Recapitulation of GAME OF DEFI PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Sunday, 16th May, 2021
Time: 15:00 UTC

The GAME OF DEFI PROJECT team was represented by @DidZW who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about GAME OF DEFI PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on Game of DeFi?

ANS: Well I'm Delyan Zlatkow from Bulgaria CEO and Founder of Game of DeFi. I’m crypto investor since 2016, during the years I managed to gain a lot of experience and few months ago I decided it’s time to build something unique which will stand up in DeFi industry. Our core team is 7 members including me. We got people from Romania, Latvia, Bulgaria and Philippines for now. As well we are hiring additional companies to do work for us. Basically we describe ourselves like crypto veterans that have a common goal – to create a safe ecosystem in which defi world meets the gaming one and reward the everyday gamer. Actually a rugpull brough us together few months ago and since then we are working on our own idea of a project.

Q2: Can you introduce Game of DeFi, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: Well, we seeing insanely big amount of new farm/project launch everyday. The problem most of the farms face is that they clearly don’t have vision and utility for the token that is being farmed. This is where our biggest advantage is. We surely will have a lot of utility for our tokens. Basically we will have basic v1 yield farm in which GOD token v1 will be farmed. Later we will develop v2 of our platform and we will airdrop GOD token v2 to GOD v1 holders. GOD v2 will not be mintable it will be with fixed supply with a bit different tokenomics and will then become governance token of the platform also it will pay dividends to it holders. Later we will introduce one more token GOD GOLD which will be our token for everyday use. Imagine we will use it in game rewards, farming and so on.

Our biggest thing is that we plan to have our own AMM as well our tokens will be linked to some very interesting blockchain games in future. Our most precious goal is to unite the gaming community on blockchain in one platform where the voice of the community matters.

Is the v1 live yet?

well v1 of the GOD token is live deployed on BSC it is already audited by TechRate. Right now we will have public presale for it on 20th may. While the v1 of the platform will be live in june.

Q3: The v2 will be live in june?
So what do you want to improve in v1?
Can you give some new features to be expected in the v2?

ANS: Nope v1 of the platform will be live in June v2 will be live in Q3 2021

Basically v1 of the platform is a yield farm where customers will be able to farm our shareholders and governance token. It will not longer be mintable in v2

v2 of the platform on other hand will introduce a lot of new futures we aim about. Basically we will have our gamification ready there, second platform token as well lottery future, nft marketplace, our own AMM, first games and much more. In v2 of the platform GOD v2 will pay dividends to our GOD holders from our community treasury as well they will be able to governance with it.

Q4: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: Well right now we are just in the beginning of our roadmap. We just finished our Private sale successfully. Up next is our Public presale and then our version 1 yield farm. But our most ambitious goal for this year is creating our own AMM as well as version 2 of our protocol which will engage the whole GOD ecosystem in one really interesting DeFi experience. Basically we plan to introduce NFT loyalty system as well as lottery game (with completely new mechanics) we called it GOD wars. We have also plans to develop our own NFT marketplace. But for now as I said I can’t really tell more about it.
Here is a link to our detailed roadmap for this year:

Q5: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?

ANS: Well it’s too early for us to form big partnerships with other platforms. We got some really nice ideas that will go live soon. Right now we are mostly focused on marketing partnerships. We work with a lot of youtubers, twitter influencers and so on. Our biggest partnership with a company for the moment is our auditor TechRate. We audit every bit of a code till now to make sure the code is reliable and safe.

Q6: Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of the $GOD Token?

ANS: Well i already talked about the utility of our tokens but let me share a bit of our tokenomics for GOD v1

Basically we start with initial supply of 60000 GOD. We used 7610 tokens so far for private sale as well we made a big giveaway and 2 more are coming. We will use the other tokens for liquidity providing on the launch day of the farm. 40000 token will be allocated for a public sale. The public sale will be on 20th may it will have a hardcap of 800BNB. The price of the presale will be 1BNB=50GOD The rewards will start as follows: emission rate will be 5 GOD/per block and it’ll automatically will be halving on every 4 hours until it reaches 1,25 GOD/per block. Then the second stage of automatic reduction will kick in. In this stage reward will start to drop by 3% on every 6 hours until it reach the final reward per block which will be 0,25 GOD/per block.

We will have multiple deflationary mechanism some of them are:
- Every transaction (send, swap, farming, etc.) of GOD will be charged a 2% transfer tax. from which 1% transfer tax will be burned directly in every transaction and 1% transfer tax will be send to treasury adress.
- 4% deposit fee will be charged at staking on non-GOD pools. The fees will be devided as follows: 25% of the deposit fee (4%) will be allocated to buyback GOD and burnt.;50% of the deposit fee (4%) will be allocated to dev adress (marketing purposes, development and etc.).; 25% of the deposit fee (4%) will be allocated to treasury adress. (prizepools, competitions and so on.)

you can read more here:

Keep in mind that this is a farm in which you will be able to farm the governance and a shareholders token of the future high-end product.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: Your presale will be live in about 4days. What will be the min and max buy per user? What will be purchase procedures?

ANS: Well I'm personally big perfectcionist. This is why we decided to create our own custom presale page as well a contract. We wanted our customers to be engaged with our designs and atmosphere from the early begining of our presale. This is why we decided to go for it over a DX presale or something. The procedure is really simple connect you wallet on 20th may then buy with BNB. Max cap for a wallet will be 20bnb hardcap will be 800bnb. Thats it. You can find all the info you need on

Q2: 1. Game of DeFi plans to develop their own loyalty system called the Altar NFT system. How will this system work and be of benefit to those loyal to the system?
2. We have seen many projects do well by launching their own blockchain. Are there any future plans in place for Game of DeFi to launch its own sidechain?

ANS: Altar NFT loyalty system will be basically upgradeable altar NFT in which every level brings benefits to its owner. In order to level up your altar you will have to stake BNB 0.05 (fixed fee) + GOD GOLD. There will be a total of 30levels. Most of the benefits include APR boosting on farms, marketplace exclusive discounts, beta testing on games and much more.

As of sidechain we don't have such plans in near future. And this is not included in our roadmap for now.

Q3: You mention on your road map new game modes, can you explain us more about this?. How important will game development play in the Game of Defi ecosystem and what benefits do these games bring to Game of Defi users and those new to cryptocurrency?

ANS: Well for the begining i want to say that our target customers are not new crypto users but excisting DeFi users which will see the value of our project and token. For sure we will have plans to expand later (creating games for iOS and Android for example) but this is not subject of a development in this year.

Q4: I wonder, within your future plans is it possible to reincarnate these mythical characters behind the inspiration of the Game of Thrones project through NFTs with playable features? It could honestly be a good game for all those fans of the series and attract the masses.

ANS: Keep in mind we are not copy/pasted GameOfThrones we are just inspired by them. We will have our own world with 5 fractions fighting for the ultimate GOD power. Basically as i hint i can leak you some of our farm UI

im sharing it here exclusively

with you guys today

so i guess im done with the questions. Im sorry i couldn't answer all of them. But if you want to continue discussion feel free to join our channels and have a chat with us.

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