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Recapitulation of Fragmint PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Wednesday, 12th October, 2022
Time: 16:00 AM UTC

The Fragmint PROJECT team was represented by @StoyanAngelov who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about Fragmint PROJECT.


✨✨QUESTION1🩸: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on Fragmint?

👉ANS: Thank you for this question! I am a serial entrepreneur with 17 years of experience in different ventutes in the events and entertainemt industry. I entered the blockchain world back in 2016 and 5 years ago we found with my partners the Evedo's Ecosystem

We aim there to build product with a clear goal to bring WEB3 in the sector. Fragmint is one of our products that is going to be the innovation in the NFT space that we are bringing

✨✨QUESTION2🩸: Can you introduce Fragmint project, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

👉ANS: Thank you for that question

Fragmint is a one-stop solution for celebrities, festivals, and big franchises to launch and do NFT drops, capitalizing on their fandom. 🤩

Fragmint enables high-end art piece fragmentation for mass-market accessibility and the creation of a sub-economy. 🧩

Fragmint introduces a general governance voting system that allows the power users to vote for different decisions related to further platform development and upcoming auctions. 🧙

Fragmint gives DAO structure available for the owners of the different valuable NFTs generated during the different auctions. 🤝

Please take a detailed look at the Explainer video as well!

✨✨QUESTION3🩸: So basically this evolves around celebrities but I'm sure there would be a way for common users to benefit from the Fragmint project.
Can you briefly tell us about the Fragmint earning mechanism?

👉ANS: Fragmint platfrom will earn from performance marketing, different tiers of accounts, % of the sales of the NFTs

50% of this profit will be BURNED.

🩸: So only those thanks own NFTs on Fragmint I.e celebrities, cab earn?

👉no, every NFT holder. No matter if it is a creator or NFT holder.

✨✨QUESTION4🩸: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS and BACKERS so far?

👉ANS: Yes. We are having the strategy to onboard strategic partners from the blockchain world, from the entertainment industry as well

We have Polygon Studios, Dopamine APp, Bitkeep wallet and many more

Our advisers as well

Key Advisors:
🔹 Emanuil Pavlov - CEO & Founder, Ispolink (
🔹 Jonathan Yunger - Co-President, Millennium Media (
🔹 Rostik Rusev ( - Top crypto influencer and serial entrepreneur
🔹 Thomas "Papa" Smith ( - DLT SME & Industry Advisor & KOL
🔹 ElonTrades - - KOL

✅ Ispolink
✅ Bitforex
✅ Operation Crypto
✅ Rostik Rusev
✅ Thomas Papa Smith
✅ ElonTrades
✅ 100+ others

It is important to mention also that we have signed a contracts with 2 major Hollywood studios that we will announce hopefully soon 🙂

✨✨QUESTION5🩸: So finally on this segment, Can you give an overview of the Tokenomics and Utility of Fragmint Tokens?

👉ANS: Thank you for this question. It is importnat and a key element of the success of the project

The FRAG tokens will be used for a number of utilities in the platform:
1. Staking
2. VOting
3. Buy/SELL NFTs
4. Premium tier accounts
5. Creating DAOs

Some more details can be found in the website:

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

✨✨QUESTION1🩸: October 13th will be the launch of the FRAG token so can you tell me on what exchange it will be available and with this launch what can the Fragmint community expect for the future?

👉ANS: Today we are finalizing all the Launchpads activations. Just sold out 2 of them actually 🙂
Tomorrow we are planning the DEX listing of the FRAG token at 3 PM UTC and the token life cycle will start then

CEX listing is also planned 4-6 weeks after the Launch

Tomorrow STAKING will be also open for the FRAG holders.

✨✨QUESTION2🩸: this caught my attention"FRAGMINT IS APPLICATION-ONLY" can you explain,,do you mean a mobile application project? and Regarding your target audience, Are your targets for professionals or beginners in the crypto world??? What are the plans to raise awareness about your project in the non-crypto space?

👉ANS: yes. We aim the platform at least for the first 3 years to be curated and only real long term and rarible NFTs to be dropped in the platfom. We have application open even now for creators around the world.

On that way we wil make sure about the quality of the NFTs.

✨✨QUESTION3🩸: I have Listened about the NFT "Fractionalization Method",
Is NFT/Art Fragmintation same with that?
( just another Name?)
Am I Right?
Can You Give us some Knowledge?

👉ANS: As I mentioned above - the Fragmentation is different than the Fractalization. We aim to bring the Modular art and fragmentation as a creative tool tha creators use to approach on a different way the communities

More information can be found hereL

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