Recapitulation of iBG Finance PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Tuesday, 10th August, 2021
Time: 10:00 AM UTC

The iBG Finance PROJECT team was represented by @Vmenonsg who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about iBG Finance PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on IBG FINANCE?

ANS: I am Dr Vin Menon, the co founder and strategic advisor to iBG.Finance

I am a serial entrepreneur with numerous successful exits in the emerging tech space. I am especially excited to be here in the blockchain and crypto space with my consortium. aims to bring crypto investing to the masses in an easy and accessible manner.

Q2: Can you introduce IBG FINANCE, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: IBG.Finance is a AI driven smart wealth management app for DeFi & crypto investing

The platform aims to solve the following:
1) siloed trading
2) complicated Defi purchases that require technical know how
3) need for multiple crypto assets to invest into 1 investment product (I.e. need for ETH, stable coin / LP token for a farming transaction)

Our USP : provide a mainstream UX to users that are familiar with. Assist users to choose their preferred investment products by profiling them via a AI engine to understand their risk appetite using parameters such as willingness, product knowledge and preferred time horizon to recommend suitable crypto assets to invest in.

We also have incorporated gamification elements to promote continuous engagement on our platform and frequent utility.

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: Ooh yes! We have had successful launch in 22 April 2021 where we launched our iBG Welcome wallet - this is the v1 of our app with features to promote exclusive token purchase via iBG App and exclusive locked staking.

Till date we have sold almost 3millions tokens and have an active community of 7000 supporting us

IBG also migrated to CGCX iChain earlier this month. IChain is a layer 2 ethereal compatible roll up network that anchors its transaction checkpoint blocks onto ethereum on scheduled basis. This has enabled us to offer our users zero gas and also faster transactions

Our roadmap for August 2021 — IDO Month!

We are listing liquidity pools on BSC Pancakeswap on 11th Aug - GMT +8

BNB & BUSD pools

2 weeks post that on 30th Aug we are lisiting initial liquidity pools on uniswap

Yield farming will be available with 6 pairs on BSC on 16th aug

And 7th sept on uniswap

Product roadmap - iBG App with Robo Advisor feature v2 will be rolled out in Q3 2021

For more visit our website and view the full roadmap

So iBG has a dual blockchain network?

It is a cross chain network! :)

ETH - BSC - iChain

Connected via bridge

Can you give some information regarding the IDO?

Yes sure.

Q4: The platform and the whitelist process!

ANS: We have our BSC IDO coming up in less that 30 hours! :)

10 million hard cap with initial price of $0.88

2 pools in iBG/BNB & iBG/BUSD

Liquidity pools go live at 8pm GMT +8

It’s a fair token sale. So equal opportunity for all :)

There is no whitelist process but you can register with us on our website and receive email of the launch and token sale

You can buy iBG tokens buy clicking on the ‘Buy iBG tokens’ button on website. It will lead to the IDO platform

Please do follow our community for more information and real time updates about the IDO and also project updates On telegram

Q5: Any other thing the community needs to know about the Ido Tokens?

ANS: We have almost 7000 people in our community ready to go and push iBG to the moon! So market he date and time, be ready with your investing capital- BUSD/ BNB and buy !

Q6: Have you had new partners since the last AMA in April?

ANS: Oh yes! We have been working actively with many institutional partners (regulated) to provide crypto robo advisory to their clientele for their asset allocation - for crypto products

We will announce these partnerships in near future

Apart from that we have partnered major social media influencers to raise awareness of iBG project and our offerings.

Q7: Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of the $IBG Tokens?

ANS: Utility of iBG token:
- use of tokens as payment for in app service fees
- burn partial service fees for token scarcity
- developer fees for platform
- governance voting (upcoming pipeline)
- stake & yield for farms during IDOs

Project tokenomics summary:
45 milllion total supply
ERC 20 tokens
10 milllion locked and reserved for iBG BEP 20 token on Bridge
IBG (BEP 20) Hard cap - 10million
With emission of 10%

More details - visit

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: iBG App have three version,
1. V 1 (Simple UI with lot's of feature)
2. V 2 (Smart Wealth Management)
3. V 3 (Robo Advisory)

My question is, can I use all version at once and get all those feature to use them properly? Or I can use only one version of this app not all version at once?

ANS: You can use any of the versions but absolutely connecting all the protocols and pricing of Ibg together once robot advisor is rolled out.

Q2: Robo advisor is a new word for me...i dont know about this...How is Robo adviser helping to improve your $iBG project???and how robo advisor helps small investors just like me??

ANS: Robo advisor is a product which helps you to decide your investment risk portfolio and invest into products all Crypto on behalf of you with your right please profile.

IBG is a single coin which helps you to invest into defy Robo advisor by selecting the right profile of you and on behalf of you.

Q3: As stated in your whitepaper, iBG treasury will eliminate issues relating to losses from price fluctuations & transaction fees, how exactly will this be achieved?

What are the various means token can be bought on the iBG app?
In summary, what are features available on iBG app?

ANS: IBG token will be traded in multiple platforms which includes ethereum and binance and also IBG welcome wallet and this will help to balance pricing between all platforms and helping for investors to look at right opportunity to invest plus also this will help the audience of each platform to come in and participate IBG. This will create enough demand from all sources.

Q4: I read IBG also migrated to CGCX iChain earlier this month. then what are the advantages of IBG users and for projects with this ???

ANS: IBG uses will be paying zero gas fees for any transaction contacted via Ichain and using the platform also Ichain is considered as one of the most scalable solution available at this point for the ethereum.

💎Welcome to the official iBG community! 💎

At iBG our aim is to provide a straightforward solution to access, invest, and trade digital assets in the DeFi landscape without having to worry about technicalities. The future of banking and personal finances is no longer tied to a particular third-party point of control. Rather, it’s about having a safe, secure crypto wallet on your mobile, with a robust infrastructure allowing you to manage your finances and investments with ease and peace of mind.

⭐ THE PRODUCT ⭐ - a DeFi Wealth Management App - is a 5-component integrated product suite offering users an AI-driven DeFi wealth management portfolio service. In a few clicks, you can set up your account and have a bot actively investing and managing your funds.

BSC Pancake Swap IDO starts on August 11, Yield Farming on August 16 and UniSwap IDO - on August 30. Join and whitelist yourselves to subscribe to our updates!

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