Recapitulation of JejuDogeBSC PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

The JejuDogeBSC PROJECT team was represented by @DoctaCrypto who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about JejuDogeBSC PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on JejuDogeBSC?

ANS: Hi, Guys my name is Docta Crypto , a lot of people know me as Wavy. Im a crypto developer who’s been in the scene since 2011 and have extensive background in Blockchain Technology

My Team consists of MANY people, although we made sure that no Team member received "Team Tokens" and rather had to buy them through the presale or on the Open Market.

We range from all over the world but i currently reside in New York City.

Q2: Can you introduce JejuDogeBSC, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what’s the competitive advantage?

ANS: Sure!! JejuDoge BSC is a Charity themed "dog" coin but its one of a kind. We are the FIRST EVER Meme/Charity project to implement Buybacks as seen made popular by coins such as Everrise (although we had it first)

⁃ The primary features that set JejuDoge BSC apart lie in the areas of our Team, our Commitment to the Fundamentals of the Project, and our Tokenomics.

⁃ Our commitment to the fundamentals is evident in the outward-facing aspects of the project including marketing, graphic design, web development, accessibility and transparency of the team throughout the evolution of the project. We believe that a strong foundation is essential to the success of any project and have invested heavily in each of these areas to set JejuDoge BSC apart from the competition.

Q3: So whats special about JejuDogeBSC team?
Anything obvious?😄

ANS: We have been behind the scenes on many big projects, What sets us apart is our commitment to our community as well as the "family" aspect every member feels when in our Community

We definitely have some secret sauce to make projects be super succesfull.

Q4: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: ⁃ Sure! At the moment, our Roadmap includes major marketing promotions, a CEX listing, Charity Donations, partnerships with some of the largest tokens in the BSC ecosystem, and a number of other exciting developments.

We have already listed on our first Exchange and Staking already went live in the first 4 days of launch!!!
We also have listed on Coingecko within 24 hours of launch and Coinmarket Cap will be listed this week!!

Q5: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?

ANS: So far we have partnered with some of the biggest influencers in the crypto scene who have helped drive projects upwards of 100m+ (Pawg coin, Tiki Token, Ever Rise)

We have also partneres with Toast.Finance to launch a JejuDogeBSC Staking Pool which went live today!!!

So users can now stake their Jejudoge to earn even MORE passive gains!!

We are truly building something groundbreaking.

Q6: Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of the $JEJUDOGE Tokens?

ANS: ⁃ Our Tokenomics are based on the Familiar Deflationary Model, but we have made several critical improvements to address key issues with liquidity that cause many tokens to fail within hours of launch. Like most RFI-style tokens, three simple functions occur during each trade: reflection, liquidity pool (LP) acquisition, and token burn. As investors, we have found that the difference between a successful project and a failed launch lies in two key areas: the ratio of liquidity to market cap and the necessary marketing to ensure continued growth in the days and weeks after the ICO. The overwhelming majority of projects that launch with a low LP acquisition percentage fail due to dramatic price swings in the first hours after launch resulting to profit taking by coin snipers, early buyers, those who bought through the Presale or whitelist, and others. This type of volatility drives away long investors who are interested in buying and holding because it places them at significant risk of loss, which ultimately this proves fatal to many tokens.

- Our utility will be to become a scalable charity where corporate non-profits who are expanding into the Defi scene can get more involved as well as non profits can submit applications to be funded through our charity, We also have plans of developing a special JejuDoge VISA card where users can spend JejuDoge on your everyday goods and services.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: Developers of most projects do not really invest the proper energy and time to put some certain Anti-Whale and/or Anti-Bot measurements in place. And this usually places huge SELL PRESSURE on smaller investors like me which is highly discouraging. What strategies will JejuDoge put in place to combat whales and/or bots? And will there be Buy/Sell limits? Please explain.

ANS: We have noticed this as well and we have seen many projects hurt their investors by not taking these measurements. We have both an Anti-Bot software and an Anti-Whale software.

No single user is allowed to purchase more than a certain amount of tokens and no wallet can hold more than a certain amount of tokens as well.

This allows our “retail investors” to be more safe.

Q2: We all witnessed what happened with Shiba they sent a Large Portion of their supply to Vitalik Buterin. What can you say about this incidence and do you think this is part of the reasons why JejuDoge decided to not to send part of their tokens to him like many other projects do?

ANS: Yes! I’m glad you asked about this, We have seen many tokens follow this method including the ETH counterpart of JejuDoge and we highly disagree, not only is sending a large amount of your supply to a single person very risky, but also this person has no interest in the token and it only leads to a potential security risk,

This is why we refuse to send tokens to Vitalik, CZ or even Elon Musk!!

Q3: The whole market keeps crumbling yet JejuDoge's keeps making new all time high, just about 10hrs ago it reached another all time high, however, what I observed in most tokens after getting to an all time high is that they tend to fall to about - 50% or more thereby making those who bought at the top loose most of their capital. What mechanism have you introduced to help ensure that the token price remains stabilized against market volatility so that we that will be purchasing it after this AMA won't be at the loosing end?

ANS: We have a very strong community and we are all committed to the long term aspect of this project, we are only a 4 day old project and our investors know how much is to come, We have been doing an AMA daily, as well as in Voice Chat 24 hours of the day.

We encourage investors to get in at any price point since we know in the long term the 1st week of volatility won’t be noticeable.

Q4: JejuDoge BSC has a growing liquidity model. What strategies will you employ to prevent your token from having long-term liquidity problems? What strategies have you developed to create a stable price supported by liquidity and, in turn, increase the price of the token?

ANS: JejudogeBSC was inherently designed based on its Tokenomics Model. We have seen many coins with a High Market cap to LP ratio and we knew we had to make a slight improvement to ensure long term stability of the project. This is why 8% of every single transaction goes to the Liquidity Pool which is locked for over a year and will continue to be further locked.

Q5: You will agree and admit that doing some good while making money is more rewarding than just making money alone. Can you outline some incentives that JejuDoge have put in place for the community and how you intend to make the DeFi ecosystem a better space for users?

ANS: I do agree and im sure most people can admit that making money is nice but making money and supporting a good cause, is even nicer!

We intend on building upon this model as we have seen the tremendous impact charity has on the world and we want to do our part to leave behind an imprint on this planet that shows we were contributing members of it. And if we can help “Mans Best Friend” In the process than its a Win-Win for us!

Q6: In my research i found JEJUDOGE is a charity / community themed token. So there must be way of donation. Can you tell me the way? And who will decide which Charity will receive the donation? And what's the proof of your donation?

ANS: YES! You heard that correct we are a Charity Themed coin and we hope to create a charity model to help endangered dogs specifically but we are also open to other animals or planetary donations, after all We all share the same Planet and we must work together to be the change we want to see in the world.

Q7: Where is your charity program going? for the image of your brand I hope with enthusiasm that it is for animal charity?

ANS: That is indeed correct, we have a couple places we are looking into now, but our first charity we are hoping to “adopt” a community dog and find him a home, we will be paying through a program which will allow us to “foster” dogs virtually while getting to pick out fun names as well as get daily pictures of how the Communities “doge” is doing.

Q8: Regarding the Anti-Bot measurement and Buy/Sell Limits being put in place, Some large investors are already complaining about it, even on your Twitter i saw few people saying its discouraging them from the project. Can you tell us if this is a temporary measure or you don't have any plan of changing it anytime soon? I strongly recommend a review of this so that large investors won't feel dis-included from the project.

ANS: These limits are only in place for the time being, we simply want to reach a more stable price before allowing people to be purchasing huge amounts. Once we are a little more settled in we will be raising this, Its all totally up to the community. We always value the communties input over everything!!

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