Recapitulation of GALA Games AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB


Date: Thursday, 15th October, 2020

Time: 16:00 UTC

The GALA Games team was represented by Jason Brink, CMO of Gala Games project. He judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about the project.


Q1 : Can you please introduce yourself, and your background? Also if you have a team, please introduce the team. Likewise, kindly introduce GALA games project to us?

Ans : Hi Everyone!

My name is Jason Brink, and I am the CMO of Gala Games. This is my FIRST AMA, so I hope I am able to answer all of your questions. I went through Twitter and wrote answers to most of the questions people had, so I am ready!

Quick introduction to the project: Gala Games was founded by Eric Schiermeyer, the co-founder of Zynga. Over the last years, gamers around the world have gotten tired of getting pushed around by game companies and advertisers. He founded Gala Games to give the power back to the people so that they can have an active voice in development.

Our lead game developer, Michael McCarthy, is the designer behind games like Farmville 2, which had over 34m users at its peak. He is the one who does all the tuning on Town Star. On a personal note, he was also one of the main designers behind Arcanum, which was one of my all-time favorite RPGs…and so I am REALLY looking forward to our next game, Mirandus.

We have 14 full-time people in our team, and we are in this for the long haul. Gala Games is working to decentralize billions of dollars in game-related advertising by giving people ownership of the games themselves, as well as drawing on the people to crowdsource ideas and concepts for game development.

Our mission is “to enable freedom for anyone on this planet through play.” Play is an essential part of being human, and it is one of the things that makes us who we are. We weren’t designed to sit in cubicles, but were designed to play. The world requires some cubicle-sitting, but we want to make it possible for you to play and earn rewards at the same time.

You can find out a lot about us by going to our website and by setting up an account by going to I look forward to answering your questions and participating fully in this AMA!

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Q1 : Can you explain how is your Tokenomics Distribution? How many tokens Will be minted ? And How many tokens Will be locked by the team?

Ans : There is really three questions there, and I will answer all three of them…kinda gets lumped together a bit, but I know they are questions a lot of people will have,.

The first is essentially: “Can you explain your tokenomics and distribution system?”

Central to the Gala Games ecosystem is the idea that people get rewarded for their contributions to this ecosystem. Items and GALA move in two different ways inside the GALA network. However, only one of them is a distribution, and the other is simply a ledger to track future actions.

The first is the “Daily Galapalooza.” This is not actually a “distribution” as the items recorded in the Daily Galapalooza have not actually been minted yet and therefore can’t be “distributed.” Instead, they are added to a ledger to be minted/distributed in the once-weekly minting.

The second is the “Weekly Minting.” This is when the items and GALA, which had not existed before this point in time, are minted directly to the wallets of all qualifying users. This weekly schedule has been put in place to adapt to the volatile nature of the Ethereum gas prices.

In the future, Gala Games will be moving to a “mint on demand” model, so that you can store up your Daily Galapaloozas for as long as you would like, and then pay the ETH gas to mint them whenever you would like.

The other two are:
“How many tokens will be minted?”
A total of 50b GALA will be minted.

“How many tokens will be locked by the team?”
We are in the process of determining exactly how this will function. We would like to develop a solution that will enable everyone within the ecosystem, developers included, to lock GALA to support the long-term development of the project. There is going to be some super exciting news on this front very soon.

Q2 : Blockchain based games are being launched a lot, but overall, it seems to be the mainstream that they are not fun compared to existing games. I’d like to know how Sandbox will solve this Problem?

(Project is GO GALA GAMES not Sandbox)

Ans : Yes, I was going to comment on that.

But it brings up an interesting point, because while we are NOT Sandbox…the company that developed Town Star and which is owned by Gala Games IS Sandbox Games…it just has nothing to do with Sandbox. :P

unintentionally confusing, because Sandbox Games existed before The Sandbox was a thing…but the question was still solid.

I took the question to be: “Blockchain-based games are being launched a lot, but overall they are not fun compared to existing mainstream games — how will Gala Games solve this problem?”

EXCELLENT QUESTION! This is SUPER critical! Firstly, it is important to recognize that Gala Games isn’t a “blockchain game company” it is a mass-driven “game company that uses blockchain.” This is a hugely important distinction, because it fundamentally changes how we look at things. Blockchain projects tend to measure users in the thousands… there are VERY few blockchain projects with more than a few thousand active users.

However…there are 2.4 BILLION gamers around the world…and it is THESE people we are working to attract. We aren’t sitting around talking about how cool blockchain is…we are building games first and innovating, while finding ways to use blockchain as a tool to serve these gamers. As such, we want to see users in the hundreds of millions, not the thousands. In order to do that, we have to build amazing GAMES first…our projects aren’t tech demos to prove that blockchain is usable, but rather top-tier games that use blockchain as an underlying technology.

This is a point I really really really wanted to get across, because it is incredibly important to understand the distinction.

Q3 : GalaGames claims “working to give power to the gamers”. Can you disclose how you concretely plan to achieve this?

Ans : Absolutely, I would love to go into that.

For a LONG time, game development has been extremely disconnected from the gamers themselves…as gamers, we have always had to be content with what they give us, and nothing else. With Gala Games, we are working on changing this. The first step is giving gamers ownership of their in-game assets. This is something we have already done and are always expanding.

The second step will be to give those who own Gala Game Nodes actual decision making power in the game development process. This is something that is coming VERY soon, as node owners will be able to cast votes. This week, we are actually rolling out the first proposal submission form for proposals to be submitted to node owners. This will be a VERY important part of the development of Mirandus.

Q4 : Does GoGalaGames Network currently have alliances with other exchanges in the market? Are more alliances coming in the near future? Are you currently working on one?

Ans : I took this question to be: “Does Gala Games currently have alliances with exchanges?”

We are always working on this like this and being approached by others all the time. We see exchanges as an important way to introduce Gala Games to new users around the world, and as such, you will likely see more in the future.

One of the things that I think makes us unique is that when we work with an exchange, we WORK with them. Bitrue, for example, was the first exchange to list GALA. We commemorated this by issuing special NFTs that are Bitrue-branded, so that people can actually place them in-game. Right now, if you buy 10,000 GALA from Bitrue (this is good until the end of the month), and move it to an account at Gala Games and keep it there, you will get a Bitrue-branded Wheat Stand NFT you can use that will help you compete in the weekly Town Star competitions. Create an account at, and check out the system. You can also find us on other exchanges on, as well as on Uniswap.

Q5 : Is there a referral, invitation or incentive program to use the platform?

Ans : This is my favorite question…and you get something special for asking it.

YES! We have a very robust program that you can use to earn points in our Daily Galapalooza. If you have a Gala Games account, you can refer your friends using the link in your “Share” page, and for each friend you refer who plays for three days, you will receive one point in the distribution. You can set up an account by going to While it varies depending on how many people are in the distribution on any given day, a single point has resulted in up to $15 in rewards…which isn’t bad for introducing a game to a friend. This will of course decrease as the user base grows, but given that we are at the very beginning of this, its a pretty heavy incentive.

We can do this because the whole profit model for gaming is ads-based…so rather than paying for ads, we incentivize users to share. This makes a LOT more sense for the average user, because if a friend tells you to play, you are much more likely to listen than if you see a random Facebook ad. It is a great system that can help game developers and players alike.


Q1 : Where I can buy tokens $GoGalaGames?

Ans : You can buy GALA at the exchanges listed on our website at

Q2 : GALA tokens are listed on several exchange markets, such as uniswap, huobi and digifinex. What are the future plans, whether it will be listed in other markets?

Ans : We aren’t on Huobi as far as I know.

Q3 : What is the minimum amount required to have full access to all the games in the GalaGames ecosystem? And is there any other requirement that must be met?

Ans : There is no minimum amount…you don’t even have to use crypto to play our games. This is a CRITICAL thing most blockchain projects miss because they want to insist people use the blockchain…for us, your grandmother can use Town Star and have fun without having the slightest idea what a private key is.

Q4 : Which games will be avaliable once the platform is released?

Ans : Right now Town Star is on the platform and can be played. We are currently working on Mirandus. The long-term vision involves opening the ecosystem so that any developer can add their game to the platform and ecosystem.

Q5 : What is total supply of $ GALA ? Where we can buy it? Are your plans to focus on market or to grow community?

Ans : Total supply will be 50b, Circulating Supply is just over 7b. You can see exchanges on

We have a deep and long-term strategy for marketing, but the most effective form of marketing is ALWAYS word of mouth. This is why we have built a system that incentivizes users to share. If you create an account at, you can go to the “social” tab and copy your share link. If you share this with friends and family, and they use it to set up accounts and play the game, you can earn points in the Daily Galapalooza. The total number of GALA minted each day is distributed amongst these points. Depending on how many points are in the network on a given day, this can result in a decent amount of GALA. One day last week, one point would have gotten a user over 14,000 GALA…you guys can look at Uniswap and do the math on that if you want, but sharing is the central tenet of our ecosystem, and is good for the ecosystem as well as the individual users.

Q6 : How do you plan to spread awareness about your project in different countries where English is not spoken well?
Do you have local communities for the them to let them better understand about your project?

Ans : We are in the process of developing Community Builder kits to enable supporters in various countries to create their own communities. This is very important to me, because while a lot of people Speak English, a LOT more don’t…so we want to enable people to build their own communities too.

Ultimately, we will also be publishing tools to help people share and grow their community more effectively.

Q7 : Gala Games will solve a lot of gaming issues for gamers. Is Gala Games here to stay?

YES! We get to know what Hakeem was typing!

Gala Games is absolutely here to stay. Our CEO is the co-founder of Zynga, one of the biggest game companies in the WORLD…we are here and we will keep building.

Q8 : Currently attracting real users and mass Adoption is a problem for Blockchain projects. So how will GalaGames solve this problem?

Ans : Yes, this is a MASSIVE problem, and its something we have REALLY worked very hard on. This is why you don’t actually need to know anything about blockchain to join in the ecosystem. We are actually in the process of reworking our account creation flows to put the wallet creation point at the end, so you don’t ever have to interface with it if you don’t want to. UX is a MASSIVE focus for us, and we have some of the most amazing designers working on this specific problem.

Q9 : What is the advantages of gala games over others crypto Gaming platforms?

Ans : Most “crypto gaming platforms” really…well…aren’t. Most of them are “crypto platforms with a proof-of-concept.” There aren’t that many out there that approach things from a game-first perspective. I played Town Star before the blockchain was integrated, and have seen it grow. Now, as we approach Mirandus, we will likely be taking the same strategy with that. We are all about making amazing GAMES that work with a blockchain, not blockchain PoC games.

Q10 : For each project, community factors contribute to the project’s victory. So, what strategies does GoGalaGames have for community development and long-term user retention?

Ans : I love this question. The community is everything in a project…the innovation and amazing efforts that have come out of the community is central to the long-term success of the project. Our goal is to decentralize an INDUSTRY, and that means that every member of that community, from gamers to developers to marketing…will eventually be decentralized and under community governance. That isn’t possible without a dedicated community that CARES about the long-term success of the project. So…community is hugely important for us.

Q11 : Most of investor just focus on the price of token in short term instead of real value of project. Can you tell us the motivation and benefits for investors to long term?

Ans : Generally speaking, we do not comment on or act on the price of GALA in the open market. We believe that the community will set the price based on their faith in the decentralized ecosystem.

I personally support GALA long-term because I know the record of the developers. We currently have a team of 14 right now, working on this project full-time.

Q12 : How many people played Farmville at the peak? — Over 100m DAILY active users. That is MASSIVE…and that was because of Eric’s leadership there.

Ans : How many people played Farmville 2? Over 30m DAILY active users…and that is because of Michael’s game design.

It isn’t hard to look at the Daily Active User totals for most blockchain games and see a connection between user base and usage. So, I personally support the project with my efforts because I can see where this will go in the long term.

ANY developer could build into the Gala Games Network, to tap into that growing user base. It isn’t just about us or about Town Star, its about a whole massive decentralized ecosystem that can grow.

Q13 : COVID 19 has slowed many economies around the world but as a crypto business has it affected you negatively or positively? Secondly, are you still on track to achieve your targets as the road map says?

Ans : Fortunately, we have all stayed healthy through this whole thing…and because our team is MOSTLY spread out, it hasn’t impacted us really badly. Personally its been a bit tough, but that is separate from the project. Everyone is going through hard times these days.

Q14 : Investors are afraid of scam, exchange is afraid of scam, partners are afraid of scam, so what does Your project guarantee not to scam investors?

Ans : In our perspective, everyone who has ever played most modern games has been a victim of a scam…they were asked to pay money for a game they never owned, to get items in the game they never owned, and often experienced the frustration of losing their account if they tried to sell a skin or something to someone else.

In the Gala Games ecosystem, you own your assets, and the Gala Games Network would continue whether we were around or not. In the long term, we want to develop assets and tools that will allow anyone to contribute to the Gala Games Ecosystem and help to steer its development.

Q15 : I’m not like game . How can I play your game please tell🤔🤔🤔🤔

Ans : You can create an account at and then you will be able to log in and play Town Star.


I would like to thank all of you for this opportunity. Its been a ton of fun to answer your questions and I am always here to answer questions in the future.

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