Recapitulation of HowlCity PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Tuesday, 2nd November, 2021
Time: 16:00 UTC

The HowlCity PROJECT team was represented by @Kngannn7 who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about HowlCity PROJECT.


Q1: Would you please introduce Howlcity's core team (like CEO, CTO, CMO, etc) to the chat and share a brief overview about Howlcity?

ANS: HowlCity is basically a racing game. This will be a perfect choice for hobbyists who want to test thrills, rush on the track and compete with each other on every kilometer. When entering the world of HowlCity, the user will take on the status of a racer, try to compete with opponents, and receive valuable rewards, such as tokens, NFTs and points. With the development orientation to become a metaverse and multi-game game, HowlCity will also try to simulate the image of a real-life scene. In addition to racing, riders can also buy, sell, rent motorbikes, trade in-game real estate, interact with other racers and upgrade properties.

Each citizen has an ID, in-game avatar, and username. Except for the ID, the player's personal information can easily be modified.

Howlcity team consists of 15 talented, enthusiastic members who have experience in the field of games and blockchain for an average of 5-10 years, working together with the desire to bring Metaverse games to the masses and bring fun for everyone.

The founder of the project is Mr. Bui Cai who is a game and Blockchain lover and has more than 10 years of experience in game making since 2010. He used to be the CEO of Gameland and StudioH studios, since 2017 he started to do blockchain outsource as well as participate in the project. participate in block chain projects at NEO and Midas. Currently, he is the CEO and founder of Howlcity.

Q2: Can you explain to us the play-to-earn mechanism in Howlcity?

ANS: After we officially launch the game, we will introduce the Staking Features, where the players can stake their upgraded NFTs to earn $HWL. We are going to reveal this after the game launch so you can be soon racing to collect point and upgrade the NFTs for staking.

Now we are going to be done a lot of interesting things ingame and prepare for new journey.

Q3: Can you tell us about the future planning of Howlcity and tell us about your road map?

ANS: Our game will be develop in 3 main phases.
- In Phase 1, players can participate in a motorcycle racing to win the game and get rewards in NFTs and token.
- In Phase 2, players can join a metaverse city, do task and interact with other players. Similar with GTA game, character now can jump out of motorcycle and freely discover around the city.
- In Phase 3, Playes can connect, speak and exchange with others freely, as well as design the vehicle of their dream. We will apply AR/VR technology to bring better user experience.

Q4: Can you explain to us the economic model of Howlcity's token?Where will it be used?


Our $HWL is the main token. We need $HWL to purchase NFTs on marketplace, pay gas fee and participate in PVP game.
When players hold $HWL, they also have power to vote for the new features they want to develop in the game

Hwl used to
- Buy NFT
- PVP key to join
- Gas key
Hold HWL will have the right to vote on upcoming developed features in the game.

Q5: What games do you think the competitors of the Howlcity project have? What are the advantages of Howlcity?

ANS: In the next phase ,with the development orientation to become a metaverse, HowlCity will try to simulate the image of a real-life scene. In addition to racing, players can create their own avatars, jump out of motorbike, freely discover the city and interact with their friend. Players now can meet with their friend in the game, team up for racing and participate in different type of activities and events. VR/AR will also be applied

As proof of the enthusiasm of the game and following in the footsteps of the success of Metaverse, Howlcity's video viewership has reached over 2 million views. This number will continue to increase and develop sustainably as soon as the game is listed and released, check it out at :

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: When will the Howlcity's Testnet be opened? What are the requirements to participate in the Testnet? Who are those expected to participate in the Testnet? Is it possible that Testnet users get whitelisted for the upcoming IDO or how will they be rewarded?

ANS: After IDO , testnet will be released, and after then mainnet also released. Are u guys can ready to buy and have ur own NFT by following us and don't miss it .

Q2: Hey 😄, I read we can Earn NFTs item by win the racing game. So can we sell those NFTs later on?

ANS: Yes . The marketplace coming soon . And we have rule for those who want to buy NFT in-game . So the NFT also become limited, please follow us to get information.

Q3: I saw on your roadmap that you plan to implement the "Engineer mini game" by Q3 of 2022. Could you provide us with some details about this mini game of yours? What will be the concept of this mini game? Do you have an exact date of this mini game's release?

ANS: Phrase 1 will release this year . About phrase 2 and phrase 3 will complete next year as soon as possible . But we are decided that the NFTs will be useful for 1 , 2 , 3 phrases! After sold out all the NFTs, team won't release any news NFTs anymore, people playing game who want to owners NFTs must rent or buy with the expensive price.

Q4: I learnt that each HowlCity citizen has an ID, in-game avatar, and username ? Can you tell us about this feature ? Does a user have to pay to get the ID ?

Facebook on Thursday announced that it has changed its company name to Meta which is a short form for Meta-Verse. What is the impact of this on Metaverse gaming in general and your platform which is HowlCity ? Do you think it will bring more popularity to Metaverse world and gaming ? Would HowlCity benefits from the recent popularity coming to Metaverse Gaming ?

ANS: Trend is your friends, we are working so hard to bring u a new journey but make sure can be simple for everyone who wanna join for entertainment or earn money ! Furthermore create the new world about gamfi.

Q5: Can we get dual gaming features in Howlcity????and can we through challange to our friends for racing competition?????

ANS: Yes will be ! When released game we will have a lot of competition for players.

Q6: In your road map Q1/2022 Launch of Howlcity metaverse
Marketing, partnership and
onboarding more users
Release iOS and Android version, is there any App to play the game on Phones and Computers now?

ANS: Yes! Release iOS and Android version this year . And Howlcity Metaverse coming 2022.

Q7: 🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻, Your project is very attractive because its a racing game..
Can we play game using mobile phone ? or Must I need PC?

ANS: U can play on your phone.

Q8: The gap between traditional gamers and blockchain gamers is still huge. Does HowlCity have what it takes to compete with traditional games while playing a role in the blockchain world? What are some points HowlCity can take over traditional games?

ANS: There is wont limited, traditional can bring entertainment and blockchain will flexibility : earn money and entertainment.

Q9: There are special events happening in Howl City, but I would like to know specifically about the current Airdrop and the whitelist at Poolz and BSCS. Would you give us more details about these events? I really want to participate, so can you share the links? Thank you!

ANS: I will tell u that , we will IDO at : Oxbull, Luastarter, BSC and Poolz.

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