Date: Saturday, ,24th April, 2021
Time: 16:00 UTC

The FRENCHIE NETWORK team was represented by @SpiryBTC and @Developerdavi who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about FRENCHIE NETWORK PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourselves and your background, also introduce the team working on Frenchie Network?

ANS: Currently we have part of the team allocated to our company, Spiry Capital. The core team is doxxed and transparent about every action. Also we have some people helping us in marketing, design, etc. The token anyway is community driven and very distributed across members. The plan is in the end to remain a community driven token, in which we renounce ownership and let it live by itself similar to DOGE. Open-source and free to act-upon it by nodes / self-governance. As if we fail somehow to reach the growth target that will allow us a full-fledged development, we will go for self-governance contract, upgrade to a 2.0 and let people act upon it by majority of holders.

I @SpiryBTC I am in crypto since 2015 and I have a lot of experience in building blockchain networks and managing them. All the background side of it. @developerdavi is a Full Stack Developer that joined Spiry Capital in 2019-2020 and have skyrocketed in knowledge of blockchain & smart contracts.

Yeah, and since that we have been working on defi projects, even if it's just for fun. That's how we found the power of the crypto community :)

Q2: Can you introduce Frenchie Network, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: - Usability. new crypto users aren't unable to access crypto with ease of use. DOGE is still hard to actually have it on your mobile (might blow up your phone while syncing an old obsolute blockchain)
- Lightweight blockchain but secure. Similar to something that TRON or PolkaDot they are many options out there that can be made "fun" and yet easy to use for people around the globe. Most of project forget about that. We will focus that even a 5 year old can understand and transfer money across world without much fuss, worry about GAS or anything like that. $FREN Token is our launchpad.

The competitive advantage would become true once we get at the size or surpass nonlegitimate projects in marketcap. Because I can see us now as the UNDERDROGs in these sea of tokens that offer token reduction , simple mechanisms yet just "dust in eyes" . We want actually to go MAINNET. We need to mature and grow organically to do so.

Small Edit: We really feel that is a lack of understanding in this industry about User Interface and User Experience. We come to complete it.

Q3: $FREN is a meme token, yeah?

ANS: We started yes as a meme token on BSC network. We will release our whitepaper this week in which we will explain how from a meme token we will become a meme network , but vs DOGE? A smart one!

Haha yeah, that's our goal, evolve from a meme token to a meme network 😎

Q4: Meme network, interesting!

You made mention of Spiry capital earlier

Whats the relationship between spiry capital and Frenchie Network?

ANS: Currently we have part of the team allocated to our company, Spiry Capital. The core team is doxxed and transparent about every action. Also we have some people helping us in marketing, design, etc. I am the owner of Spiry Capital we have experience in Peer-2-Peer trading in Bitcoin since 2015. Which gave us an advantage of how regular people required Bitcoin for certain payments and issues. We had a website on which regular moms or people had to post ads on Backpage and Visa/Mastercard made a blockade on them. So we had to actually stay on-phone and liste and guide these people how to aquire Bitcoin from us using gift cards or whatever payment method they had. Thus we really think CRYPTO space needs a team FOCUSED on USER EXPERIENCE. So we are going to use Frenchie Network to do so.

Q5: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: Sure! The first goal we reached is our community. We really grew A LOT these days. Our project is completing just one week of life and we are grad we achieved so many people. It’s so gratifying.

Also, we made things that a lot of projects couldn't make with months of work. We got ourselves listed already on TrustWallet and 1inch, per example.

Our roadmap is full of stuff people ask us dynamically, so we made a dynamic roadmap, with the main objectives of the project.

You can see our work at:

Q6: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?

ANS: We are working on with one of the biggest PR Companies in the space

Also with multiple influencers, youtubers, and communities. We are working hard to gain our trust and bond partnerships that are for both interest.

We are refusing list on certain exchanges that we consider them "shady, scammy" that might use our userbase to look good in their reports to shareholders.

We also have a lot of stuff in the works. We go for the long-haul. We have proposals from important people in the older crypto community to take packages of 30-50.000$ in marketing our projects. We are 5 days old and we cannot expose all future partnerships until they are confirmed.

Q7: Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of the $FREN Token?

ANS: Initially, we locked 25% of the supply as liquidity.

Also we have 25% separated for burning as much as the community grows. We burn 5% of the supply for each 500 holders we get. We have already burned 150bi of the supply. There's still 100bi more to burn.

We are currently working on a rewarding system for holders that provide liquidity. They will stake the LP tokens and earn rewards for it.

25% PancakeSwap + 10 BNB locked for 1 year on DXLocker so in case of compatibility changes, swap platforms go down. And we actually did good because we can look at PCS failures. Now we can upgrade safely into V2 next year.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: I learnd FRENCHIE NETWORK gain 2189 members and 1306 holders in just 5 days. This is really a huge success. But I'm afraid that lots of project create this hipe at the start but lately they scam. How can you ensure me your project is not a scam project?

ANS: It's simple. We don't even have the concentration of the coins. You can see the holders share at the BSCSCAN page. It's everything very transparent.

Also, we are doxxed. You know our identities.

Our company:

The token:

Q2: I think the projected started only a few days ago according to the track record on twitter and already on the trustwallet and 1inche, what constituted this early growth?

ANS: I believe and we still believe that if we settle the foundation of a strong userbase and as we said in USER ACCESSIBILITY and EXPERIENCE we will succeed. We also want to proof that what other projects do a ROADMAP for , we do it by default without roadmap or fixed timeline. We are here to take everything by storm and fierce warmth like a little ambitious Frenchie.

Q3: When i search frenchie token in pancake for buy i cann't find..... For buying need contract how to know this is official liquidity from team? How many token in liquidity?

ANS: If you join our Telegram community (@FrenchieNetwork) you can see the proof transactions of everything :)

Q4: Which is the usecase of $FREN ? Did you plan to develop own exchange?

ANS: The use was as a payment to replace fiat, but also we will bootstrap on it a SMART BLOCKCHAIN. Something that most of the current BSC MEME tokens will not plan or do not even have the intention to talk about it! But true, that is the real DOGE competition, not a token, but a NETWORK.

Q5: If you join our Telegram community (@FrenchieNetwork) you can see the proof transactions of everything :)

ANS: 25% of the supply is locked as liquidity.

Q6: Since the hipe of meme token lots of project is coming like this. What FRENCHIE NETWORK has that can atract people over others? Why i should use $FREN over other token like $DOGE, $ASS, $SAFEMOON etc?

ANS: We will go mainnet similar to #DOGE. We are totally different from other tokens you mentioned. Did they talked about a mainnet? All they talk is remaning a token that is listed everywhere. Nothing serious. Honestly it would be a trouble to trade ASS in real life.

Q7: The website of Frenchie Network doesn't carry much information about the product, do you have plans for more updates as time goes on?

Ans: Yes, it's true!

We are working on big improvements for the website. We also have our own telegram bot for delivering real time info about the token.

You can see what we are doing in our dynamic roadmap:


Sure do! Thanks and have a wonderful weekend again. We all waiting you guys in our #FrenFamily on our telegram

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🔥Milestone Burns: 50 billion $FREN per 500 holders up to 2500 holders.

💥Giveaways, Airdrops, Farming events & marketing: 300 billion $FREN (75% LOCKED for 10 MONTHS)

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