Recapitulation of Finminity AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB

Date: Wednesday, 4th November, 2020
Time: 12:00 UTC

The Finminity team was represented by @RonLahiri and @shaikhamdan. They both judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about the project.


Q1 : Can you please introduce yourselves and your backgrounds, also share more about the Team behind FINMINITY

Ans : Before we start of about the company, just want to tell about ourselves.

As a management consultant for 20 years working in PwC, IBM, Cognizant, and Atos and then being a serial entrepreneur and in Blockchain for the last 3 years, into VC and Angel Investing, I have seen both sides as an investor and entrepreneur. This knowledge has given me the belief that we can solve biggest problem for entrepreneurs which is Funding Gap.
In the 2nd and 3rd year and the real world VC and Angels only invest if you come from a specific background ( Ivy league. you are young :).

To solve this and do something really worthwhile we started our journey.We wanted to make venture financing decentralized, democratized, and open to normal investors through new generation de-fi technologies. This belief and passion have made me & Shaik (my co-founder) to build this venture Finminity. We have been working on this for the last 1.5 years. We have built the platform and made it live in

@Shaik and we come a long way from 2012. Shaik and I came to know each other during my PwC days (2012) when Shaik was PwC’s channel partner for selling CRM services in Middle East and Africa.

Here is my profile —
Here is Shaik’s profile

We have built something for them using a mix of Token (ICO/STO), DeFi, Crowdfunding, Compliance, Investor Risk Management — entrepreneurs who are in severe fund crunch after Covid. The entrepreneurs of the world need decentralization, DeFi, democratized venture finance.

We believe that Finminity can help a settler from Bangladesh with only brains or a Syrian refugee in the Netherlands asylum or middle-class eastern European tech grad with a great software but no money (better to say underdogs and dreamer) doesn’t die an entrepreneur’s death!

All this because DeFi has been made to disintermediate the big guys. It has all the firepower to innovate the current corporate jungle of capital market that only supports the networked and the known.

I wanted to add that Finminity will help the investors and entreprenures creatre a trusted environment between all the stakeholders. Thank you.

Q2 : Can you introduce the FINMINITY project, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what’s the competitve advantage

Ans : So what are the problems we are solving. Very important question and this you can relate to

1. Companies now has to go to multiple investor groups in telegram, pay a lot of money to do events with those groups and try to pitch them again and again. The process and questions are repeated umpteenth number of times. There is no platform aligned to the crypto world where pitching, event management and investor engagement can be done in a single place in a transparent manner for everybody.

When investors are ready, companies have to do manually the token agreement or use Hellosign or DocuSign and go back and forth. We bring Ethereum signed agreements that are automatic and non tamperable..

2. After this, companies need to go to developers to build their Fund Release smart contract— with our tokenization engine company founders can configure the smart contract rules in a simple manner without needing to have Solidity programming knowledge. And these token engine codes are security audited also (in processs).

3. For investors, the problem is that every investment done at seed stage in different companies is Siloed and they need to do KYC again and again. With our platform once they are KYCed and Whitelisted they don’t need to do individual KYC — they can just go and invest with our gateway. They can vote in resolutions, do a check whether the company has achieved their milestone and approve for fund release. They are in control of their risk and also behave as a long term supporter of the company.

So basically we are solving these inefficiencies through a harmonised, easy to use and secure platform that makes the life of Investors and Companies easier.

Finminity Tokenization Engine allows companies to do token mapping, onboarding the company on Blockchain, ERC 20/1404 (utility and asset-backed) standard Token Creation and Token Allocation to investors through a configurable Token Engine. This token engine also does the (Know your Business) KYB check of the company before it is onboarded.

The token holders have the following benefits
· Preferential access & pricing to future token sales coming up on Finminity (the next sale that will come up will be Robot NFTs :)
· Participate in Governance -Resolution & Voting
· With Finminity DAO we have devised Blockchain Escrow Services for Milestone Payment Milestone achievement through Voting - keeping the investor's contribution safe!
· Interest Yield from the contribution that is held by the smart contract and to be released as per milestone achieved by the company
· Staking through our Partner
·Profit Sharing

This is our functional diagram, availabe in Whitepaper

And we have been working on this in real world and got a regulatory license from Dubai Financial Servcies Authority (DFSA) and in the process of getting iregulatory license for Pan EU license. We alreaady have our EU company set up

We need bring efficiency, save investors and also need to take the advantage of DeFi. If somethng has to really work for a long time

This has been made to solve it for me - I can invest my hard earned money in (Due Diligence) DD’ed companies and as a Compamy founder I can raise funds and provide investor services ongoing

Q3 : Can you briefly describe the Top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap

Ans : The most important thing is that we have made our Application Live ( on Microsoft Azure and Alibaba with the Dapp Token engine on Ethereum Testnet. In addition we have got our presence in the Middle East and Europe so that we can get a marketing advantage of bringing good companies with due diligence.

Now our work is to get our Public Sale Successful through Initial Lid Offering. Through this Finminity will get good investors for the companies that come in later to raise funds through Tokenization.

While our platform is live, and we are on Uniswap, we are now finalizing the Centralized Exchange where we will launch our tokens.

We are providing the Application Snippets every day through 1 min Video for the entire platform ( marketplace, tokenization all), so please stay tuned and see what we have built.

In additon, we are in the process of finalising the companies that will come over in our platform for funding.

As of now these are the possible candidates
1. Decentralized robotics company and its coin (this company made $1 MN this year selling robots) and
2. A Personal Data Tokenization and monetisation company using Blockchain and Data Privacy..

All the videos are available in this channel and we will be adding 10 more to complete the whole application flow

We want to bring only 6-8 cutting edge companies into the plaform which will make money for all and help the companies to grow.


Q1 : You claim to help SMEs raise funding in a decentralized manner from a community of investors. My fear is if such company fails, how do you help protect their investors from loosing money? Will there be a kind of Dividend/Bankruptcy management that would be done in such event?

Ans : Startups there is always a chance of failure, you can't help it - thats a given - so its very important not to be greedy and bring companies that has some revenue numbers into the platform. Bring companies that you have done a due diligence, non anonymous and founder team has some success earlier. But in case of this also the company may fail which cna be a business failure.

But on top of this we have added a few checks and balances -

Our Smart contarct in the DAO and Token Engine has been made in such a way that we have

1. Milestone Payment Voting — The Money form investors are held in smart contract in stable coin and given to investors only when their resolution is voted as approved by investors. If investors don’t vote companies in our side chain vote as validators.

2. If a company fails a number of times in resolution, the money held in Client Money Smart Contract is returned back to investors.

It is taken from best practcies of real capital and investment banking world and the DeFi based liquidity lock just enables this optimally

But there are a lot of good compaines that are dying and we need to pick those - rough diamonds that the VCs missed because the founder didnt come from specific community, college or color.

Q2 : All new project claim to be the solution of all DeFi problems, so can you tell me Which DeFi problems or limitations is solving Finminity right now?

Ans : Defi is in a very easy way is a way of making central custodian's business go way - that may be a bank, money custodian or share market. So that's the basic problem that is being solved. We need to use the technology to solve a bigger problem - while making cryptoworld ready, use the DeFi for the capital market and real asset world to solve its deficiencies. We feel that when DeFi comes to real capital world of custodians. it is going to make $3 Trillion Custodian market go bonkers and die. So we have to see the technology and map it to real problem after doing the testing on the crypto world - which is happening now.

Finminity wants to be in the real capital world market with these solution with its Share Token Regulatory License. But also use the same technology for Real business with Utility Token Model in a way that fraud companies can't rug pull small investors money and run away.

Real Capital market needs DeFi very soon and we and some other companies are trying to do that.

Q3 : I have a startup business that is less than 4 months. How does @finminity help startup and SME funding through regulated security token issuance and trading? Can you throw more light into it?

Ans : We would love to help you but for the time being we are looking at startups who has a PoC ready and some customer or at least some contracts. But even then as said earlier, the company needs to be ready with a Pitch ( we will provide a template which you need to fill in the application - see sample for our company -, due Diligence check on the founder and incorporation and then only we onboard the company. Remember that the company has to be clear what kind of toens they are going to use and what kind of jurisdcition they are from in case they want security tokens. For utility tokens jurisdcition is not that important (non US) but is there a model for Utility Tokens and how does the value grow - normal buring of tokens is not a use case for us.


Q1 : What kind of assistance or backing will Finminity render to first generation entrepreneurs who come from an average middle class "non-business" background, technically competent but don’t have the right connections to get funding?

Ans : The main advantage for new entrepreneur is that they don’t need to run and waste their time behind VCs. They can focus on their business. Apart from that, we will provide you mentors and advisors for your business success.

Q2 : Currently, as far as I can see, it seems that investors only pay attention to the profits but discard the long-term benefits later. So can you give them some ideas or advice why should they buy and keep these tokens / coins in the long term?

Ans : Finminity helps a company A which has a proper use case driven utility token
Finminity helps a company B which has created a security token by pledging its assets

For both the usage was driven by FMT Tokens as fees, for voting, for staking, etc.

Now the company A being in the crypto world (and assuming its a good due diligence driven chosen company with KYB) its tokens remains in Crypto world and people swap it with use cases and get appreciation. The more crypto market becomes better, the more these tones appreciate.

Company B’s tokens are share driven and it is bought and sold through Security Token Exchanges and Market Place.
Now the Environments A and Environment B don’t become good at the same time. When the world goes into an economic downturn, environment B becomes bad and environment A works well.

As we have FMT tokens and business catering to both environments A & B, we get benefits and hedge our risks as a company and our tokens.
That’s why we are HyFi. It’s like a hovercraft.

Q3 : Among the features that Finminity has is that after users have their tokens and they are unlocked, Uniswap or similar platforms can be used to make them their preferred tokens. What platforms specifically work with Finminity?

Ans : There has to be clear Tokenization use case within the platform otherwise the token value will depreciate. So these are following use cases of FMT Tokens

COMPANIES WHO ARE RAISING FUNDS will pay their fees through FMT Token for
*Onboarding to the Platform
*Token creation & associated smart contract configuration
*Dividend Distribution
*Putting Investor Resolution to Vote

* Gets early access to token offerings of the Platform
* Can do voting in the resolutions and earn more tokens given by the company for their work
* Receive Interest + Dividends

3rd PARTIES and Ecosystem Partners
* Use FMT Tokens to create alternative products like Funds out of tokens
* In the P2P marketplace within Finminity, where these Tokens are traded, the commission or transaction fees can be paid by Finminity tokens.

This is a diagrammatic representation of the use cases. You can see that in our White Paper and Pitch Deck available on

Q4 : There will always be a risk in every investment. How Finminity at least minimize this risk?

Ans : As we stated earlier we will be releasing the payments on milestone achievement that too after voting.

Q5 : Every 25 ETH contributors in the FMT LID PRESALE has a special rewards according to an info I read about FINMINITY, I will like to contribute around 25ETH, what rewards will I get in return ?

Ans : NEXTIBOT is one of the great features of FINMINITY, what are these nextibots capable of performing and how can I have it in my possession ?

Ans : Every 25 ETH contributor in FMT LID Presale will get 1 Robot NFT identifying 1/4th ownership of one nextibot ( These nextibots are identified for rental and rental income will accrue to the NFT holders. This edge computing enabled robot company will come to Finminity for NFT tokenization and funding for Next.

Q6 : What are the requirements to approve an applicant as a start up or an SME ?
Can anyone apply for any of these fields ?

FINMINITY is going to carry out Initial LID OFFERING (ILO) on the 2nd of Nov. How DOES ILO differs from the known ICOs and IEOs and of what better strategy is the usage of ILO ?

Ans : In a very basic terms why crowdfunding failed in a number of cases - theer was not a marketplace where the crowdfinding companies tokesn could be sol. With CEX and DEX es that problem is solved.

But what if the company runs away with tha raise money and is there enough liquidity to buy-sell. ILO or LID solves those problems.

It permanently locks Money raised in Uniswap so that it can't be taken by the company and run. Second it also allocated FMT tokens against those liquidity to solve the Liquidity problem 360 degree

Q7 : What benefits will businesses get when participating in raising capital with Finminity’s platform? Will you build your own fund to support capital raising projects on your platform in addition to the amount they can raise?

Ans : Of course the Finminity community by can assist you to raisae funds and we will have potential investors looking for right projects as well.

Q8 : You claimed yourself the most flexible token sale platform? Can we get more details about this and how much can users gain from the upcoming #Presale?

Ans : As liquity is locked, its a small cap, we have a few very interesting companies lined up to raise where our tokens will be used, we see at least 5X appreciation of pour tokens and peopel will hod it for staking, earning through voting and interest.

Q9 : - Is it mandatory for everyone who wants to use Finminity to go through a KYC? Why is that obligation? Is it possible to work anonymously?

- I know the ICOs, IDOs, but not the ILOs. Can you explain to us what is the basis of the ILO that Finminity is doing? Is it similar to the previous concepts? Does it have more advantages?

Ans : We would like investor to do KYC for invvestment mor than 5 ETH. For lower there is no need for Detailed KYC, only a proof of identity will b egood. But this may change based on the regulatory framework and guidanc egoing forward. It helps to be compliant and investors dont need to do KYC every time.


Before Going, do you have any Final Words for community, also do good to share every useful links to project and the Presale Details and Links

Ans :

Our Premium Launch Details

🔸November 12th, 9 P.M. PST
🔸Hardcap: 3000 ETH
🔸Softcap: 500 ETH
🔸Max ETH per wallet: 50
🔸Base price at highest bonus range: ~10135 FMT/ETH
🔸Uniswap List price: ~9652 FMT /ETH
🔸NO PRESALE LOCKS: Tokens unlocked right at Uniswap listing for all investors

0–100 ETH, 5% bonus
100–500 ETH, 4.5% bonus
500–1000 ETH, 4% bonus.
1000–2000 ETH, 3.5% bonus
2000–3000 ETH, 3% bonus.

We are looking forward to larger participation so that our supporters can keep on using our platform to invest in the upcoming token sales for the two new companies that we are finalizing.
 — Presale Link: (will be available 2 days prior to the sale)
 — Finminity TG:
 — Finminity Live Application:
 — Finminity Website:

And don't forget guys!

Every 25 ETH contributor in FMT LID Presale will get 1 Robot NFT identifying 1/4th ownership of one nextibot (

These nextibots are identified for rental and rental income will accrue to the NFT holders.

This edge computing enabled robot company will come to Finminity for NFT tokenization and funding for Next.

Also stay tuned with @FinminityOfficial to participate in our upcoming contest, Finomena 2.0, where you stand a chance to win your very own FMT Tokens.

The prize distribution is as follows:

1st - 5000 FMT Tokens
2nd - 2500 FMT Tokens
3rd - 1000 FMT Tokens
Next 200 ( scoring 30% or above) - 30 FMT Tokens

We are very excited and look forward to your active participation!

Have a good day!

We are very happy presenting our project here, hope you guys will support us in the sale and be our patron for long - as we are not a flash in the pan - we are here to play long and well. Just the way our corporate careers were.

Thank you for hosting us with your electrifying community. We are overwhlemed with the questions by your community.

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