Recapitulation of Itchiro Games AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB

Date: Saturday, 31st October, 2020
Time: 16:00 UTC

The Itchiro Games team was represented by @DefiPikachu and @defimario. They both judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about the project.


Q1 : Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also if you have a team, you can introduce them

Ans : Yes, we are a team of developers and gamers who love blockchain and the decentralized ethos, which we support.

With this mindset, we realize that the industry lacks a complete "go-to" market where game devs can meet blockchain enthusiasts and players

A sort of Steam or similar but decentralized, but with more perks that the gaming community may love

That’s why we decided to create Itchiro.

Our team is anon for now, so as not to induce judgements or misconceptions, we work with game devs, designers, etc in house.

Q2 : Can you introduce the itchiro project, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what’s the competitve advantage

Ans : Sure, we are creating infrastructure so that NFT projects and game devs can integrate seamlessly.

Right now, projects rely on third-party solutions and cannot integrate "easily" with other projects.

We are willing to close the gap with community, devs, games, economics, and so on.

Adding to what Pika just mentioned the idea behind Itchiro originated from gaming devs realizing that infrastructure on Ethereum is not ready for the lifecycle of NFTs - minting, managing, selling, etc - that plan is to build these rails

Q3 : Can you briefly describe the Top milestones you want to achieve with timelines, also share your roadmap and also your WHITELISTING process

Ans : Our roadmap milestones are:

Today - Presale
Sunday - FCFS
Monday - Liquidity Farming Program #1

Mid-November - NFT Marketplace
Mid-December - NFT Mobile Wallet

Late-December - Our first game release

Full disclosure we’re working with to build the NFT marketplace

We’ve been working internally on the mobile wallet for NFTs since August, still needs theming as we want it to look like Nintendo

We’re also working with Enoki, Badger and other projects we have’t announced officially to create a mobile game for iOS and Android where users can farm different coins....everyone has played farmville, imagine playing with real money

Our whitelisting process was broken down like this:

75 WL — Winners of meme competition
25 WL — Winners of Discord + Telegram competition (unannounced)
50 WL — Game developers, designers, marketing, mods (DM us for info; 32/50 have been taken)
200 WL — First Come, First Serve

The first come first serve mentioned here, happened through a public form


Q1 : The tide is running high for DeFi, and many projects named DeFi are coming to the market, how is Itchiro Games different and what is your long-term target?

Ans : In short - Itchiro Games wants to build infrastructure for indie games to come in and leverage defi/NFTs for managing the lifecycle of an NFT

Our approach is to first work on general infrastructure on the direct to customer side, hence the NFT marketplace and mobile wallet

But ultimately, farming, liquidity mining, or whichever taxonomy - they can all be gamified into "farmville" like games

It’ll help with DeFi adoption and allow for a larger crowd to aprticipate not just the DeFi crowd and the crypto curious, but old finance too.

Naval had a quote recently where he said "when wall street realizes DeFi is a better casino, everyone will come"

Here it is actually

We want to open the floodgates through infrastructure, thats why our token cap is so small. So that the token appreciate as rev share gainer.

Q2 : Itchiro operate on Ethereum blockchain, however, the software tooling on Ethereum is poor for game developers. Does Itchiro has plan of building it own infrastructure & marketplace where users will be able to issue & sell blockchain-based items?

Ans : Short answer is no, we think Ethereum may or may not scale but there are lots of layer 2 solutions or scalibility rails like zk rollups, on the other hand there are many DPOS chains like Skale, or larger chains like NEAR, or even unpopulated chains like POA that all execute EVM code, so no - there is no need to rebuild the wheel here.

Our focus is mainly on infrastructure for users (initially) and then for indie game studios.

To expand a little bit, even Binance’s smart chain can execute EVM code, so there’s really no need. Migrations to other platforms don’t make sense either way now because Ethereum has concentrated all the liquidity.

Q3 : Itchiro means first born in Japan. Am very sure that this is not the first gaming industry in DeFi. So why did you decide to call it a first born? And what is the plan for Itchiro in the nearest future?

Ans : Haha this is a good question. Without revealing too much information, all of us come from a Japanese or Korean background. Half of the team as worked on pretty big games, in a Japanese game studio. We're all old skool gamers, we played maple story, dungeon fighters, etc.

It happens to be we 're all interested in DeFi, and because this is our first project in the defi space, we decided to call it Itchiro. It's pretty cheezy we know haha

Also, "ichiro" means first born, "itchiro" with the t is something we added as an inside joke, but its pronounced "itsochiro" with Japanese characters. Doesn’t matter much, feel free to call it "itchiro"! We love it


Q1 : Where Are You Planning To List Your Token irchire game In, Other Exchanges?

Ans : UniSwap and we have an upcoming CEX we’ll announce this week

We’ll continue doing CEX throughout this month of November and December

Q2 : ITCHIRO is Japanese based project, no doubts, what incentives do you have to have other larger communities connected to the project ?

Ans : Including their farming in our games, their NFTs in our games (ie. Enoki), but we have more unannounced

Q3 : How do my NFT’s maintain their value over time Is there a deflation mechanism in ltchire Games ? Are there NFT’s limitations for each object.

Ans : The NFTs will mainly come from other projects who send their NFTs to our games, is doing this actually with us and their Badger token

Q4 : How many slots are available at presale #ltchirogames this time ? what is the minimum transaction to participate in the $JEM presale and how do I make a payment .

Ans : Check presale announcement pls

Q5 : 1. What is Itchiro’s long-term mission and vision in combining DeFi Blockchain + Game + NFTs?
2. Will users holding $ JEM receive a share of the service fees, in addition, are they entitled to vote under the DAO mechanism?

Ans : $JEM token holders get 90% of all platform fees (mobile wallet + dex) pro rata

Q6 : 1.What is the main role of $JEM Token in the DeFi Itchiro ecosystem?
2.Will Itchiro have any support for projects, or Dapps who want to develop contracts with games that generate NFTs on their platform, do you have development funds to encourage and engage them?

Ans : $JEM is our governance token, it decides the direction of the project in our DAO and receives cashflow from the GAMING platform, DEX, wallet and protocol for games (this last one is WIP)

We have a dev fund allocated for projects who want to work with us. We want to build an NFT minting dApp so any person can issue their non-fungible and list it on our DEX

Q7 : " Developers, investors, stakers " are the important part of the communities that can promote Itchiro project,
What exactly are your plans for global adoption ?

Ans : Ship daily, weekly, monthly - token will appreciate by itself over time with cashflow, we want to build a tighter community, inthe future our TG won’t be investors like most of them are right now, they’ll be gamers

Q8 : What is the meaning of Pre-sale? Can you Elaborate on Token itchire game Pre-sale?

Ans : Presale means you can buy tokens at a discounted price, in the itchiro presale we gave out jem tokens 3:1

UniSwap listing will be double, 1.5 : 1

Some people brought to our attention that the token will dump, because of this but we disagree, many investment group offered as many many BTC and ETH to participate, we declined them all

We expect them to participate in the first come first serve tomorrow at noon, and then on the uniswap listing shortly after

Q9 : If we want to play your Games then what should we do frist?

Ans : Download our wallet and play our first game called "The Jungle" in December - hush hush, we haven’t announced anything about the game yet

Q10 : Many of the traders care about trasaction fees. Why did you chose etherium for your project?
What makes itchiro different from other NFT games?

Ans : Ethereum is where all the liquidity is concentrated. Also best developer tooling.

What makes us different is that we are cual game developers, and old school ones, not pnd people

Q11 : What is your background and how did you come to the idea to create your platform? Could you share some words on it?

Ans : I have a technical background in math and physics, became a game developer a long long long time ago, worked in backend for gaming companies and now doing a bit of stadia development ... currently building backend for itchiro games (AKA connecting to solidity), I’m also helping build the wallet

Q12 : 1. Why did you choose to develop your platform NFT Mobile game token
2.NFT Mobile Wallet will be a great application as users can easily manage their NFTs. However, most of today’s NFTs still run on the ERC-20 platform, and the high fees are still a weakness. So Does Itchiro have a solution or plan to help users reduce these costs?

Ans : Users who farm with Itchiro will get discounted fees on the Web3 wallet, Why? Because the farmed tokens allow for them to be liquidated publicly and reduce the fee costs. We’re working on this for our farming program, its like amembership on our game platform

Q13 : What happens when you run out of money? How will $JEM create revenue other than minting tokens?

Ans : $JEM is a governance token that also receives pro rata cashflow from the apps, platforms and protocol...most of it goes to the JEM holders, power to the people

Q14 : So many Defi and NFT projects that have many benefits for long-term holders, for example Staking, Delegation, and validation! What are the benefits of $JEM tokens for passive income?

Ans : Are staking and delegation really that great? All it does is cut the circulating supply which may be good. We want the best of both worlds, the token can go up and down as the market determines, and also give you passive income....also famring financially works like staking so, there’s that.

Q15 : Will you give any way for buying in-game stuffs in your future game ? If so, can we buy it with every crypto or just with your project token $JEM?

Ans : The team isn’t a fan of giving away tokens. We didn’t do that before the presale, won’t happen now I reckon.

Q16 : It is unfortunate that some projects remain half way because their developers abandon the concept because they cannot achieve the desired capitalization in the long term; how do you plan to make this project sustainable for its development?

Ans : We’re working with pretty legit projects like and, there;s no rug pull

Q17 : 1. What is Itchiro’s long-term mission and vision in combining DeFi Blockchain + Game + NFTs?
2. Will users holding $ JEM receive a share of the service fees, in addition, are they entitled to vote under the DAO mechanism?

Ans : The answer to question 2 is yes

Q18 : From medium,

First Come, First Serve (FCFS)
Allocation: 12.5% (562.5 $JEM )
Rate: 2.25 $JEM per 1 ETH
Buy Limit: 999 ETH

That means if someone buys maximum of 999 ETH that will be 2247.5 JEM and full allocation is 562.5 JEM
That is 4 times more than full allocation.

How is possible that allocation is 562.5 JEM, 1 ETH 2.25 JEM and buy limit is 999 ETH?

Ans : The 999 ETH is a placeholder, it means anyone can invest anything

Q19 : In your Twitter profile I could see you supporting a conference aimed at women about blockchain technology. Does Itchiro plan to continue supporting activities that contribute to the dissemination of knowledge about cryptocurrencies and blockchain in the community?

Ans : 100%, like I mentioned, defi is here to stay, probably will be very profitable for the next 2 years, all communnities will find out about it over time, why not help catalyze this. Plus, gaming makes thing easier to understand and funner ;)

Q20 : What will you do with all the #unsold tokens from the #Presale? Are you going to burn them or.???
Are ichiro games web games or an app game like are they both available on #Android and #ios devices?

Ans : Unsold tokens from the presale are up for grabs at a first come fist serve basis on Sunday 12pm EST

iOS and Android, after that its web apps

Q21 : Many projects rug pulled and exit scam recently. Why should investors trust your project not to do the same?

Ans : We’re partnering with real project, we’re not going to do anythig crazy and they did their DD on us :)


But thank you so much everyone for giving us the time to chat with you

Really appreciate it and any questions, ping us on telegram

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