Recapitulation of Findora AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB

Date: Thursday, 26th November, 2020
Time: 20:00 UTC

The Findora team was represented by @lily52099. She judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about the project.


Q1 : Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the Team working on Findora project

Ans : My name is Lily Chao. I founded the Findora organization along with John Powers, the former CEO of the Stanford University Endowment Fund. I am quite well connected as a young entrepreneur and investor active in Silicon Valley and Asia Pacific Rim. - Before founding Findora, I have a successful track record of investing and advising in early stage tech businesses and providing financial advisory to growth stage tech companies both in the US and in China. My expertise is in privatization, SPAC, merger & acquisition. Being tech-savvy generation who seeks to disrupt and improve legacy businesses, as opposed to following their lead, I am the original thought leader, along with the late John Powers, that devised the strategic and product vision of Findora Foundation. With one foot in Silicon Valley and another in the broader Asia-Pacific rim, I have seen the ways technology can create real world solutions across all corners of the globe. In my leisure time, I enjoy cooking, shopping and off-roading.

Findora has a global team. The core team is in the States, Asia and Europe. We have a lot of highly specialized teams including cryptography research team (members are from leading research institutions and security companies), cryptography implementation team, blockchain team and ledger team (distributed system guys). We also have application teams and QA task force, and of course, several senior executives lead the business development and partnership programs.

Q2 : Can you introduce the Findora project, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what’s the competitve advantage

Ans : Findora is a globally trusted financial infrastructure, owned and democratically secured by a decentralized network of worldwide organizations and economically incentivized parties. Findora was created to enable the creation of financial services that are transparently operated while preserving user and institutional privacy. Created by a team of Stanford academics and entrepreneurs, including John Powers, former CEO of Stanford’s USD $25 billion endowment fund, Findora will be accessible to anyone in the world, whether individuals, small and medium enterprises, or industry giants. Our team has extensive collaboration with leading cryptographers in the world and our comprehensive cryptography library includes implementation of state of the art Zero Knowledge Proofs such as Plonk, Bulletproofs an Supersonic. For more information, visit

Findora is being operated by a decentralized network of operators. But the software stack can also be deployed and operated by a variety of interoperable networks. It can be used by a traditional bank to replace the infrastructure they currently run on, deployed in the cloud, or It is a platform for issuing assets of any nature, including cryptocurrency. Findora's mission is to address the challenges necessary to support this broad class of assets and diverse financial use cases. One of the primary challenges is providing confidentiality while retaining the transparency and public accessibility of other blockchains. Achieving this privacy-preserving transparency is Findora's major focus and product differentiation.

Our competitive advantage is Transparency with privacy! We are very different. There are a lot of things that set us apart including the technology, the products, the problems we solve and the team and the market strategy. But I wanted to focus on the technology and the product: Findora represents the cutting edge of blockchain technology: we are aiming to bring breakthrough to Web 3.0 rather than incremental improvements. The problems we solve and the technology we use make us unique: we use a variety of the newest trustless and efficient zero knowledge proof techniques to bring efficient confidential/anonymous asset operations/transactions to an open blockchain; we use the similar technology to create confidential identities and credentials for open blockchains; we use the best in the class zkSNARKS to create optimized ZK Rollup services to help scale up the entire blockchain sphere; we innovatively use a variety of authenticated data structures to make a highly efficient new blockchain. All these solutions are very useful and future-proof. With the scalability and privacy we bring to the Blockchain, DeFi can go much farther!

In short, we aim to solve the scalability and privacy issues of blockchain.

Q3 : Can you briefly describe the Top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap

Ans : Our main milestones so far: 1. invented a very unique DAO, DeFi fund management system that support privacy preserving asset operations voting/onchain governance. We believe such blockchain based organizations will change the world; 2. be responsible for discovering one of the most efficient trustless Zero Knowledge Proofs systems; 3. has built an entirely new blockchain based on the newest ADS technologies from the ground up purely using Rust + WASM; 4. completed one of the world’s most comprehensive cryptography libraries- ZEI. Planning for end of this year/next year! ---- Launching mainnet! We are ready to go!!! In 2021, we will focus on the phase II mainnet and the DeFi infrastructure. We will deploy ZK Rollup, Accumulator based storage, confidential liquidity bridging and Dark Pool Dex.

The roadmap is clearly addressed. We will launch Phase I and II mainnet from now to end of 2021. And There will be a lot to happen in enterprise adoption side too.


Q1 : How Findora solve the lack of access to the unbanked users? Findora can be considered a Brigde between traditional finance and Blockchain?

Ans : Here is our view of the unbanked population issue: A global financial infrastructure never exists. There are only fragmented institutions serving a part of the population. The friction is high. Billions of people have no bank accounts: 1. the access is uneven; 2. cost is not always affordable; 3. many people have no physical access (think about rural Africa) and a computer and Internet; 4. lack of credit system.

Findora tries to help solve this issue and boost financial inclusiveness worldwide: we provide blockchain based infrastructure to build financial applications (fair, cheap and performant). We sponsor developers and entrepreneurs to develop micro finance DeFi programs catering to unbanked population; 3. Findora develop super light client with less storage burden so that people around the world can all access Findora blockchain and services through their mobile phones; 4. We consider working with a partner to launch private preserving stable coin. I guess it is much needed in a lot of regions where the local currency is highly unstable.

That’s our answer to the unbanked issue.

Because of our technology (privacy and scalability, enterprise grade software quality), we are ofterntimes viewed as the bridge between traditional finance and Blockchain. I think it is a good thing. If we can successfully transplant traditional finapps to blokchain, it will be huge for blockchain adoption!

Q2 : I care deeply about personal privacy, personal and organizational security, and the decentralization and sharing of power. What are your goals and motivations for taking on anonymity with transparency in general specifically as your project priority?

Ans : From Day One, our goal is to leverage the state of the art of modern cryptography and distributed system tech to help build the new global financial infrastructure. To achieve this goal, we find that we will have to solve the scalability and privacy issues at least. Transparency with Privacy is the state that we need to make blockchain a real big thing

I cannot imagine that we can move the world’s entire financial system onto Ethereum. It will be a disaster: All in a sudden, we lost the privacy (even its dented) we have for now.

We should not compromise the privacy and security in exchange for transparency. We can have them all and Findora is doing it!

Q3 : As Blockchain-Based Financial Technology for emerging markets, please what markets are you focusing on at this time?

Ans : We are very focused on the markets where Findora technology and products are a good fit and where the community will benefit tthe most.

Specifically, we are investing in the South East Asia markets, the Europe and Latin America. We do have very strong North American institutional partnership team, they focus on small to mediumsized financial institutions and fintechs.

Q4 : The latest talk in the crypto space is Findora funding and launching a research center worth $5 million. What step do I need to take in order to partake in the research process? What duration will the research program run for and is it available to citizens of the USA & China?

Ans : I am one of the initial sponsors of this Advanced Research Center program along with Paul Sherer, our F.I.R.S.T. Director. We asked ourselves if we have done enough to strengthen our advantage in cryptography and distributed system research. We have nice implementations for a variety of production environments, but are we perfect? Are there any chances that we at Findora can contribute to the public domain knowledge? We then came up with the idea to set up this Findora Advanced Research Center. We have already granted several research projects including use case specific zero knowledge enhancement, multi party computation and efficient hash function, just to name a few. The goal is to sponsor the best talents in the domains. To apply for the research funding and to be a member of the research center is simple. You just need to fill a simple questionnaire to include the bio of the team/individual, previous research and the proposal for the new research topic and a budget. The program and the center are permanent. The first round funding is expected to run for a year on a first come first serve basis. We will increase the funding size if necessary.

Q5 : Findora is have so many services to provide, so to handle all of this features, have you considered the developement and launch of an Mobile application?

Ans : Indeed we have a lot of features such as a variety of auditability tools, a rich selection of confidential transaction parameters and asset policy customization. We actually already started building mobile based app with community developers. These apps will work as mobile wallet with payment capability; DAO dashboard, Private DEX and DeFi client. We even designed bounty and referal programs into them.


Q1 : Could you please share the technologies Findora provide us about security and anti-hacking?

Ans : Simply put, Findora blockchain is cryptograhy rich. We used the best cryptogrpahy techniques such as efifcient hash functions, authenticated data structures, multi-sig, and other implementation to ensure the ledger is highly secure. The P2P communication is secure as well. One of the vulnerabilities for a smart contract platform is the virtual machine. We frequently heard hackers stole funds from various DeFi projects. A large part of the issues are from the smart contracts and the Solidity language. We use a specially designed virtual machine that woeks best with UTXO ledger object model and Zero Knowledge Proofs. It is much more secure. The Discret language we develop is also Domain SPECIFIC.

Q2 : Today in every sector our slogan is "PRIVACY IS OUR RIGHT". How would your project offer a Blockchain Privacy Protection for users?

Ans : Privacy is a basic human right. Of course most business activities also call for privacy. Unlike the most transparent blcokchains on today’s market such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, there are no transaction data at all on Findora blockchain —- this sounds strange right? Let me try to explain: Findora is a zero knowledge blockchain. The Findora blockchain nodes process and verify the zero knowledge proofs of the actual transactions. These proofs are secretive, so that no nodes and 3rd party can read into the content. Because no actual transaction data on chain, users’ data privacy is fully protected. If you transfer 100 dollar on Findora to your friend via confidential transfer, no one can see this transaction through a block explorer.
So to answer the question directly, not just Findora, literally no one can monitor a confidential transaction on Findora without users’ permission.

Q3 : Who doesn’t Know What # Findora Finance is and what do not? Can You Provide SOME Basic Information To The Founders And The #Findora Finance Team? Please Explain in more Detail some of the Products That You’re Developing?

Ans : Cool. Findora is a high performance zero knowledge blockchain that aims to be the backbone of Web3. Privacy and scalability are things we focus on. We don’t focus on competig with Ethereum or any other blockchin. Our founders are John Powers and me. Our finance team consists of many financial industry vetarans such as Paul Sherer, David Lee and Young Yu, just to name a few, who have more than 60 years of combined experience in Wall Street firms and leading tech banks and venture funds.

Products wise, we have a lot of specialized development projects. One is a smart contract enabled investment fund platform. It will allow fund manager set up a fund at no cost and set up the conduit to onboard investors. It is highly automated with zero knowledge based KYC and issuance. And it is Findora blockchain based.

We will release a lot of applications in 2021. Stay tuned.

Q4 : How important and useful are you Partner?

Ans : I would say Partners are very important, maybe just next to the Community.

Partners help expand the Findora franchise and also collaborate with us for joint product development. We have a lot of great partners. Tencent Group, several undisclosed banks, TrustToken, Injective Protocol, just to name a few, are all very supportive. We expect to work with more partners once we have more bandwidth.

Q5 : what are the three components visible to Findora Testnet users and developers on findora system?

Can users of Findora can make completely private payments, without revealing information to the public?

Ans : Confidential transactions: creating, issuing and transfering assets; JavaScript Library; SDKs and Transactional Command Line Interface; WASM library

Just to list a few. Oh I forgot APIs and Query servers


Thanks for all great answers, can share where can buy token and all social media.!

Ans : Thanks a lot! Thanks for all these great questions! And appreciate to give me the opportunity to pitch! YOU have a great day!

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