will be Fanadise NFT marketplace. Our influencers are mostly newcommers to crypto space. Which is different approch then other platforms. We belive we can spread adoprion like NBA Top Shot did in NBA fans space.

Q10: NFT is becoming more and more popular now. It seems that NFT has a bright future. and so What do you think is the next thing after NFT? Can you explain the future plan of FAN tokens after the public sale?

ANS: I don’t know, NFTs are the future that yet needs to happen, so it’s hard to tell what’s after. We believe NFTs are THE future so we focus on making it as bright as possible :)

Q11: The Fanadise platform seems like a good alternative for professional and experienced content creators. So, how can content creators who are just beginning level benefit from your platform, will you support their development?

ANS: There will be a "public" platforme so everyone can setup website on his own.

Q12: When a creator wants to start using platform, what kind of documentation will they need to provide? Will it really be possible to crowdfund from any country when the platform goes live? Or will there still be some restrictions?
How did you build an ecosystem of users, partners, and content creators, bringing best-in-class digital services to emerging markets?

ANS: The platform won’t be about crowdfunding, the system works though the subscriptions. Every creator will be able to open an accounts just like that :)

Q13: We see that successful projects are projects that care about the community, motivate them with various awards and competitions, and provide revenue sharing. How will Fanadise ensure a quality community formation that is essential for success?

ANS: First of all on Fanadise even collectors can earn money. We will also have a full gamification project for community with big rewards and possibilities to earn money.

Q14: Will there be incentives for developers, artists and new creators on the Fanadise platform? Do you have any groundbreaking ideas that will make your platform a major attraction for NFT enthusiasts?

ANS: Yes. NFT burning, NFT FunUpin (please read tokenomics) albo NFT farms and NFT swaping.

Q15: How content creator will update their YouTube channel or make more followers by using Fanadise Platfrom? How Fanadise team will help him to reach content creators goal? Is the team only care of those creator who buy and stake or hold $FAN token? Or they help every old and new person of here who are interested?

ANS: The creator will be allowed to upload new content or content from the past in order to mint NFTs on top of it. We’ll promote creators internationally and there is a whole system where we’re gonna distribute NFTs to people on our platform.

Q16: Big corporations like Facebook or Google take all the profit from the generated revenue of influencers via their ad services, leaving them with no or close to zero profit. Is Fanadise different from them? Will Influencers finally get paid by your platform?

ANS: Yes that's exectly what we are doing via NFTs - it's widly described on our platform.

Q17: There is a whitelisting application going on presently, does everyone who join the whitelist get whitelisted or the final list will be on a random basis?

ANS: First come first served.

Q18: Much is happening right now in the NFT space. The hype is far from gone and NFT projects are getting better and better. Why do you think Fanadisenft will succeed in the NFT space and why do you think Fanadisenft is what users should definitely look at?

ANS: We have a unique service (no one is doing it) and we have a tokenomics that would promote staking FAN token and will create lots of NFTs for the people on our platform.


It was a great pleasure, please follow our project on social media, take part in our pre/public and have a great day all!

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