Recapitulation of FootiePlus PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Tuesday, 13th July, 2021
Time: 16:00 UTC

The FootiePlus PROJECT team was represented by @Crypto_Xavier and @Footieball who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about FootiePlus PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on the FootiePlus?

ANS: Yes certainly, i am Chris one of the Footie+ Development team members, the team comes from a blockchain development, cyber security, financial technology, marketing, football development and management background.

Q2: Can you introduce the FootiePlus, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: FOOTIE+ is a project designed to leverage the full power of blockchain with the mission to bring a new dimension to football through our Football NFT Marketplace, our Tokenised Gamification, App, Merchandise, Future Stars talent development, our Academy and the FOOTIE+ Foundation

Football is the world biggest sport and also most lucrative, with revenues running into billions annually most of the time the world supports this sport without much access to the potential revenues generated by the sport, our mission is to begin to put forward ways in which the greater Football community can start to enjoy the sport while also having access to its earnings, several of our divisions afford our community this access. As an example our Future Stars will see our community being able to participate in football transfers and their revenues in the future, our gamification allows in game token rewards etc, this gives us our competitive advantage.

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: Yes certainly: Since the beginning we have always set out to develop our products and present them in various development stages to our community even before launch to bolster their trust and the longevity of the project. We have since so far managed to do the following:
✅ Received support for our project from a FMR: Manchester United, Liverpool & Real Madrid star : Michael Owen
✅ Signed contracts with 2 Football clubs in Thailand; with MH Paktai and in Nigeria with MIDAS Football Academy to launch our Football development and Future Stars, we are also talking to academies in England, Brazil and Germany
✅ Previewed our Football NFT Marketplace to the community which we will be launching soon
✅ Previewed the development of FOOTIE+ APP featuring all its various functionalities
✅ Initiated the 1st development stage of our FOOTIE+ Penalty Stars game
✅ Launched our merchandise line of FOOTIE+ Jerseys
Its a long list and there is certainly more to come as we present complete versions of our offerings, get more football stars involved, begin to sign up player and transfer contracts. We are here for the long run

✅Going forward, we are looking to launch of huge defi gamification platform which will allow in-game purchases in $FOOTIE our governance coin and also allow stacking and stacking rewards, the gaming industry is a billion dollar industry in its own right and our FOOTIE + games will be among the first to offer football games with crypto rewards
✅ We are also partnering with more football development icons, coaches, clubs and upcoming talent through our Future Stars division
✅ Our FOOTIE+ Football NFT Marketplace will be launching and going live soon to give all football fans, creatives and enthusiasts the best platform to buy into football inspired collectables
✅We may also be looking into the football betting space in the future.

Q4: So you mentioned "academy" earlier

When do you plan to launch this?

ANS: Great question our partnerships in Thailand and Nigeria are launched already, we are currently setting up a promotions and development roadmap as we speak, you will soon see our partnering Academies training in FOOTIE+ kits in a matter of days, beyond that our fully fledged FOOTIE+ Academy is in the process of registering in England as soon as all licencing and regulation is met we we'll be promotion it everywhere

We are also currently running our future starts submissions for any promising talent 9-16 and submissions are coming in from around the world. Details in our telegram group :

Q5: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?

ANS: Yes certainly, most of our partnerships are based around the sport of football and most are mentioned in our answer post above, but outside of those, we have have an official audit partner, Audi8able, another partner in football development Future Stars IO, Climate our partner in sustainable crypto projects, Oxbull our IDO partners in our just ended IDO and also MH Paktai and Midas Football Academy as already mentioned above.

⚽️I should also mention that we will be revealing a big gamification partner very very soon

⚽️We also have BSCPost our official marketing partner.

Q6: Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of the $FOOTIE Tokens?

ANS: Certainly, FOOTIE+ is designed to have real world use cases and to make a real world impact on the sport of Football as a whole, so our Tokenomics architecture is designed with this in mind. We are embarking on ambitious development projects such as with our gamification and our Tokenomics are designed to accommodate and deliver these aspects successfully. Our total supply is (One hundred million coins) and we believe that with the value that we anticipate to accrue to this project we are well positioned to deliver our mission. From the start we have a strong vesting schedule of our team and development tokens, all lining up perfectly with our development timeline and the milestones we seek to achieve.

⚽️ The utilities for our Token include:
✅ Gaming Rewards
✅ In game purchases
✅ Official FOOTIE+ NFT Marketplace currency
✅ Subscriptions to FOOTIE+ TV
✅ Sales for FOOTIE+ Merchandise
✅ Talent development and transfers currency
✅ FOOTIE+ Community Voting and governance functions
✅ Fundraising and donations for football grassroots development
✅ And eventually sports betting if we decide to go that route.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: The Footie Plus Future Stars initiatives is really vital because there are lots of talented young people that give up on their dreams of playing professionally (especially in Africa) because of lack of opportunities and their football talents just end up being under-utilized. With this Footie Plus Future Stars initiatives, are there plans to expand this initiative to the African continent? Also, how can talented young players reach out to the Footie Plus Team Scouts?

ANS: Great Question. Nigeria is one of the countries in Africa that has constantly produced world class Football Talent, and as such FOOTIE+ has already signed a football development contract with one of the leading academies there MIDAS Football Academy. The beauty of this partnership is also that besides being one of the best football talent development hotspots on Africa, Nigeria is also the biggest crypto nation by adoption and investment figures in Africa. So the quick answer is Yes, our FOOTIE+ Future stars initiative is already in Africa starting with Nigeria and we have already received submissions from South Africa, Botswana, Cameroon to mention a few places.

Q2: Football is my life ❤️
Thanks for launch this amazing project.. $FOOTIE 🚀

What are the plans to develop football via your project ?

I think It's enough to create massive community around Footie..

ANS: We have already started developing Football talent! One of the most interesting and core aspects of #FOOTIE is the ability to leverage Blockchain to scout for the best FOOTBALL in any part of the world. A community-driven and blockchain-powered approach. We are on a mission to make it possible for FOOTBALL fans across the globe to benefit from the Multi-Billion dollar industry. Take for example our FutureStars program where we have signed a highly talented Pante (please see video below). Pante is enrolled into our FutureStars program. His development and eventual signing to with a top FOOTBALL club will directly benefit the #FOOTIE community. Currently FOOTBALL agents walk away with millions of dollars in every purchase of the next Ronaldo, Messi and more. We want to change that - The community must be the one benefitting - not a few FOOTBALL OLIGARCHS. The strategy (in summary) as it will be fully detailed in our upcoming updated WHITEPAPER is

⚽️ The community identifies FOOTBALL Talent,

⚽️ FOOTIE goes into negotiations with the Parent/Guardian of the potential star,

⚽️ FOOTIE signs the Futurestar on behalf of the #FOOTIEARMY

⚽️ The star excels in the FutureStars program - we negotiate with TOP FOOTBALL CLUBS

⚽️ The star signs with Manchester United for example, all the proceeds are plowed back into FOOTIE and the cycle continues

⚽️ In all the above aspects, we are leveraging the power of Blockchain and SMART contracts to initiate the process.

Q3: Can you tell us more about the Footie Plus TV/Media? Will it function like ESPN, Super Spot and the rest? Also, What kind of contents will be available for viewers of the TV? will community members/ $FOOTIE governance coin holders benefit from the earnings of the TV or all revenue accrued from it will go into teams wallet?

ANS: Good question. Our FOOTIE+ TV and media platform will in some ways function like ESPN in terms of football commentary but also we will be very dedicated to our mission to present stories of grassroots football development and journeys to stardom.

⚽️A BIG BIG part of our FOOTIE+ TV will be talent scout coverage, thin of it as IDOLS for soccer talent, we will be presenting a world class panel of judges who are well known coaches and players to judge and comment on contestant who will be able to win tryouts with major international clubs, we will generate a lot of revenue from this especially in sponsorship from sports related brands and they are many and our $FOOTIE coin will be used for voting, profits from this will be shared with the FOOTIE+ community of investors and HOLDERS ⚽️🔥🔥🔥🔥

Does your GREAT PLATFORM have plan about Staking?😎😎😎

ANS: Great Question - We are introducing something we call GAMIFIED DEFI - where you dont just STAKE and hope for the best - our approach uses a #FOOTIE 3D GAME Chris spoke about earlier. The GAMIFIED DEFI game is currently in active development - The first one allows you before you play to stake your tokens for an attarctive APR, then you start playing - every-time you are on the Game, you are earning a small amount of FOOTIE while also benefitting from the good APR.

Q5: The project is awesome but I have concerns about the way you handled the Tgroup until now.

We need actions not soon immediately. You need to buy back/burn and start marketing without losing even a minute.

What are you going to do for the chart which looks scary right now?

ANS: Our project is a real world project our holders will benefit greatly once our Gamification, NFT marketplace, Footie+ Tv and betting (if we go there) comes on line, HOLDERS WILL BE THE ULTIMATE WINNERS, once you understand where we are going you would not want to be left behind, That being said a lot of price stabilisation measures have already begun including our $FOOTIE 800 000.00 periodic buyback and burn which started yesterday.

Q6: Do you have high hopes that the community will help you take $FOOTIE to the next epicentre of your Ecosystem? If yes, what do you intend to do for community members as the community grows?

ANS: Our community members will directly benefit from the all our future earnings in Gamification, NFts, FOOTIE+ TV, our in APP Sales in Merchandise, Subscriptions, talent development and transfers.

Q7: I came across the Footie Plus App on your platform. Why was this App designed? How easy will users find it to use this App and when should users expect the launch of the App?

ANS: The App is a one stop gateway to the FOOTIE Ecosystem - we want the community to use features on the App as a way to access all FOOTIE products and services. We have a Wallet coming soon that will enable the #FOOTIEARMY for example to store their assets. You want to watch FOOTIE TV, you watch it on the APP. Something interesting we should mention about FOOTIE TV is the content creation side of things. FOOTIETOONS for example is our flagship FOOTIE TV Cartoon currently in the making - FOOTBALL themed TV cartoon for kids where they can enjoy a good story and at the same time learn Blockchain.

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