Recapitulation of GIOPAY AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB group chat

Date: Thursday, 17th September, 2020

Time: 14:00 UTC


The GIOPAY team was represented by Emma Hui, a marketing director for Giopay investments. He judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about the project.


Q1 — Can you introduce yourself and the GIOPAY project to the group?

Ans — I am Emma Hui from Singapore, a marketing director for Giopay investments.

Giopay is a peer to peer genuine different approach to E-Commerce. The visible ecosystem of peer to peer way of connecting a trade platform, it’s fully decentralized.

Q2 — Can you kindly tell us what problems that GIOPAY is solving that existing solutions are not solving and the milestones you have achieved and your future ROADMAP and milestones?

Ans — Giopay aims is to make Crypto Currency accepted globally as a means of payment.

Giopay will solve the lack of turning crytpo to fiat, we shall install mobile stores around the world.
we have deals with some Debit card and credit companies in South Korea to make few payment card for also and also POS for direct swap to Fiat payment

Also Giopay will be reaching out to under developed countries to tell them mote about GIO and crypto currency.


Q1 — One of the many use of DeFi is to BANK the Unbanked, so how does GIO PAY seek to achieve this. How will you reach the over 90 percent of people who knows nothing about blockchain?

Ans — Giopay really have gone local to with leaders of different4 marketing agencies around the world, our last submit was at Duabi were we also planned to visit some locations in Africa like Kenya, we have few team members for now who are going daily to meet with agencies that wants to help develop people and teach them more about blockchain and crypto currency. Anyone who loves to know about Giopay will also need to be taught about crypto.

Q2 — How secured and safe is the GioPay’s platform for the users? Have you done constant security audits by a third party? How about the transparency regarding the team behind the platform?

Ans — Giopay is a legit company in Singapore, we are already having an audit company validation

Giopay workers can be seen soon in the website that will be launched on Saturday 19th sept 2020

We shall inform the community also the certificate will be used to list on coinmarketcap


Q1 — How #GIOPAY chooses companies for cooperation ? What are the benefits from cooperating with #GIOPAY project?

Ans — Giopay chooses companies only if they are International and also have ideas of how to bring knowledge to the under developed countries

Q2 — Your project looks good but it confuses me that there are so many other Blockchain project. What should I pay attention in Your project to give it the importance it deserves? What are your planning to achieve with your project?

Ans — We have plans to achieve a direct cooperation with either Mastercard or Visa Card and also Hauwei for the best of the project. Without a debit card or credit card the project is nothing also the POS devices will be installed by Hauwei

Q3 — Is GIOPAY a universal project ? Can every of the communities part take in the project?

Ans — Yes but for now only the United State is not allowed

Q4 — When comes to security, how secure are $GIOPAY services?

Ans — Giopay is secure with the blockchain on Ethereum blockchain

Q5 — How important is community you and What is your strategy for building a strong community? Do you agree that the power of the community will lead your project to develop globally?

Ans — We believe in the community because in the future the drive will be from the community. We have airdrop that was recently closed for the community and the fact remains without the community Giopay can’t be a project

Q6 — Do I need KYC to use all GIO PAY features?

Ans — No the only thing you need is to hold a good part of Giopay to be an agent just in case you will need to have a mobile store for fiat payment that comes with a huge payment and reward

Q7 — Your team is known to come from many different disciplines and has a lot of experience in the blockchian field. So what is the idea to get your team to create #GIOPAY Token?

Ans — The ideas for Giopay is simple, Giopay itself if a register marketing company from Singapore and also have offices around Cayman island, we found GIOPAY to make payment easy for users worldwide.

Q8 — How big of a team there is behind GioPay and are you planning to develop and increase on this field in the near future?

Ans — We plan to make Giopay credit and debit cards, also Giopay crypto POS devices that will be used only the owners of Giopay mobile stores

Q9 — Are you a global project or local project? Can anybody anywhere use Your project without any restrictions?

Ans — Only the United is restricted for now

Q10 — How many slots are available at presale #Giopay this time ??? what is the minimum transaction to participate in the #Giopay presale ?? and how do I make a payment ?

Ans — The private sale will only be for 3 days or less we have plans to sell 3,000 units of the total supply in private sale. The total supply of GIO is 10,000 and the pre-sale will be next on the line. To participate in Giopay private sale, $1,000 is the minimum the price will be $45 per coin.
Whatever is remaining during after the presale will be kept for future use like rewards and other uses
The team will lock 10% for 1yr


Q1 -Do you have any Final Words or Important information you would like to give the community?

Ans — About GioPay:

GIOPAY is a peer-to-peer pos services that is an ERC20 Blockchain DeFi Project

Maximum Supply: 10,000

GioPay Features:

-> Transparent

-> Safe Usage

-> Card and POS Usage to Swap from Crytpo to Fiat

-> Devices All Over the World

We are working on website. Delayed due to migration with UNISWAP

Twitter :-

Telegram :-

Telegram announcemement :-

Medium :-

GIOPAY smart contract

Private sale info

1) Private sale is will be live soon.

2) The private sale will take place on a Telegram Official Group Chat with smart contract as a tool.

3) The private sale will last 3 days or until hard cap is reached.

4) Private sale price $45 = 1 GIO

5) Minimum purchase : $1000 Maximum $10,000 (Hardcap : $150,000)

6) Private sale only made on USDT and no other currency.

After the private sale

1) The liquidity will be 50% of raised USDT which is guarantee.

2) 50% of raised USDT will be used to list on major exchanges, development and marketing.

3) Liquidity locked for 1 YEAR

Private sale supply : 3000

Maximum supply: 5,000
(Remaining token will held for presale)





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