Recapitulation of FightCoin PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Monday, 6th December, 2021
Time: 14:00 UTC

The FightCoin PROJECT team was represented by @Will_uminati who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about FightCoin PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on FightCoin?

ANS: Sure, I am William Fagan and am primarily from the combat sports world. I have run multiple MMA promotions in Australia as well as the peak MMA federation for Amateur MMA. Mist of my network is in the martial arts and combat sports world.

One of my main aims through FightCoin is to bridge the martial arts and combat ports world with crypto.

Our team is quite large, if I can, I will post a shot of them. Our game studio has 8 full time and 1 part time staff (developers, illustrators, animators, modelers etc) This team are experienced in each of their fields and our current art director / stage designer actually designed stages and concept art for Street Fighter V.

Surrounding the game studio we have several full time and part time team members in marketing and development.

Q2: Can you introduce FightCoin, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: FightCoin is primarily the in-game currency for Fight Legends. it brings a player owned and play to earn economy to our game. Our game is being developed as a world class, eSports fighter, positioned to played alongside Tekken, Street Fighter and other mainstream eSports fighters. We will put our game on the world stage and bring player owned assets further into mainstream awareness.

Our advantage is that we bring global martial arts and combat sports partnerships. Through our partnerships with GAMMA (global, India, Aus), WAKO (Aus, USA, Oceania) and Sports Data, we can reach 5,000,000 databased martial artists and both the competitors and spectators at over 10,000 martial arts tournaments each year. These partnerships have only just begun, with only a fraction of our network activated so far.

As for our game, we intend to include top tier combat sports athletes in our game, alongside our original fantasy characters.

eSports fighter + NFT / Play 2 earn + combat sports = 🚀

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?


We have finished our first character, Ross Levine (seen above dancing with a bunch of Ross'), he is an undefeated pro kickboxer and full contact karate champion. We now have a production line for our studio working on animation of Ross while finishing the model of our second character....and so on and so forth.

We will soon have a playable demo including PvP.

The dev team have almost finished

~ Game Servers/Database Server API
~ Social Features (Friends, Chats etc)
~ Marketplace

And the token itself is launching in January on several respected launchpads, some TBC shortly.

We have raised a successful $500k in our early rounds.

Our charitable arm has done incredible work in refugee camps supporting children with marital arts classes and tournaments.

Q4: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?

ANS: We have several small VC partnerships (Evolve Digital, Cosmic Whales, Goldfingr, Vivian Capital) and many more in discussion.

We have global, continental and national martial arts federations (MMA, kickboxing, Karate) giving us access to their events, members and key players.

We are partnered with the worlds largest martial arts and combat sports tournament software (competitor registrations and attendance)

Synapse for our KYC

Anypad, DaoLaunch (and more about to be announced)

Unix Gaming for marketing, investors, VC and community connections

And the founder of, Bryson Warsop, is one of my advisors.

Q5: Can you give an overview of the Tokenomics and Utility of FIGHTCOIN tokens?


FightCoin is used in Fight Legends to buy in game assets (fighters, trainers, gyms, items etc) ...the FightCoin spent is split between player rewards, treasury and a locked silo, ensuring that only a fraction of what is spent, is then released. (creating deflationary pressure)

We are in the $0.01 private round, moving to a $0.015 public round after successfully closing seed 1 and 2.

This table shows vesting periods and total $FIGHT in each round. As you can see, our team is locked for a total of 42months.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: Hi 🌸
Do you have any plans of doing marketing like you did in Paul Woodley fight because that was a very good marketing strategy.
So do you have any plans of doing it again?

ANS: We have some MASSIVE things in the pipeline for promotion. We are currently in discussion with a global martial arts federation that represents one martial art at the Olympics, discussing building an entire region in our game with playable fighters branded to them and their sponsors in a deal worth several hundred thousand $.

We are also bringing world champion boxers, Kickboxers and MMA fighters into our ecosystem.

This will be ongoing for years to come. Our game and our ecosystem will be seen as the crypto for combat sports.

Q2: Through your roadmap I saw terms like FightMeta and FightBet. But can you explain a little more about this? What types of events will you be running through these launches? What will Fightbet live events be about? Also, can you give us details about Fight Stream? Would it be a platform similar to Twitch?

ANS: Yep, a platform similar to Twitch and combined. Able to host streamers and live events, with several innovate crypto based functions.

FightMeta exists because we have sole access to millions of martial artists, so developing a "meta" space for them, a social home in the metaverse is inevitable. We will begin by brining this world on-chain through NFT proof of attendance and proof of competition.

FightBet is also inevitable. We own and it makes sense to offer eSports and fight sports betting to our networks.

Q3: What are all the possibilities that FightCoin offers to users to make a profit? How will you help the underprivileged, perhaps donations? Why is it convenient for small and large investors to join this project?

ANS: As our game grows, so does demand for FightCoin. As more players play our game, FightCoin supply also reduces. By driving the martial arts world toward our game, we boost engagement.

Profit is made by selling game assets and including a fee on market, primary & secondary sales a certain game modes.

A portion of that revenue goes toward FightFund, our global, transparent, martial arts based charity.

Q4: I read that you understand the power of martial arts to save lives, improve lives and empower people but in the last few months can you explain if your project has been able to help or empower people in difficult situations?

ANS: We are partenred with Fight to Protect, an organisation fighting child sex trafficking in the Philippines. This organisation is run by a Philippine Brazilian Jiu Jitsu champion.

We have also run a kickboxing tournament for 153 kids, from 8 refugee camps, across the middle east.

This work is continuing in developing countries worldwide.

Q5: I noted that you will be partnering with WAKO USA, WAKO Aus and WAKO Oceania, as well as fighting child trafficking in the Philippines. But my question is, Being an NFT game, how would these associations help you in the development of your project? What plans do you have with them? Would you help children all over the world other than the Philippines?

ANS: They will help increase our user-base and awareness.

We will 100% help children around the world.

There are 1.9Billion people living on under $1000usd per month who also have internet access. This is our target market for Play2earn. These societies are also in need of FightFund programs to support people in fighting for a better life.

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